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Nathan Mathers –
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Nathan Mathers

Nathan Mathers is Debbie’s second son with Fred Samra Jr and Eminem’s half brother. Both brothers have a good and close relationship. Along with Hailie, Nathan belongs to the persons that really matter in Marshall’s life.

Nathan Kane Samra was born on February the 3rd 1986 in Detroit.
Since Nate was a baby, Marshall used to take care of him. Eminem states that he pretty much raised his little brother from the beginning. He even changed his brother’s diapers.

Nate’s life in Detroit has been similar to Marshall’s. He has also been bullied at Roseville Elementary school. Debbie Mathers tried to sue his school for that, but Roseville school returned those facts against her and Nate was placed in a foster family for about one year. Debbie was accused of beating her son. Eminem’s mom probably also abused her second son emotionally. It is well known that she used to isolate him from other kids.
Nate describes her as a crazy person.
While his brother was living with his mom, Marshall always had to be careful when he gave Nathan a call : When I call him, I bite my tongue. I believe she’s listening on the other extension. I’m sure he’s afraid of my mother and I’m sure he’s doing the same things to him that she did to me. ‘

Eminem has always shown love and concern for his brother. There is a reference to Nate in ‘ Cleaning Out My Closet ‘ from the Eminem show :
” and Nathan’s growing up so quick, he’s gonna
know that your phoney’ ‘. This line appears to be a real warning for Debbie.

Nate takes part to many events in Marshall’s personal and public life. He has shared his dramas and successes. He supported his brother in the most dramatic event since the beginning of his career : his Court case.
He was also present at the Mathers’ home when Kim attempted suicide.
You can see Nate in several of Eminem’s videos: “The Way I Am “, ” Without Me ” , ” Sing for the Moment “.

About Nate, Marshall says : ‘ Yo, my brother is mad cool . He’s the most popular kid in the school. He’s got like 10 girlfriends. He even died his hair blonde and got his ears pierced. He looks just like me ! He came to my concert and the girls were all over him. They didn’t even want to get with me. He was sitting on his girl’s lap and I was like ‘ You go, you little pimp. He is cool and we call him Little Nate Dogg. ‘
At the 2001 Detroit Music Awards, Marshall asked his little bother to take his awards and even to deliver the ‘ thank you ‘ speech. At the VMA Awards 2003, Marshall thanked his little brother.
Nate also spends time touring with his brother, which is something he enjoys very much.

Nate who follows his brother’s career with very much interest, is also an aspiring rapper.

This is a little freestyle by Nate from Eminem’s mom interview on the BBC. Nate was rapping with Debbie in their car :

‘ You laughin’ while your bobbin’ in your seat,
You turn around, I’ll bust you in your teeth
You’ll be laughin’ at me,
While the girls will be playing with my meat,
Stop while your ahead,
Take a tylonal and go to bed. ‘

About his musical talent, Debbie Mathers said :
‘ I think when Nathan gets out there, he will do far better than Marshall ‘

But what really matters to Nathan in the end is Eminem’s opinion about his talent as a future rapper :
“I’m more concerned what Eminem’s going to think about me more than anybody else.”

Nate is still trying to find a record deal. It wouldn’t be surprising if he collaborated with his brother someday.
Nate currently lives with his brother Marshall since his 16 th birthday. Marshall bought sportscars to Nate for his 16th and 17th birthday.
In an interview given to ‘ The Face ‘, Eminem’s little brother was asked how it was like to live with his famous brother.
He replied : ‘ better than living with my mom ‘.
In another interview given to the webmaster of his official website , Nate also explained that his mom wasn’t a good mom and how much crazy she could act in real life. No doubt he is telling the truth.

983 thoughts on “Nathan Mathers”

  1. I never stated that Nate was beaten by his mom. He used to be beaten up at school.
    Nathan was placed in a foster home, because Roseville elementary tried to take advantage of the situation…
    But Debbie is a crazy mom, though…this is a proven fact.

  2. Aight! Go Nate! but i don’t agree what Debbie said I don’t think Nate will be better than Marshall. I think they’ll be evenly dope shit.

  3. if ther is one thing i hate is people kissing ass – Id hate to be living in someones shadow like Nate is, and being a sponge of my own brother would put me too shame

  4. Aston, I’d rather say you’re jealous and you’d die to live in Eminem’s shadow. I am sure you’d like to be talked about rather than being nobody.

  5. You go, you little pimp. Marshal did your mom. I am jealous and like to be talked about. Fuuckk, Aight! I’ve seen some blurry shit. a sponge of my own brother would put me too shame.

  6. You’re jealous of Nathan, it’s soooo obvious.
    If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t waste your time talking about him.
    By the way, he’s better than you. People talk about him, but you’re still in the shadow! HeHe…

  7. eminem rulz,nathans reallly lucky hes ems bro i wouldnt be ashame its reallly sumfin 2 be proud of.althou he cant make it 2 be betta dan marshalll no1 can not even 50cent .go em….


  8. god damit u lil motherfukers outta dere dat got sumfin against em if use got nefin nice 2 sai dunt sai nefin….


  9. hey nate…..

    if u got any news on ya bro or if hes makin singles email me

    thax peace-up

  10. You said that Nate went to Roseville Elementary school. I have gone to Roseville schools and I still do. Do you know what Roseville school he went to?

  11. yo homeyz dis iz nates gal ere i want y’all 2 stop dissing ma man an iz bro no ov youz lot no da real mathers so stop fukin dissin em aiight! by da way all u bitches handz off!!!!!

  12. yo b 4 i get off i wana make sumat clear my nate iz NOT in emz shadow jus coz nate iz not in da music industry yet dont mean e aint tryin aiight
    n by da way galz nate iz a really gud kisser!!!!!!

  13. I’ve recently heard a rumar that Nathan was looking into christianity. Shed some light on this if you can.

    -keeping it real from just another fan


  14. Nate’s a lil ight. Eminem’s da real deal. Don’t hate on ma fiance. (soon 2 be) Luved dat ni99a since i was 6 son. Peace son.

  15. Hey Nate,Hey EM I love you both so much you guys are soo fucken hot!!! keep in touch em i am you #1 fan I love you more than life!! write me po box 812 shelton wa 98584 hope u had a marry x-mas and haily had a happy b-day god bless love leisa pfeiffer

  16. hey u guys rock EMINEM I LOVE U!!! please write me i would die a happy girl! po box 812 shelton wa 98584 write to leisa Pfeiffer

  17. I LOVE EMINEM MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!!!! I got all your pics.shady limited clothes, cds, calenders, U name it I am the # 1 fan love always leisa Pfeiffer the eminem #1 fan forever! i love u

  18. That is sad if his mom beat him. He is really cool and nice. Well I love Eminem he is tight.

  19. Ya well it would be kinda cool if nate follows in his big bro’s footsteps hopefully he will make it BIG someday…well what i don’t get is is why he’s lookin for a record deal why dosen’t he just get signed to Shady Records?


  20. Something I wanna put clear right now: I have deleted the preceding post, because it came from a real stupid person who actually thinks she has the right to say anything to me, like you” wanna have sex with Nate and shit like this, you’re a pervert etc”. I have deleted your post, you ‘re a real moron, you know. I am a freelance music journalist who has written an article about Nate, because he’s the brother of my favorite rapper.You really should get a life instead of posting your shitty comments, ok?You are the one who calls yourself Natedawg’s girl and who says she’s gonna “marry” Nate or Em someday LMAO.
    to your info I’m 38,not 55 and good looking, but this was just to make you stupid fuck jealous LOL.Don’t come back here, or I will systematically delete your comments and block your IP. Hope you got the message. To your info, I do respect Nate and I have no views on him.
    So why don’t you do us a favor: respect yourself, respect Nathan and his brother.

  21. yo ashleymr88 wat u sayin? dat ma nates so cute well e iz aint e? n iz all mine!!! n by da way nate aint lookin in to christianity ez happy da way e iz n i love im jus da way e iz

  22. i think that many people here are making judgements and using this site to talk about how they love nathan and marshall when in fact they are great artists and those little girlz who dream or say that one day they will have them are wrong and they need to get over that fact a true fan respected the man boy whatever before they were an artist not after they became famous and thats why many people are truly not their biggest fan.

  23. eminem is the shit is his lyrics are dope, and from nates freestyle …. “You laughin’ while your bobbin’ in your seat,
    You turn around, I’ll bust you in your teeth
    You’ll be laughin’ at me,
    While the girls will be playing with my meat,
    Stop while your ahead,
    Take a tylonal and go to bed. »”

    …….hes not goin anywhere with shit like that

  24. I think that Nathan’s hot! but eminem’s still the best, and he’ll allways be.. aiight.. and yeah, by the way, where can I find some nice pics on Nathan??

  25. Hey yall, i heard Nate is doin a track with Nick Cannon on his upcoming LP, I heard A SNIPPET and the track is hot! Theres also gonna be a Cash Money Remix with Baby the No.1 Stunna, dont ask me how he got dem connections but DAMN the boy can spit. I love u nate, I’ll buy yo album

    BRATTTTT!!! Motherfuckin bullshit, yall pls die quick! Nate’s gal, ahahah, wigger hoe!

  26. hi, soz about debbie and how she hurt you guys and all that but i would be kinda happy now that your out of her keeps ya now so go on will your lifes and forget about her and what she has all done to you! love,
    chickien grease,

  27. y hello ppl
    i would jus lyk 2 say dat i am a fan ov eminem and 1 ov my best mates is in luv wit nate
    we always joke bout if eminem and nate came 2 n.z(new zealand if u dunno)and we always say dat we would travel n.ewhere 2 c dem and reacon they shall keep goin at it and yea
    and if u wants ta talk 2 me my hotmails
    i gots ta go

  28. All i have to say is, anyone that dont know nathan or marshall needs to keep there mouth closed, he doesnt sponge off his brother i am over there with marshall and nathan all the time, he looks up to his brother because he has no one else, and yes his mom is crazy i used to stay with nathan there and all i have to say is WHOAAAAA they had to live a messed up life. but anyways nathan has talent and some stuff will be coming out that we are gonna do so watch ou for it!! GGGGGGG- G unit

  29. ok ok ur hott and i think that you are goin to be the next eminem just hope u dont have as fucked up marreg as he did

  30. Y’all should let Nathan get his own fame, don’t be all oohing and going ga-ga over him because he’s Marshal’s brother, it’s not fair to either of them.

  31. I think nathon is better off with his brother nathon is old enough to make his own dicisions.
    Happy Birth Day nate feb 3 if im not mistaking.
    and I think nate should try doing a record to see how it is. He sees what em goes through and everybody handle things differently. I know em has good lyrics GOOD LUCK TO THEM BOTH. p.s. I dont consider myself your #1 fan I wouldn’t die to see you but I love your albulms check me out

  32. To me Eminme is the best rapper, the reson being is becaues he has got the best lyrics. I never get tied of his albums. i know that lot’s of people love Eminem and say he is so hot (sexy) but i have to say it’s so true he is such a babe, but don’t worry it’s not just about the looks that just make him famous it’s how he raps and his lyrics that have been port together that makes him for who he is.
    i’v keept every article about Eminem,D12 I’m your biggest fan Mashell I hope that Eminem well come back to Australia in Melbourn.
    Love Me.

  33. I don`t even know where this school is coz i live in england. But i totally respect eminem and his brother to have a messed up mum like like is bad stuff so me and all em mate she sort ya self out debbie and sort ur messed up life up and don`t mess up marshalls and nathans life
    love sam xxxxxxxxxx

  34. sry you gies but you both r so ugly! im sry but you gies r! The nks for your ugly and stupid music bye

  35. To those of you (NAMELY DEBBIE MATHERS)who find it necesary to compare and condem these two men “STOP”. Both will be fabulous artists in thier own right. One will not be better than the other. This is not a compitition between the brothers so quit trying to make it one. Haven’t you caused enough animossity in your own life trying to control others. There can be no “better than” when it comes to family. How can you try to think for the fans anyways. Keep it up and you’ll blackball nate before he even gets his shot with the public. You may even find yourself as a victim in one of his songs. You are a mother first remember that, before both children alienate themselves from you. I have 7 children of my own and I am only 29 years old and I will be there strong for eachone no matter what they say about me, i’ll take pride in them even if they become like your boy marshall. It’s not about what they say about me privatly or publicly, it’s about me doing my best in good and bad times.
    Ponder this….. When all is said and done in your life what kind of mother would you like to be remembered as?

  36. One more thing before I go. I have a talented 5 year old we call reminem. He knows the lyrics and body movements to all eminems songs that he has heard so far. I would be proud for him to be the next eminem. Talent is talent.Whether you like the lyrics or not. As far as his mom saying nothing he says about her being true, I think shes the one telling untruths. Otherwise she wouldn’t take it qiute so personally.
    Anyone with a comment on these two paragraphs feel free to email me at

  37. I think the only two people in eminem’s life are his daughter Hailie and his brother Nate eminem doesn’t need anybody else in his life all he really cares for is hai hai and nate he don’t need nobody else right now.

  38. yo, nathan i love! i wanna meet you one day. i like you not your brother. well, i do like some of his music. if you get this e-mail me. PLEASE, pretty please!love u much!!!!!

  39. Oh and one more mutha fuckin thang… I aint jealous of you… I just hate it when people try to act all big and fuckin bad and lie about shit… it’s fucked up… so anyways catch yall mutha fuckers later…

    ” Im single now got no ring on this finger now i’ll never let another chick bring me down in a relationship!”
    Em can be my “Superman” any fuckin day!!!!!!!

  40. nates gal

    your so fucking fake
    oh ya im dating nate he’s my man
    thats like me saying im nate


  41. Go Lisa! I totally Agree wit you… She is fuckin fake… she’s a loser who cant get none in real life and just has to cling on to a pic of nate and try to act like he’s her man.. bull shit!… ANywayz…. Peace

  42. “Oh yeah, Nathans so cute ….” “Yeah, but Marshall´s hotter!” “I wanna fuck them both!” “I´m gonna be his girlfriend!” “I´ll marry Eminem!” “Oh … let me suck his dick!” “Nathan -I want a baby from u!” U fuckin wanna-be-fans are fuckin biches! Stop comparin them! Stop sayin sentences like I´ve written above! And listen to their lyrics! Then maybe you´ll understand how stupid some of u guys are!

    I love my fans, but no one ever puts a grasp on the fact, I’ve sacrificed everything I have

    Think about it! And stop that shit!

    @ Em and Nate: Fuck your fake fans! Keep it real!

    Peaz out Nathalie (from Austria)

  43. damn! nathan is sooo fucking hott. send me a message if u need lots of nathan mathers pics peace

  44. I seriously doubt Em or Nate ever gets on this stupid ass thing and post shit…. so um… yea.. “Nathan Mathers” I seriously doubt youa re the real Nate and so whatever… ANywayz… See ya Fuckin bye!

    p.s. I need Weed…. Anybody got any?
    p.s.s. Im a little pot head short and broke here is my joint watch me smoke when I get all fucked up I just go get my lighter and smoke smoke smoke… dont fuckin ask I made it up when I was stoned;)

  45. Oh and Nathalie ever think that we do listen to their lyrics and I for one actually do… but we speak the truth these two mfer’s (nate an Em) are the sexiest men on the fuckin earth kiss my ass if you dont like what ur sayin…. oh and by the way I’ve never actually heard any of Nate’s songs all I’ve ever heard was eminems so um… uh.. yea… cya bye again!

