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Eminem, a misogynist?

Eminem has misogynistic sounding lyrics. But do those lyrics necessarely make a big misogynist of him in real life?

Of course he has talked about « bitches and hos » that should be « raped and murdered ». If his lyrics are taken literally, they will shock many people. But we know that his statements are made intentionally to shock people’s consciences. As I stated it before, most of the time, people don’t take enough time to examine Eminem’s lyrics carefully. If they did, it would certainly help to avoid a lot of misunderstandings. I sometimes wish they just took time to read one song from the beginning to the end to understand those statements are not to be taken seriously.

Eminem pictures some scenes of domestic violence like in the song « Kim » which ends tragically. It is just a fantasy, but it also refers to domestic violence that exists in real life. Eminem hasn’t invented domestic violence nor has he invented misogyny. In fact, sexist behavior does exist particularly among conservative classes who usually take the rapper’s lyrics out of their context to justify their hatred of him.
We know that Eminem’s dark side in his songs is also a therapy to express the problem he experienced with the two women who had an important influence in his life: his mom and his ex-wife.
It’s a way to get freed from Debbie’s abusive behavior and from Kim’s infidelity.
Eminem stated that he had problems with women in his life, but he also stated that he does not consider women in general as « bitches » :

“I bitch, yeah. I have a fairly salty relationship with women and it’s always been like that. But most of the time, when I’m saying shit about women, when I’m saying ‘bitches’ and ‘hos’, its so ridiculous that I’m taking the stereotypical rapper to the extreme. I don’t hate women in general. They just make me mad sometimes.”

He’s just playing ladies, as you should know…
And when he feels angry about a « bitch » or « slut » in one of his songs, it is just the expression of his feeling of the moment.

« My thoughts are so fucking evil when I’m writing shit, if I’m mad at my girl, I’m gonna write the most misogynistic fucking rhyme in the world. It’s not how I feel in general, it’s how I feel at the moment ».

If Eminem was a real misogynist, he wouldn’t have stated that he doesn’t consider women in general as bitches. If we look at the facts, he’s been in a long term relationship with Kim. He has expressed his love for Kim many times and some of his friends like Proof testify that his feelings for Kim have always been true.
Both have a little girl – Hailie Jade- in common. A misogynist wouldn’t show so much concern and love for his daughter.
Eminem has also adopted Dawn’s (Kim’s twin sister) little girl who currently lives with Hailie.
He even intended to adopt Whitney, Kim’s second daughter from another man.
If he despised female gender, would he allow so many girls to share is every day life ?

The facts have shown by themselves that Marshall Mathers is a very different person than the character he plays on stage.
His role is to entertain you. So just enjoy the show and don’t take the statements he makes in his songs so seriously…

7 thoughts on “Eminem, a misogynist?”

  1. You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. You should try and do some research about the topic of spousal abuse before you make such ignorant statements.

    Misogynists almost always deny they hate women, the same way racists deny their hatred. How often had you heard someone say “I’m not racist, but …” and then say something racist. It’s the same thing with misogynists.

    In addition, men who are abusive (physically, verbally, mentally) always hide behind their supposed “love” for their girlfriend/spouse. It’s a given!

    Statements like this: “I don’t hate women in general. They just make me mad sometimes.” are clear indicators of a misogynist.

    If you think Eminem’s opinions on women are normal, you’re deluded. The fact that you’re a woman and believe this leads me to think that you yourself are in an abusive relationship and are lying to yourself about the signs that are probably all around you.

    Do yourself a favor and read something besides rap lyrics. I recommend you visit your library and check out “Why Does He Do That?” by Lundy Bancroft (which actually uses “Kim” as an example) or “Saving Beauty from the Beast” by Vicki Crompton and Ellen Zelda Kessner (two women who each lost a daughter to abusive boyfriends who claimed not to be misogynists).

    I don’t know how old you are, Isabelle, but the sooner the better. Get yourself, as a woman, some self-respect.

