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Eminem's Dad

When you see my Dad, tell him that I slit his throat in this dream I had.

Those are the words Eminem uses towards his father in his well known song from his debut album “My Name Is” from the Slim Shady LP.
Marshall Bruce Mathers II stepped out of his son’s life when he was 6 months. His marriage with Debbie only lasted one year.

Young Marshall has suffered a lot from his Dad’s absence. Betty Kresin (Eminem’s grandmother) remembers her grandson drawing pictures and asking her to give them to his Dad. Young Marshall has suffered a lot from his Dad’s absence. Betty Kresin (Eminem’s grandmother) remembers her grandson drawing pictures and asking her to give them to his Dad.As a teenager, Marshall made many attempts to reach his Dad . He wrote many letters that were all returned to him.

Now that Eminem is famous, his Dad wants to get in touch with him and asks his son for forgiveness.

He explains how his son Michael (22), discovered his famous half brother Marshall on MTV. He was totally sure it was his “lost son” thanks to an article from the Rolling Stone Magazine where he saw an old photo of Debbie hoding Marshall in her arms.

He wrote an open letter to his son which was published in the “Daily Mirror” in 2002.

According to Marshall’s Dad, Debbie left their son to his great aunt Edna’s home. It is known that Marshall spent more than 3 years with her. Debbie reappeared in her son’s life just before his fifth birthday.
According to Eminem’s Dad, she dropped her son there without telling anything to her husband. Debbie told Edna that he was abusing her and she was supposed to keep the secret although she was in touch with Marshall’s grandmother from the paternal side (Rae).
Recently, a greeting card from Marshall addressed to grandma Rae was discovered. It begins with “dear grandma”.

Even if some facts related by Marshall Mathers Jr are true, why didn’t he try to contact his son before he was famous?

He wrote an open letter to his son which was published in the “Daily Mirror” in 2002.

“Hello, son. You won’t remember me, though I held you in my arms when you when you were a baby. You think I dumped you and your mother and never came looking for you. You’re convinced I’m a drunk who never answered any of your letters .Well, I want you to read this and realize you’ve been fed lies all your life. Now you’ll hear the truth for the first time. ”

Marshall’s father, who is now a construction worker, reveals his son that he’s got two half siblings, Michael and Sarah. His intention is to tell his son that he cares: “The one ambition left in my life is to give you a hug and tell you I’ve always loved you,” and he says “I’d get on a plane right now, this second, and go anywhere in the world if you’d meet with me .Please get in touch.” No contest that Eminem’s father’s letter is touching, and he tries to explain the circumstances. He insists on the fact that he always tried to search him, and his children discovered one day there was a new rapper having the same name than him. Marshall Mathers II looked at the “Rolling Stone Magazine” his son Michael had just given to him, showing a photo of Debbie and little Marshall. Marshall Mathers Jr relates this event:

“Michael, my other son, came to our house one day and asked me what his half-brother’s name was. He’d seen a video clip of Eminem on MTV.
I told him it was Marshall and he said I might like to sit down because he had something to tell me. At first I just thought it was a coincidence. Then about two months later Rolling Stone magazine did a big article on him.
My daughter Sarah brought the article to me and in it was a picture of Debbie holding Marshall as a baby. I thought, ‘Oh my God, so much for coincidence.’ I was just stunned. First of all I was really grateful he was alive — that was the main thing.

“I had no idea what had gone on. Then, to have all that recognition on top, I was flabbergasted. It’s still hard to believe.”

“I don’t want to see a cent of Marshall’s money. He has become famous and I’ve found out where he is it doesn’t mean I’ve found a meal ticket. »

Marshall Mathers Jr’s letter may be touching, but we may doubt his sincerity. Maybe this letter is just a way to get attention from the media.He denies being interested in his famous son’s money.One thing is sure:he’s been manipulated by Debbie. He was supposed to take a job as a hotel manager in North Dakota.When he came back home to their home, he found an totally empty appartment.

But the fact that he reappears years later when his son is famous and successful is suspicious. He also expressed the wish to see Hailie.She is his only grandchild.

Marshall has never met his two siblings Michael and Sarah .

Eminem’s Dad says he suffers a lot from his “lost son’s absence” .He is certain to meet him someday. But the final decision belongs to Eminem who is clever enough to elude those tricks from his family.

