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Men are from Mars…

The author of the famous book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, John Gray, is a fraud.

Man I haven’t seen this story anywhere…

The relationship guru who constantly promotes himself as ‘Dr. John Gray’ and lists a ‘Ph.D.’ has only one accredited degree, a high school diploma. Neither his BA nor his MA is from an accredited institution of higher education.

John Gray’s first wife was the inimitable Barbara DeAngelis, ‘Ph.D.’ For those of you out of the loop, ‘Dr.’ DeAngelis is another one of ‘America’s leading experts on relationships.’ She has written a number of relationship bestsellers including ‘Are You the One For Me?’ and ‘Chicken Soup For the Couple’s Soul,’ and she is the producer of the ‘Making Love Work’ video series. Like her ex-hubby, DeAngelis likes to frequent Oprah, Good Morning America, and Larry King Live. Barbara DeAngelis and Larry King must have a lot to talk about. He has been married eight times, and she has been married five times. John Gray was husband number three for DeAngelis. …I don’t know the details of John and Barbara’s courtship, but perhaps they met while registering for classes at the now-defunct Columbia Pacific University. Because – you guessed it – that is where DeAngelis received her ‘Ph.D.’ as well.

21 thoughts on “Men are from Mars…”

  1. Gavin – the solution is simple – and elegant.

    No need to apologize, just reposition your original post.

    What the fake Doc objects to, on your blog, is the word (and link) fraud

    That word, verbatim, is contained in the linked blog document.

    So merely issue a correction, to the effect that he is reported to be a fraud

    Now you are stating a fact, and therefore not libeling the fraudster, technically.

    I would, if I were you, blow this up again and again – report the fact of the reported characterization as a fraud – then lay out all the facts, and exhort your readers to decide, based on the facts, whether the guy, in their own, privileged opinions, is a fraud, or should be commended as a legitimate Ph.D and held in the adoring light he heretofore enjoyed.

    On that basis, there is no defamation, and no issue of liability on your part, but you will be continuing your very worthwhile campaign to expose and defrock the fraudster.

  2. I’m not a lawyer, but here is an arguement you may try…
    the lawyers letter says this guy’s degree is from a “State of California-approved” institution. Notice that he does not use the word “Accredited” as you do in your blog. “approved”, “licenced”, and “accredited” have vastly different meaning in the world of academics. Generally, a college should be both licensed/approved AND accredited.

    If a school doesn’t use the word accredited, it usually means they are not…i.e. a second-rate school, often a degree mill.

  3. I’m not a lawyer either, but it seems to me if Gray’s lawyer himself isn’t using the word “accredited,” it means in effect there is no dispute — you never claimed CPU wasn’t “approved.”

  4. Contrary to Paul’s comment, it is defamatory to restate a falsehood as if true without correction, even if you are quoting someone else. Simply retract the “fraud” claim and restate the facts. The facts are embarrassing enough.

  5. An administrator at a college I worked at got one of those diplomas from Columbia Pacific University. It was a running joke around campus. I don’t think anybody ever has to “register” for any classes there. Rather, they give you “credit for life experience”. You pay them money, and they issue you a diploma.

    Now to be honest, doctorates outside the hard sciences really don’t mean much any more no matter what institution issues them. What should more embarrassing for Gray is all those years he spent as the Maharishi’s gofer.

  6. According to the website of the Maharishi (the Maharishi of Maharishi European Research University fame), the school was not founded until 1975. [] John Gray, according to his lawyer’s letter, received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from that university with the latter being obtained in October 1977. This means that between 1975, when the university was founded, and October 1977, he earned both degrees. It must have had those courses you could learn in your sleep.

    As to Columbia Pacific University, the article discussing its shutdown plus a phone call to the appropriate State department should clarify whether what was published is accurate or not. In any event, John Gray really does not want the negative publicity that a suit against a blogger could bring, especially since smoke almost always leads to fire in the case of someone who has gone to two, not just one, diploma mills.

  7. Please think up another way to upset this idiot and let me do it. I would relish the thought of a California Lawyer pursuing this in Ireland quoting the US constitution which is completely irrelevant to you. In my local zoo there is a chimpanzee. he is very cheap and all you would need to get this crap thrown out to the hysterical amusement of all.

  8. Steve Hernon’s original column appears to have been removed. Unfortunately, not everyone’s as brave as you are.

  9. Why not consult and publish “The Chronicles of Columbia Pacific University?” You might learn some interesting facts about the dirty politics of education. CPU was rated higher in the 1980s by DR. John Bear than many accredited universities. State of California approval documents confirm that CPU’s approved status meant the equivalent of accreditation.The closing of CPU is part of the closing of the American mind.

  10. Was he really married *eight* times??? Is there is link to a site verifying this? He’s supposed to be a relationship expert and teaches how to make relationships last.

  11. The statement that “doctorates outside the hard sciences really don’t mean much” is full of holes. Science cannot exist without art. Moreover, science lacks intrinsic moral values and therefore its use is a philosophical issue. Science itself doesn’t provide protection against its abuse. Also, bear in mind that the pivotal concepts of physics–space,time, matter and number–are not the things in themselves but abstract metaphors. It is philosophy that allows the scientist to differentiate between fact and theory. In the advancement of science, as Albert Einstein pointed out, imagination is more important than knowledge. Great scientist are poets. The gap between fact and theory can be bridged only by poetic insights. Physicist Shoichi Sukata, for example, predicted the existence of subnuclear particles beneath the hadrons by reading the philosophical essays of Hegel. Many technological inventions– among them photography,motion pictures and television–grew out from collaboration between artists and scientists. The pioneers of Artificial Intelligence are often inspired in their work by music, painting, novels and science fiction. The mathematical theory of infinity and the geometry of perspective evolved from Leonardo da Vinci as well as other artists’ work. I attended once a conference of mathematicians and artists where the majority of mathematicians defined themselves as artists. Besides, what makes cities such as Paris, London and New York really exciting is not how many scientists live there but the museums, the architecture, the quality of urban life, the intellectual atmosphere that would not account for much without artists, poets and musicians.

  12. If anyone’s interested, check the records at the LA County Clerk’s Office. Although he lives in Marin County now, he lived for a long time in Pacific Palisades.

  13. John Gray claims below that his degree is “legal,” whatever that means? Whether or not a legal party “decides with their power and opinion” that his degree is legal or not is not what the public is really concerned about. A better question to Mr Gray would be, 1. what EXACTLY were the requirements, accomplishments and testing that John went through to receive this degree. 2. How many days, months or years did it take from application of entry to receive this degree?

    The answers to those 2 questions would satisfy this forever lasting concern of the deceived felt public by a New York Times Best Selling author.

    John Gray received his degree in 1982 from Columbia Pacific University. The school closed their doors in 2001. Prior to that date, according to the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education:

    “CPU degrees awarded before June 25, 1997 are legally valid. Your degree, and any credential or license you received by virtue of the degree, should not be affected. CPU had legal approval to operate until June 25, 1997, and the degrees it issued before June 25, 1997 are legal.”

    This was taken from

    California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education
    400 R Street, Suite 5000
    Sacramento, CA 95814-6200

    At the time John Gray graduated and received his degree, CPU was a highly respected school in its field.

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