Less known facts about Kim Mathers and her twin sister

On January the 9th 1975, Kathleen Sluck (Kim’s mother) gave birth to twins: Kim and Dawn.

Kim was born in Detroit. Her and her sister’s childhood was quite horrible. At the age of 13, both sisters had to run away from an alcoholics home. Apparently, Kim’s stepfather was abusive towards her.

We have very little information about Kim’s twin sister.

Dawn Scott is the mom of three children: Alaina, Adam and Amy. Alaina Scott currently lives with Marshall. The little girl has been adopted by Eminem. Alaina’s twin brother is

Adam who was born mentally and physically handicapped, because Dawn was taking drugs during her pregnancy. The little boy lives at his father’s family. Alaina and Adam are 11 years old. Amy is about 8/9 years old and she currently lives with Dawn.

When she was 13, Debbie Mathers raised Kim as her own daughter. Things started to become worse between Debbie and Kim when she started dating Marshall.
When Marshall and Kim left Debbie’s home, they moved to a bad neighbourhood.

Kim nearly got killed by a stray bullet that came through their kitchen window while she was doing the washing up:

The neighborhoods we lived in fucking sucked. I went through four TVs and five VCRs in two years.

Some people say that Kim never ever worked. Which is partially untrue. Kim used to work as a masseuse in 1998, at a time she had broken up with Marshall.

On Kim’s biographical info from Michigan Court, you will learn that Marshall is not the only one to have some tattoos.

It is interesting to notice that three girls’ names are tatooed on her index: Alaina, Whitney and Hailie.

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  1. Shortee says:

    Ok No comment u must really fucked up in the head if u dont kno who Whitney is. I guess i’ll have to spell it out it is Kim’s daughter asshole motherfucker.

  2. kallia_90 says:

    hey yall confusin me…..u know nothin about them..i know everything about them..and carl..eminem hasnt a girlfriend so cut da bullshits!…and rachel u was wrong….what was that? lainie downloaded bonie and clyde and kim song ? wtf is that? i dont believe u shes only 13 lol ..anyways im tha biggest eminem fan in this fuckin world and i would like to caht with other eminem fans around da world so e-mail me ..kallia_amargianitaki2yahoo.com..oh i forgot im a female and im almost 16 ..so see yazz peeps…!

  3. Bunny says:

    hey everyone, eminem is my hero, it would be a life long dream if i one day got the chance to meet him, i know he won’t read this site as he has to many things to do, recording in studios, looking after his family, and just laying back and getting away from the press, however i would like to say to the people whom clam this and that about him, that most of it isn’t true and your only writing it to get your 15min of fame, i respect marshall as an artist as he has helped bring rap to people and used his freedom of speech to show that it can make damage, but can get you to think, now for the other people who are still confused, Alaina is 12 she is Dawn (kims twin sister) daughter, however when her drug problem got to much marshall (eminem) adopted her and took her in as his own, hailie age 10, is marshall and kim’s only daughter she is there pride and joy and they have had many a battle over her custordy they now share it and whitney age 3 is kim’s daughter, she lives with kim although marshall is tring to gain custordy of her as well

  4. doesnt matter says:

    Bunny youre wrong, Alainas bday is on May 3 so shes 13 now.

  5. sammy says:

    yeah, doesn’t matter’s right. alaina was born the 3rd of may 1993 so she’s 13.
    hailie’s 10 (born the 25th of december 1995)
    and whitney harrter’s 4 (26th april 2002)

  6. janey says:

    why did he adopt janey waz her parents on drugs what happend does she think of u as her dad

  7. doesnt matter says:

    Whitneys bday is april 16, shes gonna turn 5 next april.

    about that shorty, i found her email somewhere else, somehow. its a pretty weird story…….

  8. u dont no me says:

    wen did em adopt laney? and did u no he might adopt whiteney…. thats kims kid from the affair ne way wen did he adopt her?

  9. I never knewabout whitney til last week im mean who is she……………by the way benzino is hatin on em in the song die another day……..so hate benzino for hatin on em.. .. benzino thats what em said on toy soldier

  10. samantha says:

    firstly… benzino is a cunt…

    secondly… i’m not a big eminem fan, sorry. but! from what i’ve heard from his interviews and songs, he does really really love those two girls more than anything and will do anything for them. sure, everyone is always dissing on him and trying to bring him down but… i give him some mad props for what he’s doing and i think that the girls are gonna grow up to be very successful in life. he’s an amazing guy really.

  11. bullshit says:

    people need to stop talking bullshit. the only one who spoke the truth here was Jenny.

  12. Shut up and listen people says:

    Look ppl i was only listening to mokingbird and i wanted to find out why he says that haile and laney were almost like sisters, and before i thought they were sisters, then i started reading the comments ppl put and started hearing little 12 year olds say how sexy em was, then how everyone was hateing on carl becase they were jealouse that em might just have a girlfriend. everyone just chill please! (PS: Whose Chris Mathers? & I want some pics of hailie and Laney.)

  13. Shut up and listen people says:

    Wow now i know allot more about hailie and laney. How old are they as of now? and i Also wonder what Laney Looks like

  14. bullshit says:

    cris mathers doesnt exist, hes pretending to know them, together with his little amy friend. oh wait, maybe IS chris amy.

    Alaina looks really pretty recently

  15. Marshall4eva says:

    Who the hell is chris mathers??? does he even exist..? N does any1 no who amy and adam(laney’s sister & brother) live with?

  16. bullshit says:

    i dont know, some poser. Amy doesn’t exist. once, a magazine called Alaina Amy and now are people confused. Adam lives with his father and her younger brother Patrick (P.J) with Kim, Hailie, Alaina & Whitney.

  17. Rachel & Angela says:

    howmany ppl r in their family. chris mathers?

  18. Someone... says:

    For all of you people… Leave eminem and his family alone. Eminem is a great father to Alaina and Hailie. Take a second to read what you have posted, alot of you are talking crap about something you dont even know. I believe “Rachel” she seems to have the real facts, stop swearing and cussing, you can’t disagree with people because they could be telling the truth. I don’t know much about Eminem and his family, but leave them alone and worry about your life not theirs. They want privacy just like everyone else. I am very dissapointed in some of your postings. Just effing but out! It really pisses me off that all of you are talking crap about the mathers family! Leave them the eff alone!!!

  19. dreamz518 says:

    My son introduced me to Eminem’s music. I love it. He calls it as it is. I have always been able to relate.

  20. Hailie Jade Mathers says:

    hey its Hailie Jade eminems daughter well acually theirs me,Alania and Whitney and Christy Jade…christy is Alaina’s younger sister shes 13 years old and her grandma kept her untill she passes away like 3 monthes ago so christy’s now staying with us

  21. Isis says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Christopher D Sluck says:


  23. Christopher D Sluck says:

    hailie idk if thats really u…cuz i dont think u wld be on here proving points because we know what really gos on and whos who. and im not really sure if you remember me but im your 2nd cousin my dad eddie sluck or edju. is ur mas first cousin through ur grandpa casey. n e ways if that is u dnt worry bout these ppl they talk crap to make them feel important. let ur mom and dad know i said hi. and tell ur ma thx for helping my dad and me out a cpl years back greatly appreciated. and let ur ma know my dads in macomb hes on 8-9 B unit tell her to write he will write back as well. and let alaina know i said whats up she will know who i am