Death Row Inmate letter

Eugene Tucker is my penpal from Arizona. A friend of mine, Grant Carpenter, gave me his address. Eugene has been sentenced to death for triple murder. His trial seems to be a big plot against him. He’s a Black American. Arizona is well known for its racism. I think his story needs to be told to the world. He claims his innocence and I believe him. He is currently asking for his re-trial.
Eugene is 22 years old, he’s been sentenced since he was 17.

Here’s the story told in his own words:

“When I was 17 a bi-racial boy was murdered. A Caucasian dude that I hang around was arrested and charged with first degree murder. When I was arrested, he had the murder weapon in his possesion. The ballistics matched and they found his fingerprints at the crime scene. He was facing the death penalty and was suposed to be charged with a hate crime. So the detectives on that case made a deal with him and let him go.

Then on the 15th of July 1999 three people were killed. The detectives tried to pin the hatecrime on me!

They arrested the Caucasian boy before they arrested me. When the detectives talked tohim, he told them specific details about the triple homicide. Then he told them that I did the hatecrime and the triple homicide.Which was a bunch of bullshit.

So the detectives gave him full immunity from the triple homicide and charged him with the “hatecrime”or “first degree murder”. The detectives charged him with plain muder. He continued to blame me for everything and he pled guilty to plain murder. Now the detectives are the same ones in both cases! Before they arrested me, they wanted to “talk”. I told the detectives that if they checked the crime scene, they would find Patrick’s fingerprints (Patrick’s the Caucasian’s name). Because they said that there was 59 sets of fingerprints found at the crime scene. I told them that I knew the three victims and had been inside the appartment a few times. So they told me the name of all the places that I had been inside the appartment. I said the living room, both bedrooms, the kitchen and the bathroom. I told them that I opened the refrigerator and got something cold to drink. So at my trial they swore that they found my fingerprint on the door handle of the refrigerator. I’m the one who told them that the fingerprint was there!

Plus the print was only of one finger. Now out of 59 usable prints only one was mine. Two of the victims were female and the other was male.

Here’s the name,race,sex and weight of the victims:

Roscoe Merchant: Male-biracial weight 150 LBS
Cindy Richards: Female white weight 140 LBS
Ann Marie Merchant: Female bi racial weight 350 LBS

Roscoe and Cindy were a couple. But Roscoe and Ann Marie were brother and sister. I had consentual sex with Ann Marie twice. We had sex on July 14th ,1999. I used a condom the first time, but the second time I didn’t.

At my trial the states own DNA expert stated that semen can reamain in a woman’s vagina for 60 days after intercourse! He also stated that the semen can leak out at anytime! I told them at my trial that during sex I told Ann Marie that she was too wet, so she used her shirt and wiped her vagina and my penis. The state entered the shirt into evidence at my trial. Yet their own DNA expert stated that the semen couldn’t have been deposited on the shirt on July 15, 1999 because the sperm was dead. The State paid some experts to take a look at the shirt. The experts said that it wasn’t sperm, but a discharge!

So the prosecution said the experts lied. They asked a worker for the department of public safety what it was and right off the bat she said sperm. Now how is ist that two priced experts said it wasn’t sperm,but a worker for DPS said it was. Plus they swore at my trial that there was sperm on her leg
Yet they don’t have any proof of that. When they searched at my parents’ house they took:
-three pairs of handcuffs
-two knives
-a roll of grey duct tape

The three pairs of handcuffs didn’t have any blood on them. The duct tape didn’t match either. Hell to this day,the murder weapon hasn’t been found. They took my Dad’s 357 and ran ballistic tests and found out that it wasn’t the murder weapon. Yet detective Joseph Petrosino told the grand jury that they had the murder weapon. Joseph Petrosino also told the grand jury that the three victims were murdered with a 35. When the three victims were murdered with a 38 special.

Eleven of the jury members had family members who were murdered. Yet before my trial when one of my attorneys asked them if they had any family member who were raped, beaten, shot. All of them swore up and down no. Yet 11 of them did. Plus all 12 jury members were white. So I never had a jury of my peers.”

I fully trust Eugene for the story he is telling me.

Logically he weighs 158 LBS. How could he fight a 350 LBs woman without having any single cut, scratch, wound or mark on his body? The detectives asked him to strip butt naked and he did not have any kind of marks on his body. He also has the right to be trialed by a black jury,so why did they deny him this right?

Free Eugene Tucker, he’s innocent!