156 thoughts on “Eminem's Dad”

  1. yo wut up eminem i hope u get this i think that ur father was a real fucking jerk i would HATE my dad if he did that to me well im jordana and im 11 turning 12 april 6 yeah and the lil hottie is nothing i am a Gangster lil gangster gurl some people call me once i herd ur music i fell right into it i guess i could say im like the secound biggest fan becuz stand is the first i will kill my self if u died well i will always like ur music i hope i can email back jordana

  2. yo yo yo im biggest fan of marshall bruce mathers da 3rd. just dropping off a little script i think your dad was a total loser.and a really bad styled jerk. well i lost my dad wen i was seven he died. id do any think for my dad back again!!!.ur dad was harsh on u and ur mam .well i rap songs to 2 get it out ov my ead. u no wat im saying.and a love ur music man im 14 female.england

  3. yo yo yo im biggest fan of marshall bruce mathers da 3rd. just dropping off a little script i think your dad was a total loser.and a really bad styled jerk. well i lost my dad wen i was seven he died. id do any think for my dad back again!!!.ur dad was harsh on u and ur mam .well i rap songs to 2 get it out ov my ead. u no wat im saying.and a love ur music man im 14 female.england

  4. Eminem is the best and when i here him i feel so srtong. His music makes me feel powerful and stong. Em your the best keep going.

  5. hey I just wanted to say that I think you should give yer dad a try, maybe it sounds like hes a bad guy but he may really be telling the truth, and besides, don’t worry about yer money, he can’t take it without you givin it to him.
    If you get this I hope you can e-mail me back..I would loveeeeee to hear from you.

  6. hey, just wanted to say that i love your music so much. Its your choice whatever you choose about your dad no one else. But whatever you choose your still a great guy and hallie jade is really lucky to have you as a dad. I lost my dad when i was 12 and now im 14, even though soemtimes yeh i might of had arguements and shit with him but now i total regret it, just think if he was to pass away now you might say you dont care but it will hurt you. But its your choice whatever you choose your still

  7. yo im from Hong Kong. i luff eminemss music muchiee* um..juz want to tell… father alwayz luf his son..give him r chance

  8. yo im from Hong Kong. i luff eminemss music muchiee* um..juz want to tell… father alwayz luf his son..give him r chance

  9. M u are my favriote rapper of all time!!!!! Don’t give up rappin couse yur good!! Your songs touch me in that spcial spot:(

  10. EM i think ur das fuckin gay he should rot in hell and never be brought outa his sell.Your music is fucking tight i think u are the best rapper ever my mate looks just like you and he wants 2 be like u hes called paul.You daughter is gorgeous to she looks like you thats why please read this i hope you can email me back p.s im your biggest fan luv gangsta 2004 im 14 by da way

  11. hey eminem iz me ur # 1 fan i think that u shoutd give ur dad a chance cuz his ur dad and shit but iz ur choice w/e comes from ur heart so……
    hope to talk 2 u again and ur daughter iz mad cute like u lol

  12. hi eminem waz up i think that u should give ur dad a nother chance cuz his ur dad k bi

  13. hi eminem waz up i think that u should give ur dad a nother chance cuz his ur dad duh lol

  14. Hey Eminem i really think u should give ur father a chance b/c hes ur dad and if u think its b/c of ur career but he cant take anythin from u

  15. hi eminem, you know i dont really know you as much but i know about your dad. you can sing to him with your feelings. Let him say something to you so that you can see how he feels. you have to trust him once you know how he feels. goodluck dude:

  16. eminem im 11 yrs old and ive have been listing 2 your music alot lateley sometimes i get sad 2 here how your dad walked out on u but i waz really happy when i went on a web site with lots of picts. or u and hailie i think thats its cool that u built a home recording studio im your home i hope that u can forgive your dad and u 2 can b father and son again~!!!!

    big fan of u!!!!
    good luc!
    nat (11)

  17. hey em im 1 of ur fans but almost every1 i no is ur fan.ur new c.d with D12 is the best i like the song how come the best.u should meet ur dad the word is ur mum is the most hated person in Detroit she prob.scared him away.when Hailie becomes a rapper and Nate ur bro ill prob. be fans of them 2.hope u can write me back

  18. hey slim..i know your probably not gonna see this message but i figured i’d write white 13 yr old guy..ur music is great and everyday i write raps with my friend doug..i can relate to u father left me when i was 4 yrs old and i havnt seen him since then..i respect u alot and u are my role model even though u prob think kids shouldnt be like you..well if u ever get this write back to me man..Peace

