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Eminem and Kim's love-hate relationship

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Eminem and Kim’s twisted relationship has constantly been targetted by the media.

Debbie Mathers took Kim at her home where she grew up as Marshall’s foster sister since she was 12.
‘ I took her in at 12, which I kick myself every day for ‘, declared Debbie to the Detroit Free Press.
‘ She does not care about my son at all. She cares about the money. ‘
Marshall and Kim have known each other when they were teenagers. They have grown up at the same home , which created strong links between each other.
But if they were unable to live without each other, they have also proven not to be able to live with each other either.
The dramas Eminem has been through with Kim in his personal life have been a huge source of inspiration for him.
‘ Bonnie and Clyde 97 ‘ was a recociliation attempt, as Eminem explains it very well in his book ‘ Angry Blonde ‘ and ‘ Kim ‘ was a deep expression of his unhappy love for Kim. The chorus speaks for itself ‘ So long, bitch you give me so wrong/
I don’t wanna go on/
living in this world without you’ ‘
Kim has often been playing with Marshall’s feelings, leaving him as soon as he was financially down and using their daughter Hailie as a weapon against him.

Despite the frequent arguments Marshall and Kim used to have in their on-and-off relationship, both got married in June 1999.
Their marriage was an unhappy union and Eminem decided to divorce when he caught Kim kissing John Guerra.
Eminem’s decision to divorce lead to a new drama in his life : Kim attempted suicide in front of her mom and of Marshall’s little brother Nate while he was touring for the ‘ Up In Smoke Tour ‘. She was hospitalized on July the 7 th 2000. Marshall talks about the tragic event in the song ‘ Don’t approach Me ‘ from Xzibit (featuring Eminem) :

‘ .. everyday I wake up, another drama
It’s a wonder I’m alive, survivin this karma
If I can hold on to my private life for five minutes longer
I might get my wife to let go of this knife and just calm her
Without these cameras in our faces like animals
For your channel 2 action news to follow our ambulence up the avenue
And catch a glimpse of all the suicide attempts
And what we do in private since they won’t let us put up a fence
And you wonder why I carry every gun under the sun
Whether it’s unloaded full or an un-registered one
No bullet, you’re so full of shit
This clip is so full it’ll spit if I don’t pull it
And don’t give me no bullshit I’m not in the mood
I just got in a feud in some parkin lot with a dude
Over kim and she just slit both of her wrists over the shit
Don’t tell me bout the show business shit
I know what this is, bitch ‘

Eminem doesn’t like the way the media expose his private life, which is understandable. He feels like he can’t hide his privacy for one minute. His life is hidden for no camera and this drama is a real private matter.

From Kim’s point of view, it was very difficult to face with her husband’s new celebrity and to suddenly share him with the whole world, with of course, unpleasant exposures of some intimate details of her private life.

Kim intented to sue Marshall in 2000 for defamation , because she constantly felt humiliated about the ‘ Kim doll ‘ her husband was ‘ beating ‘ on stage, but on August 24th 2000, both reached a settlement about that lawsuit and tried to reconcile, with no success.

The couple even tried to work out their problems and to live together for Hailie’s interest. They even tried to have another child. Despite their efforts of reconstructing their relationship, their divorce was finalized in March 2001.
Marshall’s advocate, Robert Z Feldstein stated : ‘ This is a marriage that appearently just isn’t going to work. Luckily, the parties seem to be communicating well with respect to their daughter and hopefully communication and co-operation is ongoing for the best interest of the child. ‘

We all know how much Eminem shows concern for Hailie’s interest. His daughter always comes first and his behavior towards her honors him.

In 2002, Kim got pregnant from another man, Eric Hartter, who is the father of her second child, Whitney.
Eminem disliked the fact that she went pregnant six months after their divorce. It was reported in the ‘ World Entertainment News ‘ from April the 30th 2002 that Eminem was ‘ shocked and upset ‘ when he discovered about Kim’s pregnancy. In fact, he was much more worried on the effect this pregnancy might have on Hailie.

All of a sudden, at the period ‘ 8 Mile ‘ was released, Kim broke up with the father of her second child and got back with Marshall, taking little Whitney with her to Marshall’s home in Clinton Township, Michigan.
Since he divorced from her, Eminem couldn’t really forget his ex wife. He still has strong feelings for her despite the fact she cheated on him so often and has proven to be so untrustworthy towards him.
The fact that little Whitney was living at the famous rapper’s home caused a lot of problems to Eminem. He was accused of trying to separate the baby from her dad.
Mary, Whitney’s grandmother complained about the situation. The trouble was, Eric Hartter’s name wasn’t n the birth certificate and since Eminem and Kim were back together, Eric’s family feared for the worst.
But Eminem ‘s intentions were not to create any problem. In fact Kim didn’t want the dad of her second child see their kid. When Eric requested to see his daughter on the phone, Kim said : ‘ Just take me to court if you want to see her. Take me to court. ‘
But she already knew it wasn’t that simple for him, because he already had a lot of trouble with justice, being charged for drug deals and other delicts.
Between 2001 and 2003, Kim has been arrested twice in possession of cocaine. She seems to have serious addiction problem.
Her recent behavior, disappearing without anybody knowing the place
where she was hiding before the police caught her, shows an irresponsible behavior.

Since the time Eminem has been back with Kim, their relation has been the same that it was in the past, always on and off.
Kim has always played on the fact her ex husband still had feelings for her, she’s been manipulating him, but the worst in the whole story is her irresponsible behavior, simply disappearing without caring about her daughter Hailie.

For once, we may not doubt Debbie’s words about Kim, who seems to be a dependant woman and certainly not the best mother in the world. But Hailie’s presence in Eminem’s life remains the most positive thing that went out of their marriage.

184 thoughts on “Eminem and Kim's love-hate relationship”

  1. Very insightful article! I truly hope one day that the rap industry will be called to task on this issue!

  2. I think they should just call it quits for good.
    It’d stop all this trouble in the media stickin their fuckin noses in. Plus i don’t like Kim.

    Isn’t it obvious….

  3. very informative, accurate article. i hope evrything finally works out btw em n kim… they’ve both been thru a lot πŸ™ xox em i love u


  5. eminem ur cool i canit wait until u come wit ur new album i like ur movie 8 mile i have it it was good ur great u and 5o r cool to sing together do u think u will soon done rapping thtas cool that u help g- unit and 50 cent thats cool that u and kim r back together cool peace

    alex orendorff

  6. eminem ur cool i canit wait until u come wit ur new album i like ur movie 8 mile i have it it was good ur great u and 5o r cool to sing together do u think u will soon done rapping thtas cool that u help g- unit and 50 cent thats cool that u and kim r back together cool peace

    alex orendorff

  7. Their relatioship is a fucking joke. Are they both really looking out for their daughter’s wellbeing by choosing to run in and out of each other’s arms constantly? Poor child. I bet she doesn’t know whether to come or go. They’re screwing up her head. Fisrt she lives at mommy’s home, then back with mommy and daddy, and then with mommy again. Jeez. The kid needs stability- that doesn’t necessarily entail two quiet clearly unhappy parents living together. It may mean living apart but properly communicating for the child’s sake. Its ridiculous. Both of them are immature. Kim is quite clearly an irresponsible wreck and Eminem seems to return back to his ex wife’s b/c she is a conveinent doormat. No matter their history, the relationship is unproductive and unhealthy. Both need to cut their ties.