  46. hell yeah your right they r the most fuckin’ sexiest guyz on earth! i want nathan so bad… and i also heard nathan is gonna be rapper soon so dont worry u will hear some of his songs!

  47. who the fuk said he was livin in EMinem’s shadow? God damn chill the fuk out…. take ya a fuckin valium or better yet go smoke some weed! Hot Damn! DUde!!!

  48. Hi!
    Okay MandyfromKy – I don´t wanna fight with u!
    I also think they´re hot, but I think some “fans” forget about Eminems music!
    Hope u´re not one of those!
    Peaze out, Babe – Nathalie

    And Mandy u´re damn right! I also think the “post no more”-guy is a fuckin poser and should get the fuck out of here!

    Yo, I´ve the flow, but now I´ve got to go 🙂
    (Damn, I got it! ;-)) *gg*

    @Eminem: Pleaz come to Austria or Germany again for one or two concerts!
    You were so damn fine

    See ya soon!

  49. Hey i LOVE em’s music! and i always will i just wish that ppl would stop giving him shit. He’s dead sexy and so is nate. I would die just to meet either of them. I’d give anything to meet them and thats no shit. i gtg
    peace out!
    if anyone gets any pics of marshall or nate send them to me at

  50. hey what up, eminem and nathan are really cool. i think the stuff that eminem says in his songs are really funny.

  51. Hey all Marshall if you get this message email me you or Nate 1 of yous thanx..LOVE YALLS and you keep doing your thang


  52. Yo wassup homies??!!!! I think that I fucked Debbie Mathers one night when I was really drunk – It was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway – She was about as tight as a bucket of warm water!!! I also like to fuck eggs.

  53. u got that right amanda!! go to that site and its like heaven seeing nathan pics everywhere trust me :)i would even fuck him lol!!

  54. wtf is this site.. a bunch of faggots talking to some little 15 year old piece of shit? No it’s not that, cuz im sure nathon mathers wouldnt waste his fucking time in here. fucking idiots.




  58. Every one thinks their eminem and nathans number 1 fan well they are all wroung cuz
    I am!! forsure!! So all of you fake fans can go away cuz your so pathetic!!!

  59. yo i dunno what youz all talkinbg about but i love eminem! he is so hot hes da best eva. i have like how many posters of him in ma room and locka? my walls are covered with him.

  60. Yo, I´m back 😉
    Hm, I thought maybe some of u guys are interessted in some Eminem news: I only wanted to say that D12(with Eminem) were in germany yesterday and they attended a show called tv total and it’s very popular and all young people love it here in Germany and Austria. they also performed “My band” live and it was really cool:-)
    Bizarre stripped for the ladys and Em showed his ass 3 times and he also learned some German-words like “Fick mich”, which means “Fuck me” and “Fick dich”, which means “Fuck you” *lol* It was really funny. Anyway ………. Eminems ass rulez =)

    Peaz out, Nathalie


  61. And what I also wanted to say:
    @ Ems&n8ts#1fan: your so fucking fake
    “he he i no nathans MSN address he talks to me and his g/f danielle”
    thats like me saying I´ve fucked with Em yesterday!

  62. yo wats up? im from england and i aint gunna say im da biggest em fan but god i love him to bits and his bro is fit 2.any one wanna chat to me or send me some pics plz feel free 2 my email is see ya’s later

  63. yo wats up? im from england and i aint gunna say im da biggest em fan but god i love him to bits and his bro is fit 2.any one wanna chat to me or send me some pics plz feel free 2 my email is see ya’s later

  64. Omg….. Whoever that lil bitch said I was a fake fan of Em and Nathan you can kiss my ass! You punk ass butt fucking clit licker thingy… go fuck yourself or wait thats right thats your momma’s job… okay I have no clue what the fuk I just wrote but BYE BYE!

  65. Sorry, I mixed some names up! The message was for Mr A Massey not for Ems&n8ts#1fan !
    Fuckin Drugs! 😉
    Peaz out, Nathalie

  66. Hey i still ear u guys fightin ova him

    and natez girl az u call ur self
    y r u fuckin so meen.

    its funny the way all u bitchez fight ova him.

    and if u wanna pick a fight bring it on bitches.ive got a lot 2 say
    coz im desent and allwayz will b i might b a bitch but at least im proud ov bein

    i’ll keep laughin till u die lol.

  67. em n Nate r aceness, christ dis site jst proves how many obsessed lil slag’s we av in dis world lol

  68. heya peeps, christ dunt this site prove how many obsessed lil geeks we ave on dis planet lol, n e wayz keep at it nate ur aceness, n em jst rox!! l8az x

  69. hey guys
    no not u nathan’s ba b or what eva
    ur ok but the gurl that calls er self nates gurl
    seeeeemmmmmmmmssssssss pritty up her sef.

    so yah ny thin really happin exept bitch fitein.

    ok nates hot but i dont bitch fite ova
    (this is 4 any bitches out b sides me) critdal hopes u shrivel up n di

    Yes i do a greE! yes em u still roc luv ya nate.

  70. I didnt say I wuz talken to you so mind yo own buisness aight!MAN debbies a fucken b!tch and so is kim grrr and I hate how ppl know Nathan ONLY as Marshalls(EMINEM)brother.I mean he is lucky to know and talk to Marshall becuz I would kill to meet and become friends wit Marshall and Nathan but hes more den a famous rapers brother just like Marshalls more then just a famouse Rapper!!!!!!!!!I LUV MARSHALL AND NATHAN MATHERS ALWAYZ & FOREVR NOMATTER WUT


  71. Why you dout hed get on hurr an post is dey not aloud to talk to thurr fanz.I LUV NATHAN AND MARSHALL MATHERS MORE DEN LIFE ITSELF I WOULD DO ANYTHANG FOR ETHA OF DEM AND ILL ALWAYZ LOVE THEM NO MATTA WUT AND IT AINT JUST CUZ OF FAME,MONEY,LOOKZ,OR JUST FOR THURR MUSIC THURRZ ALOT MORE TO DEM AND (not that both of dem aint fine as hell and talented as fuck but yeah) Love

  72. hay what u up 2 haw is yah family? tell marshal thanx 4 his email tell him i emaild back
    so whats been hapenin? do u talk to youre mum at all? is it true about what he says in his records? i no its non of my bisnsse i hope u get to read this

    love kirsty tute xxx

  73. @kirsty tute: I don´t wanna destroy your illusion but I don´t think Nate would waste his time in here. But you can comunicate to other fans – that´s kind of cool.

    @Ashley: I just played the mickey out of critdal, who said “i feel so proud my mother is called debbie 2″ Fuckin punk! *lol*

    Here is an article, also from Gavin´s Block) about Debbie: (I thought maybe you´re interessted):

    The most hated woman in Detroit
    “You selfish bitch, I hope you fucking burn in hell for this shit ” (Eminem, “Cleaning Out My Closet”)
    Is Debbie Mathers one of the most hated women in Detroit? If you ask me, I’d say “pretty much”. A lot of people dislike Debbie because of the picture Marshall is portraying of her in his songs. She pretends that her son had to live up an image and that the content of his songs are just “artistic expression”. She pretends her son to be lying, but she doesn’t want to call him a “fake”…
    The facts tend to dement Debbie’s version. So many people, including her ex husbands and boyfriends have testified against her. Even Nathan, her second son described her as “nuts”. One thing is sure: Marshall’s childhood has been more than traumatic and has left deep wounds inside of him.
    We may ask: how was Debbie’s own childhood? Can her instable behaviour be explained? Maybe yes.
    Debbie Nelson is Bob Nelson and Betty Kresin’s first child. She was born in 1955. Apparently, Betty and Bob’s marriage just didn’t work out. Betty Kresin pretends that her ex husband was verbally abusive. She left him:
    “I hate to say it, but Debbie had a very hard life. I left Mr. Nelson, married on the rebound and had two more children.”
    About the way she raised Marshall, Betty says:
    « She done the best she could do. Sometimes we get in a pattern and her husband did her about like Bob Nelson done me.”
    The situation worsened when Betty married Ron Gilpin, who was physically violent and alcoholic. He used to beat his wife. He left his family in 1968:
    “I was real lucky to live. Can you imagine what that done to Debbie? She was about 12 years old.”
    Debbie used to grow up in an instable home and was surrounded by violence and this my partly explain why she made Marshall live a traumatic childhood. Debbie Mathers seems to have an irrational and instable character. It is also well known that she had a lot of men in her life. Betty remembers the boyfriend who devastated her apartment:
    ‘Debbie had a lot of men in and out of her life, including one memorable boyfriend called Charlie. He went home and destroyed their duplex – even cutting up their king-sized waterbed. She called me crying, asking me to help clean up the flood.’
    Kim confirms what we already know: Debbie used to constantly kick Marshall out of her house:
    “It was rough, to say the least. She kicked us out every other day, threw temper tantrums, threw (things) at us.”
    The situation with Debbie was so unbearable that Marshall had to move to friends’ home when he was 20.
    DJ Rec recalls: “”It was basically that his mom was screwed up and he didn’t want to be around it, Marshall didn’t do any drugs or drink. He was just dating Kim off and on and doing the music thing, that’s about it. He moved in with us because he didn’t have no where else to go.”
    Of course, Debbie Mathers gives us another version of the facts. She manages to present herself like a victim: a victim of her protective behaviour towards Marshall, a victim of Kim’s jealousy, a victim of the records labels wishes for Eminem’s lyrics etc… In fact, Debbie never questions herself about the mistakes she could have made in the past.
    You can read her statements here:
    She even manages to justify her 12 Million dollars lawsuit against her son. Then she claims to love him. The same sick song again and again.
    As Eminem points it out (Betty Kresin said nearly the same about her own daughter’s love for lawsuits):
    “My mother never worked, so her income was lawsuits. My mother was in K-Mart and my brother hit her with a toy, and she said a rack fell on her and sued K-Mart… »
    Men used to be another income resource for Debbie:
    « My mother would move them in, now able to laugh at the memory, and then she would kick them out and keep their stuff.” (Eminem)
    But the worst was Debbie’s sickness (Munchausen’s syndrome) :
    “My mother said I was a hyper kid and I wasn’t. She put me on Ritalin.”
    Nobody would take Debbie seriously when so many people testify against her. Her own son Nathan wouldn’t describe her as nuts if she had a normal behaviour.
    In fact, Marshall can be lucky to have overcome his horrible past. He can be proud to be where he is now, as he told it to Howard Stern:
    “I look back on where I came from and I’m kind of proud.”
    The only person who really sticks up for her is Todd Nelson who seems to have the same financial interest than her sister. Todd Nelson’s attitude is a shame.
    He is trying to make money out of any little document from Marshall and he spreads as many rumours in different magazines. Money is his only motivation. In my opinion, this man is a pitiful loser. He even dared stating in his tape “The Man Behind the Mask” that he taught Marshall how to rap. Can you picture Todd Nelson standing in front of the camera with a guitar and pointing out ridiculous statements such as those? Who is going to believe him?
    Uncle Todd also wants his nephew to look like a liar in front of the world.
    He totally denies that Debbie abused her son and is trying to explain Marshall’s anger through the absence of his dad:
    “Marshall was always very resentful over not having a father figure in his life. Growing up, he felt like he missed out on a lot.
    “But all this stuff about him being abused as a child is so far from the truth, it’s just laughable.
    “Debbie did everything she could for him when he was growing up. She bought him his first car – a Lincoln Continental – and ran around after him so he didn’t have to take responsibility for anything. She’s done the same thing with her youngest, Nathan, and he’s growing up to be an equally spoiled brat.”
    Nelson is very eager to make money out of Marshall’s name. He has even built his own website using the rappers name. Of course, (you guessed it) you got to pay to access to the family pictures and other former documents.
    Todd pretends that the way Marshall portrays his mom in 8 Mile is a total lie. He says that Debbie received a consequent amont of money from Universal Pictures to keep silent for three years:
    “Debbie told me Universal Pictures were going to pay her £50,000 over three years in return for her silence.
    “They didn’t want her doing any interviews or making any comment on the film because they wanted cinemagoers to believe it was Eminem’s life story they were seeing up there on the screen.
    “But Debbie knew the truth. It’s not something she did for the money, despite what people might think.
    “She did it for Marshall because that’s what he wanted and she’s desperate to be reconciled with him.”
    Who would believe Todd’s story? Marshall is rich enough, he doesn’t need to fake the truth.
    According to the latest news on Debbie, she is gravely ill. She is battling with breast cancer and she would love to reconcile with her son.
    Of course, she has been through a lot since Marshall is famous as her brother points it out:
    “Debbie can’t go out anywhere in Detroit without being recognised. And normally it ends up with her being abused or attacked.
    “She’s had everything from eggs thrown at her to cigarette butts flicked at her. She got so fed up with people cursing or staring at her that she’ll only do her shopping in the middle of the night.
    “It’s a terrible way to live and nobody deserves what she’s been through.”
    There is no excuse for Eminem fans acting like this. I could never picture myself insulting Debbie in real life. After all, she remains Marshall’s mom. And even for giving birth to the most talented rapper, she deserves respect.
    Knowing his mom is facing terminal cancer and that she feels lost and hopeless, maybe it would be high time for mom and son to forget about the past and to reconcile for each of them to live peacefully.

    Thats also kind of my opinion – not that I like Debbie, but I really wouldn´t tread her like that fans!

  74. Um… All yall lil b***hs (except nathalie:)) needs to shut the f**k up and get over it… You’ll NEVER meet Em and you’ll never meet Nate So get the f**k over it… dream on… takin some sleepin pills or somethin Cuz I for one am sick and tired of hearin you lil punk a*s b****h’s pine over some rapper you’ll never get cuz god knows he wouldnt want ya! Okay Cya Bye!

  75. Okay to all u lil b (except nathalie) Im sick and tired of hearing yalls punk a— run ya mouth like ur somethin big and like ur actually gonna get em or nate.. dream on you’ll never meet them… and god knows they wouldn’t want you anywayz!

  76. shut the fuck up i actually meet nate before! so dont even come here if u think where all bitches!!

  77. oi
    nathalie u just said that 2 b a fuct up bitch lol
    what the fuc iz ur problam
    n dont u dare say shit u keep sayin shit i’ll
    la oll ur shit down get it nathalie lol
    shrivel up n di bitch.


  78. R U SO
    2 U.

  79. OI

    I LOVE JN,
    YES I DO,
    HE’S 4 ME N NOT 4 U,



  80. How I said before: FUCKIN PUNK! *lol*
    And i said Mandy she´s got a nice homepage, just because SHE HAS A NICE HOMEPAGE!
    Especially the dolls! They are so damn cute!
    U have to make a Eminem-doll! Please! 🙂
    Whats up with Robert? Are you together right now or have u broken up?
    Peaz out Nathalie

    @critdal: I will not waste my time on u anymore! U are just a tiny fuckin little punk! How old are u? 10 .. 11?

