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Less known facts about Kim Mathers and her twin sister

On January the 9th 1975, Kathleen Sluck (Kim’s mother) gave birth to twins: Kim and Dawn.

Kim was born in Detroit. Her and her sister’s childhood was quite horrible. At the age of 13, both sisters had to run away from an alcoholics home. Apparently, Kim’s stepfather was abusive towards her.

We have very little information about Kim’s twin sister.

Dawn Scott is the mom of three children: Alaina, Adam and Amy. Alaina Scott currently lives with Marshall. The little girl has been adopted by Eminem. Alaina’s twin brother is

Adam who was born mentally and physically handicapped, because Dawn was taking drugs during her pregnancy. The little boy lives at his father’s family. Alaina and Adam are 11 years old. Amy is about 8/9 years old and she currently lives with Dawn.

When she was 13, Debbie Mathers raised Kim as her own daughter. Things started to become worse between Debbie and Kim when she started dating Marshall.
When Marshall and Kim left Debbie’s home, they moved to a bad neighbourhood.

Kim nearly got killed by a stray bullet that came through their kitchen window while she was doing the washing up:

The neighborhoods we lived in fucking sucked. I went through four TVs and five VCRs in two years.

Some people say that Kim never ever worked. Which is partially untrue. Kim used to work as a masseuse in 1998, at a time she had broken up with Marshall.

On Kim’s biographical info from Michigan Court, you will learn that Marshall is not the only one to have some tattoos.

It is interesting to notice that three girls’ names are tatooed on her index: Alaina, Whitney and Hailie.

123 thoughts on “Less known facts about Kim Mathers and her twin sister”

  1. I feel sorry for Dawn and Kim because of the way they were brought up, and I think that their childhood has something to do with the fact that they’re using drugs. I think that deep down Kim has a lot of emotional problems and that she needs to sort them out before she loses Marshall and Hailie. Also with regards to the way she treats Marshall, I think that I would behave like that if I had a husband who is famous and who has stories written about him being with groupies and who also writes songs about killing me. They do say; “You always hurt the ones you love”. I guess thats true in Kims case

  2. I like her ‘tatoo ring’. It’s the ring LIFE gave her not Eminem. It is her bond with LiFE not him. How smart and interesting.

  3. Aliana used to go to my elementry school! so did hailie aliana was in my class, halie was 2nd grade. I used to see eminem almost every signle day it was awesome!! one day he read a story to my class!!! and i was on front of him…wow…the school they used to go was Cherokee and its near their house…also aliana goes to my middle schoool now Seneca middle school which is on 19 mile and romeoplank!

  4. damn i just listened t encore and i heard eminem talking about his 2 daughters and i was like ok dang what did i miss since wen did he have 2 kids! Thanks 4 clearin it up i was so confused!

  5. wait, if hailie is his daughter, and alaina is his adopted daughter, who is whitney? (at the end of the article)?

  6. As far as I’m aware, Whitney is Kim’s daughter from and affair she had while Em was touring…don’t quote me on that though…

  7. i was listening to Crazy In Love.. and i was like what?!? since when did eminem have a daughter named alaina???.. but then i read that its his adopted daughter,, cool lol..

  8. omg i love eminem sooooooo much, me n mi m8 were listenin 2 da encore album n we were like hu the hell is alaina…lol now we kno! so is whitney really kims daughter from an affair?ummm i think that hailie is ems real daughter he talks bout her alot more!well peace out! and omg that person dat went to skol wid alaina n hailie!!!!ur lucky biarch!!!! u got to c him every day!!!!!!omg i wuld like die if i saw him! arrrggghhhh ohhhh hes such a sexc beast! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. Kim Cheated on Marshall aka Eminem with a Eric but since you guys don’t know him personally his full name is Eric Hartter.Kim got pregnant and had Whitney. And yes you can quote me on that

  10. i think its gud em adopted her as it shows he dus hav a gud heart unlike other ppl who r dissin him he is proper bo big up uk north east man all the way

  11. That is soo cool tht eminem has adopted alaina, i was bit confussed whilst listenin to songs on the encore album but actually the song mockingbird made it make sense a bit but u hav cleared it up thnx for tht as im one of eminem’s biggest fans

  12. in the song “crazy in love”…i mean…is em actually in love with someone? or he’s just playin? he says she’s 24….