  19. hey watz up em?? im ur biggest fan!!!!:) i reckn u dadz prtty sad 4 leavin u aye……. but um yer?? yer well my name is hayley nd im 12 goin on 13 in sep dis year nd i really love u nd ur even doin a speech about u on da person i admire bt umm yer…:) bt if u get dis e-mail,e-mail me back aye!!!!!! bt um yer peace out bro LUV FRM YOUR BIGGEST #1 FAN HAYLEY

  20. Look eminem i love your songs and I like your looks and why are you singing rude songs?

  21. Maybe u should give ur dad a call or write to him coz it sounds to me u could meet michael and sarah and think of wot u could do 4 them. If i had the chance to meet u i would try hard to get it. i love u and ur music. Good luck wiv da dad thing. Becky x x x 14

  22. hey yo Em. i am a 12 year old white kid who lives in the worst part of new york really close to were llyod banks and 50 came out of well i neva met my father neither and i wish i could and i am ur biggest fan i mean i have everything by u man if u get this i know u usally dont write back but if u could rite me back that would be so fuckin’ tight well later

    willie 12 new york


  24. hia how are you
    im fine ta ithnik you are a great person you are so
    sexy oh thts fea mi bst mate jordn
    you have a very beutiful daughter ad you should carry on your life kk gg luv ya oads demi

  25. hi oh my god, i totally luv ya ive got all ur cd’s i get wot u say!! my dad iz the 1 that got me in to you i think ur gorgous and dead cute got to go bye-bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s i luv ya and fuck everyone who dont like u wot they gonna do sue you xxxxxxxxx

  26. Hey em,
    i think you should learn some more about your dad. And if you do decide to meet up with him dont tell him like where you live,concert places/dates etc. You never know!
    My name is Leah. I really like you. I even have a eminem wall (along with a usher wall) I love your songs. Especilly “Like Toy Soilders”. all of your songs have a story to them. Iam here for you. I am so sorry about your parents. Both of them. Anyway look me up if you ever have the time. I live in Burleson Texas name Julie Siewinski
    Ask for leah when and if you call!!

  27. i think that marshall jr and eminem should meet so they can catch up on things. but if eminem doesnt it is his choice and loss. i also think that his dad really does want to meet him and really does want to be in his sons life and does really live him debbie is just a stupid dumb heffer that nver cared about anybody but her self and ditched em and his dad and then she told em that his dad wdas the one that left them when it was all her fault.
    thanx for reading my thoughts

  28. i think that marshall jr and eminem should meet so they can catch up on things. but if eminem doesnt it is his choice and loss. i also think that his dad really does want to meet him and really does want to be in his sons life and does really live him. debbie is just a stupid dumb heffer that never cared about anybody but her self and ditched em and his dad and then she told em that his dad was the one that left them when it was all her fault.
    thanx for reading my thoughts

  29. I am ur BIGGEST fan EVER!!!!!!!!!! I loe u to bits ur d best!!!! ur dads a real jek for leevin you but iv never seen heard ormet my real dad!!!! i luv u!!!!

  30. Has anyone ever considered that Eminem’s dad also had 2 other children who he did the same thing to? I am sure that Michael and Sarah Mathers also have pain and issues from this.

  31. hey Marshall i am paul gotelaer i live in Ridgetown Ontario in chatham Kent. I Wanted to say to you that iv been waiting for the day to meet you. you have changed my life and its not like your ever gonna read wut is on this site but if you get this. plzz contact me at your the only person that really understands wut im going through. im not some crazy fan but your life was just the same as mine and my life is still in hell never been able to leave this place. all im trying to say out of all this is that you can save me im trying to ryme to help pass the time and if i can’t ever get a hold of you then i will do everything it takes to become a raper and hopefully i finley get to meet you. just 1 wish .

  32. ur dad is a wanker.after all he has done 2 u don’t fucken talk 2 him.i love ur music it rocks.i’m a nice person but a just don’t like how ur dad hasn’t been their for u.hope 2 hear bck fae u.xxxxx

  33. Hi.. To be honest, the truth is that when your that angrey and bitter about someone, then you hurt more that they do. For your own sanity, you need to try and forgive the people in your life that have hurt you the most – take it from someone who knows. Would love to have known you Marshall.

    Tamsin (28)

  34. why are you all trying to talk like your gangstars? idiots.
    and eminem your lyrics are great. hope u get what you want you desevere it.