  81. oi 4 ur really good info (not)
    im 16
    do u have a fuckin problam wid dat if u dont b lieve u dont fuckin have 2 get it?

    u sound fuckin tiny wellll if u aint gonna waste time on me i wont waste time on u 2 screw. pluss u r an american and american gurlz r slutz sorry 2 say lol i live in astraila naha.

  82. For your Information: I live in Austria, but I don´t think a stupid person like u knows where Austria is. You are 16? …. well … you act like some 12 year old sissy!

    Little groupie bitch get of me – go fuck PUFFY

    So don´t approach me – I won´t approach u.
    And do´n´t insult me – I won´t insult u.



  85. You know Nathan for real! That´s kind of cool!
    You´re a very lucky person and so is ya sis´
    Peace out, Nathalie

  86. do any of yaz actually no nate? i’ve been speaking to someone who si metn to be him online, but im not sure if its a fake…

  87. nathans baby, is ur sis realid datin nate?
    ive bin speakin 2 sum1 onlien whos ment 2 b him but i think its sum fake…

  88. oh yeah! my step sister is really lucky though dating nathan mathers. i guess i am too 🙂

  89. Girl how do you know that the Nathan your sister is going out with at the net is the real nathan mathers for your Info he has a real Girlfriend i dont think he needs your sister but anyways may i know your sister’s name and your name so when i see him let me see when like um tommorow! since we i cant tell you now cus i have to go but yeah plz send me ur name k?

  90. Hey how do you know your talkin to the real nathan? since you say you talk to him on the Net Wow thats not really knowing him did you knew that anyways have you seen him on Webcam to make sure its really him? anyways your might be talkin to some nathan Wanna!!! be fo0l with no0o life. is your sister only going out with him because she thinks he’s nathan o0o thats fucked! but anyways would you be give me ur name and sister’s name so i can ask him and see if your sis is going out with him i i bet she is going out with some nate wanna be cus i dont think you lie but who knows he might be the real one! so if you give me your name and sister’s name so i can ask him and see if he knows you guys k? but anyways he has a girlfriend in real life so i dont know what he needs your sister for do you?

  91. hey pPl waz up…. u ppl r like love crazed ova Nate & Eminem!! c u ppl r havin problemz deciden wich 1 iz betta but u no wat? THERR BOTH DA BEST (& HOT) U TODZ!! i cant believe dat u ppl dint notice dat…. & if u ppl dint notice iz dat Nate put somethin up there if u read it. U can find it 4 urselves….
    only a real eminem & nate fan can c dat therr both da best (& hot) lookz like im:
    peace out ppl…

  92. how ould u no have u eva seen dem in person?? therr both HOTT!! EMINEM & NATE R both hott & da best ok!! y wanna no y? cuz #1 noz all..
    peace out!!..

  93. hi im nates best m8t so all u shut up u dont know him like i do ive known him since i was a kid and we`ve grown up 2gether u lot only like him cuz hes famous n rich but i like the real him who ive known all my life so just get over urselves u loosers

  94. Hey Nate, I love you baby. Keep it up. I’ll be your gurl for life. Maybe one day we will get married. Tell Marshall,Mom, and Hailie I said Hi. <3 your gurlfriend,
    I’ll call u 2night
    I love you

  95. Nate’s gal you are not even with Nathan. Nathan Kane Mathers is my man I live with him now hunny so You can stop trying to claim him aiight? He’s with me. So Stop Trying to get him to be with you cuz imma let you know right now that it aint gonna happen. So Deal With it and Get the Fuck off my mans dick.

  96. uuuuummmmm… hi again… 1st of all i dont like Nate cuz hez rich!! of famous!! same wi Emin3m…. i like dem da way dat none of u ppl would undastand…. (cuz im 1#)
    peace out ppl!!
    P.S. (& tracy jus cuz u claimd him doesnt mean dat hez urz.. jus sayn not 2 b mean jus sayn)…..

  97. hey tracy ur such a fucking liar hes mine and im still dating him! and hes all mine so stop trying to think he would ever go with u! cause im his baby so fuck off bitch and get a fucking life!

  98. me u didnt even grow up with him or dated him and hes been dating me for 2 months now so fuck off!

  99. tracy i bet ur using him cause hes rich and shit u dont really love him! and he will never marry u. ur just some ugly bitch that needs to get a fucking life!


  101. I swear to god Im dating him. Ive been dating him for almost 3 years now on and off. So there. We live together now and we love eachother very much. I dont know why this little bitch is lying about my boyfriend. Im telling you Nathan is my Boyfriend and We will always be together so she can stop her little childish dreams about her dating my man.

  102. Nathan’s basby got a point goin on…… c i like Nate but not 4 his $$money or famousness… or rich i jus like him… but i 100% agree wit Nathan’s baby on this
    peace out!! 🙂

  103. I dont like nate for his money. Me and Nathan have alot in common and I have loved him for 3 years okay? Yall are just jelous. It sounds to me that yall just want him because he is famous. Ive been friends wtih them for like 7 years aiight? so Back the Fuck Off my man.

  104. Im sorry We are very close and we love eachother very very much. We WILL end up getting married so now what? You jelous as fuck and you need to stop living that SAD life that you are.

  105. yano wat?! i think all of yaz are chattin bull! i dont think any of yaz are datin nathan u all seem like obssesed little fans, all of you get a life!

    btw this artical is great, i like all of your articals (well the ones ive read) keep them up x

  106. hey i aint datin him…. & i no dat ill neva date him…. 🙁 but datz ok.. i jus have a crush on him!!! my wordz:
    i dont like him 4 his money$$ or cuz hez famous… ok ppl!!
    peace out…

  107. Love you all Nathan and Marshall! Love you too little Hailie just found this site guys, great! Marshal will see this…Ill try and get im to post yall up to that? M is my friend, and knowin him he’ll probably say blow that fucking shit girl!

  108. nathans baby what you talking about?! your just obessed has tracy is! and you were just saying your his gyal and now your saying hes got a gyal called stephanie?

    i dunno why you all care if he has a gyal or not, just respect him yeah?

    and babe im glad u agree wid me.

    oh and issabele do you have any bugz from d12 facts please?

  109. the guy that said he was nathan was a poser but then i talked to a girl that actually knows him and she said hes dating a gril named stephine

  110. and me before u said that u grew up with him since u were kids that is a big lie ur a fucking lier big time!

  111. Okay so why you lieing then you think your going out with him bitch I AM him and Steph broke up I know who your talking about so WHAT NOW HOE?

  112. ok im sorry from before when i said i was dating him i found out that iv been really dating a poser and im sorry. but i mean u guys arnt gonna get married thats something i really disagree on! but i do believe ur dating him and ur very lucky tracy

  113. nathans baby, why the fcukk would i say i know nathan and grew uo with him? i aint that sad UNLINE SOME PEOPLE *cough* some of yous really need to grow up ur so imature. im not gunan reply to this anymore. all i wanna say is isabelle keep up these great articals… 🙂

  114. and one last thing if he is dating this gyal stephanie then good look to to them! peace -x-

  115. how can some1 b ssso0o0o0o0o00 obsessd ova some1?? not jus like obsessd obsessd like rly rly rly rly rly obsessd?? ooo im none ur biz’z cuz by da way… so ppl waz up??

  116. wow i missd alot dese past few dayz…. om ssso0o0o0 tired…… oo da otha day i read somethin in da mag bout him ( it waz muh cuz’z mag) & it sed dat Nate had like 10 gurl friendz!! i doubt it but u neva no…..
    peace out !!!

  117. hey did any1 read da thig @ da top of da page? da thing dat sayz:
    Benzino and the Source’s plot against Eminem

    plese read it!! itz @ da top of da page!! i dont think itz goo eitha… 🙁
    peace out

  118. Thank You I knew I was right. Nathan says Thank You for all the support though and He says he hopes that he meets all of you aometime in his life also. He wants yall to know that even though he has a gf he still loves all his fans. Aiight? Peace 1

  119. hey i am nates girl im not lieing but i wanna say u lot are real cool well nate saids hi im ere wiv lil hailie rite now awww shes gorgeous lol bye x

  120. man u lot r mental you all think ur nates gal man im confused nathans only girl u are 1 big fat lier well u all iz hey nate keep wiv da real fans u 2 eminem xx

  121. y iz every1 sayn dat they r wit nate?? cuz u shouldnt b lien….!! cuz i no dat alot of ppl say dat they r wit Nate but they aint… !!
    so stop da friggn lien!
    peace out..

  122. Stop this bunch of bullshit right now, little girls. Your statements are a bunch of lies. Nathan is currently with a girl named Athena Salvagno. She is his girlfriend and both love each other.
    So stop spreading your lies, you are pathetic.I’m fed up with your shit.

  123. obsesssd ppl……….. OBSESSION!!! wow i neva rly realized how obsessd u ppl r wit Nate….. WOW im not obsessd wit him i “like” him….

  124. All you silly girls whining over who loves Nathan. Nathan is not rich, Marshall is, Nathan is not famous, Marshall is….. Nathan is only Marshall’s little punk brother…… Not rich, not famous. rock on…..

  125. M, You do need a mother’s help. You just screwed up the 2 nd best thing that came into your live. Sorry, I thought you were better than that. Hold tight to the 1st best thing that came into your small life. Her mama

  126. Yo, Nathan will never be Eminem. He won’t EVER even get close to that level. Lyrically, If ya listen to Eminem before he blew up, you all gonna realize truly how much talent Eminem has. His new shit of course is hot too, but everybody either forgot or never heard eminem’s freestyles before he blew up. Before anybody knew him. His strugglin days. Nathan could never spit that kind of fire and he’s only as close to Eminem as his blood. Only reason people would ever buy his album is cuz he’s eminem’s brother. Just like why half the people actually buy the d12 albums.

  127. Shut the fuck up, you stupid little Comic A.

    D12 is great. They`ve got talent and they have got skills. And there stuff is hot. U should listen to Bizzars Underground stuff. He has worked with a lot of dope artists and also Proof is hot.

    But i think you never really listened to their songs! So stop sayin shit like that.

    And don`t insult Nathan – he hasn`t shown his talent yet – so u can`t say if he`s good or not.
    Give him a chance!


  128. First Off I heard Bizarre’s and proof’s underground shit and it aint hot. It is just as mediocre as any other rap group and there aint no way d12 would be #1 on the charts without Eminem and nobody can deny that unless you a fuckin idiot. I’m just tryin to prove that the rap game has changed for the worst. There aint no more creativity or thought put into the albums you see today. Just look at 50 cent, (and Chingy’s garbage CD) name one thing he said that made you get out of your seat with his fuckin simple rhymes and metaphors. HE’S WACK!!!! Eminem is one of the few rappers left out there with creativity. And D12 just aint got it. Natalie, go fist yourself bitch!!!!

  129. Hey Nate
    it was the best thing for me and my friend to meet you in person ! that was the best day of my life!

  130. ok peacemama, i think ur a little jelouse of nate i think hesssss sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot hehe and i thin ur mad cuz u cant get a girl and he can get planty come to think of it ur names sorta like a girls and if u are a girl that means ur gay and if ur gay that means well i dont really no but i know ur jelouse and first of all nathan may not be rich but its all aboput the talent jackass so why dont u go fuck ur self or ur mom bcuz thats all u can get ……….looooooooooser hehehe what ya think about that for all u retardsb that dis agree ill fuck u up badd lol hehehe

  131. @Comic

    I think their shit is hot! And so is 50ies and Obie Trice`s stuff! But maybe we have just a different point of view!

    I think there lyrics are great. There is a message. For instance Fight music – this rap is hot AND there is a message behind it.

    Anyway. Peace. Talk to u later.

  132. Hey people,
    yeah… The people who said they are “dating” or “dated” Nathan then Prove it! Yeah ya can’t so stop with all the Bull. Ok, now changing the subject… Nathan is hot and so is eminem. I am a big fan of eminem… And I do think Nathan is gonna get as big as eminem. That would be so tight! Well, Peace out. Wanna chat Email me:
    Later people!

  133. Hey i cant wait for Nate to start gettin into the music bizz or acting of w/e hes gonna do im sure it will be offf the heeezyy fo sheeezyy lol


  134. nathan and eminem you are so,so,so,so,so cute.i like both of you. nathan if you get my message please e-mail me at cuz i wanna chat with you. OK BYE……………….. .

  135. Nathan Mathers is hot. It doesnt matter that his brother is “Eminem” he will make a name for himself. He dont need Em’s help, hes a good rapper. So therefore he will be successful. Yah all you people wish you had it as good as he does. Yah he has a heart breakin past. But now he lives with his brother and niece. So hes livin everyone who is a fan of “Eminem” dreams. He knows him. He lives with him and he’s family… Before I go, all i got to say is…. Good Luck Nathan in everything you do…. And like always…
    ~*~I LOVE YA!~*~
    Ashley Caitilin Serma (Mathers)


  137. all i want is an address were i can find some nate and eminem pictures that isnt

    before neone starts callin me sad pathetic and the rest o it i am not claming to no eithet of then to have fucked them o owt else i also am not claming to be their number one fan.

    id just like a picture please.

    does neone have a complaint now?

    thank you

    megan x x x x

  138. what is eminem’s email address if anyone tells me ill believe you if you say you have his email address

  139. wasnt nathan dating a girl named steph? cause i talked to steph and she says nathan and her are dating.

  140. Steph is a fake if she pretends being dating Nathan. His official girlfriend is Athena Salvagno.

    She’s on many pics with him. I am really fed up with ppl inventing imaginary girlfriends for Nate…

  141. BTW, Athena, thanks for joining my Nathan Mathers group on yahoo. I wish you all the best with Nate from the bottom of my heart:)

  142. How old are you? You seem to be very gullable. The “Nate” you’ve been talking to is probably a poser.This is bullshit.

  143. eminem and nathan r the best!!no 1 can take that from them and for all u f****n hates go suck ur mom…i hate u people that hate cause he’s a rapper…ya!!he does do black music and he’s stated that he’s proud of it…NATHAN IS SO HOTT…and he’s not in eminem’s shadow…

  144. Fuk there’s some crazy ppl out there…i tlk’d 2 nate on msn and he’s a pretty down 2 earth guy and he’s sent me some nice fotos too and he recons the foto of me’s HOT…it’s fuking funny tho how some yall chiks r fuking obsesed. And go EMMIE that’s some funny shit and most probly tru 😛 hehe

  145. i kno there’s alot of people that r obsessed wit nathan,but im not 1 of them…i jus like him…im obsessed wit eminem and its always gonna stay that way…email me if u like eminem…or nathan,either 1!!

  146. i showed him my photo and he thinks im hot as hell im not obessed i just like him also

  147. I think all of the girls in here who supposedly say that they are dating nate are kinda sad…cuz its not like nate would have a girlfriend who went into Nate chat things I mean if someone was actually his girlfriend why would they need to come into one of these???? Kinda funny how all they basically say is omg nate is a good kisser…well hello you could say that about anybody and it could sound i think all y’all should just stop posing unless you have proof of you like kissing him or something.

