Kim finally shows up

Kim Mathers
It seems Kim Mathers has been enjoying a little CP time or avoiding inevitable disciplinary action.

Em’s ex-wife appeared in two Macomb County courts on bench warrants last week missing two earlier court hearings.
Kim Mathers stood before judges in Macomb County Circuit Court and a Warren district court on charges connected to the two missed dates, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Mathers, 28, posted a cool $50,000 cash bond in Macomb County court and was released. Macomb County Circuit Judge Edward Servitto ordered her to be placed on an electronic tether, which notifies authorities if she leaves her home but doesn’t track her whereabouts. He also ordered her to undergo drug and alcohol testing and attend weekly Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Lawyer Michael Sinutko didn’t say where Mathers had been, but told Servitto that she is under “emotional as well as personal stress” and “is hoping to put this back on the right path.”

A pretrial hearing on cocaine possession charges is scheduled for Dec. 18 in Macomb County Circuit Court. Later Tuesday, Mathers appeared in district court in Warren, where she had missed a Nov. 6 arraignment on a separate charge of running a drug house. The charges stem from a Sept. 29 hotel party in the city

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  1. seems to me you’re getting too “wrapped” up with this wanker emenim or whatever his name is, for fuck sake, at the end of the day he’s a contemporary singer, and not a very good one, he’s white pretending to be black, he’s trash pretending to be ultra-trash and the words of his “songs” are geared towards influencing gullible teenagers “WOW that man just used a swear word to express an emotion about authority/parents/teachers/whites/blacks/drugs/ etc.etc.etc.etc.”
    Why don’t people just get real, he’s just another “singer” not a fucking icon, just a mixed up human being, like the rest of us.


  2. You don’t seem to get Eminem, do you?
    You also seem to confuse his personal life and his musical talent.
    Oh and by the way, eminem is a rapper, not a singer.

  3. I think people should study Eminem, his lyrics in particular, because the way he handles his words is real poetry. I think writers and poets such as Giles Foden and Seamus Heaney wouldn’t have wasted their time talking about him if he was worth nothing.
    Not good? Can you rhyme like him? Can you entertain like him? I went to his concert and it even increased my respect and admiration for him.
    Plz take time to go deep into a subject…
    Eminem earns a lot of respect for his great work.

  4. well said Isabelle, and this is for ignorants who think RAP is nothing but swearing: did ya know that RAP actually stands for ‘Rythmaticly Applied Poetry’?

  5. fuck u peter…………….!!
    u dont knw eminem, he z da best
    n stop takin syd ov dis fuckin bitch kim.

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