  13. Wow its taken me ages 2 find out who Alaina was! I was confused 2 afta listenin 2 Mockingbird an a few uva sonz hes mentioned her in! I did av an idea tho that it myt be anuva daughter! awwww its sooo cute! eminems jst amazin and id giv nefin 2 meet him hes so unbelievably talented! and fine!! and im luvin his new album i cnt stop listenin 2 it! im obsessd wit him ARRGHHHHHH! ooo ders so many gd songs tho! sum make me laff lyk Rain Man HAHA!!! sooo hilarious! and the ones like mockingbird r well touching and deep! hes jst amazin! xXx 😀

  14. I was also wondering about crazy in love, but what makes me wonder if there really was another lady was the song “Spend some time” the lyric “Almost went as far as introducing you to my daughters”…..anyone have an idea, or does he write this so we’ll all have something to ponder????

  15. hey…sup pple…i have heard so so much bout eminem…i really wish i could meet him and his daughters one day.

  16. yo yo wazzup. my cuz says she would bonk eminem any day evn tho shes married lol!!!!!!!!!!i am a huge eminem fan & i agree wif u guys. he is soooo hot.hailie is really pretty….. shame she must b goin thru a lot. itz so rad dat em adopted laney at least now she has sum1 2 luv & care 4 her.he sounds kinda depressed in dis cd tho. dont worry em….ur fans luv ya(especially ME!!) ENCORE IS A GR8 CD

  17. thanks for clearing things up!!’s crazy how alaina is eminem’s niece and daughter. hahah

    when did eminem adopt alaina??

  18. i juss wanna say that i’m happy n sad that slim n kim broke up Haillie is the reason i’m sad n the reason i’m happy is that now eminem is single n i’ve always wanted 2 MARRY him!!!!!

  19. who is chris mathers?… omg em is sooo hot!!:) i luv his new song mocking bird… when did he adopt and is laney really his neice/daughter?

  20. Well thats really cleared things up.Alaina´s really pretty , but Hailies prettyer lol. yes he´s her uncle and father . hes done mockingbird for them both to explane the stuff he´d have to explane when they are all the things about kim n stuff. well that girl who is in alaina´s class is so lucky. my little sisters in the same school, but she dnt know them, she´s met them and so have i, iv met marshall too , but it aint no big deal, he is the fittest person in da world, but he picks them up quite often , and since i know they go there i pick my little sister up everyday. i have photos and stuff of them, if ne 1 wants any email me , ill email u some of Hailie cos shes so beautiful x x x x

  21. i love him so much i have to say that he is my favorite artist. I knew he didnt have another daughter cause the only person he was with was kim they said he dated Mariah but really. i wounder if he would date a black girl??

  22. I wonder who marshal will end up with he says in his song puke his next girl friend is called kim freekey shit not being funny but marshal dont get a girl like her marry me my name is louise benson im from england ha ha

  23. marshal reckons he cant love another women and that he has dated famos women and they are no good for him who are you going to end up with one of your fans marshal what do u want. any one with photos of his daughter email me my name is louise

  24. wait, does eminem have full custody of whitney? i know he has part with hailey and full with lainey but what about whitney? i also wonder why he doesnt mention lainey more often in his songs and whitney hardly ever.

  25. Hey whats up? well to all you eminem fans i can clear up a few things. Crazy in love is about a particular gurl and no it;s not kim. her nickname is shorty and her and marshall have been seeing eachother off and on and she may be pregnant with his child. if anyone wants more info i have gained access to her email address along with his younger brother nathan’s. email me at

  26. no im afraid if you listen to his lyric he metions kim once he says kim to my marshal. and thats it marshal does not have a girl friend he is single.

  27. marshal is not having a baby carl your worse than the press i think you should listen to his lyrics. marshal will knock you out his not going to get another girl pregnant is he dont lie.

  28. look i said she may be pregnant and yes he does have a girlfriend it’s the same gurl he’s planning on signing to Shady Records in 2005 you want proof i have pictures of the two of them and she’s spending Christmas with him and she also gets along with kim. I am not lying i would not make something like this up.

