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Benzino and the Source's plot against Eminem

Some people are ready to do anything to get some publicity. They would walk on the dead if they had to.

Benzino belongs to those kind of people. He doesn’t mind spitting on somebody who was once called a « creme-de-la-creme MC » by his magazine « The Source » in 1998 , when Eminem was an unsigned hype. The fact that Eminem is Caucasian didn’t seem to bother anybody among the Source owners at this time.

In 2002, Benzino decides to attack Eminem in order to advance his career as a rapper. Benzino is not even gifted for rap, but he put his ambitions so high that he decided to battle the best battle M.C. Benzino is so ambitious and so full of himself that he is not even afraid to look ridiculous in front of the whole world. Have you ever watched his video « Rock The Party » ? I have, and it was one of the most annoying moments in my entire life. Is that what he wants to oppose to Eminem ? A boring video and annoying songs with whack lyrics ?
For a second, while listening to Ray Benzino, I even granted Ja Rule some talent…because Benzino is really talentless !

Benzino, né Ray Scott, constantly targetted Eminem for his skin color, calling his friends and D12 members « House Niggas », calling his rap « The Rap Hitler ». Benzino went so far talking about killing Marshall and raping and murdering Hailie (who got her revenge in the « Doe Ray Me » song , though.) Ray Scott’s arguments against Eminem are, most of the time , personal. He dares calling Eminem’s rap « The Rap Hitler », him being « The Rap Malcolm ». If we analyze Benzino’s statements deeper, they are very close to facism. Attacking somebody for his skin color can be viewed as racism, no matter what color you are. Being Black doesn’t allow you to make racist statements, simply because there is no truth in racism.
Benzino’s reference to Malcolm X is well choosen, though. Even if Malcolm X fought against the injustice black people were facing in the USA, he is also known for his racial judgements against white people.
I could understand his hatred of Eminem if he didn’t attack his daughter. His personal attack against the talented M.C is a strategical mistake that makes him look childish in front of the public.
But Benzino can try to raise his voice as loud as he wants, he’s been killed lyrically in the song « Nail In the Coffin ». The best line is certainly the last one :

« Oh, and for those that don’t know, don’t get it twisted yo,
The Source has a white owner’’

What ? The Source has a white owner ? Yeah, and his name is Dave Mays. A sentence that should have shut Benzino down.

What appears to be the most pathetic in this story is « The Source »’s position. « The Source » stated that “the views of Benzino the artist do not necessarily reflect the views of Source Magazine.” Depite their statement, the Source totally supported Benzino in his beliefs and points of view. They totally agreed on the fact “Eminem was bad for hip hop culture. ”
By acting in such an unprofessionnal way, the magazine lost its credibility.

Now they are trying to stunt publicity on a ten years old tape where Eminem was freestyling racist remarks about black women out of rage, because he just had broken up with his black girlfriend. We all know that Eminem expresses his feelings of the moment so often , like he did it in « The Way I Am » when he felt exceeded.
We should also take into account that black rappers have also said demeaning sentences against black women or women in general. I could give a great amount of examples, but I’m going to quote Ice cube in « a Bitch is a Bitch » from NWA’s album « Straight Outta Compton » :

« Yo, you can tell a girl that’s out for the money
(How?) She look good and the bitch walk funny
She ain’t no dummy, she’s rather kunivin’
Yo bitch, fuck when I’m drivin’ (yup)
See a young nigga that’s strivin’
You’re thru’ without a BMW
That’s why a bitch is a bitch
I guess, or even P.M.S.
Here, test the girl that’s kinda snobby (alright)
And I bet you,
Dissin’ niggaz is her hobby
And after she finished the test
Grade her ?? a B I-T-C-H
And watch her get mad
Cause she know it’s true (she know it)
But a nigga like me, I say: “Fuck you”
Do like Ice Cube, slam her ass in a diss (word)
Cause a bitch is a bitch »

Who will believe that a man who hung out with Blacks his whole life, who lived on the black side of Detroit and whose label Shady Records is composed by a black majority, is a racist ? It is laughable. Dr Dre, Eminem’s producer, is a black man, also.
Russell Simmons who organized the hip hop Summit in detroit on June the 4th 2003 (Eminem took part to this event), took Eminem’s defence :

“These lyrics are disgusting, but the oneness of hip-hop culture has transformed many young people in trailer parks around the country away from their parents’ old mindset of white supremacy.
We believe Eminem’s apology is sincere and forthright. He continues not only to be an icon of hip-hop, but also has evolved into a good soldier who gives back money, time and energy to the community, encouraging this generation of youth to reach their highest aspirations.
“We, therefore, must be careful as to how the race card is played to divide people rather than to encourage unity in the struggle for freedom, justice and equality for all.”