  8. I am in da same relationship now i was arressted the other day for going to gfs work and im on bail but i lover her so much and wana b with her forever so i understand what its like for eminem and kim safe kobe

  9. Eminem and Kim should just split for good. Eminem shouldn’t have any feelings for that horrible woman who takes drugs and leaves her kids so she can go have an affair with someone else. I hope that when Haillie grows up Eminem will leave kim and take Haillie because Haillie deosn’t belong with her mother her, father cares more about her than Kim. Eminem should try looking for new love for him and for his dughter also i love Eminem i find he is so hot and is such a caring father. it must be so cool to hang out with 50 and dr.dre and d12. Never saw 8 mile but it looks like really good movie. I love rap all thanx to u ur my fav. rapper. I love Eminem.

  10. Yeah I do agree they should just end it for good, Kim is just in the relationship for the money and the attention. All Em is worried about right now is Hailie, thats all. Kim is just slowing his number one priorty of pleasing hailie down she needs to go in a mental house and spend a couple of years to straighten her out. sliting ur wrists in front of your family members is wrong including infront of children, they have no idea whats going on. To top it all off she wonders off and has another child with another man! whoa there shes gonna catch something! sooner or later i know it its gonna happen. Hailie has no idea why she cant see her baby step sister. shes only 7 i mean my god how much is Kim putting on her shoulders, including Em’s. I feel very sorry for both of them and nathan. they have been through alot with that woman but they all make it through.
    keep it up guys! love lots Crystal Marino

  11. Well said. I think Em is scared to find someone new. Kim was with him before he was famous. Em trying to find someone now, that wont want him for his $$$$. Honestly, doubtful. Even if he finds someone with $$$$. That will always be an issue. But I do believe that there is one true love for everyone. For Em maybe its Kim. Time will tell. Or maybe Em just needs to step out of Detroit. See places he hasnt been. Not on tour. Maybe take a vacation.


  13. The love story about Eminem and Kim is very complex but interesting. They have passionate type of relationship that is led primarily by sexual attraction. The sexual attraction between them is not so much about the physical beauty how much it is about their attitude. I think Eminem is the type of a man who likes a challenge, he likes to conquer and dominate and when a woman does not allow him that, he gets angry because it’s not his way but at the same time this feeling creates passion and sexual attraction – so he likes her more beacuse he can’t have the way he wants. He always wonder does she love him or not. Her attitude confuses him. He is attracted to that. I think he finds Kim sexy because she is opposing him. It’s not Kim, it’s her attitude that turns him on. Eminem would be attracted to any woman who is ‘challenging’ and in some way ‘bitchy’. Kim knows him very well, and she is not playing the game. She is just like that naturally. I think Eminem knows her. He knows that she is like that naturally. Is she manipulating him? YES. Kim is manipulating Eminem because she knows that he loves her. She knows she can do it. Kim is unstable person emotionally. She can not trust herself. She does not know herself. She does not know what she is going to do next. She is unpredictable. She has a drug addiction. She has a problem. Her world is focused on drugs. That’s her LOVE. Kim is incapable to take care of anyone in that condition. She does not think clearly. She is under the influence of drugs and she is losing her life slowly. She is in deep depression. She attempted suicide. She is falling deeper and deeper. I feel sorry for Kim. Kim is so lucky that Eminem loves her that much to take her back despite of the fact that she has cheated him and concieved a baby with another man. Still he took her back. I don’t think that anyone can love her the way Eminem did. Love is emotion. It does not THINK, it FEELS.

    I am not sure if their relationship was abusive one. If they physically fought with each other, as he meantioned in one of his songs “I love you more” they both have the problem. I can’t imagine Eminem to be physically abusive to a woman he loves. People fight when from the fear of losing control over another person. That’s actually the whole theme of their relationship. To gain the control and to give up the control.

    Eminem likes excitment. He seems to be a person who is always searching for something meaningful. He wants his life to be active, and if nothing is happening I think he would cause and create things to make a change. I think that Kim does not love Eminem as much as he loves her. She is not in the position to love anyone because she loves drugs. She is probably addicted. Cocain distroys the centers for pleasure in the brain and replace them with own substance, so her brain is functioning differently because of drugs. Kim needs to receive a treatment and try to help herself for her own sake and sake of the children she brought in this world.

    I think the reason why Eminem is getting back to her is because he is losing her. He probably feels that old Kim will never come back no matter how many times she returns to him, he will each time find out the old Kim is still missing. He wants to hold that love. He does not want to stop loving her. That’s painful for him – to lose the love – that’s suffering for him. He feels it is difficult to be with her but even more difficult without her. That is a dependent- relationship. He probably feels nothing without her because she was everything to him. By losing her, he is losing himself. He is in many ways idealizing her because he came to the point to be weak and not be able to see the reality. He can not except reality easily because it’s too painful for him. He still have some good picture of Kim somewhere deep in his heart. Eminem is not ready for a healthy relationship with another woman yet because he is not over this one. As long as he mentions Kim in his songs – he is not over her.

    I would not want them to be apart because they are not ready to be apart, and they don’t want to be apart. They want to be together. If they would brake up a relationship without appropriate closure, if they are not ready to be apart – they will always come back again and again. I think Eminem should help her to help herself with drug abuse if he LOVES HER TRULY – he will do it. You don’t leave a friend in need alone. Besides, she is the mother of two children, one is his. These children deserve to have the mother in their life.

    Any future?
    I personally don’t see the future between Eminem and Kim. They will remain together for some time and get tired of each other because the only way they can survive would be to be “different”, however that SAME thing that seperates them actually connects them. If any of two of them would change, another would lose interest because that would not be the person they desperately needed so much. Untill their own issues are resolved – they will hang with each other and Kim will eaither gett off the drugs or fell into it deeper. Beacuse of her past attitude, more likely she will fall and fall many times before she actually can walk on her own. I think that Eminem will get to the point where he will learn more about himself and his own personality and with age and maturity – he will feel a huge need to to spend his life with someone who can truly love him – and to experience the healty realtionship the way he always wanted. Same for Kim. I hope she will get off the drugs, learn who she is and realize how her attitude effects her children and eventually she will find a person who matches her personality and be happy again.

    It would be nice if they fix everything and stay together in healthy love relationship – but according to the previous events and consistency of behavior – that would be highly unlikely.