  29. so then carl whats her name r u telling me that his got a girl friend who is going to do music with? that will be good whats this girl ment to be doing then? and dont tell no fibs i still beleive his single i see him on mtv the other day saying he was. any way see ya next time slim shady is cleavor thats what i think do u have any photos of halie?

  30. Hey yes he has a girlfriend but she is the one not ready to come public with it yet not until she’s announced as the newest member to Shady records she goes by the rap name Malishez.

  31. Jesus Christ Gavin. Control these 12 year old mentally challenged, sex-driven virgin females. Nobody cares. Post something relevant to the article.

    Louise… shut up.

  32. look i’m telling you YEs marshall has a girfriend. Think about it how would you know do you know marshall personally whereas i do. I’m a guy i woldn’t make up that he has a girlfriend for no reason i even have the girl’s email address and i’ve met her like i said before she is in the music business soon signing with shady records to become their first female rapper and weird but true but her and kim do get along. If you talk to her she has pictures of her with marshall and hailie nate and even with laney and kim. They’re all spending Christmas together. Her email addy is tell her carl give it to you she won’t mind.

  33. hey are most of the people that post comments on this website white or black or both? i was just wondering. this is a pretty cool website. i typed in in google and this is the website that came up. the article is very informative and so are all the coments. yes louise is annoying and all those girls are super retarded, i mean hello every female thinks eminem is so hot and wants to marry him and people are typing shit on here that they think eminem will actually read? thats funny. anyways i just thought your website was cool and interesting. where are you guys all from? im from Orange County u know the OC like the show. ya its a real place and i live there lol

  34. ok i read my comment and it sounds like am a retard cuz it says “i typed in in google” ok i made perentheses and what was inside them went away and ‘in’ took their place. what i typed was ‘relation eminem hailey lainey’ anyhow thanks for having an informative website where confused eminem fans may have clarity on family relations lol PEACE OUT LATE! ~jess

  35. i love eminem n i love mockingbird its soo deep, newhoz tho lemme get dis str8 cos i a lil confused hailie is his daughter but he has 1/2 cusstody n alaina is his neice but he has full custody n den whitney is kims daughter from an affair, have i got mi facts right?
    also is his neices name laina or layley or alaina i dnt get it?


  36. Just to clarify this, Carl is lying, it was a good story though, Marshall ain’t hooked up wit nobody, Em was into this pretty hot chick, but he just couldn’t get attached, she was trying to get him to sign her, and it’s still Iffy if he even will, Tupac is really dead.. yes I’m sorry but people stop e-mailing me and asking me, it’s true he is, Alaina is a sweet little girl, and so is Hailey, probably some of the most mature little girls you’ll ever see. And Jess, your right Em don’t read this, Marsh is too busy, and he got questioned about some of his lyrics in his bonus song “We as americans” when he said “I’d rather see the president dead”, by the secret service, he thought it was pretty stupid, 2006 Dr.Dre will have his new cd out we all hope, Obie Trice, and 50 cent are working on their new albums, Em already has some lyrics and hopes to finish another cd by the end of 2005, but probably knowing him he won’t get done till 2006, slacker, hehe actually he’s just real busy trying to keep care of his little girls. I hope this has been somewhat helpful, peace!

  37. Hey yall I am nine and my cousin Alaina is 11 we hav ea wonderful dad named MArshall and I hope you feel the same way. If you are a fan of my dad’s. I can be friends with you anytime

  38. i might well be boring but at least u noticed me. carl is lieing none of u no shit………. id still give marshal a baby boy.