  2. Listen, i don’t need to read theories about misogyny, I have experienced it in my life.
    I know how mysogynistic men act in real life.I managed to get rid of them and whatever you may think about me, I do respect myself. i feel balanced and free today.
    I also do have a sense of humor.
    I don’t take Eminem’s lyrics literally.
    About his quote, I don’t think those words are enough to make a misogynist of him. Those are just words. Eminem has suffered from women’s behavior against him. His mom and his ex- wife are not really an example of reliability. I can understand that Eminem still feels hurt inside, because he is loyal in his character.
    I’d like to add that I also think that men are driving me mad sometimes…so does that mean that i despise men in general?

  3. Isabelle, trust me, you need to read about abusive men to understand abusive men–even if you’ve experienced them yourself. I’ve experienced them. I’ve also been one.

    You cannot take Em’s word on whether or not he’s a misogynist. Have you ever heard of a single misogynist who admits he is one? I haven’t. So does that mean they don’t exist? Of course not.

    It’s like alcoholics. You cannot take their word for whether they drink too much. This is also one of the reasons that the first step in AA is that the person must admit that they are alcoholic–often it’s the first time in their lives they’ll do so.

    To say that you “don’t need to…” learn as much as you can about, well, just about anything, is foolish.

    You’re letting your fandom blind your opinions. It is a very common thing to do. (I also don’t think that the people I love as entertainers are woman haters, racists, etc. No one wants to think that!)

    Do yourself a favor. Read those books. It’ll cost you what? A few days work? The payoff will be tremendous in your life and understanding of what motivates abusive behaviour.

  4. eminem is my favourite rap artist and i wont to know when he is in australia next

  5. wots with tha shit bout dissin eminem u dont live with him u dont know wot goes on in his life apart from wot u read about so u aint got a right to call him a Misogynist n even if he was y wud he want his daughter y wud she be in near enuff every song he writes and u can tell wen he says that he loves her that he means it u can see it in his eyes

  6. Your right, Isabelle.All u comenters are fucked up u no what. Take him seroiously. He LOVES women. Just not a couple of certain women. He hates at least 2 women in general, but he hates some men too! like fuck do u ppl have anything better to do than diss him! he is so fucking accoplished, and is a fucking multi-millionaire. He got there by beating down all u fucking haters. And so what if he fucking denys it? what do u want him to say?! Do you want him to say he does despise women when he acctually doesnt? like get a fucking life you losers. And the only reason he hates kim is because she was a fucking dirty slut and was out there fucking all of these other guys behind his back. Im a chick and I would hate who ever did that to me! And say all this shit about killin them. Are you fucking saying that if it was like that for me that i fucking hate all men?!

    Like get a fucking life. Your right Anonymous.

  7. For all you preaching about Lundy Bancroft I suggest you also read “When She Was Bad,” by Patricia Pearson. This might give you a less one-sided look at this social problem. I also ebcourage you to think about how blanketing statements made in someones defense can be detrimental, and counter productive to convincing the rest of us of yor facility with the topic at hand.

    Back to the book. In short, Patricia points out that women are every-bit as capeable of causing harm as any man and that more over we have just learned to be less ostentatious about it. Yes, women are/can be two-faced, decembling and in cause of this, are often every bit as lethal as a man. However, our style of “Violence,” and the public/social opinion of women is detrimental to restitution/prosecution. Violent women generally have a scapegoat and get-off scott free or with much more tame sentences.

    Now as I’m sure you all will attack me for these statements I will point out that I have worked with ‘victims’ of domestic violence, I have been in a borderline domestic violence relationship and I have been in one that was miss diagnosed as such as well as twice that that were totally functional/”normal.” The mis diagnosed one was the Police and judicial systems fault. If you all want hear more about this you can ask me.

    My point is that as much as this is a serious issue in our country today, not every woman who is in a flawed relationship is in a domestic violence situation, nor are they necissarily the victim in it. I like the public awareness, but most of these books look at one side of the worst case senario, and continue to promote the demure nature of women as being incapable. INCAPABLE. This doesn’t promote women as equal it further promotes us as victims that need to be shepherded.

    To Eminem’s situation what I’ve heared proves it can’t be a functional/good relationship, but depending on what segment you look at the “victim” is extreemely unclear. Thus we shouldn’t, as free thinking people, jump on the man-bashing wagon just yet since this one really is none of our business.

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