Should rap lyrics be subject to Free Speech Limitation?

I am a rap music listener and lover. To me, the answer is clearly no.

I am conscious that rap lyrics usually contain a lot of references to drugs, sex, violence, etc…Many people would object that those lyrics may endanger the youth.

I think parents should allow their children to listen to rap music. Rap music cannot be held responsible for their kid’s behavior. The parents have to teach their kids to distinguish between right and wrong.

Rap music is the reflection of ghetto life. There is nothing wrong about telling the truth. Many gangsta rappers talk about racism, police harassment and bad treatments from the police. They refer to reality.

We need people like Public Enemy to shock people’s conscience about racism.
“By the time I get to Arizona” has shocked many people. But the same people who are so shocked by this video should take a look at the facts: Arizona is well known for its racism, it’s a matter of fact.
The only way to make things move is to shock people’s conscience. Censoring rap music denies our fundamental rights and is a danger to democracy.

2 thoughts on “Should rap lyrics be subject to Free Speech Limitation?”

  1. You views on this subjects is totally right!!!!! As americans we have the right to say we have the right to freedom of speech. If parents dont want ther children listening to rap, That shouldnat buy the CD’s.

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