  39. theres so many things in marshal’s albums i can relate to, i couldnt believe it especcially when i found out that he has an addopted daughter …like i do as well as my own daughter. I love them both and like him want to give them the life i never had! …I love all his music, some is touching and some ammusing but also really inspirational! His music and personality is enough to inspire n e 1 . He is an Extraordinary individual. I love him xxx

  40. Heya CARL so how do u recon u no this girl who knows marshall and went out with him and she recons her best mate went out with ems brother nate??? …. xxxx

  41. Ok let me clear it up. Hailie is Em and Kim’s Daughter she is 9 now. Alaina is Kim’s twin sister’s daughter who Em adopted. While Em & Kim were 2gether Kim cheated on Em with Eric Hartter and got pregnant with Whitney. Eric had no idea that Kim was with Em at the time. Em was upset because Kim cheated on him but took Whitney in as his own daughter and he loves her just as much Hailie& Alaina. But he got back 2gether with Kim anyway (then they broke up) Whitney has never met her father except the day of her birth which was 2 years ago.Eric had drug problems and he wanted to see his daughter (em & kim were back to getther at the time) but Kim had threatened to take him to Court so he backed off. I kinda feel sorry 4 him but Whitney is now living with “Dadda Em” while Kim is sorting out her drug problems. But Em has said that him& Kim ARE NOT getting back 2 gether and that he is cool being single. You can quote me on that and if you have any further questions please post them And i will get to them ASAP

  42. And please don’t ask How do you know or ne thing mean or sarcastic these facts are true and i have my ways of gettin them

  43. look i am not lying and however you want me to prove it i will just tell me how. And yes marshall is currently seeing the gurl he will soon be signing to Shady Records. in 2005 her first single and music will be coming out which Eminem and dre both appear in MTV did a making the video of it. and yes nate’s younger brother went out with shorty’s bestfriend. Shorty spent chrismas there and she has pictures taken with the kids along with both kim and marshall.

  44. hey, i love ems new cd. He mentions Hailie and Elaina throughout the cd, but i cannot recall him talkin bout Whitney, am i right or wrong? And also is the song i love u more towards Kim?
    thanks alot

  45. We would just like to say that Eminem rocks, and that he is very cool for adopting Alaina and treating her to the same royalties as Hailey.

  46. whos marshal signing up? i cant beleive it. so has any one got any photos of halie,and whats happening to kim is she in prison or has she sorted her self out?

  47. I think eminem rocks and in his videos Hailie is sooo cute and i think it is sad about what is happening in their family.

  48. WHO IS WHITNEY. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Y don’t they say who WHITNEY is

  49. Hey ok carl your an idiot i dont knw wat ur playin at puttina ll dis false info
    about Em.. look Dana iz rite shez tellin d truth so listen 2 her
    Emz real daughter iz Halie-jade Matherz and her Mom iz Kim matherz OK
    Em adopted Kims neice Alania etcetc
    He has a BIG heart 4 doing that and im sure
    all of u respect him for that
    Oh and carl he aint ceein ne1 its just ur small
    fantasy dat u can trik ppl with false INFO
    Luvz yall
    Naz (ps I Luv eminem hes like an idol 2 me)

  50. look, kim never cheated on marshall with eric, kim and marsh split up at this time,. if you read my book “the way i am” eminems life how he lived it and how he is today you`ll see. i toured with him in 2001 to 2003 each june through to july writing a documentary on him. i wll be touring with him this year also……. he does have costody of whitney with kims mom. just though you`d like to know eminem aint anything ya`ll say. he loves his daughter hailie, and his now adopted daughter alaina mathers. she has lived with kim and marshallk almost all her life. kim is nothing what anyone says.She`s also a loving mother to her 2 daughters and wants to give them the best too. The only reason you hear about her making marshalls life hell and miss treating hailie is cos of the rough times they went through during the birth or hai hai and lainie. im sorry to say but none of you here acually have toured with him or written 2 books on him. i know anything you need to know, as much as i can say, and as much as he has told me. Yes, he loves his daughters more than the air he breathes,and he`s not there as much as he´d lke to be, but hey, he`s eminem. this year 2005, hailie and whitney will be touring with him for 2 weeks during the summer holidays. alaina will be staying with her biological father and twin brother adam. you can buy my next book this summer ( mockingbird) its all about marshall on explaning his daughter, and them on tour with him. if anyone wants photos of the girls or marshall email me on and will reply as soon as posible


  52. Eminem is the best no doubt. He needs to watch out for some new rappers from Waynesville, MO Yo-Yo.

  53. oh shut the fuck up…aint no one on here touring with eminem…kimz a ho azz crackhead and everyone knowz it…LMMFAO Eminem iz fine though

  54. You kids need to find something else to do with your time.Obsess over emenem but leave MR. Mathers alone. How would you like it if your friends wanted to have (underage,illegal)sex with your dad. where are your parents?And if you are grown-ups,you are sick.If you “care” so much about him then you should show him respect.If you know his children you should not be a brat and write things(good or bad)about them,they deserve the same privacy you have.Usually I would have done this study privately but I have a 9yr. old daugter and would flip if she was to read something like this. You guys go read a book or study.The great emenem will still be hot tommorow. My regards to your parents.