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  1. brian warner avatar
    brian warner

    i don’t doubt yo niggaz story but that’s the way the world works, ay yo fuk the law fuk the government. shoot him, put him out of his misery and while your at it shoot me too.
    you can go where ever you want in this world but you can’t escape the system. these mafukin politicians can enslave us and wage war on our personal freedom but we will always av the choice of death as long as we live. if it’s the only way to achieve liberty so be it, i’m not afraid to die.

  2. These kids Uncle avatar
    These kids Uncle

    To the brainless pen pal , I will not say anything to you or the world until the trial ,due to the fact im not going to allow some morone fool as yourself destroy my chance to see this animal burn in hell for what happen to my family ,and if i may add ,im the lucky one who in which found my family dead that evening ,and until your family is killed by a murdering fool such as yourself our your friend you will never know how i feel everyday of my life , and as far as you talking about race how about taking a look at everyone around you ,we may carry different colors of skin ,but we all deserve the right to live our lives in peace .
    P/S I hope to see your brainless ass in the courts for the trial

  3. An interested party avatar
    An interested party

    Hello to the kid’s uncle – I am very sorry for your loss – no one should have to go through that. I am very interested in hearing the facts of this crime – could you enlighten me? I think the death penalty is a very serious thing for a state to do, so I would hope that they are very sure they have the right person before they execute.

    I take it that you believe they DO have the right person. Could you tell us why Isabelle has it so wrong. I really hope you choose to reply.

    Thinking of you with kindness

  4. Eugenes ex Girl Friend avatar
    Eugenes ex Girl Friend

    You seem like very nice people. I dated Eugene before he committed theese crimes, he raped me, on more than one occasion. He ALWAYS threatened my life, and my families life. If I was to tell anyone, try and leave him or if he left me and I got another boyfriend, he would tell me ” I will kill who ever you date, and then the next one, and so on and so forth. He was very VIOLENT. He would always threaten to kill me if I did not return his phone calls, or if I did not come over. I even broke up with him one time and he was outside my house sitting there in one of his other girl friends car, her name was sheener, or sheena waiting on me to come home, there is sooo much more heinous acts that he has done to me, that I will not mention on a public page like this. I ask you to please, Know what you are getting into. He has done HEINOUS things to me, and others that I know of. I have learned to forgive, how ever it is not something that I will ever forget. Rather or not he killed theese peope I do not know. I do know one thing, what you reap is what you sew. I’m considering writting a book about the relationship that I had with him. To WARN women on men like this. He is very charming, and cunning. Every night I pray to God and say Lord thank you for not letting it be me who he killed. I’m blessed to be alive. I’m not telling you to stop what you are doing, but I’m telling you a man like this needs to be institutionalized. I pray that the Lord will give you all knowledge and truth to this situation. One day I will over come my fear of him and release my identity, but he was in a very notoriuos gang, and I do not want any one threatening my life or the life of my children and current husband.

  5. KNOWSZ1 avatar

    During the July 14 conversation, while Cassie was talking
    to AnnMarie, AnnMarie received a call on the other line. She used
    call waiting to take the other call while Cassie waited on the
    other line. When AnnMarie returned to the line to talk to Cassie,
    she said that Tucker had been the caller on the other line and that
    he had been upset with her and that she wanted nothing more to do
    with him. The court admitted AnnMarie’s statements that Tucker was
    upset with her under the present sense impression and excited
    utterance exceptions to the rule against hearsay. See Ariz. R.
    Evid. 803(1) & (2). The court admitted AnnMarie’s statement that
    she wanted nothing more to do with Tucker as a statement of her
    then existing state of mind

  6. KNOWSZ1 avatar

    in the first post i put up as you can see this info contradict Eugene story about what happened on the 14th if Annmarie felt that way why would she have sex with Eugene also Eugene names a Caucasian guy as the one capable of committing this crime by stating he had just been arrest for a murder but when i read the case documents it didn’t specify what the previous charge was for but it stated he was on probation i never heard of a person getting probation on a murder charge also if Eugene knew this guy for being a racist why would he befriend him or even socialize with him being that Eugene is black that would mean the guy wouldn’t socialize with him i was about to feel sorry for him when i ran across his my space page then i said let me investigate this so i found this site with the whole case file here it is its 31 pages long and i read all of them /cr_01_0091_ap.pdf he had three pairs of hand cuffs i believe he had four
    the ones he used in the crime he ditched them some where he claims he was study law enforcement that why he had them yeah right i don’t believe that if that is true what school was he enrolled in where were his criminal justice books i mean come on only handcuffs to study law enforcement only enforcement he was interested in was his on law and he was going to enforce them allright

    i don’t believe eugene is innocent and he claims to not have had a jury of his peers well i’m African American i find him guilty ass charged