  35. I just want to start out by saying that I’m sorry you had to have it hard growing up; life can be so unfair, especially to inocent children. So keep on doing what you’re doing with your daughter. Your love for her is evident. I myself had a very trying childhood, lacking the responsibility of both parents, still to this day. I had a son at 16 and was caught up in the ‘coke’ game. But I’m living a good life now! Thanks for your inspiration and keep up the good work Marshall!!!-Aileen 22, TX

  36. hi im 15 f uk iv alwayed heard that eminem was treated badley as a kid but his father walking out on him is aporling i could never do that to my kids not that i have any yet lol but i know hailie is the best thing that ever happened to him and if that was my father i would never let him see his grandchild cause if my child got to attached and then 1 day he walked out it would really hurt my kid so i think u are doing the right thing by not getting in contact with him my dads dad left him when he was 3 and he says even if he come looking for my dad he would not want to see him and he dosent want him in my family’s life well hope u geet to read this love ya loads love kelixxx

  37. to eminme you are so good at rapping can i have your signature for me and my boyfriend

  38. hey whats up people?? ok my cousin knows Nathan Mathers (he’s eminem’s younger brother) i’ve met him a couple times too…. but anyways for those of you who wanna get in contact with him, his AIM screen name is NKM1703…… he might not respond, he is kind of mean…. but you can try if u want…

  39. If u think u know everything about marshall mathers A.K.A eminem,then what is his email???

  40. this is to my favorite person eminem,yo em,i love u so much dude,if i met u in person,i would lose my voice my screamin i waz so freakin happy,if i had enough money i would dress + buy the same house as u man,em,u rule da world no matter what u do,but people say ur gonna kill urself,but dont,please

  41. eminem,i am turning 12 on january 28,its gonna be awesome cuz im fuckin gonna listen to ur usic again,u rule

  42. Wattup?
    Eminem’s dad can go fuck himself…. & all those people who dont like Eminem coz like he disses his parents… Go fuck a toilet… They dont know what its like to grow up without a dad… So those of us who do hav a right to stand by Eminem….
    From T
    P.S I really doubt all these emails like go to Eminem but like wateva…
    P.S.S sumbody email me on
    I’m like beyond bored….

  43. hay it your decisoin about your dad so fuck everyone elses comments! we love you and hailey.

    a couple of young Wisconsin girls

  44. yo em i think yo dad is fuckin bogus u should just tel him 2 fuck off thatz wat i wuld do.i hope u hit me out!

  45. yo em i thik thatz shit u should tel him 2 bak the fuk bak.anywayzzz i hope u get this shit and hit me bak.BUT U PROBLY WONT!im out!yo gurrl jess!

  46. Well i say that u should give your dad a try and if he acts like a dick-head then tell him to leave u along and tell him to piss off home.

  47. yo screw all dese ppl who call demselves fans
    fuck id kill my dad wid a shotgun
    two cocks and heblows

  48. Dude that fuckin sucks about your dad man, hey i tell my freinds about this kid named ryan that died but i don know a ryan and so that is my excuse to rap but dude you have to help me out i am tryin to get into the rap game to i hope you get my email it is dude i love your music and i whant to meet you in real life but hey my freind ryan isnt real but ive had a dream about someone named ryan dien and gettin shot 16 times by his own bro thats gay huh dude i cant really say my life sux compared to yours its like a toothpic but i no for a fact im not your biggest fan but i do love your music im not gay dont wory but i need help get in into the rap bussiness so email me up just to chat and can you give me some advise although i dont live in the getto there is a place that is getto in utah graph circle but you dont wanna hear about that dude im not poor but i deserve a chance dont you think i meen everyone deserves one at rap so lata so so so sry about your dad oh my name is marshall to but its not mathers its anderson lata dog im white a male and i LOVE TO RAP BATTLE AND KICK PEOPLES ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Safe Em! i live in the UK and may i say your music is fucking banging!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This thing about your dad is little out there basically what i mean is its up to you. Dont listen to anyone else listen to your heart and follow it. I hope you keep on making the music you make i love it.

  50. Shit it don’t matter/ Half the fathers in this world are a bunch of ,fuck ups/ My father left me shortly after I was born / I had to live in a fucking car as a baby/ Hell if I ever see my father I would like to cut his neck too/ So (Em) do give that bitch the time or the day/ You could Call him and tell him to go fuck his self with a big horse dick////////////////////////

  51. i think you really rock eminem you r my hero and i absolutely love u you the yo yo yo superrap star

  52. Everyone, Eminem has already said you little kids know nothing about his life, according to a few of his songs. So SHUT UP. You know nothing about Eminem’s real ilfe except this s*** told to you on this website.

