Sky faces sexual assault claim

Lawyers acting for six men are trying to stop Sky broadcasting a reality show in which they are seen unwittingly kissing and caressing a male transsexual. They are planning a litany of legal charges against the broadcaster, including conspiracy to commit sexual assualt.

The six contestants’ case against Sky and Brighter Pictures, which is a subsidiary of Big Brother producer Endemol, is expected to include the claim that the companies conspired to commit a sexual assault on the grounds the men did not consent to being fondled by a man.

I guess I can see their point.






2 responses to “Sky faces sexual assault claim”

  1. Frank McGahon avatar

    I can see their point, up to a point but I think such a law suit would be unwise. For starters, kissing/fondling is hardly sexual assault and even if it was, it is a bit ridiculous to restrospectively designate the act as assault because of information subsequently received. (i.e. “Myriam”‘s sex). It wasn’t assault at the time. I’m no legal expert but I’m pretty sure that the contestants would have had to advise Sky prior to the program if there were anything they wouldn’t consent to doing.

    Anyone who volunteers for these type of programs should a) be prepared for ridicule and b) be aware that there’s so much reality tv about these days that there is more likely to be a “twist” than not, think Lapdance Island aka The Pilot Show or Joe (not quite a) Millionaire.

  2. Shorty avatar

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