  14. I really don’t understand their relationship.Kim is using him for the money and Eminem can’t see it that way because he loves her way to much.He loves her so much he can dealt the fact that shes cheated on him and conceived another baby six months after their divorce. In a way eminem was mad about that but he just can’t stand the fact to not live without Kim!

  15. dude i totally love mashal it would be gr8 2 have him as a dad but not 2 have kym as a mum she is wierd but u lot its not right 2 say about there relationship coz u dont no every think they r goin throght tho i would like 2 say 2 freedom i have cn eminem smile its gr8 i feel 4 eminem the life his bn through.I think d12 totally rock so dose 50 cent man corr and dr dre is slamin init. c u l8a peace out people

  16. i think that eminem and kim should break up because they breaking up each other inside. but if they are not ready to give up the passion and the memories of the tmes when their love was still fresh and new to them then that’s their issue. people can’t cum down on kim and em dat hard because he has known her since he was like a teenager she was probably different then….he still maybe thinks of her as his teenage love (first love) the one who was there for him during those rough years of puberty when you still trying to find yourself and dealing with peer pressure. being with her might not be healty but the heart wants what it wants. and his heart wants kim. or maybe he stays with her because with all the success he has all the women around him will only want his money. till he can finally realize that the kim he loved all those years ago might never come back and finds a women dat can love him for who he is not how nuch money he is rolling with then he can never get on with his love life. sorry to seem hash but he’ll just be chashing the meomories.. but then again all this suffering maybe just for hailie to have a mom and dad in the picture like she big up to em for putting his “love-hate” for kim aside and being a man for his daughter hailie. pplz if hailie didn’t like this arrangement then she will tell them in time..

    peace out ~*smiley*~

  17. If you love her Eminem, you can’t help it, seek counseling, if necessary, work things out, for your daughter, for yourself, you cannot help but to love who you love. Evidentally your heart is with Kim, and no one else can change that. Best Wishes!!

  18. i think that no relationship is worth all that trouble, kim is not the women for em, she isnt even a role model for her kids. Em needs to drop her and move on find a women who he can be happy with and raise that lil girl he loves so much. cause in the long run kim and em, arent hurting anyone but that lil girl. someone needs to show kim how to be a mom and a wife, she should count her blessings. and em should stop being so wiped behind her, cause he looks just as stupied as she does. But other then that i like em alot hes the only white rapper i will listen too, he has soul and alot of talent dont you hardly see anymore.

  19. but how much did that bitch earn from letting Hailie stay our nice Em , How many milliem dollar?



  21. Oh well…what can I say…I’m a fan of Em, so… you know, I think that Kim is the type of women who just wanna find someone who really loves them, to play with their feelings. I know this because I’ve done this to my ex-boy and he was very disappointed of me…Then he did the same to me and I know what is it to feel pain…

  22. Oh well…what can I say…I’m a fan of Em, so… you know, I think that Kim is the type of women who just wanna find someone who really loves them, to play with their feelings. I know this because I’ve done this to my ex-boy and he was very disappointed of me…Then he did the same to me and I know what is it to feel pain…

  23. i think that eminem haves to forget kim.
    kim is not the right woman for eminem.
    kim not loves eminem she only loves he’s money.
    and by the way if she realy loves eminem then she haves to quit with taking drugs and care for here family.i hope that eminem will find someone new.
    cuz kim dont desirve someone like eminem and eminem desirves better then kim.i’ll always lissind to eminems music cuz he’s the only rapper witch raps with he’s personall

  24. I think people confuse the love with the hate in that kind of a reletionship,this is personal stuff between Marshall Mathers and Kim. they have a daughter together that is marshalls no.1 priorty. Hailie is stuck between this, Kim and Marshall should see what matters most, do they “LOVE” each other more than they “HATE” or the other way around. if they keep gettin back 2getha then splittin. what r they doin 2 Hailie, they need to stop untill its to late and the kid will start to think its her fault, coz they r forever arguing and fighting about whos right and whos wrong, they should see that all dosent matter and Hailies feeling do! what makes it worse is that she keeps playin marshall, leavin her two children and heavy into drugs. she is very unstable. you proberly beleive their explination of why they keep getting back 2gettha,”FOR HAILIE” thats not why, I will tell u Why- Marshall had a rough childhood and so did kim, when they got 2getha as teenagers they only had each other and fell in to a very strong LOVE, they were each others first. on everything. u cant forget that. they have been 2getha that long that they just cant forget it they love each other soooooo much. thats y they hurt each other because they r confused, they want to show each other how much they NEED each other NOT WANT, NEED. u cant explain love but u know 1 thing it hurts and it hurts to the point that u hate who u love, so then u hurt the person u love. and it makes u hurt more. and makes u love them more. ect. thats why they need each other. they cant let go of what they had, but they cant bring it back. and it will be like that untill the day they die. My blessing goes to Hailie and Whitney. from the biggest eminem fan. xxx

  25. yo yo yo this is Levi Lewi “M.C Le lewi”, ems biggist fan right here. y dont u lot stay da fuck outta there business, its nothing 2 with u. if u lot were real em fans u would keep ur opions 2 ur self. let him live his life how he wants. if he loves this girl then he loves her, fuck all u jelous teenagers who just want her outta ems life. leave em be. love ya em. Levi Lewi xxxx

  26. I think the reason he’s still with her is because she was his first love. She loved him before he was famous. She has his child. She knows him, and knows how to get to him. She should really stop with all of the drugs. Her daughter should be her first priority. For Em , he’s sober at the moment, and he loves his daughter more than anything. He’s wants the best for her, all that he never had. He’s said that himself. He doesn’t want to raise her motherless. He knows what it’s like having a missing parent, and he doesn’t want Hailie to go through that. How can you blame him? Plus, Kim makes him happy, sad and as we all know, angry. He can’t be so sure that whoever he dates next isn’t gonna be using him. Kim is using him, but at least she loves him. She loved him before fame. It doesn’t blame me that he would want her.


  28. hey real interesting article πŸ™‚ i just want to know in Eminem new cd encore he speaks about a girl named Lainnie in da song mocking bird does he have more then one daughter? does any1 know? i live in NZ and no1 here knows:)

  29. I think eminem should of left kim when she had HALIE cause all kim is…is a backstabing bitch so fuck her ugly ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. i think ems business is theres not anyone elses so stay outta it, jealous!!! (even tho kim is kinda not nice to him it is her life)
    From eminems BIGGEST fan!!!!

  31. I think Lainie is Em’s niece, who i assume is playmates with Hailie. U people need to stay outa Em’s goddamn business. He is a man. He will over come his trouble with Kim. That bitch should be locked up in an insane asslium and get treated and Em should take a break off rappin and just be the father he is. Seek councling and keep away from kim until they are both emotionally healthy enough to compromise with each other over Hailie. He loves his baby girl and I’m sure he puts his best intentions for her first, always. Marshall, your amazing, everyone makes mistakes, u just gotta keep going and always hope for the better. <3

  32. Yeah, Kris, you’re right. Alaina is Em’s niece. Alaina is the daughter of Kim’s twin sister Dawn who Em adopted a little while back and she is now living under Em’s roof and is considered his child. Also, Alaina and Hailie are best friends and are getting along very well.