  148. hay
    i dont wat da fuc iz gowin on ear but nate iz not going out wid no girl no 1 at all
    if u guyz thingk he dateing u ur full of bull shit coz he dont wanna go out wid som1 dat wont stop talking about him.
    and 4 all u dat diss em or nate fuc off

  149. hey nate good luck with the rapping career i know you will make it big because you are highly talanted xxx

  150. hey Nate is my otha hottie yea eminem is my first!!! tho sry if i offended any1

  151. hi every body i dont know why every body is talkin so mutch crap when what you say is what u are .
    havent you ever herd of that saying if you didnt now you did. that yung rapper turned into a grown man and has changed .

    if you listioned to his songs he rote you would hear what he is saying about his life and how he realy feels.

    Get the EMINEM SHOW CD if you dont already hav it and listion to #14 it is great song and he says what he feels in this song and you should listion to it

  152. hay
    if ur em
    em wodnt say shit 2 fans like that he
    luvz dem i mean yeah they talk crap about nate n u going out wid there friends or dem selfz i know itz bullshit.


  154. You cannot prove anything either…
    I do believe that many of you did lie about being in touch with Nathan, particularly little underage girls who fantasize about him…
    Stop the lies, it is useless anyway…

  155. The goal of my article was to inform people and to give true facts about Nathan Mathers, not to spread your sexual fantasies about Eminem’s brother -who by the way- is engaged with Athena Salvagno from Michigan. I wish you little girls could grow up a little bit.

  156. if nathan is really engaged y is he claimimg to be single? It’s either not true or he’s ashamed . . . just my comment.

  157. First, as long as you’re not married, you can claim to be single.
    Second, if Nathan was ashamed why would he be on so many pics with Athena. You doubt it. Come to my Nathan Mathers group to see the pics:

    If you still don’t believe it, well , it’s your problem.

    Anyway, this is Nathan’s privacy.It doesn’t matter if he is engaged or not.

  158. i dont think is no i know hes not engaged with athena from michigan. Isabelle Esling thinks so! shes lying

  159. hey wasup with you all for god sake if nathan is engaged then fair play to him i dont know why you lot are saying hes not when you dont know for sure man itz nates life i still love nathan the same wheather hes engaged or not nate and eminem are both wanderful people who deserve to be happy so stop saying hes not engaged when u aint got a clue -x-

  160. wuzup nate is in ma cru we hang out 2gever n i wan u lot 2 stop talkin sh## bout im iight u go on n say sh## lyke oh nate is ma baby ect it drives im mad n iz lyfe as nuttin 2 do wit u`s iight n b 4 ane of uvs start sayin oh u dont no nate n ur makin it all up bout u n him hangin out 2gever i fu####g aint iight it uvs who makin it all up nate n me ave known eachother since we were frigin 10 so u lot shut up now cuz its nates lyfe iight well im outta ere now peace watsup detroit

  161. i know im not ment 2 b in
    dis but i dont think hes engaged.

    who da fuc iz athena any way she sound like a
    posh bitch.

  162. yo u peoplz r weird cuz probably two or three of you’z only know nate or em. and all of u b****s dat say u nates gurl don’t lie to ur self. u playin urself out keep dreamin. i only say im natesbabygrl but i ain’t dats juss a nickname.Juss do all os us a fava n stop playin urself.HOLLA BAQ!!!!

  163. right for one theres no point in bitchin bout shit that dont concern you…so shut up aight..no1 is actually gonna answer ya so stop cussin..eminem dont give a shit bout shup and stop bitchin..eminems still a fuckin legend though…DAMO *2004*

  164. listen guys i dunno if its true but eminem is supposed to be retiring i dunno if its true but i just thought ill let ya know….

  165. iv always wondered how Ronny died. In one song it says he commited suicide. is that true? If so,why.

  166. Do you have to post your question ten times? One time would have been largely sufficient…
    Go to the Eminem archive of gavinsblog and you will know more about Ronnie Polkingharn.
    I have written about this topic. The reasons why he committed suicide are unclear, though. Even Eminem’s family doesn’t really know…

  167. I want Isabelle to stop lying about me. Im NOT engaged. I know athena but im NOT with her. Im with a girl named Tracy. So everyone needs to stop telling her that she is lying to because she isn’t. Im Not Engaged Im too young and I would appreciate it if everyone on here that says they know me would stop because none of you know me except Tracy and maybe athena if she is even in here still. Everyone you guys have been talking to are posers. Im never on unless im on my brothers sn or Tracy’s sn. So Stop spreading rumors and lies. To Everyone else. Thanx for the support. Nate

  168. I dont appreciate you deleting my message. I am NOT engaged and I dont appreciate you lying issabelle. Im too young to be married. Anyways… Im with a gurl named Tracy. Not Athena. But I am friends with Athena. WHAT UP GURL? HaHaHa. Anyways… Dont tell Tracy she is lying cuz she aint. Anyways… Thanx for all the support Everyone.

  169. I want this poser to stop telling everyone that he’s the real Nathan Mathers. I also want him to stop emailing me, because I perfectly know he is a poser. He’s not the first poser I’ve been confronted to.
    Also I want little 11 years old girls to stop sending me hatemails telling me how “they are gonna marry Em or Nate”.
    And if I happen to be wrong about Athena, apology to the REAL Nathan.
    So now leave me the fuck alone, i got better things to do.

  170. hey isabelle i just have 1 question then i’ll leave u alone 🙂 um where did u hear about nate and athena being engaged?

  171. Well, i might have made an assumption about being engaged, but the pics I have where Nathan is with Athena talk by themselves. Both seem happy and in love with each other. Athena also stated that Nathan is her soulmate on her profile. I guess both are important to each other.
    Anyway…my only intentions were to make an article with facts about Nathan Mathers. I don’t care if he dates sombedy or not. But what angered me was to see so many little girls fantasizing about him (some of them even dared insulting me), that’s the only reason why I have talked about Athena(who is a real person, so don’t insult her…what i read on some comments about her is really demeaning, i wish ppl to stop that kind of shit, since they don’t know her).
    I do respect Nathan (of course the real Nate, not the recent poser) and I would never do anything that could make him feel uncomfortable:)

  172. I am the real nathan mathers and if any of you know Marshall you can ask him. This is how I can prove it. And I want to know how isabelle can prove im a poser (which im not) Cuz I’d love to know. I have proof Im the real Nathan Mathers (Ask my brother) and Isabelle has no proof that im a poser. So Anyways… Thanx everyone on here for the support. And I have to say WHAT UP? To Athena Who happens to be a very good FRIEND.

  173. Oh and by the way she just proved she is a liar by addmitting that she ASSUMED that me and Athana were engaged.

  174. Athena E-mail me at my new e-mail addy. Its; Now I do not want everyone e-mailing me because it happens to be my girlfriends e-mail addy. Not mine but I share it with her. Thank you.

  175. Isabelle I would appreciate it if you would stop talking crap about my boyfriend. Do NOT spread rumors about him. Both our families do not appreciate it. You may think you know everything about him but in reality you really don’t. Oh and if you want respect out of people..STOP lying about my boyfriend. He does NOT appreciate it at all. Understand? Get a life.

    Everyone else…Nathan says Thank you for all the support. He loves all you guys.
    Athena… Nathan told me to tell you to e-mail him on my s/n okay? Thanx hun.

  176. Now you will listen to me:
    first i have no time for you, Tracy who-by the way- has been posing as Nathan.
    You are the one spreading lies here. I have the proof you’re lying. You are unlucky, girl: I have been in touch with the REAL Nate. SO stop it right now. Fuck you.

  177. And next time you will write a comment using my name I PROMISE YOU to contact the owner of this site in order to INFORM HIM ABOUT YOUR WHERABOUTS;MAYBE SOME GULLABLE TEENAGERS BELIEVE YOU,BUT I AM A GROWN WOMAN AND I WILL TAKE CRAP FROM NO ONE.

    Oh and by the way:do you think the REAL Nate would use this website to contact Athena and give her his so called new email address? Laughable. Poser!!!

  178. Katie, this person has been emailing me twice yesterday under Nathan’s name and once this morning as Tracy.
    Thank you for believing me, I have no reason to hide the truth.

  179. tracy you are a fk### poser as if nate would come on here he has better things to do i mean im related to someone famous and they neva come on a website its always a poser or sommic so tracy shut the hell up

  180. I have been in touch with the REAL Nate for about nearly one year. He is a real nice person who has always been nice and polite with me. I didn’t want to display it on this website, because I am always very discrete. But since there are some rude posers I will reveal it.
    Of course I won’t display Nate’s real email on here.
    I know the person I have been in touch with is the real Nathan, because i have asked him about precise facts only the real Nathan could be able to answer. I have never asked him about his private life ( i mean girlfriends etc, because it is really none of my business and i really don’t care…). Again I would like to say that if i dared talking about Athena, it was because of some psycho Nate female fans who were pissing me off. I have seen many pics where Nate is holding Athena in his arms.)

    So I would like to put things clear: I don’t give a fuck who Nathan is dating. As a freelance music journalist, I am much more focused on Nathan’s future career as an aspiring rapper or as an actor.

    To Tracy who is telling me to “get a life”: I am not the one who spends her whole sparetime impersonating persons. I am a teacher and a freelance music journalist who is very busy writing articles on Eminem related subjects. Plus I do raise up both of my kids as a single mom.
    So guess who seems to have no life in the end?
    Go fuck yourself, bitch.

  181. Isabelle u really met Nate? cool Nate likes his bros songs and might be da nxt Eminem!!!!!!!!!!

  182. Dear Eminem Luva,

    I never stated that I met Nathan. I only had the great chance to be in touch with him via email.

    The persons I actually met at the Anger Management Tour 2003 are Kon Artis, Kuniva, Swifty, Bizarre, Obie Trice and Bobo from Cypress Hill.

  183. All i can tell you, Katie, is that he used to have one until those idiots fucked up his personal website…

  184. I am here to state the truth. I did NOT pose as Isabelle and I AM NOT Lying. I have no reason to lie. I actually have a life thank you. The only reason Nathan came on this website was to tell you people to stop lying about his personal life. Nathan loves all his fans and he does NOT want them being misinformed about his life or his personal life. I would love to see the proof that I am lying. Cuz I have proof that I am telling the truth. I am NOT a poser. And If Nathan wants people to know about his personal life then why dont you let HIM tell people. He doesn’t need some misinformed person such as yourself Isabelle to be telling all the gurls out there who love him that he is engaged (which he isn’t) okay? So do everyone a favor and stop with your lying antics. I mean come on your like what 38? or something? Your supposed to be acting like an adult not like a little 10 year old gurl lieing about someone half your age just so it makes you look like you have a cool website. I said it once and I will say it again GET A LIFE!!!!!! And for all of you out there who don’t believe me I dont care I know the facts and the truth about who I am with and who Nathan is with okay? And for all of you people who do believe me I thank you for not believeing some pathetic liar who has to call someone who is 18 about to be 19 a “bitch” and tells people to “Go Fuck Themselves” to make herself look “Cool”. Well let me inform you of something Isabelle you do NOT look cool. You look stupid. You act like a child. GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. Oh and Isabelle. I would LOVE to know where you think you got my information. Because the only info on the internet about me is my old information. Oh and by the way you need my last name in order to get any of it evern if you do have my e-mail addy it wont give you anything on me unless you have my last name. So Nice Try but sry you didn’t get anything out of LYING about me and My boyfriend. As I Said before GROW UP and GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. Ok Tracy, stop it right now you little teenage girl. I can prove that you’ve been impersonating me. Don’t forget that i do moderate the Eminem part of gavinsblog. I can read your IP.
    I strongly advice you to stop that controversy with me or i will inform Gavin and get you banned from this site for good, right?
    Second, if I stated that Athena was Nathan’s girlfriend there were obvious proofs she ACTUALLY WAS.
    I don’t like displaying personal things about her, but i will because you need to learn a lesson and yea YOU NEED TO GROW UP INSTEAD OF BULLSHITTING PPL AND LYING TO THEM.
    I have seen photos of Nate and Athena where you can say that they are more than just friends. Nathan holds her tight and they seem to be in love.
    Second, Athena has stated on Nate Nate Nate that she was Nathan’s girlfriend.
    So you imply that Athena is a liar?Then she must be a courageous liar to state she’s Nate’s gf in front of thousand members or even more…

    I’d rather say you are the big liar in this story.

    Third, when Nathan’s email address was closed, Athena was the one to inform ppl that he was not available any more on the internet, not you LMAO.
    He’s got another email address, but it is not the one you mentionned (of course not).

    I got evidence of your lies. So take my advice seriously and please shut up.

  187. Whatever dont believe me I dont care. I know the truth. Yall just want to believe he is single so he will hook up with all of you. Yall are dreaming.

  188. Tracy your the one who’s fucking dreaming! why would he wanna date a fucking girl like u bitch! You posed as nate! plus your just saying your dating him because you want him soo bad! Well guess what tracy there’s alot of girls out there that wanna date eminem and nathan soo bad teh i know i do! But that doesn’t mean you have to lie!

  189. Nobody has proofs Tracy is lying, huh? just have a look at the guestbook of a Nathan Mathers homepage. She stated herself that she doesn’t know him. Hahaha…little scary psycho teenage bitches…

  190. Em I jus wanna say ur mad cool! You songs are awesome to cause they actually mean somethin’. I think it’s also really cool of u being a remodel for ur bro Nate! Props to u Em.

  191. Em I jus wanna say ur mad cool! You songs are awesome to cause they actually mean somethin’. I think it’s also really cool of u being a remodel for ur bro Nate! Props to u Em.

  192. sorry I didn’t mean to post that other message twice. Ne wayz Tracy I believe u and I’m sorry the others don’t, they’re jus jeolous!

  193. tracy your liein u dum ass i know nathan very well im not liein and believe me he does not even know you and me n nate both think your stupid for possin as nate so get trippin girl.

  194. Tracy you are mentally sick if you believe that you live with Nathan, Marshall and Hailie…go see a psychiatrist and leave this blog. People have been able to verify your lies and that you stated that you did not even know Nathan on a Nathan Mathers homepage.
    This girl is sick, she needs a therapy…

  195. Yall people is so pathetic let me just say that.Yall sittin here wastin yalls time writin all this shit about how you love Nathan and shit .how you gonna love somebody you dont know?Yall only know what yall hear on tv or the radio or on the internet.Only reason yall love the boy is cuz yall think he’s hot .Some love *rolls eyes* And for all yall people talkin bout some he’s ya boyfriend I like to see some proof like maybe a photo .Now watch yall come up with some lame excuse.If yall really are his fans ,yall wouldn’t be making up shit like that .That’s all i got to say .Nathan ,if that’s really you on here ,hope everything works out with the rap deal.Oh and Eminem love ya new album Piece -L.B.J

  196. oh yeah one more thing,there is like 4 people on here sayin they nathan and bout 3 sayin they Nates girl so will the real Nate mathers please email me okkk

  197. i just wont to say all peopl ewho “date” nathan or “friends” with him are prolli big ass posers..but if you really are dating prove it..wats his s/n for aim or his email address?…if you can really prove your nathan mathers than email me…..n if u really are i love you and i love your brother eminem you to are hot as hell send me a email if you are TRUELY eminem bc i doubt he would b n here?

  198. Nathen you and your brother are really hott! it has always been my dream to meet you and ur bro in real life. could you please email me that would be awesome! thanx! hope to meet you someday. maybe if you email me i will send you a pic!