Rather than the « culture stealer » Benzino wants Eminem to be, Eminem has been an enrichment for the hip hop community. He has united the poor black and white underclasses. The talented (white) M.C has opened hip hop to a larger audience, which is a good thing.
Benzino has proven to be an old fashioned closed minded person with racist beliefs. Mr Scott and his so called « bible of hip hop » have lost their credibility in the world of hip hop.

Step by step, Benzino is digging his own grave…

To quote Benjamin Chavis, Russell Simmons partner :
« Hip-hop culture transcends race. »

10 thoughts on “Benzino and the Source's plot against Eminem”

  1. Anybody that thinks Eminem is the best rapper than Benzino: They need to do the maths:Benzino’s action=2pac+ Biggie-racist= Victory for Black people.

  2. thank you for setting the record straight. i think that both the author as well as RUSSELL brought up valid points. i don’t think that it is fair to judge someone for something they did 5, 10, 20 years ago. most black people love MALCOLM X and it is a well known fact that he was pretty much racist against WHITES for a long time, but that’s not what he is remembered for. this is a ploy to further a beef, when in all realness there is no beef cuase Em has already ate this nigga up more than once. and how come no one is outraged about BENZI rapping about RAPING AND KILLING EM’s LITTLE GIRL. that’s not somewthing that anyone should say to their worst enemy, PERIOD! i don’t give a fuck if it’s in song or not. how come no one’s putting BENZI in the same category as R. KELLY. niggaz will kill you now-a-days for speaking the wrong words about their kids. check the record EM has never said ANYTHING wishing harm against BENZI’s children and BENZI should have respected that, and the truth is BENZI did exploit his son! it’s not BENZI’s place to play hip hop social worker! it’s not fair that these black MC’s can call us BITCHES, WHORES, and SLUTS, then as soon as a tape comes up with a white cat saying the same thhing it’s “I LOVE YOU MY STRONG BLACK SISTER AND WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS DISRESPECT OF OUR NUBIAN PRINCESSES?” get the fuck outta here with that shit. ya’ll niggaz can’t be walking this fine line and jump back and forth when the time comes. i don’t think that he is a racist, PERIOD POINT BLANK. we all say racist shit everday and we all have said things in our past that we wish we could take back. THIS IS CALLED GROWTH PEOPLE!!!!!!!


  3. Look, we all know that EM is ten times better than Benzino. EM can flow, Benzino cant. Benzino is not a rapper, and he knows that. We all know that he’s making this a big deal just to become famous. So i say, why not let him?..If hes got the balls to go one on one with possibly the greatest rapper of all time, then let him. Honestly, i like both rappers…I give Benzino more credit than alot of people give him. His beats are tight but he just cant flow…Anyway, i give him credit for going against EM. What other rapper has? Plus, someones gotta make a fool out of themselves to keep this battle interesting…and by the way…Em’s latest song “Bully” is awful. Pull Your Skirt Up is 10 times harder than that song.


  5. Fuck benzino, lame ass mark, he aint even a rapper, just taking shit to em cuz he jelouse he missed his volch. then he tried to put his son on screen to eat off him. laaame. aint nobody even now benzio, talking “I’ll Leave yer partner laying on the floor”, mother fucka u be sitten trying to thik of bullshit to write about em. Thats all he is, talk. and what, 2 albums? come halla at em when he get 3 more. “oh, by the way,dont get it twisted, the Sorcse has a white owner”

  6. FUCK BENZINO he’s a bitch seriously eminem will waste you buddy just shut your fucking mouth and stop making yourself look like a fool EMINEM is gonna rip you apart

  7. Too much hate against poor Em. People say the same sh!t to each other everyday, whether private or in music. That is the beauty of the constitution, no discrimination , period! Just because Em is white , therefore he can’t sing rap? That is more racist than what Em did in the past. And I totally agree with this statement “then as soon as a tape comes up with a white cat saying the same thhing it’s “I LOVE YOU MY STRONG BLACK SISTER AND WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS DISRESPECT OF OUR NUBIAN PRINCESSES?” get the fuck outta here with that shit. ya’ll niggaz can’t be walking this fine line and jump back and forth when the time comes.”….it’s called being a hypocritic. One can’t just pick and choose what will only benefit themselves, that is what racism is Power Prejutice. Either be one or the other, can’t be both, it’s too contracdictive.

    I also want to add that NOW are contradictive b!tches that need a good D!ck! They need to lay off the sh!t against rappers. Rappers are like all song writers, they write and sing what is happening around them and to themselves. What NOW is doing, protesting against guys like Em, which only shows how these b!tches take everything a bit too personal and they need a life,,…. fast! I know when rappers talk about b!tches they are not refering to all women, only those who are mean abusers towards men….like the women in NOW who promote sexist ideaologies against men and want to enslave men, while they be free women.

  8. Benzinos a big fuckin bitch. i would drop his faggot ass and im a white boy from the suburbs. fuck his half ass gangster bitch ass. enough said

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