  53. i did a rhyme about all this its for all the
    fvckin critics an judgemental idiots
    just cause im not black or from the us
    does that onestly meen i cant go for the test ?
    heres my rhyme enjoy…

    My life is near the end
    I feel its true
    im hoping that it is
    and im sure most of you are to..
    ever since my dad past away
    iv had so many things
    that iv wanted to say
    but iv always started an then left
    but now im gonna stay
    im gonna get it out to all you
    backstabbers an critics
    hew think im bein a tit
    u say be nice
    yes well I have tried
    but how would u feel if ur dad died ?
    Its an angry process of time an emotion
    fuck friendship
    loyalty an devotion
    u all need to understand
    u may think that I need u more then u need me
    that’s just crazy
    how could that be ?
    Its little old me with the funny little rhymes
    but iv ripped how many people ?
    with how many lines ?
    but im not all about the skits an all the disses
    I wanna be me
    hew everyone misses
    everybody asks me am I ever change ?
    I tell them yea !
    but its clear ill always be the same
    im the same body an the same brain
    but with different approaches
    with the same name…

  54. EMINEM u have enough to rhyme about ur life was
    hell for u…
    but thats the past u need to leave that now
    an look after ur own kids
    if u hated ur dad leaving u need to show it to ur
    luvly hailie she admires u as we do
    so show here shes ur special girl
    luv her as we luv u an u will be the greatest dad
    an rapper as well all no u are an can be….
    from another fan
    connor england 14 male

  55. eminem plz get in touch with me i luv all of your songs i have memerized all your songs and i live in belfast plz plz plz if you ever git 2 read this fufil my dream-cause i just want an autograph man plz.


  57. hey eminem, i dnt really listen to your rap cs i dnt really understand em, but i think that your a gr8 rapper and i have gr8 respect for you and feel sad that you had to go through alot during childhood. i hope thiongs are goin on the way you want it to these days. n i think that you should give your dad another chance cs after all he is your dad and im sure he does love you. anyway i hope things work out for you, take care TAZ x

  58. yo yo yo, i just would like to say that i feel so strongly about all the abruptness in our modern contempory society. i just wish that it was 1998 again… so lets all join together man, and we cann all make it back to the 90’s in one piece. peace yall, thanks for readin the words from one of the 90’s most famous duck duck goose players.

  59. Check it out. I Feel Marshall’s Pain. Let Him Live His Own Life. If He Never Wants To See His Father Again, It’s HIS Decision. Did Your Father Abandon You When You Were A Baby??? Then You Have Nothing To Say. His Dad Just Wants To Get Together w/ Him Cuz He’s Famous. My Dad Always Called Me His Little Angel But Then Left My Family When Things Were Gettin Rough. Never Seen Him Since. It Really Broke My Heart AND I Never Want To See His Sorry Ass Again. And Marshall Doesn’t Want To See His Father Either.

  60. i feel ur pain, i feel everyones pain, EVERYBODY out there, listen carefully,this may change your life forever!!!!!!!! maybe its the medicinal marijuana talking but, the awnser to the crossword puzzle question 14 across in todays local newspaper is……. foreskin

  61. I send this as a person, and not a crazed fan. Give your dad a chance. He’s blood and could have easily been searching for you as much as you were for him. EM, your rap music gets you fans, but you’ve grown up since back then. You love Kim, even though you rapped about killing her. Deep down, there’s a part of you that wants to know your dad and should get to know him before it’s too late.

  62. yo wut up blud!!!!
    i luv all ya music!!!
    my fave song u hv made so far has 2 b stan!!!!
    man u must of had a really fuked up shittingly fuking life. ur prob like fuk ur dad!!! im jus saying im ur no.1 fuking fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv marshal!!! ur sooo sexy!!! i wanna fuk u!!!!!!!!!!!!
    let me suk ur dik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love u

  63. im from hoboken nj and i hear eminem old songs all the time >im gonna type these lyrics from eminem from 1984—–( hittin’ blunts till my lungs contort smoke / and take 1 more short toke before i snort coke ? shiiiitttttt…..i’ve been doin’ lines all day – my minds all clay from sniffin pinesol spray/

  64. hey marshall. i think your music is heaps mad! umm… you have had a bad life rite?? me 2… ur songs r cool, u sound a bit scary but ur cool…. it would be awsome to meet you one day … well when i was little my dad used to bash my mum and stuff but i was only 4 days old and i havent seen him since, it good ur dad wants tot alk to you and if u meet up with him you can see if he wanst ur money or not and if he does just flick him and it would be good to meet ur bro n sis cos i dont have any of them and it would be good to have 1 i reckon.. ok well hayley is sooo cute , you have done good marshall love you always… emma.c

  65. why are all these stupid people thinking that Marshall is visisting sites like this???? theres no fucking Marshall on the internet, he hardly knows how to put a comp on. so fuck all the posers!!! and leave him alone, everybodys (on other sites) there all saying how hot he is, HES JUST A FUCKING REGULAR GUY> LET HIM LIVE HIS OWN FUCKING LIFE!!!