  199. Nate and Em r sooo fucking fine and Em is soo talented on top of it all!!! N.E.1 who wants to complane, go fuck a duck, cuz ur only waist’n your breath!!! I hope Nate follows in his bro’z footsteps and keeps his right of freedom of speech!!!! luv me!!!

  200. em i hope u see this i love u so much i cant say it but i love uuuuuuuuuu so fuckin much i cant see u cuz i dono wuts gonna happin to me i dont like u as a singer only i love u as a human ur a good father and good rapper ur the best rapper ever and u got ma vote

  201. Nathan you and ur bro, are the best! it is crazy how many people talk about you. that would be the best having people talkign about you all day. me and my best friends i swear are your biggest fans. i am from a small town in Saskatchewan! you proly woul dhvae never heard of it. i am actually listening to em’s new song just lose it. it is the best. are you getting a cd out? if you do i will for surely be buying that one! but yeah.. i am 16 and i think you and ur bro are the hottest men on earth! and fuck all you girls whos ay you are going out iwth them.. in ur dreams deary!

  202. hey u guys r all sad ppl. i agree that nathan is hot but its just gay how everyone “pretends” to be him or say that hes ingaged to them. and it doesnt matter who hes dating. i dont wannna sound mean but some of u guys r pathedic ppl
    and nathan would probally never come to this website and email ppl cause the person would tell all their friends and soon half of hte world would know his email so i dont think ne one in this room is him

  203. NATE i so wanna fck urr fckin brains OUT!!!
    will u let me??
    u take my word for it that i am real sexy but it just depends on wut kinda grls u lke. but n-e-wazz urr so fckin sxy its not even funny!!! way better than urr big bro!!!!!!!but hes sxy 2
    but if u get this let me no baby

  204. nate and em i agree you are both very hot guys. almost the hottest in the world .. well you are for sure .. but all you girls who lie saying tha toyu are dating one of the Mather Bro’s are full of shit becuase i am sure that Nate or Em wouldn’t want to go out with someone who lies about going out with them.. mayeb you could all grow up and act ur age and find someone tha twill actually want to go out with you. if you were going out with him i am sure that you wouldn’t be on this site trying to make people believe you.. keep it to ur self and act more mature. Nathan is not immature like any of yous so you guys can all fucking go through puberty and grow upp.. act ur fucking age and stop trying to say that you guys are going out with him. thanks for all the girls who agree iwth me on this one! love ya

  205. i agree with you he wouldnt come i here and stop actin like u are datin n shit grow up get out of the world ur livin in and come back to reality YOUR NOT

  206. kno one would eva become da new eminem. der full of shit nathan sucks .he may be eminems bro but hill neva be as big as him. Never hez a bitch . he’ll neva take marshalls place

  207. you all don’t know anything about nathan i hate you all. the fact of the matter you suck so shut up nathan doesn’t know any of you and he would hate you if he did so shut up you dumb girls. your all ugly.

  208. lololololololololololololololo

    have a very fuckin christmas bitch n not only nate dont no us
    but were fuckin fans n u dont even no us so dont juge.

  209. i think nattan and em r so buff but i dont make out dat nate iz my boyfriend cuz dats just so sad all u sad grilz dat say dat get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. omg-nathan u r sooo hot! i saw u in a picture w/ marshalll in a book called “the dark story of eminem” and me and my best friend, julie almost died cuz ur sooo fine! ya no wat? marshall is hot 2, i guess good looks juss run in ur family!

  211. How many horny teenage girls are postin up here? It’s stupid, you guys, EM AND NATE ARE NOT READING THIS. Quit giving shout outs to them. It is very unlikely that this will ever get to them. It’s groupies like you that ruin the industry, see these performers for their looks, not talent.

  212. you guys are so stupid eminem and nathan may have looks but they are also very talented! try listening to there music instead of buying posters and cds so that you can look like a fan.

  213. i jus wont to say a happy birthday to nathan..even though he doesnt get on here..i hope he has a very good brithday and all his wish;s come true!!!…and i admire him and his brother eminem greatly:)!!!

  214. hi Nate!i’m 16 now and next year i’m coming to Detroit…I want to meet you…I don’t want say you:I love u,i want kiss u or I want come to live with u, but I want you know that for me you are a very special boy…If you’ll meet me answer this message…sarah

  215. Hey you all need to stop fightin over me im big i cant fuck all yall and day any time love yall

    peace out nate dogg p.s. oh and i will fuck any type of girl

  216. hey you are not rely nate dogg i am his far cousin and i know that he would not go on this web so now wut oh bye the way i have a crush on my own 3rd cousin nate and em! lol

  217. hi,
    i really think it is so sweet that eminem is taking care of his little brother i know what its like coming from a broken home and people getting yelled at and all that shit i whatched my momma get beat and shit like that so u keep doing what your doing eminem u rock and ur sexy!!
    e mail me at

  218. hey what up? nada lot here i just think that ya’ll is so fine!! oh damn lol i can go on fer ever about that … so ya’ll live outside detroit yeah i live in L-town

  219. omg nate and eminem are sooo hot i halie is sooo lucky to have a dad like eminem i am eminem and nate 1fa

  220. hey man! eminem is my idol i’ve been a huge fan since his first album! he is awesome, and Nate will be an idol to lil rapper boys when they get to be about 15… keep doin ur shit em, and good luck nate

  221. Yo i’m sorry gurls, but y’all need 2 get a life. All this screaming about how much u luv these men and beggin for them 2 email u and give u news on their lifes is just pathetic. Think about it; nate comes on 2 this site and sees “Nate i luv u baby, email me and let me no about ur personal life, xo” he’ll be thinkin “wat a waster, i aint guna email this nosey ass wipe” and go off again. HE WILL LAUGH AT YOU!! I luv both these men 2 and respect them. Im a real fan; i aint goin “OH I LOVE YOU, I WANNA DO YOU, COME KISS ME” am i? No! It’s called respect for the people u care about, so please…Quit with the fake ass wanna be style, please, b4 it hurts u!!

    Oh yeah and it’s Hailie…if y’all were real fans u would no he h8s ppl spellin his little girls name wrong!!

    I’m sorry, but this is just really pathetic reading all this shit. It’s cool when ppl write “I love you eminem, ur work and songs are really great” but all the shit about f***ing them and bein their wives AIN’T guna happen!!

    Peace and love

  222. seriously i am ems #1 fan i dont no my dad either hes probobly some drunk bitch so em is like a role model u rock em try not to get kilt im sorry about ronnie the same thing happened to me

  223. Hey u muthafukaz if u lot love Nate n Em wot da fuck u takin the piss outa thier mom 4 cuz if u were a real nate fan u would Know that nate loves his mom cuz u would’nt like it if sum1 took the piss out of u’re mom wud u?
    NE way i am eminems biggest fan and he Knows that, all u assholes are jus wannabeez cuz i luv Em more than ma fuckin mom and i cud kill myself 4 him. so if n e of u diss Em i’ll fuck u up…
    Shadyzlady is back I LOVE U EMINEM

  224. yo no. 333 u r a cool fan cuz u respect i do 2 even though i wrote i luv u eminem but that shows how much i luv him i Know that em would not answer my fan mail but i know he gets it cuz otherwize it wud jus come back but i’ll respect shady all my life untill i die and i will keep writin him fan mail!!!!

  225. Hi marshal. I bet ur really busy these days. From wat I here, Ur a really creative person. It also Sounds like uv been throo alot. Ur 1 of my FAV singers, and it wood b awesome if u cood make some time 2 E-mail me at

    P.S Do u ever really Check ur sight? (no ofense)

  226. Hey Shady man i love i can’t stop thinkin about u man u rule my world the only reason im still alive is cuz of u cuz my life is fucked up and ure the only person i love in this fucking-fucked up world man i’m crazy about u dogg and i’m gonna luv ya till the rest of my life i started like u when i was 4 years old man. i fuckin love you not 4 ur money,looksor talent i love u 4 who u r Marshall Mathers,hey Em we have so much in common except i’m a girl, u see Em i’m left handed, i’m good at rappin, i’m good at art i heard u were and that u wanted 2 b a comic book designer,n e wayz man i luv u and I’M UR NO.1 FAN AND I MEAN NO.1!!! U R MY LIFE!!!!

  227. Dont post no more.-guy is really nareir sum poser
    and how about da marshall mathers dat wrote dis:hi every body i dont know why every body is talkin so mutch crap when what you say is what u are .
    havent you ever herd of that saying if you didnt now you did. that yung rapper turned into a grown man and has changed .

    if you listioned to his songs he rote you would hear what he is saying about his life and how he realy feels.

    Get the EMINEM SHOW CD if you dont already hav it and listion to #14 it is great song and he says what he feels in this song and you should listion to it is dat lyk da real slim shady!????


  229. hey u asshole r u deaf didn’t u here wot i said u wouldn’t like it if sum1 woz 2 take the piss outta ur mom wud u ‘sup’i’m don’t like Debbie either 4 wot she did 2 Em but i aint taking the piss cuz she is his mom wot ever u say fucker.

  230. fuck u bitch
    u motherfuckin ass
    u r just a fake ass fan of marsall bitch
    my whole skool noes da love i have 4 slim whore

  231. oi ,sou brasileira ,moro no brazil,bom espero que alguém pelo menos tende ler o que está escrito,i like nathan …..i like rap…….i like of me……….much…
    bay …..kiss

  232. your the fuckin fucked up fucker u faggot u got somethin’2 say bring it on bitch ur the the phoney one asshole cuz nearly the whole city noes that i love Em includin’ the skools so think before u say somethin’ and by the way Em don’t like people spellin’ his name wrong u fat fuck and get ure own words asshole!!!!!!!!!!

  233. yo wheres dis ‘sup’ bitch gone y’all i think he’s turned in to a chicken ‘bokawbawk’ he’s only said lyk 4 sentances and he’s turned his back yo sup u want sum beef cum n get it it’ll be hot as hell.
    YO Em i don’t think u would like this ass to be your fan man he’s phoney


  235. hey is Nathan Mathers really really on this site. Is it really you writing that about not being with Athena. That would be so cool. Well if it is you then I wish you all the best of luck in the future with your music. I will buy you cd first day it comes out honest haha. Ok well hope you write again. later…..

  236. I,m looking for a job because I want to help my godmother and my uncle.Just to like pay the rent and the phone bill and the cable bill.But ever since my mother past-away I helped her do everything in every house we live in.So if you would plaese help me give me this job just to work
    thank you.

  237. do u no wen ur bros gonna b in a concert soon ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  238. yeah i do in august 27th how yall doin! luv u an girls i like u as fans not wifes or shit so don’t argue an by the i do check this site respect!! luv yall thanx 4 every 1 who wished me good luck

  239. yo dis is james not a girl btw n no i aint gay n no i dont fancie u lol but i jsu liek ur bro as a rapper but avent heard u so if u hav sum stuff will ya send it me n wots ur email

  240. this is the last time i’m gonna come on this site and yeah it is me to all u people thinkin it aint and buy the way girlz i ain’t none of your boyfriends cuz u lot are my fans and try and keep it that way.Sorry i can’t give you my email cuz i aint your best friend i’m your idol.
    luv yall


  242. Waz up with u people ? Why are some of u dissing em and Nathan…I think we should be thankfull that Nathan is responding and even writing 2 us. F** all the haters… if some of u have something against em and Nathan, why are you guys writing at first place… ?

  243. so were cool then yo sup where u frm? who ever wanna take da piss outta shady or nate get ure ass outta here muthafuckaz u want some beef co n get it ass holes

  244. yo 4 all u peeps thinkin’ dis is marshall i ain’t but i’ve got the same name as him n e wayz u asses r all gay cuz i am Nates biggest fan and all u Em fans r fuckers even though i got the same name as him but it ain’t my fault 4 havin a name lyk dis i’m gonna change it cuz ems just a fuckin’ black ass wannabe i hate eminem nate isz way better dan him.
    Em is Shite

  245. Yo u mutha fucka get off dis site u bitch who u think u r takin the piss outta Em man if i here 1 more thing about Em (in a nasty way)i swear u asses will neva get on dissite again u here me ‘Marshall Mathers’fuckin punk don’t u ever diss Shady again cuz i’ll beat the fuckin shit outta u jus by sayin things 2 u cuz i do not take shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. Yeah, it could be fake.. but we never know… Hahaha, if you hate Em so much..why do you have his name? ha ha ha … F**** all the haters …

  247. i’m from the u.s-detroit is ma home town(my real name is Kiran if ya wanted 2 noe)btw is it ok if u tell me how old u r?it’s k if u don’t wanna tell me?yo Em i luv u btw lyk ure (spend sum tym video)man it’s hot luv it…….fuck u Benzino!!!

  248. Yo Kizza u fuckin’ ho who do u think u r mutha fucker ure jus stuck up like Em bitch y don’t u get off this site u fuckin ass n this is not a site 2 make friends with bitch the same 2 u sup u fuckin homo go and get a life ass holes cuz u both r fucked up JUS LIKE EM………Suckaz

  249. 2 Marshall Mathers: you just jalous ..cuz Eminem is fampus and ur to all the people.. its somebodys fault..cuz Nate doesnt come 2 this site anymore…

  250. omg ‘Baby Girl’
    noe one noes if nateis even on dis site
    its somebodys fault..cuz Nate doesnt come 2 this site anymore
    lyk really???!???
    and kizza im 13 how bout u

  251. yo marshall mathers take a chillpill
    just cuz pple r becuming friend on diss site dont mean u should b all pissed and shit cuz u dont got fuck off!!y u on diss site if u hate em???!???pretty much diss site is more about marshall than nathan and nathan anit even famous yet.well he sort of is as eminem`s lil bro
    peace yall

  252. yo sup i’m 13 too, and this ‘marshall mathers’ guy sucks dis bitch iz on the wrong syt and if u say n e thin bout me or Em i swear 2 god i’ll fuckin fuck u up little punk ass dick go n fuckin wank some one who cares bout u ass fuckin fucked up fuckin fucker u diss n e of uz you bout 2 get whipped wit shit muthafucka u want sum beef i’m all urs F-A-G-G-O-T
    $H@DYZlADY is gonna kick ur ass and btw ure the ho/whore

  253. i think nathan is real cute and i wish i had lots of pictures of him and marshall. i really like marshall albums. i wish i had a poster of both of them. I LOVE BOTH OF THEM!! I LOVE YOU.

  254. You’re just jealous of me
    Cause you, you just can’t do what I do
    So instead of just admitting it
    You walk around and say
    All kinds of really mean things about me
    Cause you’re a meany, a meany
    But it’s only cause you’re really jealous of me
    Cause I’m what you wanna be
    So you just look like a idiot
    When you say these mean things
    Cause it’s too easy to see
    You’re really just a big weenie, big weenie………….best song ever

  255. yo sup wot u mean by me. i jus don’t get it btw i found out that wasn’t Eminem or nate on this syt it was my fucked up mate who iz sad and needs 2 get a life.
    peace 2 u 2

  256. hey sup i aint talkin 2 u i woz talkin 2 this marshall mathers bitch if he does cum back n say shit ima tear him apart….u get me

  257. nate listen

    Your Time Is Up
    My Time Is Now (now)
    You Can’t See Me
    My Time Is Now (now)

    It’s The Franchise
    Where I’m Shinning Now (now)
    You Can’t See Me
    My time Is Now (now)

    In Case You Forgot I Fell Of I’m Still Hot Knock Your Shell Of …

  258. Nate, if u really are on this site… Probably just rumors.. but I just want to say that I admire your brother so much..and you are so damn hottttt!!! Grr…. Can I have and Em.. hahahahaa:)

  259. I should’ve left it at, how ya doin’
    I should’ve left it at
    I like your music too, and
    I should’ve never called you back
    When you pursued me
    I should’ve never given you
    My f**king N two way
    I should’ve never listened
    To your woeful stories
    The ones I’m sure you
    Told a thousand times before me
    You should’ve never intimated
    We were lovers
    When you know very well
    We never even touched each other….

