Secret Service Reviews Lyrics Of Eminem Song

Eminem is once again making headlines for his controversial songs, but this time it was the Secret Service that had their eyes on the Detroit rap star, Local 4 reported.

In the lyrics to an unpublished song, “We As Americans,” Eminem apparently threatened the president of the United States.

The song had reportedly been passed around the Internet and was causing a stir for the following lyric:

“I don’t rap for dead presidents. I’d rather see presidents dead.”

The Secret Service released a statement saying, “We are aware of the lyrics and are in the process of determining what action, if any, will be taken.”

John Gill, a spokesman, later announced that the Secret Service would not conduct a formal investigation, but cautioned that such lyrics can have unintended consequences on others.

Representatives of the Detroit rapper could not be reached Monday night for comment. Eminem’s spokesman told CNN recently the song was “unfinished” and that “there was no determination where, when, how or if it was going to be used.”

Gill said the Secret Service must balance its duties of investigating such communications with its respect for the constitutional right of freedom of speech.

He added, however, that it was necessary for the Secret Service to look into communications that could be considered threatening to the president.

“The Secret Service takes every potential threat against the president seriously,” Gill said. “We don’t have the luxury to do otherwise. ”

The song does not appear to make any direct mention to President George W. Bush.






7 responses to “Secret Service Reviews Lyrics Of Eminem Song”

  1. MIke avatar

    Eminem is a genious. He speaks his mind and when someone who does it in the form he does will always be looked at. But when he speaks he speaks from his beliefs This man has came from nothin’ and is now one of the best all time rappers and even better then that he hasn’t changed who he is and where he came from

  2. Isabelle Esling avatar
    Isabelle Esling

    I totally agree, Mike.

  3. Dzanny avatar

    eminem has a very creative mind. he says what ever he wants to say to anybody in a way that attracts peoples mind. Eminem has always been a person whom politics and crtics pick on. They always are trying to find somebody to pick on. a while ago, it was about michael Jackson. NOw that it’s all over they want to find somebody new. and who else should they pick. of coursse the most energetic and famous Rapper in America,”eminem”.

  4. Amanda K avatar
    Amanda K

    I think Eminem is an extremely talented artist and he has a freedom of speech. He is one of the few people who can get out there and say whatever they like and he takes advantage of that. He speaks for so many other people. So many people relate to him and understand exactly what he is saying. I dun know why they are makin such a big deal out of this. Eminem is just expressing his feeling and I dun really think he is gonna go out and do something to the president. He is just saying what everyone else is thinking because he can say it!

  5. justin avatar

    hey eminem im 1 of your biggest fans….. im allways wondering when im going to meet you….. i would bust out crying if i met you cuz im went through the same stuff you did.. thanx for listening… please write back…… it would mean so much to me

  6. Dance avatar

    Eminem likes to compose song that leads to controversy but when he sings it the beat is alright.


  7. zandeda avatar

    eminem is lyk the awesomest soul on earth seriously and he has gotten into som much trouble its quite rare u gon find someone like him and chances are its evry hard to be like him. hes a one of a kind kinda soul and hes so aweosm eand i have hell lotta reapect for him hes like someone whsoa a real am n i just nvr seen a man like before. hes so confident abt wad he does and everyhtign and doenst care about swad the world says and he knows how to lead a life even when theres noone on his side. thats just WOW.