I recently read a reference to Seamus Heaney saying how much he liked Eminem’s poetry. Damn right.

I just watched 8 Mile. I have listend to his music on and off for a couple of years now.

Eminem is one of the most talented artists currently around. He has skill with words, skill with melody, and a keen eye on society itself. A gifted individual.






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  1. Isabelle Esling avatar

    I’m a huge Eminem fan and I’m strongly fighting against all those stereotypes attached to Marshall Mathers.It’s a matter of fact some people just don’t get his sense of humor.
    I’ve been reading so many times on so called “serious” websites,that he’s mysoginistic,homophobic,violent,demeaning to society.

    I’d like to state,first,that most of his lyrics are taken out of their context.Like this line taken from the song “Criminal”:”Hate fags?The answer’s yes”.Most of the time,people who hate Eminem don’t take enough time for a full examination of his lyrics.If they did,they would know that he’s joking most of the time.
    Second,Eminem’s lyrics should not be taken at first degree:it should be taken like artistic expression.The listener should notice how good he is at playing with words.His art is poetry.

    Third,I am an adult woman and I don’t think Eminem is demeaning to women.His songs help him to work out the problem he’s had in his past with his mom and his ex wife.
    Of course,he talking about bitches and hoes that should be killed,but that shouldn’t be taken seriously.In the track “Kill you”,he says at the end of the song:”I’m just playing ladies,you know I love you”.

    My advice to all the people who are so shocked by the brilliant lyricist:get a sense of humor or just don’t listen to him.Nobody tied you up and forced you to listen to him!

  2. ailsa avatar

    i was an eminem fan i had all cds n everything 2 do with him, up until a couple of months ago when i finally came 2 my senses i was listening to my music when i siddenly thought why the hell do i like his music i mean hes a gr8 person hes sensitive loving n a caring father but he thinks that hes a black guy stuck inside a white guys body n he cant even rap 2 b honest hes just a freakk wen it comes 2 music he shld jst quit his music career n spen more time wit his 2 kids thnx4 readin bye