  260. Who’s gonna love you when
    It all falls down, and
    Who’s gonna love you when
    Your bankroll runs out
    Who’s gonna care when the novelty’s over
    When the star of the
    Show isn’t you anymore
    Nobody cares when the tears of a clown
    Fall down…
    Nobody cares when the tears of a clown
    Fall down

  261. i know nathan and hailie’s sn’s cuz my cuzin knows nate…. but anyways i’ve met him a couple times and he is kinda an asshole. but i guess i cant say that about him cuz like i said. i’ve only met him 2 times… so wutever nates sn is nkm1703 and i wont give hailies out… u can ask nate for it…..

  262. nope. i dont know his email… i never asked him.. cuz i dont really talk to him much…. but his aim is nkm1703

  263. well like i said. i’ve met him but i dont really talk to him anymore… cuz we had a “fight” i guess u could call it and i just havent really talked to him since but i know he still goes on the screen name nkm1703 sometimes…. not very often though. but yeah.. i dunno, i guess i can try to get his email from my cuzin or something, but im not gonna talk to nate about it! but i’ll see wut i can do……..

  264. well we didnt exactly have a fight… we just never really got along even when we met… i dont know why, i just dont click with some ppl. he and i definitely did not. and i mean i have his sn on my buddylist and i see him go online sometimes, not that often though, but i dont talk to him, i havent talked to him in like 4 months….. so yeah i dunno

  265. wot the hell r u talkin bout yo nitrous oxo i told u nathen is Em’s bro so don’t take the piss an where dis chaz guy cum frm has he jus discovered this syt or somthin cuz he wud of told us ages ago if he knew nate and btw nates girlfriend is a gal named sasha cuz theres a pic of both of them 2getha in 05. so i think this chaz guy iz bull shittin’ n don’t start cuz i ain’t up 4 it.

  266. Sup: personally i think he is an asshole, but like i said, i only met him 2 times…. and i met Eminem once for like 5 minutes, he seemed pretty cool. we just basically said hey wuts up to each other.. nothing big… and yeah hailie hung out with us for like a half an hour when i was over at their house…. but then she went somewhere.. dont know where… but that was last summer.. i havent seen any of them since….
    Kizza:my friend told me about this site and said that since i know nates sn then i should just put it on here for u ppl cuz u are all trying to contact him so i was like ok w/e and by the way…. when did i ever state that i know his girlfriend??? i never said that once.. that was someone else that said something about Tracey? or something like that.. but i dont know nates girlfriend as a matter of fact… i dont even know what her name is….. i HAVE NOT talked to nate for 4 months and i wouldnt have even asked him anything about a girlfriend anyways… i just dont talk to him… and i gave his sn to u guys and thats wut i was gonna do so u guys can either take it or leave it…. its for aim (AOL instant messanger) i dont know his email and thats about all i can tell ya about him….

  267. yo sup i got this pic on a nate 05 calender n theres the one where he’s got his arms arond this gal n underneath it say nate with his girlfriend sasha, at this hotel and btw chaz i woz’nt even talkin 2 u bout this shit so shut the fuck up and keep ur noes outta of it.
    whos ur friend then? “and where did u meet Em n Hailie” lyk i beleive u……….didn’t u say that u met Em for 5 mins and how cud u of hung wit um 4 an hour wit Hailie man this is a bunch of bullshit and i jus proved it.

  268. yeah that made sense?? believe it or not, hailie is her own person and she can live without being by his side, so uh yeah i just so happened to see hailie longer… sorry u are flipping out about it… and uh yeah u actually were talking to me….

    kizza :”an where dis chaz guy cum frm has he jus discovered this syt or somthin cuz he wud of told us ages ago if he knew nate and btw nates girlfriend is a gal named sasha cuz theres a pic of both of them 2getha in 05. so i think this chaz guy iz bull shittin’ n don’t start cuz i ain’t up 4 it.”

    but w/e i really dont give a shyt… i like came on this website to try to be nice and give his sn to u ppl cuz u seem so obssessed and i dont even really like him so i was like yeah w.e… and then u ppl are just stupid about it… so sorry i ever even came and gave it out…..

  269. Baby Girl listen fake nate listen
    BEAT THIS !!!!!!

    Whether fightin, or spittin, my discipline is unforgiven
    Got you backin up, in a defensive position
    An ass-kickin anthem, heavyweight or bantam
    Holdin camps for ransom, the microphone phantom
    Teams hit the floor, this the new fight joint
    Like a broken needle kid, you missin the point!
    We dominate your conference with offense that’s no nonsense
    My theme song hits, get your reinforcements!
    We strike quick with hard kicks, duckin ice picks
    Bare-knuckle men through fight pits, beat you lifeless
    Never survive this! Get forget like Alzheimer’s
    Two-face rappers, walk away with four shiners
    The raw rhymer, turnin legends to old-timers
    My incisor’s like a viper, bitin through your one-liners!
    New Deadman Inc. – and we about to make you famous
    Takin over Earth and still kickin in Uranus!


    You ain’t advanced enough to process potential phonetical concepts
    The objects are foreign, like blot tests
    Sponsored sex, a complex, regardless of your finesse
    or your fitness, it’s the condition of business
    Your lame vision of a underground, physical image
    You’re underneath to undermine your whole, typical image
    With the precision of percentages, and the collision of sedatives
    Poetry, beats, and mics – we untouchable
    like righteous sluts with no crevices
    Streets unite, we rock right over dumber beats
    Yo’ cats couldn’t come this hot if they {jerked} off in the summer heat
    Forget two takes, kill y’all birds the first time
    Yo’ best {shit} ain’t, worthy of my filler or worst rhymes
    I’m better than nice, check the veteran stripes
    Leave you beside yourself with fear, I kill you, and bury you twice
    Despite the cover of night, trackin’ your flight
    Like guerilla warfare, where the grass is dense
    Approachin me is a quick way to get referred to in the past tense
    Dead that! When the light to mic is on
    The crowd is dead like the intermission when you on the Titantron



    S** DICK


  272. yo chaz i sed by the way so that leads into another cnvrstn n e wayz nitro soz i thought u were talkin bout the real nate so soz and chaz i’m sorry 4 sayin shit i was in another world cuz i got aload of shit on my mind so i might and thats might believe u but this guy whos put his name as eminem i don’t think thats him cuz i bet u Em don’t even check this syt nate might but not Em if yall do wanna reply off Em go to the ‘Eminem web’syt. Yo nitro where the fuck u got these lyrics from.!!!!!!!!!! $$$}$h@dyzL@dy iz 8@cK

  273. yo if youve heard 8 mile soundtrack 03 u know the tune to it put this wit it……….
    I hate him
    u hate him.
    Lets get 2getha
    and shoot ja rule
    witha great big bang
    and a bullet in his head
    oh dear murder inc
    ja rules dead.
    (wot do ya think)
    fuck ja rule he’s a louzy rat cuz he looks lyk 1….hahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  274. He’s the king
    the king of Bling
    the real Eminem
    is ma thang.
    he is the best
    betta than the rest
    it is said in jest
    hes the coast of west.(west coast)
    yo did yall noe dat wen Em ryts he starts frm the corner of da page n ryts down instead of rytin on da lines man that cool ima do that too
    cuz i luv him i don’t give a fuck if yall say i’m a freak cuz i am what ever u say i am cuz i luv Em. and none of youz can stop me

  275. omfg….first of all i anit pissed,i got a little angry cuz u thought i was stupid…im a b/a student so why dont u shut ya mouth asshole……ya better not say shit bout me or i`ll come 2 norway wit my gang presain pride and i`ll kick that fuckin ass of urs

  276., im so scared…. ohmg, you cant be angry..i never said you were stupid.. but a lot of people doesnt know whwere norway is… thats the deal..relax a little bit…

  277. yo sup woz that u bein eminem the 2nd tym cuz i thought it woz another poser n e wayz i woz high so i don’t noe wot i sed so i woz jus sayin a load of bullshit so soz if i sed n e thin gay.

  278. eminem is hot nathans talented as well as em i luv them heaps mwaaaaaa eminem is my fave rapper luv him sooooooooooooooooooooo much

  279. kizza baby girl nitrous chas
    yall got msn messenger?!!
    stil high

  280. ye i have, yo sup man u like me man i get high 2 n e wayz i got msn wots ur addy u can have mine if u want,love u c ya xXx…….i ain’t high now

  281. i’m goin high now so soz if i say somthin gay.
    yo nitro don’t phone me again cuz i’m on the syt n e wayz where has chaz gone man i sed sorry.
    man sup i checked ur syt out it woz cool how do u do that n e wayz i gots 2 go now c ya luv u

  282. i’m back and i’m high as shit man wot the fuck hahahaha….sup u high too baby lols, man i’m so high that i don’t even noe where i am- haha i love u shady man iv sent 3 letters now but u aint replied i luv u slim man im crazy bout u dogg i hope u got the letters cuz it takes me ages rytin ’em ne wayz wots been up, i don’t noe wot the fuck i’m sayin i love u.
    u high baby
    u want me to tell u somethin
    uh huh
    i know what u wanna hear

  283. yeah sup I agree…none of us girlz can have em… The onlu girl he loves is his daughter and Kim..he will always love kim.. even if things between them are messed up…..

  284. aye sup u r ryt Em hates Kim
    cuz of all that shit she did 2 him man
    she fuckin’ sued him but he will
    always luv hailie no matter wot
    n if u think i’m thick well i aint cuz i noe
    it aint ever gonna happen but i will alwayz luv Marshall no matter wot cuz as i sed a million of
    tymez SHADY RULES MY WORLD he iz the only reason i’m livin’ cuz my life iz soooo fucked up n i’ve told u that 2 and i noe hailies his lady cuz alls he cares bout iz hailie and he wud even give up his career 4 her………so i do noe
    thanx peace

  285. Yeah, I know she put him trough a lot of shit..but if you have heard the song i love you more, you understand that he really cares about here… But like I said, she has done a lot of shit to him… And I dont think it will ever be em and kim.. but she will always have a secial place in his heart. Thats for sure….

  286. The more you put me through
    The more it makes me wanna come back to you
    You say you hate me, I just love you more
    You don’t want me, I just want you more
    I buy you flowers, you throw ’em at me
    I know it’s sad but it’s makin’ me happy
    The more that you slap me, the more that it turns me on
    Cuz you love me and I love you more

    It’s sick,but who could ever predict
    We’d be doin’ the same shit
    We say we do it for our baby but we don’t
    We do it for us,it’s lust
    Cuz neither one of us trust each other
    So we fuck ’til we bust
    Then we cuss each other,out
    We know what it’s about
    Shout ’til I throw you out the house
    You throw me out the house
    I throw you on the couch
    Punch you in the mouth
    Fist fight ’til we turn this mother OUT
    And apologize after
    Laughter,pain,it’s insane
    We’re back in the same chapter again
    And it’s sad but it’s true
    When I’m layin’ here wiyh you
    There ain’t nothin’ anyone could ever say ever do
    Cuz I hate you,do you hate me?
    Good cuz you’re so fuckin’ beautiful when you’re angry
    It makes me wanna just take you
    And just throw you on the bed
    And fuck you like I don’t even know you
    You fuck other and I fuck other people
    You a slut but I’m equal, I’m a mutt
    We’re both evil in our ways
    But neither one of us would ever admit it
    Cuz one of us would have one up on the other
    So forget it
    We can make accusations, people spread rumors
    But they ain’t got proof
    ‘Til they do it’s just the two of us
    It’s you and me, cuz any chick can say that she’s screwin’ me
    But you gotta believe me to a degree
    Cuz if you didn’t I wouldn’t be hittin’ it
    Yeah I would cuz the sex is too damn good
    If I ran who would I run to
    That would be this soft and warm
    So it’s off and on, usually more off than on
    But at least we know that we share this common bond
    You’re the only one I can fuck without a condom on
    I hope, the only reason that I cope
    Is cuz of that fact
    And plus I can bust in that
    And that’s why…

  287. omg..of course its for kim..we say we do it for our baby, but we dont we do it for us…

    My friends doesnt like em 2… but I do… hehe:)

  288. well i go on after skool at 6pm wot tym do u go on? n e wayz i don’t care if the peeps on ur syt r ur mates cuz if they do take the piss outta Em i will have 2 take the piss outta them cuz no 1 takes the piss outta my man and gets away wit it so i don’t give a fuck wot who they r ok so soz sup but if they say sumthin i will have 2 say sumthin’ back cuz i don’t lyk people who take the piss outta shady i’ts ok if they don’t lyk him but theres no need 2 fuckin’ take the mick.
    every 1 respect Em especially u ‘marshall mathers’………….peace

  289. Yo every 1 take a chilllllll pilllllll
    i’m sooooooooooooooooo fuckin’ high but not in a funny way cuz i’m serious!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol ha ha ha yo i ain’t bein nasty or n e thin but erm ‘baby girl’ u need 2 get a life!!!!!!!! ha cuz u jus chattin’ bullshit n y do u alwayz laugh lyk a dick (even though dicks can’t laugh) man even if u chattin’ somert serious u put shit in lyk’hehe’ that don’t sound ryt o ryt wotever hahahahah n that iz hw u laugh u got that…….lol a bunch of jokes man take ’em luv yall

  290. Who’s that jumping out the sky ME
    AND EM … we go

    When the mask’s out the girls they pass out

    The boys just black out better tap out!

    Go… the top rope so look out below

    And the next thing you know you be on the floor

    What you gonna do when your on ya back

    From a mean body slam ah damn ya wack!

  291. Mr. Mysterious is serious

    And he get’s furious and delirious, and everybody’s curious

    Wanna know were he’s from and yeah who is he?

    Know not a damn thing but he get’s busy.

    The entertainer and your now on his stage

    And it don’t matter if your in the ring or trapped in a cage

    What he looks like you all dying to see

    But [guess what] looks like a winner to me!

  292. man u fuck
    i mean suck
    ha ha ha
    i’m high again
    wot the hell iz dis bitch on a bout
    ya thinkin’ well i’m high so fuck u
    yeah fuck ur self
    haha lol…….. man peace

  293. omg your so lucky..I wrote 2 him but he didnt reply at all… But a, what did he wrote to you… If you dont mind telling…

  294. omg did he really wrote that? He cant be pissed his grilfriend is probably deleting our mail anyway..but a, nobody says anything bad about his girl anyway.. Omg ….