  55. hello every1, who made up dis site?well done 2 whoeva made it, its really kool and thankyou 2 everyone who’s posted infomation bout eminemand his daughters on it im not confused bout da sng mockinbird now lol i respect eminem loadz he is a wonderful human being with so much love 4 his daughters id give nething to have him as my dad!!!!hes my fav artist alwayz has been n alayz wil b i love u eminem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  56. sory i cnt spell lol love u eminem keep on da fantastic wrk and thankyou joidetasha for the helpful infomation bout eminem and his daughters ive emailed you a few times hope you’v got them plz mail me bk wen u have times thanks xxxxx

  57. i love eminem and i think that it is gr8 that he has Laney living with him, its good for both him, her and even Hailie. eminem has had a hard life and so has kim and i love eminem so much, he is soo sweet to take Laney in with him, coz really kim should b looking after her.
    every one says that eminem is a gangster and cant even rap…..well i say to thoses ppl FUCK U eminem is the most talented rappers out there!!! and he is the most loving farther to hailie laney and even Nathan his half bro.

  58. carl you are a fucking idiot and you dont know what your talking about i just added that chick that you said was signing to eminems record and she is from ontario canada you fucking douche
    get a life and stop making shit up and you college guy doing reserch you are a homo as well if little girls want to pretend they love him then stay the fuck out of it you prob love micheal jackson you gay fuck ahahahahahaahahahahaha bitches


  60. Carl, jodie tasha.
    i personally believe your both full of f*$%^£g
    but due to freedom of speech everyone is allowed an opinion even you. But at least either look up the actual facts before you start chatting so your stories are more believeable. i’ve never met eminem, though i’d like too. it’s easy enough for me to say i have though even if i do look like a prat afterwards. kinda like you jodie tasha. i’ll keep what i think of marshall to myself as you don’t need to know. you should try the same too. well! only those who sound desperate it’s nice to have some word on the street after all whether it’s about yourself or your idol. keep the rest in your bloody head ppl

  61. yall need to get alife other then eminems he is obviosly using it so stay out of it how will u knowing any of this make a diffrence in ur life? i mean i feel bad for teh guy yeah he is arele good artist and a hell o fa producer but i mean he is no doffrent from any of us and all he wants is to be with his girls and make music. i mean it abvious he doesnt love hearing his name called out by 1000s of ppl 247 and im sure he hates seeing like all these ppl go wako over him leave it alone if yall rele do like him as much as u say do what he aks of everyone and let him lives his life like everyone else thats what will make him happy.

  62. god u guys going off ” if i go tto see him everyday i would go crazy’ or ” he is soo hot” LEAVE THE FRIKIN GUY ALONE!!!! HAMIYR’

  63. Poor Alaina! She never gets to see her twin brother then? Hailie and Alaina have it pretty bad. Broken home, broken family, messed up father, what do you think they’ll do when they grow up and read eminem’s lyrics about how he wanted their mother dead? It’s freaky that Alaina’s real mom is Haily’s mom’s twin sister, and the Alaina has a twin brother too. The whole thing is odd and sad.

