Springer for the Senate

The notorious talkshow host, and former mayor of Cincinatti, Jerry Springer is considering running for the Senate.

This is a nice piece by Mark Lawson – I like:

The state of American culture might suggest a horrible logic in President Springer, presiding over a country run by live-on-television plebiscites, with policy dilemmas snappily packaged: I’ve Got Chemical Weapons And Would Use Them!, I’m Dying And Can’t Get Medicare! Thankfully, that isn’t possible because of the presenter’s English birth: the US commander-in-chief must be a natural-born citizen.Britain may be powerless to stop some American follies, but we’ve inadvertently spared them that one.

Rome = Washington

This is a very interesting article in the Guardian today. Jonathan Freedland writes an excellent piece on the ins and outs of whether the US empire today could be compared to the Roman Empire c300BC – 150AD.

Strangely enough, this argument is one that the irreverant Anthony Sheridan and I have discussed with the other Roman scholar, Tony. We had come to all the same conclusions drawn by Freedland, as well as the fact that like all Empires, the US will fall at some point in the future. But that unlike the collapse of the Roman empire, the fall of the US empire could be far more catastrophic given its huge number of nuclear weapons. The documentary starts Saturday.