Eminem speaks his mind about Britney Spears

Superstar rapper Eminem says Britney Spears “can’t sing” and her music is “corny as hell”.

The “Stan” singer insists he has nothing against the sexy singer personally; he just doesn’t like her music.

Eminem says, “I’ve met Britney a couple of times but I’m not going to demolish her in public.

“I’m not a fan of her music though, that’s for sure. I think it’s corny as hell, but whatever. I can’t knock her for doing her thing. She sucks and she can’t sing.”

But the rapper is forced to listen to Spears’ songs – because his young daughter Hailie is a huge Britney fan. He says, “Hailie listens to Britney. She also likes Christina Aguilera, watches MTV and likes lots of people I don’t. But what am I going to do?”

25 thoughts on “Eminem speaks his mind about Britney Spears”

  1. Britney Does suck , her voice is awful she can’t not sing. Have you ever heard her without all the music to cover up for her bad voice .. and without all the tools to make her sound like a robot/crow …… Eminem is right !!!

  2. I think it is awesome that Eminem can put his personal opinions aside and allows his daughter to make her own decisions about the music or tv she likes, I just heope he doesn’t let her watch some of the stuff on MTV like “Dirty” by CA or “slave 4 U” by BS…..

  3. britney suckes bad I don’t think she shoould of become a singer but whatever I respect eminem for believing in what he believes in Iam so down with that I also respect that he respects people 4 who they are

  4. how can you say she is a person who would cheat wen she never has thicko she pretty smart great singer and great mother the only reason she gone down hill is because of men leave the poor girl alone

  5. Screwww youu britney haters…don’t be mad cause u can’t relate 🙂 love britney and her music and voice!

  6. Britney is the crowned Pop-princess, who is Em?
    Rapper, who never even sings songs by himself? haha))

  7. I think all of ya’ll are wrong!
    I think Eminem really LIKES Britney and that’s in his song’s!!!!

    “i lashed out in my songs.but what was really goin on was that i had DEVELOPED A CRUSH,I JUST DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO TELL IT TO HER…i’ll share my valium witchu cuz im feelin you,BRITNEY” ~”Same Song & Dance”

  8. With recent hair trimming, sexy videos, wedding breakdowns or just another pop single there is a great deal going on about her. You can not help but observe her. Latterly many people have become her number 1 watcher and can never get too much info or postings about Britney’s media coverage. The internet age is her chance for large earnings but will it be her ruin with too much reporting and exposure. In fact I reckon that this posting and my comment are part of the selfsame exposure I talked about.

  9. Britney Spears is untouchable She is the best of all time by far NOBODY even comes remotely close to her musical abilites. love you Britney Spears xxx

  10. BS cant sing for shit. slim? cant even begin to describe his pro-ness.

  11. Britney has a unique and she can sure sing without autotune, her song “Let Go”. Em didn’t have to openly diss other artists just because he hates them. I’m sure there are a lot of people who dislike his music. Britney’s sold over 100 million records and she clearly has a lot of loyal fans, including myself. Em’s successful himself too and he has his own supporters just like Brit has her own bitchez.


  13. u guys stop bashing Britney !!!
    or 1 day ur daughters will be another Britney fan !!!!
    i thought it was Eminem that should be bashed for bashing others so much !!!!!

  14. eminem is my favorite rapper. as he always will be.
    most of the people says that britney can’t sing but according to me that’s no true. i think she is a great singer and got excellent voice that most singer lacks. for me she is one of the leading singer of the world.and she deserves a better respect. i guess she is having great time with her kids Sean Preston and jayden James

  15. Who is Eminem to talk about Britney, in this way? I listen his songs, I think he can’t sing, I don’t like his voice. Britney can sing and has a beautiful voice. FUCK ALL THE HATERS!

  16. I cant believe he said those things to her! he was one of my favorite musicians now I hate him. His dominance on music will never reach Britney’s and I think that its true what they say: the young ones are sometimes better than their parents and believe me Eminem will probably someday learn!

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