  64. I only like the mockingbird video by eminem, i dont like eminem at ALL. I hate his song MOSH where he disses our president…and brainwashes everybody to think our pres. is bad..eminem is screwed up in the head and needs professional help…just listen to his lyrics and u can tell that! Kim needs mental help too…NO freakin doubt hailie and alaine will grow up to be just as screwed up as Kim and do drugs and everything u’ll see then everyone will know eminem is an aweful father and bad influence on his own kids

  65. ‘whatever’ what d hell r u goin on about?? well, yeh he does diss bush..and he has more than one reason to do so..bush is such a dumb ass..just her his interviews..he doesn’t know what he talkin about! he’s only gud at readin shit other ppl wrote for him! so eminem ain’t wrong in experessing his feelings – cuz afterall, he’s sooo right! and eminem ain’t screwed up, u r! i don’t think screwed up ppl become d best selling hip hop artists ever! and lastly, eminem is no way a bad father..he luves his daughter and niece more than anyhtin in d worls, and is willin to give eveythin up just for hailey your dad won’t b ready to do so if he was an artist ey? so he is not a bad influence..he even lets hailey listen to clean versions of his songs!!! most fathers wouldn’t prob give a shit..especially if it’s their own music! eminem is dedicated, loving, respectful, and honest; if uve got a problem wth that – it’s your problem, learn how to deal with it!

  66. This is a really cool website!!! But i wish that there was someone that could tell me da real story!!!
    I know yall are trying but yall just keep dissing each other and its kinda getting confusing.
    Can en1 tell me da truth bout his Girls?
    And bout wats been happening lately and wat he’s up 2!
    If NE1 can help me can they e-mail me at:
    Thanx for all of yall help!!!

  67. i just wanna say that he’s the coolest and such a caring bloke towards his children, hope i could be like that.
    does anyone know when hes next in the uk? he was so cool at milton keynes!

  68. Okay I have went to all 92 comments and a lot of you’ll can’t spell if the world depended on you’ll. Anyway how would you all like a whole bunch of HORNIE young girls or oppisite sex posting crazy stuff about yall.

  69. Has anyone herd Eminems song Kim is can someone e-mail me and tell me what the hell was goin’ on in that song he wrote cuz to me it sounds like kim was cheatin’ on him and he was pissed off and he said “never knew cheating on kim would come back and haunt him” then he said ” they where only kids he was only 18 years old. so i do think that she cheated on him but i don’t know if that was when she got pregenat with that other girl Whitney.

  70. “Whatever” – Look Alaina’s twin brother Adam is handicapped! Alaina doesn’t want to see him. Have you though about that MAYBE Alaina has faced the facts that she can’t talk to her parents and siblings? Well she has! She doesn’t see her dad, nor Adam, nor her younger broter PJ, and sister Amy. She has faced this fact: Eminem is her god danm dad and Kim is her mom! Hailie and Alaina don’t have a broken home. Did you think about that Eminem is fucking rich? Alaina and Hailie live in a BIG house! And their family isn’t really broken. Hailie and Alaina have a dad (Eminem), a mom (Kim), and they’re sisters and that’s their little family!! And what is so odd that Hailie’s mom’s sister is Alaina’s mom? They’re cousins, is that odd??? And so you know Alaina is 12, she knows about the two songs 97 bonnie and clyde and Kim. She downloaded them on her Ipod but deletd them after listening to them one time. She didn’t tell Eminem, she didn’t know what to tell him so she forgot about the whole thing. But Hailie doesn’t know about it.

    Hailie and Alaina aren’t gonna grow up to be like Kim. Kim and Dawn (Hailie and Alaina’s moms) grew up in a bad neighbourhood with parents who used to beat the crap out of them, they were unhappy and already did drugs when they were 12! Alaina is 12 and she is far from that! Also Eminem isn’t a bad father to them, he teaches them stuff like that men’s never lay his hands on a female, em never lays his hands on the girls, he writes songs for them, about how much he loves them and so Hailie and Alaina can listen to his music he makes versions for them without the cussing. Go die, you know nothing about them!

  71. Ok No comment u must really fucked up in the head if u dont kno who Whitney is. I guess i’ll have to spell it out it is Kim’s daughter asshole motherfucker.

  72. hey yall confusin me…..u know nothin about them..i know everything about them..and carl..eminem hasnt a girlfriend so cut da bullshits!…and rachel u was wrong….what was that? lainie downloaded bonie and clyde and kim song ? wtf is that? i dont believe u shes only 13 lol ..anyways im tha biggest eminem fan in this fuckin world and i would like to caht with other eminem fans around da world so e-mail me i forgot im a female and im almost 16 see yazz peeps…!