  66. Well whats it up to you that no one should put sayings up why are you on this site or any other sites why are you on this site

  67. u should leave eminem the hell alone! say sorry!well thats all u can do. if my dad did tha same shit u did i would fuckin hate him too.. so just leave him tha hell alone ….he is 33, he knows what to da,and who to hate…!!!!!!sorry but u did mess up his life… sooooooo he has all the right to hate u!!!!1

  68. hiya! no point in saying hi to marshall coz he aint eva gona read this! i think he has loads beta things to do lol. anyway i think he should think about seeing his dad if it caused him that much trauma when he was younger he doesnt have to see him again but maybe he should just meet up once and see what hes about even if he was an ass people can still change and im sure his half-brother and half-sister would love to meet him too. i used to love eminems music when i was in highschool i still completely respect him but i dont really listen to his music as much as i did, my boyfriend does though. marshall mathers is so hot! ive got some pics of him in my room with his top off nd he has the nicest body ever! his tattoos are ace and i love his dress sense coz it suits him really well. as for all his controversey about slagging other celebs what! i would if i was him! everyone is intitled to their opinion. my friend, wayne, really is a huge fan of marshalls in fact sometimes its scary..he knows everything you could possible imagine about him..his bday, his family, his lifestyle etc he even know exact dates when he got signed up when he married nd stuff he dresses lyk him nd only listens to his music. when he split from his girlfriend he listened to ‘kim’ bt i told him to turn it to anuva one coz it psyches him out. one day i hope wayne can meet marshall because he really has been an inspiration to him. anyway this is already too long so im gonna get going im 17 (nearly 18!) from england! but america is my second hom i love it and miss it so much when i get back to engaland when i have the money im moving to america and i want to move with wayne too coz….im in love with him..but i havnt told him yet! well thankyou for reading this everyone i no i go on 4 ages! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  69. Hi, well i just wanted to say that no marshall does not read these he aint got time to go through every website to see what people write to him, but h does have aim and he does have myspace and yes he does have msn, i can give you his aim but the myspace and msn are just for his close friends and celebs and family. His aim is MarshallM36 , and when you pm him you can ask him the his msn and myspace because im not aloud to tell you ok byessss……
    Love Alaina Marie Mathers AKA Lannie

  70. Hi. i think you’re the best rapper in the whole world. i’m elena and i come from italy. i’m a your fan since i was 11. i have all of your cds. Whit your dad i hope that everythings gonna be all right. i don’t know exactly what’s
    heppened beetwen you two and if you’re dad is really earnest i think , the best choise is to give him an other possibility. everyone need to have the second chance . please, do your better with him. truly yours, elena.

  71. hi dad i’m Hailie who writes to you. I found out this website. I just wanted to
    say you that i love you even if you have to move away to go ton work.
    i’ll always admire you. i’ve never told you… but i’ll be so happy seein’ you and mom togheter again. i read all the letter , and ther’s also Alaina.
    i agree whit elena i think you should give another chance to yuor dad…
    my granpa. i think he’s sincere. i’m courious to meet him … i image us.. all togheter.

  72. hey, sharita, don’t say things like that! i don’t think youhate your father
    what’s wrong with him? byesss Halie Jade Mathers xxx

  73. hey hiieee! im from india and a big fan of yours…… you are the best rapper in the whole freaking world… i admire u and try to memorize every song u rap they r kinda soooo coool… no one can beat ur songs…. i think u shud confront ur dad giv him a 2nd chance.. wud love to hear from u m ur biggest fan… love u always leena. plz mail me.

  74. maybe its too late for a comment but ill try…
    should u meet ur dad? yes because u need to here his say
    should u give him a try? it depends on his say
    should u hate him for leaving?…everybody makes mistakes…if it was one he made.

  75. u all are a bunch a fucken faggots u would really kill ur self if some rapper died. i had 3 times harder life then eminem so i can relate.

