How eminem's "just don't give a fuck" attitude changed my perception of life

Most of us up grow up in a society that rarely allows us to show our true feelings. When we are angry or hurt we are supposed to hide it or to show it very little. I used to grow up in a particularly rigid parental environment and I didn’t dare expressing what I actually felt inside. This made a sick person of me.

I was also tought to care so much about people’s opinion. What people could think about me was supposed to be the most important, so if they thought I was a loser, it was supposed to be right and I just had to accept it. I spent years doubting my own qualities, torturing myself and my relationships with people have always been complicated at this time, because I was too shy to speak my mind. To all the people who are going through same situations than mine, no matter how old they are nor where they come from, I’d like to advice : « Don’t ever say yes when you intend to say no to people », because that’s the best way to get abused.
I discovered the Marshall Mathers LP first in 2001 and thinking of Eminem, I spoke to myself : « See, here’s a guy, who’s been through harsh situations and who’s not afraid to speak his mind. If you acted like him, you’d certainly feel better. »
So i started applying to this, even in very conflictual situations and I started noticing that it actually helped me to feel better.

I began to realize that I had been the prisoner of other people’s opinion on me for too long. It was such a great feeling to be able to oppose my opinion to other people and « not giving a fuck » about their reaction. I began to regain some self confidence and to act the way I always wanted to.
For the first time in my life I felt like I was myself.
In fact, it is so much important to realize that we should never fake our feelings and to be real about everything.

Marshall has changed my perception of life, for sure. He has given me the greatest gift through his attitude and his music : being real. For that, he deserves so many thanks from me.
The biggest mistake is to try to please everybody by agreeing on things you innerly don’t agree with.
You cannot force the whole world to like you, but if you keep real, you will certainly feel in total harmony with yourself and gain genuine people’s sympathy.

And for those who don’t like me : remember that I just don’t give a fuck about it.

8 thoughts on “How eminem's "just don't give a fuck" attitude changed my perception of life”

  1. I think he is cool because I can relate to all the stuff he’s saying in his music. Im sure everyone else goes through the same stuff he’s gone through. I find his music awesome I cant wait till he comes out with another cd because I have all of his cds and his movie 8-mile. I also watched the movie the hip hop witch that had eminem in it I found the movie pretty cool. I also like him because whatever other people say he doesnt care I wish I was like him because if someone said stuff like that about me i would probally want to knock them out. When Im about your age 30 I want to be a famous rapper and have millions and millions of bucks and some bling bling it would be sweet. Well peace out.

  2. He is cool the best rapper there ever was and ever will be. He doesnt have brain damage and he also he isnt homophobic. Other people just dont know S**t.

  3. Marshall Mathers is the best rapper. I totally agree. unfortunately he is so misunderstood by many people. I have learnt so many things through his lyrics.The way he handles words is very clever.

  4. I have learned to look from other people’s opinions, by doing that i have picked up a skill that enables me to kind of predict what sort of person they are. Eminem is kool but not to the older generation, as the older generation have different opinions of what music is all about. After all there music is a load of shit to me.So its all down to the individuals point of veiw.
    I say trust nobody apart from your family. And look after number 1.
    Cant go far wrong.

  5. YO, i so agrre wit yo all people r da shity fuck whent the git the arong immperssion on shady gosh damn ya’ll when is it gonna follow throughh ya mind that he is a normal careing,lovein,kind,respectful person and follow all the charter traits so thurr that prove the haters r so damn wrong so dont judge and be careful be for you do so please it might giet you in heated water if you do judgemantal shit 2 sumone! He Luve his family,friends and kids(espeacaily his own his bro nate),his fans,God and other good thangs ! So for all the people who think he is full of hate, is raceist and does not have god or good in his life fuck u your our 100% wrong only his true fans and friends know who he is so stop the hatein,judgeing and the race thing with him ok? OH and stop the race issue about he bein white talk about raceism u hippocrites! later so peace out!

  6. i believe we shouldn’t give a fuck about what other people say or think as long as we know we are right and not disturbing the peaceful shitty life of others and not being disturb as well, no need for more tyrants in this world guys.

  7. People do take em the wrong way. It says things about that person good and bad. The main thing is misinterpretation of expression. Rod

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