  33. some of u ppl need to get a life and stop commenting on their life and get on with your own. YOU (i’m not saying i do!) dont no what its like the live their life so dnt even try and judge them

  34. Em is a great father and in every album he makes his love for his daughter is evident. He’s a strong man and he’ll make the right decisions when it comes to his life for Hailie. And it really doesn’t matter if he stays or leaves Kim for good; all that matters is that he stays strong for Hailie.

  35. You are all ignorant nosy people. I think you shouldn’t judge Kim just becuz your’e in love with Eminem. You don’t even know him, the only reason u like him is because he is famous and you like his music, he’s cute, etc. but u don’t know him and plus u know he cheated on Kim 2. Why blame her 4 everything? Don’t judge people if u don’t know the deal. Let that be up 2 GOD. You don’t know how she feels and yes maybe she has made mistakes, but who can say they never have?

  36. you don’t know if Em is a good father just because he writes music for his daughter doesn’t make him a great father. If it did I bet a lot of people would be writing their kids songz lol. If he was such a great father he would have just left Kim since he hated her so much that he made beautiful songz for her. He wouldn’t bring drama into her life by writing disturbing songs about killing her mother. Obviously, his daughter’s feelings weren’t on his mind when he wrote those sick songs. But yea he’s a greAT father> If I was Kim and he made those songs for me and cheated on me hell yea I’m gonna get him back.

  37. love/hate relationships are really complicated and really like, seductive in a way. you cant judge fairly in a relationship like that because, well, its complicated. i think its cruel the way kim is apparently manipulating em but, wthe fuck do we know…it kills me to say this but maybe em isnt so innocent as we think…but at least he’s thinkin bout haylie which is something kim is not doing, so he has his daughter’s best interest at heart, whereas kim? well, you get the feeling she doesnt give a shit the way she’s fucked the dog on this one.

  38. o my god this is a serious issue !! kim should like stop doing drugs and just be a mother and a wife to her handsome hubby and HAILE !! she needs to stop this before hailie thinks itz rite and does the same thing when shez older itz not healthy at all !! When is she going to realize this !!! EMINEM is realli cute i love him…. but i’m likin 50 cent a-lot mre!!! haha wut a hottti!!

  39. I Love Eminem so much, no words can describe how much i love him. I cry so much when i realize im never gonna get the chance to meet eminem. my feeling will never chance. We shouldn’t be doing this, i mean like i think we should just let eminem choose what he wants in his life. if he wants kim or not. i know how much he cares about hailie and he would do anything for her to make her happy. Eminem, i love you so much, i think your so hot. but i like you for so much more than your looks. i like who you are. your songs are amazing and ill always be there to support you. i love you

  40. gee, how can i explain,
    yeah, eminem is my WORLD!! i love him to death!! saying he is my god is an understatement!! I love u eminem sooooo much!! Its just soo hard to explain, im glad i can relate to people like yall!! I love you 4ever em!!!! Your the best father on this world, u love hailie to death, ur the best + talented rapper, a loving person, a cool person, a tough, but at the same time a caring person!! U have sooo much that people might not see!!! I would kill myself for u!!!!!! Long live marshall bruce m. 3!!!!!! I LOVE U to death!! He makes me cry, maked me happy, getsmy anger + sadness out!!! ur the best on this whole world!! The best thing that happened to me is u eminem, u + ur music!!!! JUst keep on rapping, but i undastand 2 if he doesnt cuz of hailie!!! I swear im the next STan2!!!!!! I love u, 4ever !

  41. I love Eminem and all,but this whole thing with Kim really isnt any of our business.He should at least have a little privacy of his own.

  42. I am really confused over all ov this stuff bout eminems life, dnt get me wrong, i luv d bloke n evryfin, but he has such a complicated life, i dnt understand evryfin. dus he keep takin kim back? coz hes always slaggin her off i al ov his songs, execpt ‘love you more’ on the bonus cd ov his album ‘encore’, where he basically says that even though she puts him through hell, he loves her more, coz it turns him on wen she dus stuff to piss him off.

  43. i think every one should stop gowing in his life and let him keep his own business on track. and let him be. i really like eminem im his number one ffan and all but hes just like every one of use a humanbein i do get wen he getts pisst off i dont blem him hes just gowing thro hell at the moment i hope my life dosont go compaketed like eminem’s because im havin a record deal soon so i hope my life wont turn up site down love from shorty.p

  44. an i can kinda undastand wots its like, but this whole fings been goin opn 4 ages, so 1 ov them must realise that its not wrkin out, or kim shud do summit bout her ways, coz dats jus not ryt to keep pissin bout with em and even her bloody daughters head 4 christ sake!

  45. hey em you rap hella good keep doing it!
    i’m sorry about every thing else.i wish i could meet you some haylie

  46. Just lay off them, they wanna get bk 2gether let them, they dont then fine just let them be. I really admire Eminem hes amazing after all hes bin through but im not obsessed.

  47. heya ppl, i lv eminem hes ma life i wudnt b able 2 loive wid out him but i fink dat both em n kim r bein stupid cos dey no its not gonna work out dey av tryed loadss n its not worked out! so they shud stay seperated for hailie’s sake at least ! p.s gd luk 4 ya record deal shorty! lol xxxxxxxxx lv ya babi marshall xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  48. I know what its like to have people tell you not to love someone because of what that person sees. I hate it and almost lost the best thing that ever happened to me over it. So everyone back off!

  49. ermmm sarah s , u dont no him either so u cnt say shit ! i no wot u r feelin bout wots happened 2 u, i no wot its lk u no. but it u like him as much as i do u wud no y im sayin dis! am not startin on u or anythin cos u av ur own opion but i fink eminem should no wot kim is like! n get sumone hu wud treat him better ! so y dont u bk off! cheersxxxxx amberxxxxxx

  50. Eminem,u r so responsible when it comes to ur daughter and everything else.I really admire u.There’s not a square inch of wall in my room that isn’t plastered with posters featuring you.Im 17 rite now an’ i’ve been listening to ur songs for ages.It’s amazing how u manage to make ALL the songs in ur albums so good.With other artists it’s like jus 1 or 2 songs that r worth listening to in the whole album.You’re a natural.I hope u read this.Bye.

  51. tanya i so no how u feel bout eminem i feel like that 2, ma room is massive n av still bin able 2 cover all the walls! i finks hes incredible and so r his songs! hes the best rapper ever! have u ever sent him fan mail? amberxxxx

  52. has any1 noticed eminems tattoos, ive noticed on a new poster ive got that he has a ring n den marshall + kim in a heart shape? so mayb it is true ?! i reli hope not cos kim is such a bitch!

