It's on: Stewart versus Cramer

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Stewart vs Cramer

It’s been confirmed. CNBC pundit Jim Cramer will appear tonight as a guest on Jon Stewart’s show – perhaps to finally put to bed the ongoing feud. The most recent clip detailing the feud is up. Stewart talking to Dora the Explorer was very funny!

And a preview of the battle:

Stewart on CNBC

Obama: Hitler or Anti-Christ?


Love the Usual Suspects bit.

Saving Soweto

It made for harrowing al Jazeera viewing on a Sunday afternoon. Harrowing, but real. I include the two clips below. I should warn that some of the scenes are graphic and disturbing.

This episode deals with the Burns Unit at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, the largest hospital in the world. It also, and interestingly from an Irish perspective, deals with the last days of a nine month secondment of an Irish doctor, Patrick MacGoey, at the Trauma Unit. He celebrates his final day at the hospital at the end of the second part. He is being posted to the Afghan-Pakistan border by Medecins San Frontiers.

In one particularly emotional scene, a child, Sunishka, is brought by her mother to the Trauma Unit with serious head injuries following a car accident. I was not at all used to the idea of watching a private moment, as Dr MacGoey explained to Sunishka’s mother that her daughter was unlikely to survive, but they would do their best.

As Sunishka’s heart stopped, attempts were made to revive her via heart massage and then a defibrillator. Dr MacGoey asked that Suniskha’s mother watch as attempts were made to revive her. Sunishka was pronounced dead by Dr MacGoey shortly after her mother left. The entirety was filmed. As was Sunishka’s mother and father being brought in to see their daughter’s body.

Harrowing, but real. The part depicting the death of Sunishka begins about 7mins into the first clip, and continues in the second. I can’t help but wonder if this sort of documentary surrounding road traffic accidents would have a positive effect on the numbers killed and injured on our roads each year. Where do you strike the balance?

The Burns Unit parts are equally hard to watch, with one patient showing severe burns following a racist attack, amid the general race violence last year.

You can watch more episodes at the Al Jazeera website.

Oprah's port-a-potty visit

Some readers and people here in Chicago have shown much interest in the pictures I took last night of Oprah Winfrey’s visit to the port-a-potty (Yes she did). Here are the pics in all their glory.

Oprah’s minder shines a light on the ground before her, lest she fall.

Oprah makes her way to the port a loo

Oprah exits the port-a-potty, minder at her side, and straight into the glare of onlookers, who were falling over themselves to get a picture with the TV host/billionaire.

Oprah at Obama victory, toilet visit

As word spreads, a media scrum ensued.


One guy (AJ Calloway from Extra!) actually bagged a TV interview while she was on her way to the bog. Once she was done with her potty business she was kind enough to give him the interview. In this video AJ explains to me and another Flip Ultra user what happened.

I guess we all have to go, and Oprah is no different. It was an interesting spectacle though.

Other blogs have picked up the story.