  76. fuck u asshole, eminem is the best rapper in the whole world, and yes i love his songs, for me the best is stan

  77. hey em, this comment might be a bit old lol, but anywayz, i think you should get in contact with your dad even if he left you, i know a lot of people who dont have dads and they would do anyhting for one, ive alwayd listened to your raps, i rap myself (but im shit lol) you should try to get into contact with your dad or do sumthin cuz its worth a try, i hope this helps 🙂 good luck

    14, Christian UK

  78. i love you eminem your the fucking bomb.
    your dad is just wrighting back know because know that your famous he wants to stell all your money.if i wore you i would not accecpt his letters.and im sorry about your mom i would find that person that jacked her car.i love your movie to it’s a full 100%.well see ya later em.bye.

  79. heyy lennie is hurr. don’t bother my dad sending him stupid fucking question pls . he’s pissed off. ok byee

  80. Okay, one, you’re not the real Lainie, and two, this isn’t a site to contact Eminem whatsoever. Plus he hates over obsessive fans. If you guys were true fans you’d know this.

    ♪ Sorry Puff but if this chick was my own mother I’d still fuck her with no rubber and cum inside her and have a son and a new brother at the same time, and just say that it ain’t mine ♪

  81. i was reading and my last name came up and thats kinda weird are we related in some odd way cuz Siewinski isnt exactly a common last name.

    11, Dylan Siewinski

  82. i love you eminem your the fucking bomb.
    your dad is just wrighting back know because know that your famous he wants to stell all your money.if i wore you i would not accecpt his letters.

  83. hey marshal its jonah i’ve triedto write a letter to u but i got the wrong address. im 8 years old i’ve been through a lot of shit dude. i think u should contact ur dad because a lot of people dont have a dad.

  84. He should NOT contact his dad he just wants all his money now that hes famous. If he always loved his son why did he send his letters back unopened?? a little suspicious, don’t you think? his dad just wants money and fame that eminem has. he should’nt be let back into eminems house now thats hes famous.

  85. yo Em i think you should cotact your dad alot of people wished they had adad when i was years old my dad walked out of the house i waited for my dad thinking he would come back later i noticed he wasnt now im 12 and HATE HIM

  86. yo Em i think you should cotact your dad alot of people wished they had adad when i was 3 years old my dad walked out of the house i waited for my dad thinking he would come back later i noticed he wasnt now im 12 and HATE HIM

  87. hey em im only 12, but i think u should at least give him 1 last chance, he screwes up then FUCK HIM!

  88. dont listen to these people just do what you want to do if you wnt to see your dad go see him if you don’t thats your buisness, im 15 and i’m on the other side of the spectrum im livin with my dad with my mom gone, so just decide what you wanna do

  89. Eminiem you are one cool guy. You have been through some very bad things.
    my friend Kiva want’s to be a rapper too and make a record about his parents divorce.


  91. i doubt u are ever going to read this but em just meat him maybe he does want your money or maybe he doesn’t but wouldn’t it be nice to meet him i have never really met my dad he left when i was 11 months but i would love to meet him. he and my mom never got along and my mom is a bitch and she kicked him out he lives in like Chicago or something now but i wouldn’t take the chance to meet him for gran nit just think

  92. Hey, em….. i love you and your music so much… i wanna let you know that my dad left me when i was three months too. i think of him all the time and now being 15 im tryin to get in touch with him but still havn’t yet.. so i know wat you went through in that time period…. i wish you luck in the future and do watever your heart tells you to do…

  93. Hey Em if you ever see this sick I have literally heard anything and everything you have ever made or been in im 17 years old i had a lot of problems with my dad and i lived in a trailer and was always picked on for my background. I relate with you a lot my life goal is to shake your hand and say thank you. Your life and struggles have really helped me and inspired me to keep pushing and make things better. I hope you have a fantastic career, and stay sober, you deserve to have the best. Money can’t buy happiness as seen through your lyrics

    , One of your biggest fans Mitch

  94. I wouldnt contact him. all this time and now he wants to meet you. sounds like bs to me

  95. i know em has been through a lot with trying to reach his father but i give him credit if his father didn’t want to get in touch with him as he was younger and now that he’s famous he wants too? he just wants the fame and money from em’s career. but then theres a side of me that says if u want to get to know your father then go for it nothing bad could really happen. anyways im outti.


  96. hey em yer awesome! you have changed my life with yer music and probly your other fans to man, you have practiclly changed this world your amazing! i have no comment about yer dad this is yer buisness not mine thank you for your amazing music it proof were here id thank him to R.I.P proof…big proof forever

  97. Eminem don’t contact your dad. All that bad memories you’ve been trying to wash away will reappear when you meet him. Don’t listen to any bullshit about you should try to contact him, why should you? You wrote tons of letters as a little boy, and your dad didn’t give a fuck about writing you back, you drew pictures as a baby for him and he probably crumbled it up and trashed it.

