The "Marshall Mathers" song

The Marshall Mathers song from the Marshall Mathers LP

This song was supposed to be a Just Don’t Give A Fuck, part III. About this song, Eminem says :

I wanted to just spit fire in each verse and have that soft-ass innocent chorus.

The song is hilarious from the beginning to the end.

Eminem targets his family members who are so eager to get some money out of his brandnew fortune. He makes fun of his own behavior, attacks a lot of pop icons like N’sync, Backstreet, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears his rival Vanilla Ice and finally spits verses about his old enemies , the ICP group in response to their diss track Slim Anus. He makes fun of them, calling them two little flaming faggots (“I don’t get fucked in mine like you two little flaming faggots!”)

Nobody seems to escape to his rage. Boy/girl groups are particularly targetted by Marshall, because he didn’t want to be classified as pop because of his blonde dyed hair. He wanted people to make a real difference :

Now because of this blond mop that’s on top of
this fucked up head that I’ve got I’ve gone pop ?

I particularly like the way chorus I gently starts in some kind of innocent way (“You see, I’m just Marshall Mathers/ I’m just a regular guy”) followed by a second chorus that is much more offensive and violent ( “Cause I’m just Marshall Mathers/ I’m not a wrestler guy/ I’ll knock you out if you talk about me”)

This song has also been written in reaction of people who started doubting facts about Marshall’s life story.

Eminem jokes about his mom’s behavior, about her 10 Million dollars lawsuit, her drug addiction. At the same time, Eminem’s siblings from his father’s side Michael and Sarah wanted to get in touch with their famous brother after ignoring him for years.

So many relatives want to make easy money on Eminem’s back.

Eminem adds sarcastically in his song :

All of a sudden, I got ninety some cousins

He also exposes his beef with the XXL magazine that did an unauthorized cover story on him. The song ends in a hilarious way :

Aah, fuck it, I’ll even buy a couple myself !

The Marshall Mathers song from the Marshall Mathers LP exposes Eminem speaking his mind, without caring about people’s opinions nor reactions. The funny way in which he exposes his truths increases the pleasure of the listener who will probably laugh from the beginning to the end. If he’s got a sense of humor, of course !






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    You should really check your facts. Sarah is the only sibling seeking out eminmem. Not Michael.

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    Hey eminem!! You R so hot!!! I love when I’m Gone and I hope this is not your last cd!!! Good luck in life!! I hope you and your family(including Kim)are ok. I am glad you and Kim got married again!! GOOD LUCK!!! i LOVE YOU!!

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