poem for Hailie (from me)


Shady’s little lady
You’re a cutie
Little Bonnie
Standing next to Marshall’s side
You know you’re his pride
His princess always he will protect
Against any form of disrespect,
You’re the greatest gift he could get
Never he will forget
Always for you he will care,
Your enemies he will scare

Little Hailie baby you know
I love your voice on the Eminem Show
You’re funny
Little honey
My little princess
You look like a goddess
I’m moved by your Daddy’s tender loving care
Among all the treasures, you’re something rare

Little girl
You’re a precious pearl
Thanks to you, little Bonnie
Your daddy managed to cope with the loss of Ronnie
Thanks for being born
He abandoned the mourn
And thanks to you
Was reborn.

6 thoughts on “poem for Hailie (from me)”

  1. Nobody allows you to insult Eminem’s daughter. By insulting Hailie you’ve just proven your low degree of intelligence. Fuck you.

  2. I think eminem is so hot and cool and hailie is cool to she will never be a slut,you see how small she is and yeah maybe her mom is a slut…

  3. fuck that bitch named Baradwajan why is he talking shit about a little girl i know i hate em but i won’t be talking shit about em daughter that is a straight out bitct you little fucking cock sniffer


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