Cannabis a boon to economy

Cannabis smokers just want to stay on the sofa and snack, spending hours engrossed in home entertainment. Red Bull and smoothies, ‘Munchie’ snacks such as Mars bars and Haribo jellies. Pizza chains. Video stores. Games consoles. Multichannel TV. And what scares them… Shiny, noisy places with too many choices such as Starbucks and McDonald’s High-alcohol drinks and strong lagers such as Stella Artois Pubs with bouncers on the door: Businesses alerted to huge profits as study shows dope users have money to burn.

It is estimated that Britain’s ‘cannabis economy’ is worth £5 billion a year in sales alone. I never had thought about cannabis in this way – or as this 24 year old male put it:

‘I’ve started taking much more interest in the Discovery Channel. Cannabis really gets you thinking deeply about things.’

But you don’t need it to think deeply – apparently it just helps. 🙂 See here for Bill Hicks‘ take on why cannabis is illegal at all.