  53. Awwww poor Eminem i luv him so much. and i cant beleive his wife or mother could be so mean to him. and espeshly he is like da only 1 hu actually cares bout Laini, Hailie or Nate. Hes not a bad man at all he needs mor respect from his fans!!!!!!!!!

  54. I LUV U EMINEM U ROK!!!!!!
    I really feel 4 u and lil Hailie her whole worlds bin tron apart same wiv Alaina (Laini) Her dad died and she dont even no wots happnin in her life.

  55. I h8 it wen ppl say dere just like eminem hes bin thru enuf in his life u cant b like him. Altho hes a very famous rapper, it dont mean hes happy and rich, his dad left him, his mom tuk drugs and treated him like shit, his uncle shot imself, his wife left him and his daughter and got put in prison, and sum of his rap buddies ave bin killed. so feel 4 him! LUV YA

  56. I know all da words 2 mokinbird altho its bin out 4 a few months now. Its like ma fave song eva i cry evry time i ere it!!! even if u h8 eminem (4 gods sake u betta not!!!!!!!!) dat song wud make u luv him!!!!

  57. omg! i lv mockingbird sooooooooooooooooo much i love da video 2 ! its soooooo cute hailie n laney r sooo beautiful! hes treats them soooo well! hes deserves soooo much! lv u babi xxx

  58. Em is the best person on this planet!I love him,and one day he will love me too.I dont like Kim very much,but as long as he loves her,I love her too.Thats what I call respect.EMINEM 4EVER SLIM SHADY 4 LIFE love U baby

  59. hey shady i think u were doing the wright thing all along but nometer wat dont let that lady take ur key and that is ur daughter trust me i lost mines and it hurt so u dont let her take urs daughters is the crown of a mans head well keep her safe

  60. Wow, tales of trailer trash relationships. I like Eminem’s music to a certain extent, though most of it is very negative, but I couldn’t give a fuck about his ‘on-off’ relationship. And the whole world has to hear about everything he’s been through. Jesus. Everyone’s been through something, many people have been through much worse situations, so stop whining about it already.

  61. i am eminems biggest fan, with some of his rarest records. so i just want to say how angry it makes me when i read all this, because none of you know either of them and have no right to comment on their relationship. you should all just leave it alone and forget about it.talking about how much shady hates all the media attention, this is just as bad, its like your all talking about his relationship behind his back. so i think you should all forget about leave the guy alone. for all the people who do stop commenting, i thank you because it is in his best interests. Thanks a lot. Harry

  62. ye ok wotevr Anna. lick my balls ……………………………………………………………….no u really can if u want

  63. btw, i do eat shit, its nice, y’all out ther dissin it shud try it, coz it’ll surprise ya. peace out 2 all ma homies. any1 tht knows me then, WOT UP DAWG!

  64. No,I dont wanna do that cause you are fucking fegget!!!!!!!!!!!!!Eat my shit U motherfucker Harry Potter

  65. Yo EM, you should leave that bitch kim bcuz she is a horrible mom for Hallie and a terrible wife to you.So I wouldn’t want to tell you what to do with your life but you should look for a more intresting woman for you and a intresting woman for you child;)SO I am your biggest fan and I would like to meet you whenever:)
    Bcuz u r tha best rapper I no;)
    Damjan – to SlimShady-Eminem…..HAHAHA

  66. I think Eminem should make his dicion of getting back toghether with Kim and people should’n judge him because he has been through alot of things in his chldhood. I think its really cool that you care alot of you daughter Hailey because you are a very good father that I cant describe it in any words . I think you theserv better than that but there is one thing that I want you know that you are going to be for ever the greatest rapper and the same time the greates dad.And if there was a person taht I can look up thet person its you because a inspiration in your songs.Thres is one thing I want to tell you you are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I wish that you and Kim or another person will have a wonderfull life togheder with Hailey and Alaina.

  67. I think that eminem needs to find someone else. He might think that all women want his money but all women aren’t like that he just needs to find the right one. I think Kim is like a big bully to em and he just needs to stand up for himself. Em deftintely needs to take a vacation and get away by himself and think about his life and whether he really wants to be with kim. He might just have strong feelings for her because they have a child together OR he might really love her. who knows but i can tell you one thing. I have a great deal of respect for em and his music. and whatever he choses to do with his personal life is his business. My job as a fan is to listen to the music. I thnik that it would be great to meet him though.


  69. Hi my nickname is Ali CaT what can i say Eminem Marshall my love ecxept well done for divorcing Kim the creature just was never right for you my sweet heart sweet guy your marrage was doomed right from the start now are you not so much happy now you have Haillie your lovely Daughter so your alright now i,m a massive fan of you i have everything on you from posters cds dvds etc i,m so in love with you i turned to you when my awfull Ex boyfriend split with me i would love to meet you when are you touring ? i miss you this year but please take all the time in the world no rush you need your break i never want to lose my beautiful guy my Marshall your a good father for Haillie honest to god honest to god i never want to lose you ever i,m still trying to get over my Ex boyfriend i still feel my life is over so i will get help i will talk to someone i,m happy if you are Marshall my love darling Take Great Care you are happy now Kim is out of your life belive me love you Marshall eternally Ali CaT XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  70. Hey this will make you laugh my printer will not print out anything but YOU Marshall my love πŸ™‚ XXXXXXXXXX

  71. hay eminem your kid doesnt deserve what she is going threw. you should go to court get full cusdity of hallie the try for whitney and forget about kim at least untill she can get her stuff stratined out peace up a-town down!
    xoxo your biggest fan Nichole I LOVE YOU EM!!!!**

  72. haay Marshall, you have to find a new girlfriend but that’s dificult because people love you because your famous. You need someone who don’t want your money and who don’t care about the people you know. Dear Eminem, I hope you can be ever happy again, with your child and maybe another girlfriend. -xXx- Tara Valentina D.

  73. Eminem 4ever .i hope that marshall will find his geluk with her daugher hailie .thanks so much 4 the article because it was so informative.morroco

  74. Hey ppl, i have a ? . Are Kim and Eminem together now? Cause i heard his When I’m gone and dat song made me feel like they are back together or something iono. Are they together now?????

  75. Umm ,
    Don’t believe every single word that the media says
    Most of the articles are lies
    But I’m not so sure about this one
    Obviously most of the blame is leaning towards Kim in this article..
    But just because Eminem is famous and rich, that doesn’t make him a great person either
    Have you heard some of his songs ?
    Talking trash and swearing like FUCKING crazy, hoping everyone dies, songs about HIM doing drugs and sounding proud of it ,
    He’s not all that good

    And yeah I’ve seen his new music video { When I’m Gone } He says something about Kim, but in a good way and I’m not so sure of that’s happening between them.
    Besides, this article was wrote in 2003 *

    Well, that’s just what I want to say.

