Russell Simmons supports Eminem

Influential hip-hop figurehead Russell Simmons has come out in support of Eminem against allegations of racism.

In a statement released yesterday (November 20) Simmons said he believed Eminem’s apology to be “sincere.”

The owners of The Source magazine, Ray Benzino and Dave Mays, held a press conference this week during which they played early recordings of Eminem delivering racist rhymes.

The hip-hop star was quick to react asking the public to, “take it for the foolishness that it was.”

“These lyrics are disgusting, but the oneness of hip-hop culture has transformed many young people in trailer parks around the country away from their parents’ old mindset of white supremacy,” Simmons said.

“We believe Eminem’s apology is sincere and forthright. He continues not only to be an icon of hip-hop, but also has evolved into a good soldier who gives back money, time and energy to the community, encouraging this generation of youth to reach their highest aspirations.”

Simmons’ partner in the charitable Hip Hop Summit Action Network, Benjamin Chavis, said: “Hip-hop culture transcends race.”

“We, therefore, must be careful as to how the race card is played to divide people rather than to encourage unity in the struggle for freedom, justice and equality for all.”

Nonetheless, The Source is refusing to back down, Editor Kim Osorio told New York Newsday: “These are racist remarks by someone who has the ability to influence millions of minds.”






5 responses to “Russell Simmons supports Eminem”

  1. C.J Bone avatar
    C.J Bone

    Russell Simmons is a great and excellent guy to do what he does best support his close friend Eminem 100%.

  2. Gary Ray Goebel avatar
    Gary Ray Goebel

    I think that Eminem used to be a racist, but that he has now changed his bad views of black people. For example, he no longer says the “n” word in any of his solo music. However, his group D-12 does because they are black, and they can get away with it without being ridiculed for it.

  3. Gary Ray Goebel avatar
    Gary Ray Goebel

    If you wish to e-mail me about my comment posted above or about any other Eminem topic, please feel free to do so. My e-mail address is

  4. Gary Ray Goebel avatar
    Gary Ray Goebel

    I live in Bad Axe, Michigan abd have been falsely accused of a crime here. The following is a message for the Michigan State Police as well as Melodie and Brian Kociba of Bad Axe: You are all liars and false accusers. You made up this case to the MI State Police probably just so you could try to sue my family and I and get money out of us. You know just as well as all of my mom’s other day-care parents that no crime was ever committed in the Goebel house or in the day care in the basement of our home. If you drop this matter right now, you will save yourselves the embarassment of losing your case in court. No one could ever prove that I’m guilty because I’m not.


    Gary Ray Goebel

  5. Steve avatar

    Russell S. has made millions off of rappers singing about ho’s, bitches and other assorted words used to describe black people. He is full of hypocrisy. Wants to start a watchdog group…..pluuuuzzzzeee.