Europeans are worse than cockroaches

There is a Cold War between the US and the EU, says Mark Steyn, and it will end with the collapse of Old Europe.

The trick is to manage the relationship until the Europeans, like the Soviets, collapse. Europe is dying, and it’s only a question of whether it goes peacefully or through convulsions of violence. On that point, I bet on form.

One thought on “Europeans are worse than cockroaches”

  1. No, that article is simplistic. The only thing that is true is what is not mentioned. In Northern Ireland, the Unionists are doomed. There will be a Catholic majority and Ireland will unite. Secondly, in the very short term, Israeli Jews like the Christian Old Europeans will be a minority unless Sharon can figure out a way to remove the Israeli and Palestinian Arabs without a second Final Solution genocide.

    On the other hand, the hidden assumptions in the article are not correct. First of all, there is not one America, but two. By that, I mean, there is the Gore-Kennedy America and The Bush-Nixon America, two very different countries living in a hellish, symbiotic relationship. It is true that Europe is ageing but whether that implies the ultimate death of Europe is again simplistic. Extrapolating trends is the easiest way to forecast but usually leads to incorrect results… especially in the long term. In 20-30 years, a lot could happen.

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