A great example of fatherly love

In his song “Hailie’s song”, Eminem says:’’ I love my daughter more than life in itself.” Those are not only words put on a song, those are the expression of true feelings.

Eminem is well known for his vulgar vocabulary, his references to drugs and his dark humor. But there is one subject on which he never jokes: his daughter.
His feelings for his 8 year old daughter are authentic. In “Say Goodbye to Hollywood”, he states:” All I wanted was to give Hailie the life I never had.”
He’s a dedicated Daddy to his daughter, even if he barely spends time with her.

He also explains how she gave him the strengh to believe in himself and to fight for his dream to come true:

”I think that in a roundabout way she did save my life. I always had drive coming up and I always wanted to make it as a rapper. That was my dream. But when she was born, it was the reality of “I have to do this.” I had nothing else. I had no high school education. I want her to be able to grow up and look back on this and be like — whether people agree with it or not — “My dad put me on a song. My dad wrote songs for me, my dad said my name all over the place.” I want her to be able to look back in magazines and everything and just know. I don’t ever wanna be like my father was to me.”

It seems like Hailie actually saved her Daddy’s life.

Eminem also tries to protect his daughter from the media as much as possible. He wants her to live a fairly normal life. He always feels concerned about the well being of his daughter. He talks about a typical day with Hailie in a “Rolling Stone” interview:

“When I’m home, I wake her up in the morning. I feed her some cereal, watch a little TV, take her to school and pick her up.Lately, I’ve been taking her to the studio, because that’s where I spend most of my time. She has fun there, there’s video games for her and stuff.

Coloring books and crayons- thank God for those. We watch a lot of movies, just typical shit. She’s real into The Powerpuff Girls and Hey Arnold! And Dora the Explorer-ever seen that one? It’s the same episode all week long because it teaches kids numbers and how to speak Spanish; By Friday, you know it by heart. I watch that with her, then I go listen to my songs over and over. I’m gonna fucking jump off a bridge.”

Eminem also makes clean versions of his CD’s and allows Hailie only to listen to the clean versions of his songs. But he’s got a liberal attitude to education and he doesn’t hide people’s bad mouth.He doesn’t want his daughter to grow up in a close world, which is a good thing.

He takes his role as a responsible father very seriously. He’s conscious to be a father before being a rapper. He says :”I’m a father before I’m Eminem.”
Hailie goes first. He also saves a lot of his money for his daughter, because he wants her life to be different from his. He wants her to be a graduate.

In an interview from November 2002 in Vibe Magazine, he declares :”So all I can do is to be the best father and try to instil Hailie the best values, because I do care about what is said around her and done around her.”

To those who still think Marshall Mathers is a criminal, he replies in “Sing For The Moment”: “It’s all political, if my music is literal, how the fuck can I raise a little girl?”

This text is dedicated to Marshall Mathers III who will be 31 on October the 17th. Happy birthday!






2 responses to “A great example of fatherly love”

  1. Christine avatar

    Eminem should just try 2 set a good example 4 her!! Be there 4 her when she needs him, but he should not quit his job 2 do that! He should try 2 at least get maybe 1 or 2 days off work 2 spend time with her every week! Eminem should just be her dad & be himself!! Except he should try 2 keep the cussing & all the bad things that are in appropriate 4 her at minimum!! Hailie will love her dad no matter wat goes on in life!! I think we all no that Hailie loves her dad 4 who he is!! I am proud of Eminem 4 going through all the stuff he goes through 2 make his cd’s & such! I just love his music!! I am a total fan of him & his daughter Hailie!! I think they both are awesome!! Now I know Eminem can raise Hailie cuz he is capable of doign it it just might take sometime getting used to all the parenting stuff & all that!! Also it would probably be best if Eminem had a women in the house 4 Hailie’s teen years, but ya I know Eminem can raise Hailie I think we all believe in him & have trust in him & we care 4 him & his daughter & know he can raise his daughter!! Well at least that’s wat I think!!! From: A Fan That Cares & has faith in Eminem!!

  2. Ashley avatar

    I am a total fan of Eminem…I listen to his CD’s everyday,
    I have posters of him all over my room…I know all his songs
    by heart! I think he does a awesome job takin care of Hailie
    he just has to watch his swearing and stuff…for now. If I
    was Hailie…I would die just looking at my dad…he is SO