    Eminem inspires me, mainly because nobody was on your side ever and you still managed to be successful even when your closest family member said you won’t do anything good in life.

    Forget about your good-for-nothing mother and good-as-dead father, for now you just need to live your life and look out for Hailie, just the two of you, fuck everyone else. In your whole life you’ve lived pretty much alone and had to push yourself on, you never needed them.

  98. Ok but what the hell is wrong with all you people, I know you guys are all just tryin to help but stop its not you’re decision to make god dammit! If he wants to contact his dad or see him he will, just leave him alone telling him “oh you should” or “i wouldn’t if i were you”… Well guess what you’re not him so quit it.
    Thank you 🙂

  99. Marshall if you actually do read this site I just want to say you should give your dad a chance because hailey won’t have a grandad and have cuzins family is so important but you just don’t realise it if you never really had a real one in the first place loads of my friends don’t have dad and I think they are missing out coz there is just a empty space where he should be but to be honest I don’t know your dad he could be a prick who wants your moneys so really it all comes down to you shaddy PEACE

  100. eminem, plz dont ignore yur dad. im adopted nd i do ANYTHING to c my real father. i love my dad now … nd my mom who adopted me tooo.. but she died:( so plz appriciate tht yu hav TWO real parents and if one of thm tries to get intouch with yu… i would deffinitly answer him. yu wont kno if yu dnt try. nd if he really does try to minipulate yur money and fame.. thn just leave him. and even if yur mom treated yu like shit dont imbarrass her in front of the world… she probably fels horrible. just tellin yu wut id do….


  101. em i disagree with most of these ppl my real dad has not been in my life for 14yr of my life and i now im not famous i now that dads will always luv us and

  102. I think eminem should at least meet him. and if he still hates him after they talk he can beat his dads sorry ass

  103. eminem should at least meet his half brother or sister what the hell did they do to him

  104. Eminen dont I’m adopted my father hit me burned me I fought his ass
    Don’t man really if I saw my dad I’ll fuck his ass up
    So if I was you just don’t do it

  105. Eminen dont I’m adopted my father hit me burned me I fought his ass
    Don’t man really if I saw my dad I’ll fuck his ass up

  106. TO Marshel:im very young but i love your muisic i whould kill to meet u some day it whould be even better if i could do a song with u like i sed im young but i can rap i live 3 hours from detriot if your there id love to come meet u if your up for it look me up on facebook

  107. yeah i do really like eminem and that but you do realise eminem is most likely to not read this?

  108. eminem im almost ertain you wont bother with this post because there are like 100 fan web sites and you wouldn’t waste your time replying to all your fans and i do think that you should give your dad a chance because everyone deserves one. And think someone gave you a chance when you started rapping a big chance because you were a white boy on the streets and they realized that the chance they gave was not that bad. just because ems dad left when he was young you should try to spend as much time know that you do have time and he is there and please dont take this the wrong way but chances can fix a life and change a person

  109. Marshall, I love you so much I’m like your biggest fan ever. I feel so sorry for you, everything you have been through. I listen to all your songs. You actually tell a story, its amazing. Your’e amazing. I really hope you read this, you probably wont have time though. I really want to meet you so so bad, it actually kills me! When are you going to tour in UK? I hope soon. You have a great life now, so don’t worry about anything! Thankyou.

  110. even if he was reading your comments, I think he’d get a bit pissed off everyone suckin up to him haha, well it would piss me off

  111. i lost my family mimbers and stuff..i dident wunt to see my mom….she was on drugs,,,,and she abused me,,,,she past three years ago now i to this day i wish i spent more time with her… dads a trucker he comes to see me my be one evey 6 mounths live has its assholes….and life has its good times we just gett lucky all the time……every body can change…..its hard for eminem i wish that he can be granted to go back in time and stop his father from leavein…….dont get me wrong eminem is the meanest mc out their…..he my favoirt artits……i know all the words to his,recovery,bad meets evil,relapese,albumes,,,i can speed all them up and they i still can stay with it…..but i do have to say they are gettin harder and harder to do,,,,,

  112. ive heard alot about eminem but ive always wandered if he had a dad ive heard that i look like him alot but i never bielieved them. i wished i did tho ps he rocks wish i could meet him.

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