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Facts about Betty Kresin, Eminem's grandmother

Betty Kresin, Eminem’s grandmother from the maternal side , got married at the age of 14. She got six children from 3 different marriages.

She first married Bob Nelson. She gave birth to her daughter Debbie in 1955.She accuses her first husband, Bob Nelson, of being verbally abusive. Both moved to Warren, Michigan, to be closer to Betty’s stepmother .
Despite the problems the couple esperienced, she gave Bob two more sons, Todd and Steven.
They divorced in the early 60’s and Betty came back to her hometown St Joseph, where she met Ron Gilpin, her second husband.
She had two more children with him. One of them is Betti Schmitt (Eminem’s aunt and Debbie’s half sister), who is still in touch and in good terms with Eminem. Ron Gilpin was an alcoholic who used to beat up his whole family. Violence was part of their daily life. Ron left his family in 1968.
Dramas surrounded Betty’s family. In 1991, Todd Nelson killed his brother-in-law, Mike Harris in self defense case. He was sentenced to jail for 8 years.
Betty ‘s sixth child from a third marriage, Ronnie Polkingharn , was Eminem’s uncle and closest friend. He committed suicide in 1991.

Eminem grew up for a while at his grandmom’s home. She talks about his harsh conditions of living in Detroit :
« It was a poor school and they wanted his shoes. He was one of the only white children going to this segregated school. And one time they took the shoes off his feet and he had to come home in a snowstorm with no shoes on. But the story people keep asking me – “he was unconscious and almost died and all these doctors…”, now I know nothing about this and I’m his grandmother. »

People should think twice before calling Marshall a racist.

Betty was angry with Marshall because he never attended to Ronnie’s funeral. In fact, Marshall went depressive and swallowed a bottle of Tylenol and survived to another suicide attempt. He was unable to go to Ronnie’s funeral, his pain was too immense.But Betty didn’t know what happened during this period.

“I was kind of bitter about him writing about my dead son, because the last five years of my deceased boy, Marshall had not even seen him. Marshall – Eminem – and my son Ronnie were very close. He idolised Ronnie and Ronnie loved him. He never even came to Ronnie’s funeral and he has never put the first flower on
Ronnie’s grave. He doesn’t do anything – he won’t go near the grave. The chain that Marshall wears around his neck, the dog-tag – that was Ronnie’s. I gave him the dog-tag, he makes duplicates, he sells them now, and that really broke my heart because this is something sacred to me that I gave the boy. If my son could speak to
you today from the grave he would say, “Marshall stop some of the garbage, make up with your family, life’s too short”.”

Marshall had a good relationship to his granny until he wanted to use Ronnie’s voice on a tape. He intented to do this as a tribute to his deceased uncle, but Betty thought he was disrespectful towards her son.
In 2002 , both reconciled.
Betty Kresin is currently writing a book on her grandson which shall be entitled « The Tie That Binds ».

Betty says she’s proud of her grandson and that she stands on his side.

18 thoughts on “Facts about Betty Kresin, Eminem's grandmother”

  1. Maybe these stories will help us all understand a little bit of why Debbie might have been a poor parent. There are no excuses, but try to understand other people’s pain, it would be a lot better if she would take responsibility for her actions that did not break the cycle but not everyone is strong enough to.

  2. Betty Kresin is mentaly deranged and has been married over 5 times. Debbie is also mentaly deranged whom both of them are trying to take Todd’s home after his death which he wanted to give to his kids.

  3. Betty kresin has been married over 14 times and after selling all contents in bob nelsons home while he was at work,she and ronnie gilpin left warren, mi.and moved to st. joseph, mo.betty, ronnie,and three children lived on the child support paid and the hook and crook methods people there use to intimidate and extort money from the mentally deficient.

  4. marshal is stil the same person he has always been,with one order to work and support his family he has isolated himself from the disfunctional bunch of leaches trying to extort money from him.there is quite a story that could be told and it probably will be in the near future.

  5. I am a big eminem fan and I saw pictures of Betty Kresin at Todd Nelsans funeral and that is sad she is posing for pictures at the funeral……she’s going to hell

  6. Hi I just wanted to say that I love eminem and I wanted to get information on what the deal was about eminem going to jail…I saw pics of him handcuffed Anyone got anymore info? Also John ^^^^^ (from above) Said he saw pics of BK at Todd’s funeral posing Do you have a link to the pictures? I would Like to see them
    Fiona –

  7. Mistake #1-Was not stepmother-Was mother in
    #2-Betty what ever- never was around marshall so how would she know anything about him.
    #3-Children were not treated well by betty and were used only for the purpose of child support and state aid which funded her clothes and week ends at the bars.#4-marshall is not on speaking terms with any and I mean anyone in the missouri crowd that includes the so called grandmother betty.

  8. Betty Kresin (whatever name she is presently using)was here in michigan and may still be here, aiding her daughter (betti schmitt) in the latest attempt to extort money from marshall.Thier first attempt was successful so this will be something to sustain thier method of operation until marshall is broke.Stay tuned for further missouri attacks.

  9. hi,i just wanted to say i am a very big fan of eminem and i respect his aunt for speaking her mind even though i kinda did not like what she said but i guess she does not understand him or will never figure him out maybe and i have no right to judge her or her family because her family or should i say em’s family reminds me of my family.and i respect all each and every one of you.i still like love eminem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i love marshall more the life in itself…. i want tell u how much i love him, last nigth i dream with him, and today, i can`t breath. because i want thats i dreamed becomes true… and every day i remenber that dream as my beatifull fantasy… just i wanna got him, and looking his beatiful face and tell him how much i love him…..just i want talkin with him…..i apreciate a lot somebody help me… my life is nolife…without him……. i love marshall and is really truth…… PLZ. someone help me… and contact me at my mail;…thanks…

  11. that is my cousin (eminem) 3rd cousin ……i have never seen him but i wish i could ….my dad is todd kresin and i am sara kresin his youngest daughter by cathy ……i wish i could meet him

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