    – Jenn

  76. Heyy.. I love Marshall.. he’s very talented, treat’s his daughter with the most respect, and also tell’s people what he thinks, and i think that’s a good quality (( i’m the same way lol )) .. I really think he deserves someone good, but you can’t stop love… No matter how many people tell him not to go back with Kim or that she’s bad.. it doesn’t matter because It’s not going to change the way he feels… She was his probably his first love and he’s probably never going to forget her, and it’s probably going to be hard for him to move on… or maybe he won’t move on, maybe he likes the single life ya know? but i think everyone should stay out of his business, because like everyone says, he doesn’t like the media butting in on his life and i mean who does?
    i love you Marshall!!

    *Rachel Marie

  77. Eminem has had a tough life by the sound of it but quit it with the amatur dramatics he’s a succesfull rap artist for god sake, when he was with D12 his songs were upbeat and jiggy wid it! But on his own you see a depressing “NAF” side to him so why doesn’t he grab life by the balls and get on without moping canstantly with his insesent unsuccesful hate life sorry but telling us about near suicide aint what’s gtting the crowds! PS: GO D TWELVE ROCKS!!! by the way.

  78. bloody hell have ya’ll heard or what? Eminem + kim are gettin back together and could be remarrying next year february
    This is bullshit Kim is now just after his money she doesn’t deserve a daughter like hailie at all.What with the state she is right now.
    Ok so maybe they were in love back then but now she one totally fucked up helpless gold digger. She needs medical attention, shame no one can see it. [I’m not takin the piss]
    As for eminem ok he has had a hard life but he is doing well. I think he should go do a few songs with D12 [ as ‘kirsty Child’ above says]. He needs to move on and quit moanin about how things were back then. I mean look people die everyday because of war, terrorism, hunger and poverty. All those poor people out there who stuggle to go about their daily lives and earn nothing!! And then you have people with too much money. I am not blaming Eminem he’s a great unique phonominal artist with great talent and I love him.

    But I don’t understand why he can’t see this for him self. Kim needs to get back on track and let go of drugs then I think its in her rights to see her duaghter. Eminem should take some time out maybe a year to reflect on what he has achieved. Then maybe go futher into music with D12. I seriously think Eminem and Kim SHOULD DEFINATLY NOT get back together. They’re in denial there is no love and even though Eminem is a great rapper after all those things he has said about Kim [ I am not saying its all bullshit]and now she is willing to take him back just like that. Now doesn’t that tell you something.

    I also respect Marshall as a father I think he does a great job lookin after Hailie.
    He’s is a sik rapper and has GREAT talent. I Love Marshall Mathers….NOT HIS MONEY!!

    Sorry for swearing don’t take it offensively. Its a bad habit of mine. Please respect my opinion and I’ll repect yourz.

  79. I didn’t know about this whole thing about Em and Kim getting back together until like a couple seconds ago but I was kinda thinking it when i heard “When I’m Gone” (GREAT song by the way) when he says…”walk right up to Kim and kiss her and tell her I miss her”…he usually like cursin her out. I dont think they should get back together because she probably justs wants money just lilke when she sued him for like millions…but maybe he thinks thats whats best for Hailie and his other daughter then hes probably right cause he usually is about stuff where his kids are concerned…i hate her like more then i hate that stuck up whore Jessica Simpson with her fake ass country accent…(sorry for anybody who might like her)…but ifs hes gonna be with anybody i guess it should be her sicne Hailie needs her own mom and stuff but she seriously shouldnt be around her all high and shit. Luv U Em

  80. hey, i am eminems future girlfrid lol i love emiem sooooooo much his so0o0o hot i hope he doesnt get married to kim again becuase then he cnt marry me… lolz love you eminem and whoeva has a problem with eminem can come and say it to my face!!

  81. I support Eminem getting back with kim even though whitney is not his ..Im going thru the same thing except the last born is my first born…If he never raps again he is an icon ..he can hold his head high….He is a man and i never was a big eminem fan till now..Im not a huge fan of his raps but i am a big fan at how he handled kim and being able to accept another child that he didnt bring into this world… I envy Marshall and i wish the best for him and kim..And another reason i respect him is for getting help for his dependance on drugs… Much respect “M” Im not a nigga but im a honkey who loves good things..and i cant say it will work no one knows but sounds like your head is on straight… No matter what your daughter is first and everyone knows..You made it plan………

  82. good article all i got to say is ppl think kim’s all bad or jus don’t like her for her ways. I like eminem but I can’t judge kim negative. Life is Life and ppl never know what is going on in their life or whether they want to live the life they lead. I know from experience that ppl judge u how u look or act but they just don’t know the inner demons that persons face everyday. If u look happy today and sad tommorow then they think ,woh that person got issues, major whack. it’s realy hard to explain some of the problems that just takes a toll on ppl mentally and its like u want to tell soemone but can’t so u find an escape. I don’t blame Kim for the way she is just look at the place she grew up in, her life and well eminem survived but see everyone isn’t strong enough to make a comeback like that. I got alot of shit going on, even thought about suicide once, twice, three times, but then again someone once told me its never right to plot one’s own destruction so instead I watch alot of movies and make up stories in my mind of my life being oh so great and shit liek ppl see on the movies, they make everything seem so faultless and it never looks as if they have problems, one frined of mine however wasn ‘t so lucky and actually did it, the person( can’t say gender somone if reading this my know who it is) didn ‘t die but wished they hadn’t tried it, so maybe Kim like most ppl is trying to cope, not in the best way but still coping! by the way I loved mockingbird,if it’s one thing i learned in life is u should make yourself happy and enjoy life………….wish kim and Em future happiness….a little more effort on her part thought wouldn’t hurt!

  83. that sucks for him to be stuck in the same damb house with that fucking bitch i hate her so much i wish she would die 2 i hope hailie turns on her one day and realizes that she did her and her dad so wrong but she probably wont.
    love your biggest fan natalie mowry.

  84. ur a bunch of fkin losers n u shud stop sayin ur shit cuz it dont matta wt u lot fink at da end of da day cz u dnt no kim n u dnt no eminem my ex was worse den him n her put togetha …yea itz bad n shit da sittuation but daz life innit we cnt all be perfect and like hes gunna read dis trash anywayz!!!!! love emienm doe his a ledgend!!!!!!!!! mwhaaaaxxx

  85. n sayin u wish her 2 die n shit is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fkin outta orda 4 fk sake no 1 desurves dat

  86. I fink eminem sudnt get bak with her he doesnt relise that she recked his life and broke his heart and shes only going to do da same shes probably after the money as he has millions in his pocket eminem i wud just leave it i no its harsh on hailie but your making it worse on your own life remarring her shes a slut who cheated on you dont believe her own words she may say sorry now but you will regret doing this when it all goes wrong please I just dont want to see EMINEM GET HURT just some1 tell him its wrong!!!!!!!!!

