French Wine Still Collecting Dust on American Shelves

Nick Fauchald reports on the drop in sales of French wine in the United States. This is an example of the world gone crazy, Americans boycotting French products and Europeans thinking that Americans are all fat couch potatoe morons who live in trailer parks.

Grow up! Both of you and start behaving like ordinary people!

5 thoughts on “French Wine Still Collecting Dust on American Shelves”

  1. If only they’d bring all that dusty wine up here to Canada and sell it at a discount, french wine is very expensive compared to New World wines here.

  2. Good idea Trish, the wine is surely better off in Canada than down the drain? And French red is the best, and ive tried a good few!

  3. While I’m not really aware how much of a wine-glut there is, I can tell you that prices in Canada for wine have not decreased which makes me suspicious that the cost of decent wines has dropped in the states. Chilean and other South American wines have consistently risen in price as their quality becomes better known, making French wines relatively less expensive.

  4. Just another thing about French wine: for all that France is the home of fine wine, and probably the best wines are french, overall French wine reputation hasn’t fully recovered from the degrading of the “appellation controlle” designation a few years ago. Broadly, the French authorities didn’t want to admit that some ordinary wines had decreased in quality so, instead of refusing the appellation, it was just granted to any wine which already had it, this led to a lack of confidence in this designation. This didn’t affect the top end of the market, where individual reputations still count, but in the middle there was no good guarantee of quality.

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