  295. well
    i asked him if i write 2 em will he write bac he said ya 2 da fanmail address and i also asked him if wat he was doin and he said dat there eatin pizza……u noe shit lyk dat

  296. i really dont know, but i dont actually think that the tracee260 email is his girlfriend….. cuz it just seem kinda sketchy… like the whole situation…. and no, eminem is alot nicer than nate so he would be nicer in responses but i dont even think nate is that big of an asshole… like when i first met him, he wasnt being a prick like that…. i dunno… i just dont think thats him.. but maybe im wrong… cuz i have no clue who his gf is….

  297. ok i just got done talking to my cuzin online and he said that he got in a fight with nate and hasnt talked to him or seen him for like a month but he said that last he knew, nate was still going out with a girl named Athena Salvagno… and i asked him about the tracee person and he said that he has never heard of her before… or seen her email address, which is kinda weird cuz most likely my cuzin would know who she is cuz he and nate hung out with each other and the same ppl for a while… but he said it could be a possibility… but he’s pretty sure he is still going out with athena……… alright?

  298. cuz they went to school together…. and besides that, i really dont give a f*ck if u wanna believe that tracee is her… w/e.. u asked me to ask him and i did……. so dont ask me questions and have me ask other ppl if ur just gonna contradict me and tell me im wrong.. im jus telling u the facts and that most likely if my cuzin hasnt heard of tracee then she is prolly a fake cuz that seems pretty fake to email “nates girlfriend” and then have him respond on her sn… but w/e… believe wut u want

  299. Omg Nate wrote 2 me..he was like:where did you get my mail? .. And I wrote back.. im so pissed..he could at least wrote something nice back!!!!!

  300. lol yeah, cuz thats nate and u guys are super good friends…….. seriously, if u think about it logically its just a really dumb concept… but hey, i guess when u get desperate anything is possible!!

  301. k look im just trying to tell u… thats not nathan!! damn.. dont get all flipped out about it… and dont tell me to watch my mouth, cuz u cant do anything about wut i wanna say, its called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, u’d think that since ur an eminem fan u would recognize that saying…. but anyways… im actually trying to help u, cuz if u would actually listen to wut im saying then u would probably understand that he is obviously fake.. cuz of the fact that he first tried to act like an asshole and say that u should stop bugging his “girlfriend” and then he decided to talk to u…. which is obvious that he isnt nate otherwise he wouldnt care if u emailed him cuz he just wouldnt respond and then…. he would do the super smart thing and BLOCK U.. duh! so in other words if u look at the things i just stated then u would see that he is trying to hard to act like he is nate not wanting to talk to u…… and another obvious thing is… i still dont understand, how did u get this tracy email address as being his girlfriend, cuz that even makes it easier for an obssessed teenage female fan to fake being nate, cuz then all that 14 year old girl needs to do is open the emails and bitch back at ppl to pretend she is nate and then decide to be ur friend… cuz basically she is just posing…. come on………. its really OBVIOUS!! so anyways… dont get pissed, read it and consider wut im saying….

  302. and if u look at the comment on #161 it states by Tracy:

    Tracy Says:
    May 9th, 2004 at 12:57 am
    I swear to god Im dating him. Ive been dating him for almost 3 years now on and off. So there. We live together now and we love eachother very much. I dont know why this little bitch is lying about my boyfriend. Im telling you Nathan is my Boyfriend and We will always be together so she can stop her little childish dreams about her dating my man.

    3 years huh??? so where did Athena come in again?? yeah thats wut i thought, and besides that. if that were nates gf then why would she be coming on sites and saying it…. again.. that points to a 14 year old girl!! seriously, u even have to admit thats really lame and cant be any more clear!

  303. Omg chas you have really good point here.. Cuz he wrote to me yesterday..where did you get his email adress? I mean, hello??? If it was Nate he wouldnt wrote at all… Cuz he knows people have his adress and stuff like on the other hand..I believe you..He could just block me instead of asking me such a dumb question like where did I get his mail from…?Hmh…

  304. yeah..but really sup..i dont know anymore.. but a, if its him he could write something nice back..since he bothered to write where did you get my mail..ummm…?

  305. yo i think this iz all bullshit cuz i tried mailin’ him 2 but i still ain’t got a reply it probably jus tracy bein’ a stuck up bitch lyk she says ‘i am nathans girlfriend’ yeah n i’m goin out wit eminem(in my dreams)she jus thinks were all dumb but if yall beleive her u so need 2 get a life i’ts so obvious she iz rytin’ this shit cuz if she woz goin out wit nate she would’nt even bother 2 cum on this syt cuz nate wants privicy n don’t want n e 1 2 noe his personal life so chaz u have got a point srry sup but i don’t believe this.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  306. k thanks babygirl for actually understanding wut i was saying!! and kizza.. no i dont have msn… and sup, as i have said many times, i really dont care wut u think… i told u my opinion and it doenst differ from before so u still no wut i think… so w/e i totally done with that arguement i just wanted to let u know… k well im out for now bye

  307. oh cool…… alright well i gotta go to my friends house to check out his new guitar.. i wont be back on til tomorrow night around 6 so ttyl i guess bye

  308. which 1 do u want…..
    ¤KÄ«zzÄ?_aKa_Ñ•hÄ?dчz lÄ?dч¤
    slÄ«m shÄ?dч¤¤¤¤dỖит fuck wÄ«Ñ‚ hÄ«m
    maÑ?shÄ?ll mÄ?Ñ‚hÑ?Ñ?s

  309. i wud have all of ’em but i lyk the 1 wot sayz slim shady- don’t fuck wit him, how’du get that kinda rytin’ or hwever u do it cuz i don’t noe…lol….k sup i’ll c if we can talk on fri or da weekends but sumtimez i go my dads…..we’ll c n e wayz how yall doin i jus got back frm skool man i hate my god damn teachers they SUCK big time……..i gotta go nw cya

  310. im stupid…… junior lyk grade 11….im from canada….i dunnno
    hey im shocked
    u didnt say well now ur sayin umm…..isnt it um….cuz i always say um…..not umm
    damn im high!!

  311. yeah a junior is 11th grade… sorry i forgot ur from canada.. dont u guys have like 9/10 juniors or something and 11/12 is seniors or something like that…. i forgot but i was talking about the school system with some guys i know from canada that go to my school…….. but that was a while ago.. but anyways.. um/umm can be spelled either way i just like to spell it with two m’s… i dunno y…….. and how am i supposed to know if im hott! thats a weird question.. but i just broke up with my girlfriend.. so no i dont have a girlfriend at the moment

  312. haha yeah my ex is a bitch.. but w/e im over her… i guess thats cool ur single. but wut do u want me to do about.. haha ur in 8th grade… and plus u live in Canada and i dont know u…

    and ok i know we dropped the whole Tracy thing but when u guys kept saying it was them i decided to email her and ask a few questions just to see if she even knew how to answer them correctly and she just emailed me back today and didnt answer any of my questions at all.. she didnt even attempt to answer.. and this is wut she said:

    “Yo you can e-mail us its cool Just dont tell anyone else our screen name or e-mail aiight? ”

    lol my ass she’s nates girlfriend… and i dont know wut u said to actually piss that 14 year old girl off (my opinion, i know its not urs) but she sure the hell didnt try to be mean to me.. and plus she is trying way to hard to act ghetto.. it didnt work.. and she is a poser cuz she is so desperate for ppl to email her… but anyways i’ll drop it now, i just wanted u to see how she responded to my email….

  313. i dont have msn but i have aim.. i use that instead…. and right now its 11:00 PM and im Roman Catholic.. wuts ur religion?

  314. alright well im really tired so im gonna go to bed… so i guess i’ll tty tomorrow or something… bye

  315. lol……….yo nitro i noe i’m in 7th grade(year 7 ,woteva)y did u say that cuz i did’nt even say shit lyk that so shut up and wot has sup sed that made da tempa man do’nt diss her she’s my homie…lol yo nitro do u want me 2 tell every 1 wot grade or year ur in if not shut up please!!!!!!!(setty…lol)
    c y’all l8ta peace

  316. i am so in a bad mood 2 day cuz all my friends-lol(USERS) were takin’ the piss outta Em and i cud’nt take it they r muthafukaz they don’t noe how i noe shady cuz they need 2 get a life especially my mate kirsty-fuckin’whore,fat fuck she eats 2 much man if she sat on the rainbow the skittles wud pop out……,….ha..ha..ha

  317. u r dick heads by the way tracy is my gal
    kizza u r my no 1# fan sorry got mixed with my brother Nitrous Oxide

  318. Nitro is my bro hope u treat him with respect kizza u r my number 1# fan i luv u all but
    i luv kizza sup baby g i luv u mayn thanks…
    nitro keep strong if any 1 dis u tell me
    i will sort them out bro RESPECT !!! luv yall

  319. i like to eat eat eat apples and bananas
    i like to eat eat eat apples and bananas
    i like to eat eat eat apples and bananas
    i like to eat eat eat apples and bananas
    i like to eat eat eat apples and bananas
    i like to eat eat eat apples and bananas
    i do like 2 eat apples and

  320. wow u ppl are insane… seriously! and sup, why do u keep flipping out cuz im using well and umm? i dont get it…. i mean, do u understand that they are different words and they are used in different context?? and u said ur muslin…. do u mean muslim?

  321. alright well im pretty much done with this site so i prolly wont be coming on it again unless im bored… which is a large possibility so bye ppl.

  322. yo nitro i noe that woz u bein’ nate cuz if ya’ll look on #640 it says niro and no i ai’nt ur biggest fan cuz i am eminem’s biggest fan soz but i ain’t into nate cuz i don’t luv him lyk i love his bro so y’all jus shut up and nitro i all ready told every1 ma name so there and stop pissin’ me off n take a chill pill man and next tym don’t pose as nate…please
    peace yo sup i ain’t gonna cum on msn cuz i have my exams next week n i gots 2 learn shit man i hate skool it iz sooooooo gay!!!!!!!!!1

  323. Well, there were rumors about jessica and em and mariah and em..but i dont understand non of that..can someone explain me what really happend… well not really, cuz thats probabbly just em who knows it…how are you my homies…what cracking..peace..

  324. ok im sorry sup for sayin u dis me peace laterz i got my exams on monday so i got 2 get ready laterz PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACEPEACE PEACE 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  325. yo baby girl i’ll tell u wot woz up wit mariah,Em and jessica……..Em dated mariah for bout 3 weeks and then she ditched him(fuckin’ bitch) there iz nofin’ goin on or was goin on between Em n jessica he jus mentioned her in’my band’ but after that mariah wanted get back wit him but Em sed no…(ha ha)
    there u go i got this in one of my eminem books it’s called’Marshall’s personal life’ it tells u every thin bout him
    weel i got 2 go nw cya peace

  326. ohh ..thanks… Well Mariah wrote a song called clown for goes like this (f** bitch:):

    should’ve left it at, how ya doin’
    I should’ve left it at
    I like your music too, and
    I should’ve never called you back
    When you pursued me
    I should’ve never given you
    My fucking N two way
    I should’ve never listened
    To your woeful stories
    The ones I’m sure you
    Told a thousand times before me
    You should’ve never intimated
    We were lovers
    When you know very well
    We never even touched each other

    should’ve left it at, how ya doin’
    I should’ve left it at
    I like your music too, and
    I should’ve never called you back
    When you pursued me
    I should’ve never given you
    My fucking N two way
    I should’ve never listened
    To your woeful stories
    The ones I’m sure you
    Told a thousand times before me
    You should’ve never intimated
    We were lovers
    When you know very well
    We never even touched each other
    should’ve left it at, how ya doin’
    I should’ve left it at
    I like your music too, and
    I should’ve never called you back
    When you pursued me
    I should’ve never given you
    My fucking N two way
    I should’ve never listened
    To your woeful stories
    The ones I’m sure you
    Told a thousand times before me
    You should’ve never intimated
    We were lovers
    When you know very well
    We never even touched each other

  327. oic…….EMINEM datted mariah……she is such a fugly bitch….em`s too good for mariah
    o and its alrite nitro…peace 2 u 2 and hope u and kiran get good marks…..i think my tests r in june..anyways….peace yall

  328. my poem(which sucks….lmao)

  329. thanks.. i’m nearly done with this web i will
    sometimes cum on peace all of u kizza sup baby g
    peace thanks im done ………………..

  330. yo nitro no problem nitro i guess we all friends on dis site……………and me 2 i guess im done wit dis site but i might go on and off see wat u pple r talkin bout!anyways kizza talk 2 ya soon go on my guestbook 2 and peace 2 all of ya

  331. yo nitro setty iz sups real name i told u b 4 n e wayz seen as yall r goin’ off dis syt i might as well 2 so i’m done wit this syt so peace yall sup, nitro, chas, baby girl, c yall i will cum back jus 2 check wot yall r sayin well c ya it woz nice nowin’ u but sup i will alwayz noe u cuz ur my i will talk 2 ya soon c ya byeXxXxXxXxXxXxX…..peace

  332. wazz up people..just came by … i gotta run to work now..its early in the im tired like hell.. hehe..Peace to all of ya..mwahh

  333. wassup peeps hw ya’ll doin i had my science exam yesterday it was hard as fuck man i had 2 copy naerly all the answers off kirsty cuz i’m thick i don’t pay attention espesially in science cuz its borin’ and i don’t listen 2 a word he says i bet ya’ll fail i don’t give a fuck!!!!!!!!!!!

  334. yall shouldnt be pissed and shit… ppl should hav studyed ur asses off…….and i noe it fuckin sucks……well i got mine in a month…good thing i dont hav to study….they r so easy!!!!
    yo kizza……da next time on msn i will show u how i look like(ill send u a pic)
    peace yall
    good luck some more!:)

  335. k sup, i’ll send u sum animated text(u noe wen u kept askin me how do u do that)them. i got tons more, alls u do iz highlight them right click and click add, k u got that o yeah btw i did study but it fuckin does’nt stay in ma hed…lol and i don’t listen

  336. aye yo y dont just u guys take a chill man my friend showed me this syt so i ain’t no eminem fan but his bro is aight.
    yo iz there any gurls out there who wud like a fit sexy 15 year old cuz im all yours.
    by the way hey Kizza & baby girl how old r ya xxxx cuz u gurls sound like babes…….ha ha

  337. soz yall that woz my stupid cousin soz he iz gay man he so pisses me off he aint really 15 and he aint fit or sexy or wotever he says, i jus woz readin if n e 1 has wrote n e fin and he started messin bout on my computer soz yall, hes cryin now cuz i jus battered him…lol…yo sup wen u goin on msn….soz baby g it woz my thick 9 year old cousin who thinks he’s sooo hot,but he ain’t

  338. lol kizza…no offence but ur cousin is sick!lmao
    anyways ill just chat to ya on msn on da weekends or wen i hav no skool (which welb soon 4 me)
    um(m) ppl study wit a EMINEM song….he has a claming voice that helps me a lot….its how u could get an A(that helps me a lot)!!!
    yo ‘chris’ DAMN wat da hell is da matter wit u???

  339. You`re 20!Everyone here is like 13-17 years old(kizza lol)!no offence or anything but you type like 12/13/14 year old.DAMN how could you be 20 and think you could get Nathan Mathers……hes 19!!be4 and shit you were like you dont noe if i could get Nate so shut up……..that sounds like a little 13 year old girl thinking she could get any guy she wants…
    anyways im sry about da person who died… friend lost to uncles like in 2 weeks…so i feel more sry 4 him……………..