  87. hey rach we can have our views and what we’ve all heard about kim is BAD so we do not what shes like knowing 1 thing about her that she goes out wid him and then cheats on him is not love and we r all worried he is going to make a HUGE MISTAKE going back with someone that doesnt love him kim and him have a right to be together because of hailie but its not all about da kid its about them to they have to be close to be able to fight and swear infront of a 10 year old girl thats somethink im rele worried about 10 year old hearing her mum n dad shouting and screaming is a BAD fing!!!!!!WE HAVE OUR OWN VIEWS BUT ITS NOT THAT FAIR ON HAILIE IF SHE DOES HEAR THEM ARGUING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. it is a bad fing yeah ino ive herd all da tshit sinse i was lil n ive seen worse wit my own eyez thats wat life is a bitch n yeah its bad i aint sayin it aint but deres plrntey mre ppl ot dere like that n it ainnt gunna stop jst cuz u have ur opions n it cud b rong ur all sayin blamein kim on things urve all herd .. but ask urself wat waz so bad in her life dat made her slit her wrists n take drugs!!!! n no 1 eva says anyfink bout eminem and wt her rites in his songs about her…..get me……..i still lv im doe im jst sayin innitxxxxxxxxxxx

  89. get outta dream world he aint nun of yours M8!!!!!!!!!!! iz dat da pathetic anna 4rom nearer da top get me…….

  90. ANNA… You know what..? You sux… You’re always talkin’ crap… Always dissin’ on people’s comments… Don’t you have anythin’ better to do..? Well, go grab a knife and slit your throat or somethin’…


  92. i think em is a truly fucked up whole life faqq ehrm next time married i bust barby kimmis bitchi filled hole up with my adopted chil obsessions !

    MERRY positive hochzeit.

  93. Em And Kim Remarried Last Night.
    I love Eminem and all, but I swear if I hear another bad word about Kim in any of his future songs, then we can all know he’s just playing with us!
    Em, best of luck mate, but u better keep to your decision this time, or then I’ll know ur just into it for the fame and money yaself and ur nothing but a poser. Or just mentally unstable! Either way, u’ve gotten me tired and confused with ya back and forth with Kim -should I love her, should I hate her? You gotta make up ya mind, Im a fan, not a yoyo.

  94. actually, i started out not being able to stand Em. he is talented, but he
    positions himself as a punk, that could give a f what the world thinks. the
    world is already full of that! however, if you watch what he does… not always
    listening to what he says, he is trying to give his daughter – and as of 2002,
    someone else’s daughter even – a good start in life. it really takes a person that has known a f-ed up start in life, to know the amount of damage a poor start in life can do! from 0-18, the amount of solidity, consistency and nurturing you need during those years – it really makes a world of difference. i think it means even more to him – for what he had to grow up in. i grew up in a tug of war childhood too – it can damage people for life – some don’t get lucky – some become ‘damaged goods.’
    having said that – i don’t think he’s an angel either – i have read the lyrics
    to ‘bonnie & clyde’ and ‘kim’… and they’re lethal, and you need some dr. phil time, bro. well, at least he wrote those things and he didn’t actually DO THEM! yeah, f that too – because we live in a world where some weak-a$$ non-people act out what they see and hear some times. VIOLATION! Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Sir Isaac was a knowledgable ‘old skool mur-fur’ and a true pimp a$$ daddy from way back, be-yotch! look him up when you get a chance.

  95. I fuckin hate kim … she is a bitch i love Marshel and i cant believe he is taking her back :S and having another wedding! That pisses me off. He deservers better and Anna sux? I have a message for you leave Anna alone you whore why would you say something like that to her? Wow you must have problems… anywho i love When I’m gone but it makes me sad cause he isnt coming back for a while… for Kim!w.e makes him happy tho πŸ™‚ payce !!

  96. wats up fauckers? im bac … go Marshel Mathers!!!! πŸ˜€ o ya and Haily Jade Mathers!!! πŸ˜€ well… PaYcE bItChEs!!

  97. hey fools .. hey anna? r u a guy or a chick cause u said “sux ma dick” but yo name is anna :s

  98. We do have RAID 1 0 on the DB servers, a live backup running now, and have done a few other things to ensure this won’t happen again. The timing was unfortunate because things were still in transition because of the datacenter move.

  99. Em getting back w/Kim proves his genius.

    No other woman can relate to what he’s been through.

    They are meant to be.

    Stop hating!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck and congratulations Em and Kim!!


  100. HAHAHAHA ur all talkin CRAP!eminem’s none of urs hes fuckin kims!get over it!they havent re-married yet!it’s in feb their gettin married!mean please it’s eminem’s choice in what he does if he wants 2 get bak wid da mother of his n hers child he can we cant stop HIM!if he read all this he will think we are stupid!he will say da same “ITS MY CHOICE!YOU CAN’T STOP ME!”he will say dat he will also say you FANS CANT CONTROL MY LIFE!its up 2 him u wudnt like 20 million people writin a blog about how stupid it is 2 get back wid UR EX!SO ALL OF YOU SHUT UP!its up 2 him ok!his life his wife his kid his future!OK??????!thank YOU!well I love you eminem loads n 4eva its up 2 u m8 don’t loet all these control your decisions!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxox

  101. YEAH janyeegirrl CONGRATULATIONS 2 MARSHALL & KIM HOPE YOU HAVE A LOVELY WEDDING WISH I WAS THERE 2 SHARE JOY!hope you have a great future 2!WITH lenny & Hailie!you made your choice 2 go wid her again lets hope this time it works out 4 u eminem!GOOD LUCK!n hope you n kim have a good valentimes day 2006!xmwahxoxoxoxoxox

  102. emma lainie is eminems half daughter kim had her wid another man eminem likes 2 call himself daddy 2 her he thinks da world of dem both!hailie n lenny both look SO like their mother eminem n kim your daughters are beautiful!lainie is part of da family NOW!so really lainie is hailies step sista!love you eminem 4eva n always I think and listen 2 every word u say in ur raps!whens this shit gunna stop wid ja rule?????hes a crackhead!who wud lose 2 u any day!SHADY CREW ROCKS DA WORLD AGAIN!n i wanna no when Nathan Mathers(eminems bro)is 2 release his RAP CD?????xoxoxoxoxoxif when he does im gunna be da 1st 2 get it!xoxoxox

  103. nice info- it helped me understand alot. i feel so bad for you, em the way that woman is treating u. u should hook up wit me cuz ill treat you the way a woman’s suposed to treat a man! ur the best rapper EVER!!!

  104. ami(eminems No1 FAN!)

    lainey isn’t kims daughter
    shes kims twin sisters daughter, that would make her his niece anyway the child she had with another man is a little girl called whitney.

  105. People need to stay out Ems business and let him do him. Wether hes with Kim trifflin a** or not good things r still going to come to him cause he deserve it. I wish him, hallie, n whitney only the best. kim needs to pick her weight up and get up to a good man like that.