  73. hey everyone, eminem is my hero, it would be a life long dream if i one day got the chance to meet him, i know he won’t read this site as he has to many things to do, recording in studios, looking after his family, and just laying back and getting away from the press, however i would like to say to the people whom clam this and that about him, that most of it isn’t true and your only writing it to get your 15min of fame, i respect marshall as an artist as he has helped bring rap to people and used his freedom of speech to show that it can make damage, but can get you to think, now for the other people who are still confused, Alaina is 12 she is Dawn (kims twin sister) daughter, however when her drug problem got to much marshall (eminem) adopted her and took her in as his own, hailie age 10, is marshall and kim’s only daughter she is there pride and joy and they have had many a battle over her custordy they now share it and whitney age 3 is kim’s daughter, she lives with kim although marshall is tring to gain custordy of her as well

  74. yeah, doesn’t matter’s right. alaina was born the 3rd of may 1993 so she’s 13.
    hailie’s 10 (born the 25th of december 1995)
    and whitney harrter’s 4 (26th april 2002)

  75. why did he adopt janey waz her parents on drugs what happend does she think of u as her dad

  76. Whitneys bday is april 16, shes gonna turn 5 next april.

    about that shorty, i found her email somewhere else, somehow. its a pretty weird story…….

  77. wen did em adopt laney? and did u no he might adopt whiteney…. thats kims kid from the affair ne way wen did he adopt her?

  78. firstly… benzino is a cunt…

    secondly… i’m not a big eminem fan, sorry. but! from what i’ve heard from his interviews and songs, he does really really love those two girls more than anything and will do anything for them. sure, everyone is always dissing on him and trying to bring him down but… i give him some mad props for what he’s doing and i think that the girls are gonna grow up to be very successful in life. he’s an amazing guy really.

  79. Look ppl i was only listening to mokingbird and i wanted to find out why he says that haile and laney were almost like sisters, and before i thought they were sisters, then i started reading the comments ppl put and started hearing little 12 year olds say how sexy em was, then how everyone was hateing on carl becase they were jealouse that em might just have a girlfriend. everyone just chill please! (PS: Whose Chris Mathers? & I want some pics of hailie and Laney.)

  80. Wow now i know allot more about hailie and laney. How old are they as of now? and i Also wonder what Laney Looks like

  81. cris mathers doesnt exist, hes pretending to know them, together with his little amy friend. oh wait, maybe IS chris amy.

    Alaina looks really pretty recently

  82. Who the hell is chris mathers??? does he even exist..? N does any1 no who amy and adam(laney’s sister & brother) live with?

  83. i dont know, some poser. Amy doesn’t exist. once, a magazine called Alaina Amy and now are people confused. Adam lives with his father and her younger brother Patrick (P.J) with Kim, Hailie, Alaina & Whitney.

  84. For all of you people… Leave eminem and his family alone. Eminem is a great father to Alaina and Hailie. Take a second to read what you have posted, alot of you are talking crap about something you dont even know. I believe “Rachel” she seems to have the real facts, stop swearing and cussing, you can’t disagree with people because they could be telling the truth. I don’t know much about Eminem and his family, but leave them alone and worry about your life not theirs. They want privacy just like everyone else. I am very dissapointed in some of your postings. Just effing but out! It really pisses me off that all of you are talking crap about the mathers family! Leave them the eff alone!!!

  85. My son introduced me to Eminem’s music. I love it. He calls it as it is. I have always been able to relate.

  86. hey its Hailie Jade eminems daughter well acually theirs me,Alania and Whitney and Christy Jade…christy is Alaina’s younger sister shes 13 years old and her grandma kept her untill she passes away like 3 monthes ago so christy’s now staying with us

  87. hailie idk if thats really u…cuz i dont think u wld be on here proving points because we know what really gos on and whos who. and im not really sure if you remember me but im your 2nd cousin my dad eddie sluck or edju. is ur mas first cousin through ur grandpa casey. n e ways if that is u dnt worry bout these ppl they talk crap to make them feel important. let ur mom and dad know i said hi. and tell ur ma thx for helping my dad and me out a cpl years back greatly appreciated. and let ur ma know my dads in macomb hes on 8-9 B unit tell her to write he will write back as well. and let alaina know i said whats up she will know who i am

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