  340. Well, he was old but it came like a shock.. so im really down right now..But thats life… Everybody dies some day..but may his soul rest in peace.Im gonna miss him so much… RIP

    I Tought you guys were older or something sup.. and i didnt act like a 13 years old girl.. Cuz I was just kidding with you.. I want Em…

    and not Nathan… !! But a, im not 20 a couple of weeks.. Peace to everyone…

  341. yea yea yea
    wut eva baby girl….u still act like a little 13 yeay old girl!!
    sry again for da person who died….but yea…eveybody dies someday!!
    btw why did you think eveyone was like older and shit…

  342. I tought some people in here were a little bit older than 13 years old..and I dont act like a 13 years old girl.But u can think what u wanna think…how old are you then? But got to run, cuz im going out to ya guys later.Peace


  344. u ppl should not get to personal…its her life….
    aye kizza talk to you on saturday/sunday/tuseday

  345. I`m just kidding.. sorry if i was acting so stupid.I`m just so down right now… No, he wasnt..he was old tough..but its sad.. But my friend killed her self almost 2 years ago:(

  346. I guess its really hard to forget about a one you love,I noe how it feels.But yea dats life.She was wit you in wonderful times,and now her soul will always be in ur heart….and u will never forget her(…God always has a plane)

    may da ones we love that have always been there for us will be alright
    God Bless Yall

  347. yeah, but it hurts when I think about all the wonderful times.. I mean, i have been trought so much..and im almost 20… It really hurts..cuz two in my family died a few years ago and things like that. So i cant really cope with death and stuff like that. Some days I really can be so down and sad… And it hurts cuz i never really got to say goodbye to my friends..nobody knows why she killed her self.. it came like a shock..its almost two years now..and I really want some answers.. but like you said sup, God has plans for us…

  348. but in the other hand, why would God take the people we love. I really dont understand that. Sorry if i am talking and stuff..maybe you guys are bored or something. But thanks for listening. Peace

  349. bay girl right there u r acting lyk a little…God may take the ones we love beacause mayb its good 4 us……4 xample eminem and his uncle ronnie………just listen 2 an eminem…like i said he has a calming voice

  350. 1 2 Baby Girl is coming for you. 3 4 You betta lock ya door.. 5 6 Get Crusin quik 7 8 DON`T STAY UP LATE… HaHa 🙂 PeaCe

  351. I was actually just thinking about know Nate, the mail we wrote at.. I mean, why do we really care about him? Seriously… If he really cared about hos fans he wouldnt wrote what he wrote and thinking he is all that… But on the other hand we dont know if its a poster or not. But if its really him, he should write in a desent way. PeaCe

  352. Marshall`s favourite drink is Mountian Dew(wut ever u spell it)_______RIGHT??!!
    My friend told me that Mountian Dew makes the guy`s thingy smaller……….yo Nitro..ur a guy is that true my brothers says it is

  353. im talking real fact girl.. hehe… Yeah, Tracey may be writing 2 us… cuz if its nate he dont appreciate his fans… dont be angry sup.. I was just saying my opinion… oki..peaCe..have you guys seen Ems new video” Ass Like That” .. Its really cool.. Hahahaha…He is so cool.:)

  354. alright Nitro…… gurl im not pissed and he has a ‘ass like that’video?OMG im gon’ watch muchmusic 24/7 now

  355. yeah, his new video is out..its really cool. He makes fun of the olsens twins , gwen stefani and jessica simpson and other people..but i tought he liked gwen stefanis music… what is dat bitch saying to you sup… PeaCe 🙂


  357. Yeah, how can she say she is a fan when she nows nothing about him? Thats just so stupid..But we in Norway have the Nordic MTV,Its really boring.. Well, I have to go now but i`ll talk to you later. PeaCE:)

  358. Well alright baby gurl,and for the ‘ass like that’ video.I thought it would be encore/curtinsdown.cuz i heard it like every where i go
    anyways peace to u 2
    ps wuts ur real name and same to u Nitro

  359. btw the letters we getting might be frm tracy not nathan.but the first one u got baby gurl might b frm nate and and same 4 me to

  360. OMG ‘Nate Dogg’ aka Nitro.first of all dont change ur name,its sort of stupid.and for the last time my name is setareh but i changed it to setty cuz ppl made fun of ma name and shit.and tell kizza to go on msn 2day if she can or on da weekend cuz 2day is Victra day and she hasnt been on for a long time

  361. my real name is Tina…:) But a,ass like taht video is so cool..You have 2 see it sup.. He is so damn hot in the video…omg..i could like eat him, up..hahahahaha..PeaCe 🙂

  362. OIC……SUP TINA

  363. Ohh Baby, The way you shake it
    I can’t believe it, I ain’t never seen an ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my peepee go DOING DOING DOING
    I don’t believe it, it’s almost to good to be true
    I ain’t never seen an ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my peepee go DOING DOING DOING

    The way she moves, she’s like a belly-dancer
    She shakin that ass to the new Nelly jams
    I think someone’s at the door but I don’t think Imma answer
    Police saying, FREEZE… DOING DOING DOING
    What do you mean freeze? Please I’m a human being
    I have needs, I’m not done, not til I’m finished peeing
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    It’s impossible for me, And do not treat me like a murderer
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    I sing song, it Ring-a-Chong-a-Ching-Chong-Chong-Ching
    Syke, I joke I joke, I kid I kid. If offend, I’m sorry
    Please, Please forgive, for I am Triumph, the puppet dog
    I am a mere puppet, I can get away anything I say and you will love

    The way you shake it
    I can’t believe it, I ain’t never seen an ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my peepee go DOING DOING DOING
    Jessica Simpson, looks oh so tempting
    Nick, I ain’t never seen an ass like that
    Every time I see that show on MTV my pee pee goes DOING DOING DOING

    Mary Kate and Ashley used to be so handsome
    Now they getting older, they’re starting to grow bum-bums
    I go to the movies and sit down with my popcorn
    Police saying, FREEZE… DOING DOING DOING
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    I have ticket, look I put away, my zipper’s zipped
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    So Gwen Stafani will you peepee on me, Please
    I ain’t never seen an ass like that
    Cause the way you move it, you make my peepee go DOING DOING DOING


  364. Nitro i cant….i got school…..2day is my day off its our ex-queens day or sum shit…i really dont know

  365. ppl
    u guys dont really hav 2 knoe dis but im writting a story for Ronnie(even if hes not here).its gon’ rock and ima get a A on it

  366. haha
    i always get As on those shit that i do
    i did a biography on Marshall and i got a A.I wrote bout dis dream i had of him and i got an A.I drew a pic of him… an A.And i wrote dis 55 wrd thing and i got an
    peace 2 u 2 baby girl

  367. hey yo dis iz nitro big bro
    soo u have to go
    cuz i might
    take yall for a bite
    watch out at night
    cuz youl get in a fight
    it nitro mayn i waz just playin

  368. yo yo this is baby girl..if you mess with me you mess with my family. If you aint happy.. why the f** give me the blame cuz your just a me and my family.. hAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

  369. yo yo aby gurl u been running ma mind
    so dat’s why i can’t leave u behind
    i need a target to shoot u
    so dat’s why i use paper and glue
    i got things to do
    i have to scare people lyk BOOO!!!!!!!

  370. its my birthday 2 day..27 may..yipiiii… 20 years:) haha..Go shorty its my birthday,we gonna party cuz its my birthday… PeaCe 🙂

  371. 50 Cent
    Go, go, go, go
    Go, go, go shawty
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    We gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday
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    It’s not your birthday!

    Chorus: repeat 2X
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    Look mami I got the X if you into taking drugs
    I’m into having sex, I ain’t into making love
    So come give me a hug if you into to getting rubbed

    When I pull out up front, you see the Benz on dubs
    When I roll 20 deep, it’s 20 knives in the club
    Niggas heard I fuck with Dre, now they wanna show me love
    When you sell like Eminem, and the hoes they wanna fuck
    But homie ain’t nothing change hold down, G’s up
    I see Xzibit in the cut hey nigga roll that weed up
    If you watch how I move you’ll mistake me for a playa or pimp
    Been hit wit a few shells but I dont walk wit a limp
    In the hood, in L.A. they saying “50 you hot”
    They like me, I want them to love me like they love ‘Pac
    But holla in New York them niggas’ll tell ya I’m loco
    And the plan is to put the rap game in a choke hold
    I’m fully focused man, my money on my mind
    I got a mill out the deal and I’m still on the grind
    Now shawty said she feeling my style, she feeling my flow
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    Watch the money pile up
    Or we go upside they wit a bottle of bub
    They know where we fuckin be

    Chorus 2X

    Don’t try to act like you ain’t know where we been either nigga
    In the club all the time nigga, its about to pop off nigga

  372. no problem

  373. yo pple
    plz go to this website: http: //
    go to the guestbook and omg…these ppl r dissin’ Marshall and Nathan so badly
    check it out!!

  374. yo peeps this iz kizza on nitros computer yo setty ill try 2 get my internet fixed as soon as possible and talk 2 yall on msn well i gots 2 go now c ya peace up xXx

  375. Whats crackin people? How is everybody?Yo,sup i cant get in in your doesnt work..Maybe somethin wrong with my computer.. PeaCe:)

  376. oic baby girl….well i dunno wuts uo wit ur comp but my wrks right wen i go on it.and nothin’s gon’ on wit bout u?

  377. Nitro i just checked out ur site….its tight!!!:)
    btw Babygurl give me ur e-mail and ill send these qiuzes to ya…..

  378. wow everyone writes way to much anyways does anyone actually know nathan mathers in person like met them

    love always


  379. No , we dont now him in real life..but qe adore him..Do you understand .. This is a blogg , of course we write way to much :9 hehe.. PeaCe 🙂

  380. someone’s probably jealous of u and i agree with baby girl that someone is stealing your nickname

    peace out

  381. hey all ma ppl ! i wud just like toi say that nate is HOT ! and i love him and em 2 peices ! he is just soooooooooooooo fine and has a really really really nice ass ! lol ! omg ! he is fit but not as fit as eminem ! omg i am in love !

  382. at shcool..its almost midnight here sup..haha..have 2 go to sleep cuz im going to work early in the morning tommorow..good night 2 everyone. PeaCe out 🙂

  383. haha
    hey where do u go to wrk?im just wonderin’.
    anyways does anyone have an older brothers b-day is comin’ up(hes turnin’ 19 on the 25th)and i need some gift ideas for him!!!

  384. Hehe.. I work at a store. Anywayz, really You can buy perfume or a cool t-shirt or something like that. Boys are not like us. They appreciate anything..hahaha… they get. But a, have 2 go now.. PeaCe. Talk to ya later sup..

  385. srry i havent been on the syt cuz my internet was cut off so i brought a new 1
    dany its alright bout u being a gurl
    but it doesn’t matter if im the nly boy
    on the website i not bothered really sup
    thanx 4 thinking bout other people

  386. try a pair of
    TN CAP


  387. Um, I’m not a fan of Nathan Mathers, didn’t even kno who he was, but my friend luvs him, so this is for my friend, hey Nathan, if u ever read these pysco fan’s letters, kno that Dana Rhiemer(i hope thats her last name…) luvs you, not me, but Dana. I personally dont think he’s hot, cuz….

  388. ! more thing, Dana’s screenname is baby x dAnE, n if u eva IM her, tell her that u got her screen name from jackie, this is 4 nathan maters….or sometin….

  389. hey ‘sup’, ur a fuckin retarded doosh, ok, so mind u own fuckin self, n talk wit ur own friends, o that’s right, u don’t have ne!

  390. omg dont diss sup you stupid b***.. who tha fuck do you think you are… If you dont like Nathan.. why you on this site biatch?? dont diss my girlfriend…

  391. as soon as u get on the site
    type in your nick name then click connect
    then down the side is a list of names
    double click on 1 of the names then start chatting


  393. i got another mail from was really strange one..cuz i wrote i found your mail on a website and that i adore eminem.. and he wrote : thats ok… i was just curoius..wich brother are you talking we really want 2

    What da fuck?? i dont think its nate anymore..

  394. Well, he replied me..he just said that he was curious and with brother i was talkiong about.. Cuz I also wrote that im sorry if i bothered him and he said it was ok..


  396. hehe… good one nitro.. just kidding. But Sup, why didnt you buy anything for your brother ??

    How are you Nitro.. ? Have 2 go now. Talk 2 you guys later. PeaCe:)

  397. ok kizza hasn’t fixed her computer but she told me
    shw will fiz it soon
    by the way my brother has major issues
    no offence but does your brother have major issues

  398. Yeah I know sup..he is so damn hott.. what u talking about nitro???!? Thats because he performed the song ” ass like that “.. Thats why those dolls are there or what you want 2 call it.. its almost midnight here in Norway.. Im tired..have been at work.. PeaCe:)

  399. any way i got lyrics 2 ass like that

    Ohh Beeby, The way you shake it
    I can?t believe it, I ain?t never seen an ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my peepee go DOING DOING DOING
    I don?t believe it, it?s almost to good to be true
    I ain?t never seen an ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my peepee go DOING DOING DOING

    The way she moves, she?s like a belly-dancer
    She shakin that ass to the new Nelly jams
    I think someone?s at the door but I don?t think Imma answer
    Police saying, FREEZE… DOING DOING DOING
    What do you mean freeze? Please I?m a human being
    I have needs, I?m not done, not til I?m finished peeing
    I?m not resisting arrest, I am agreeing Mr. Officer
    I?m already on my knees, I can?t get on the ground any further
    It?s impossible for me, And do not treat me like a murderer
    I just like to pee, pee, pee, Yes, I make R&B
    I sing song, it Ring-a-Chong-a-Ching-Chong-Chong-Ching
    Syke, I joke I joke, I kid I kid. If offend, I?m sorry
    Please, Please forgive, for I am Triumph, the puppet dog
    I am a mere puppet, I can get away anything I say and you will love

    The way you shake it
    I can?t believe it, I ain?t never seen an ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my peepee go DOING DOING DOING
    Jessica Simpson, looks oh so tempting
    Nick, I ain?t never seen an ass like that
    Every time I see that show on MTV my pee pee goes DOING DOING DOING

    Mary Kate and Ashley used to be so handsome
    Now they getting older, they?re starting to grow bum-bums
    I go to the movies and sit down with my popcorn
    Police saying, FREEZE… DOING DOING DOING
    What do you mean freeze? JEEZ I just got my seat
    I have ticket, look I put away, my zipper?s zipped
    Please do not remove me from this movie theatre, please
    I did not even get to see Mary Kate?s shower scene
    I didn?t mean to be obscene or make a great big scene
    And don?t treat me like I?m Pee-Wee Herman
    This movie?s PG, Mr. Office, I demand to see my attorney
    I will simple plead innocent, cop a plea, and be free
    Free, yes free, right back on the streets
    What you mean my lawyers with Michael, He?s too busy?
    I am Triumph, Britney Spears has shoulder?s are like man
    And I could say that and you laugh cause there?s a puppet on my hand

    The way you shake it
    I can?t believe it, I ain?t never seen an ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my peepee g