  106. I have been a BIG eminem fan since the beginning of his career, I think next 2 2pac em is the greatest rapper EVER! I think if all u people R really fans u should respect his decision 2 re-marry the woman he loves. none of us really knows what goes on between themall the time because we’re not there 2 c it so we shouldn’t judge people that we really don’t know. I can relate 2 eminem’s situation because I’ve been on/off with the same person 4 8 years IAM ONLY 22 (do the math). I know what it’s like 2 love some1 & hate them at the same time; but i also think if u TRULY love some1 u can look past all the bullshit & make it work. That’s what they did & I think it’s good 4 them I hope they’re happy & can make it work 4 Good this time.

  107. hi everyone well i am not the “Big Fan” but i do listen and like eminem and i think that his wife kim is a real bitch coz eminem really loves her that and he proved it he returned with her despite she cheated over him i think they should quit forever as it is said that eminem is filling the divorce paper for a second time,,, Eminem should leave her forever and care only for his daughter and himself..

  108. Marshall loves Kim cause he don’t know any better, He’s never gv anybody else a chance…. He needs to come to the south and see how it really is, it’s all about family…. and nothing else matters… I am a big Eminem fan since day one however, I try to stay out of his business, but things just need to be said….

  109. i think em and kim belong together.. i hope they can one day realize that they love eachother and put all there troubles to the side and for their daughter hailie!
    best wishes.

  110. To be honest who can actually be bothered to keep up with Eminems love life[certainly not me] it goes on and on.
    Divorce again?!
    Sure great music and all but I think its time we left him to it. }{e needs to make up his mind!!

  111. Eminem u rock!!

    He’s my husband 2 be hehe. I’ll b Hailie n Lainie’s New step mother so Kim can jus get the hell outta here haha. Em’s been through so much so now it’s time to relax and let everythin roll smooth, I’m here 4 u alwayz Em.

    Sarah (future wife)

    April 5, 2006, 11:30 am/ET

    Eminem has filed for divorce from wife Kimberley Mathers β€” again β€” after just 82 days of marriage!

  113. hey whats up? i love severus snape. i had sex with that greasy fuck last nite. me and him are closer then the potatoe in my shoe. we have a four year old daughter together named, hailie. and a son named ryan. severus is the hottest guy on earth……wait….i think im at the wrong site. this is about eminem rite??? ok let me start over: hey whats up?, my name is kim mathers and i love marshall mathers. i had sex with that greasy fuck last nite. me and him are closer than the potatoe in my shoe. we have a ten year old daughter together and my niece alaina lives with us (we adopted her) along with my daughter from another relationship, whitney miriah hartter. ok. thats all.

  114. Wen u find dat first true love idz hard 2 let go. KIm u need 2 leave eminem be. Kim iz only using him… 4 his money$$$$ duhhhhhh! but she need 2 stop cuz emz heart is tearing apart n if she don’t stop she ain’t g0nna have nobody. but i don’t care bout her!!!! she could go somewhere wit her ugly self! eminem could do wayyyyyyyyz betta den dat! He iz a sexy peice of work!!!!!!!!!! Nda only reazon i want dem bak 2 gether iz cuz hailey living a not 2 gudd life wit her parents on n off every wat year? but i feel baddddddddd 4 hailey she c dem braking up n de bak 2 gether breaking up n bak 2 gether dey need 2 get it straight already!!!!!!!!!!! *GOD* dey need 2 stop dat liddle gurl g0nna tear apart! yo i’m out yall talk 2 ya peepz l8ter `*1*` love ya em mwauhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  115. yo there relationships iz relly complacated going on and off yea sure kim mest up bigg time at least there working out there promblem’s that didnt work but its eminems choice if he wants to date a hoe slute bitch bad mother crack head lieing sun of a gun but there doing it for halies sake how u feel if ya daddy iz dating a nother woman not ur mom just let them bee ok like kim can change she choose no to she choose to play with hiz feelings walk all over him like shit cheat and lie if dat waz me i would fly andout the door and take hailie with me wat do u think thiz iz

  116. hey . . . ummm like i think u should dump that bitch
    and i really luv em but i aint like all u girls dyin over him cuz i think hes hot and shit i like him cuz i relate to him more than any of you all think. i have lotz of problems, and when i hear eminems songs its like me sayin it bout my life and how that kinda shit happends to me.
    and i know i cant be goin through as much shit as em did but i bet you its close. idk i just hope everythin works out the way HE wants it to not what i think he should do. w.e i dont even know why im writin this shit



  119. most of them are talked about eminem, so nothin new 2 talk… but really hallie is cute.. succcess may always be with eminem… take care buddy

  120. eminem is a doctor also .
    he is a medicine to all the depressed people .
    i was his patient .
    once in my life i was totally changed due to circumstances around. although those circumstances were not as serious as those are mentioned in eminem’s lyrics.but whatever it was his songs made me say “people f… off!” and an inner power to resist bad times cultivated and today i am strong-minded, and solve my problems in a dramatic way .
    but one thing more i want to say that over listening his songs makes me little bit harsh in nature so now i rarely listen him but definitely listen especially on such kind of occassions

  121. This is so sad Kim should not have done anything wrong to precious little Hailey.. I fell bad for Mrs. Debbie, Marshall, Hailey, Ex- husband, and Whitney the youngest I fell for.

  122. I think eminem is the best rapper ever.i dont know what i would do without him.He is so freaking Hott!
    I love you eminem!!!!!!

  123. hey guys im kinda like slim shady in a way,i think its time 4 him 2 move on with his life,i mean dis kim lady is a well known bitch,eminem deservs some 1 beta,have bin through wat eminem had bin through,all bitches a fucked up,wat i can say is dat if sumthn or sum1 is nt ment 4 jst move with ur life,coz i mean dares obvisly mr or mrs ryt waiting 4 u out da,fuck da bitches im dun……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Many people like to know when they comment that someone is listening. The way to let them know that there is someone behind the computer screen who cares what they say is to respond when they say something.

  125. I feel bad for Eminem :(( His life is so tough but he still can stand up by himself

  126. Thats bad bro! But i believe dat one day,it will all make sense cuz everybody need to chil.Em!
    You never forgot my mutual friend Tupac amaru shakur (R.I.P) dats wat makes u special to me but to be honest i felt bad for your personal life.N i hope its for d best!!!

  127. Em,i gotta tell u sumtin hidden about 16 years ago.The truth about Tupac was Tupacs D.N.A was saved in ostrich brick house down in chicaga. Em. But save this deep inside ur mind that his D.N.A was planted on ******** close to u. That was the plan of the forth pyramaidian of fr******

  128. Marshall and kim belong together. its almost like when you turn two magnets around constantly,somtimes they go together and sometimes they dont. im probably not the bigest fan of eminem ,all the ladies probably are lol but its not that hard to see they belong

  129. jst let e bitch go 4 e sck of ur child she needs 2 understand e term love. i blive 1day eminem u wld met sme1 who loves u 4 u not wat u hve jst lke i do.

  130. ok im a big fan of em. ive heard a couple of songs where he’s been tokin about kim so by chance when i was tryna fid out what is behind him and this woman, i got this. it has got enough info thru my thick skull n now i finally understand why you hate her so much.

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