It's on: Stewart versus Cramer

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5 thoughts on “It's on: Stewart versus Cramer”

  1. I saw this earlier elsewhere – it’s fecking brilliant. Love the use of the web interview, cramer clearly didnt see that one coming.

    If you havent seen it already, do a search for Jon Stewart being interviewed on Crossfire. The interview led to the show being cancelled!!

    Although there are a few americanisms in the Daily Show that annoy me a tad (the whooping, his pulling of funny faces etc), I really wish we had someone of that calibre in the UK.

    Sometimes humour is the only way to highlight the absurdity of what’s taking place.

  2. Yea I’ve showed the crossfire interview to lots of people, it was done a while before The Daily Show came into its own.

    I wish we had something of that calibre in Ireland too.

  3. We probably do but they won’t get a show because we don’t have cable channels worth a shite and they’ll never get an in with RTE.

  4. All I want to know is how Stewarts 75 year old grandmother managed to lose out as a long term investor in the marker.

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