Eminem vs ICP

The feud between Eminem and ICP goes back to 1995.

It started like this :

Eminem was having a little party in Detroit and he wanted to be recognized. So he used a flyer when he put « ALSO AN APPEARENCE BY ICP…maybe ». Violent G, one of te ICP members , saw the flyer and told Eminem to « fuckoff ».
Eminem retaliated in a funny way. He told everybody that ICP didn’t attend to his party, because he chased them with paintball guns. Appearently that actually happened when Eminem and his fellows from the D12 group saw ICP coming out of a club one nignt. He and his D12 members chased them and shot at their van with a paintball gun. Of course, ICP denied those facts, because it made them look like real cowards in front of the whole world.

But the beef between them increased in 1998 when Eminem made an appearence at the Howard Stern Show where he was asked about his opinion on locals Detroit stars. He made ICP look ridiculous by answering : «Who ? Them, oh yeah, we used to beat their asses all the time back in the day. »
ICP were invited the following day on the same show. Violent J, who was offended by Eminem’s statements (you bet !) replied : « We don’t even know that bitch ! »

ICP released two diss tracks against Eminem « Slim Anus » and « Nothing but a bitch thing. ». Slim Shady wasn’t late in responding. In the « Marshall Mathers Lp », he says about his rival group : « “Slim Anus,” you damn right, Slim Anus
I don’t get fucked in mine like you two little flaming faggots! ».
The answer to the « Slim Anus » diss makes ICP look more ridiculous than ever. A battle thant ICP seems to take very seriously but that amuses Eminem who doesn’t take them seriously as real artists.
He enjoys making fun of them (who wouldn’t ?).

« There’s a difference between realness and an act, and they’re an act, and they know they’re an act, and they even say they’re an act, they even say they’re cornballs, they admit it.

I don’t think I take the beef as seriously as they do, because I don’t consider them artists. They look at me as an artist. I think they get more uptight about it. I can look at them and laugh. They can’t do anything to me. What can they do to me? They have no credibility, no respect, no talent, they have nothing. All they can do is diss me vocally, they can’t diss me lyrically. There’s nothing they can do to me as far as the music goes. I don’t take it as seriously as they do and I think that frustrates them. I think it’s funny. »

One of Eminem’s qualities is to use even dramatic events in his life to humor himself and to make people laugh. During his « Up In Smoke Tour », Eminem was using an ICP puppet to make fun of the group, just after the incident with Douglas Dail ICP member. The puppet was supposed to give him a blowjob , confirming that « it was all good between ICP and him. »

The ICP group has also been dissed in the Ken Kaniff skit from the Marshall Mathers LP where Shaggy to Dope and Violent J are sucking Ken Kaniff’s dick.
The lastest ICP disses appear in the song « Business » from the Eminem Show :

“Lets get down to business.
I don’t got no time to play around what is this
Must be a circus in town,
lets shut the shit down on these clowns.
Can I get a witness? HELL YEAH! ”

“Nothin’ but clowns down here
but we ain’t fuckin around round here, yo Dre. . .
What up? Can I get a Hell? Hell Yeah!/ Now… »

There is also an allusion to ICP’s « dark carnival » : « I’d like to welcome you to Marshall and Andre’s carnival. »

Besides the fact ICP don’t like Eminem, we may doubt that thay can be taken seriously as artists, their disguises make them look ridiculous and their lyrics appear to be rather weak. They cannot even pretend to be in competition with the talented rapper.






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  1. doesnt matter avatar
    doesnt matter

    ….if Eminem is so great then why did that punk bitch need to say that ICP was coming to his party….because hes a faggot and he needed some names behind his weak ass party. and you you biggot fuck, do a bit more research on the ICP side of the issue and listen to the song “Terrible” on the Amazing Jekle Brothers album….then you’ll hear what ICP is really about, and try to find out the meanings of the “Joker cards”, then you’ll understand what they are really about.

  2. rachael wicks avatar
    rachael wicks

    eminem sucks ass!!!! at least the members of i.c.p don’t look like they have an ass for a chin!
    and if eminem says that he thought that they weren’t talented its because he has little talent and needs to make fun of the group that is way better than him. if he thinks theyre gay than his daughter must be a fucking lesbian!!!!and as for violent j and shaggy to dope their make up looks hott with short hair but i beg to differ with the dreds! eminem is the ugliest faggot ive eva seen! and as for those lyrics he needs to get a grip on life and grow the fuck up! you cant say someone is gonna be at your party if you never ask. and i.c.p has lyrics that are million times better than eminem. so slim(faggot)shady, kiss my ICP lovin ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jess avatar

    how lame can you get to make a site dissing the best rappers ever icp will kick bitch ass eminems ass anyday of the week. he sucks vocally and literaly. his music is strait up whack and anyone who cant see that has to be deaf.

  4. Ashley avatar

    Wonderful.. 🙂 It’s sad that some people only reaction to that article is to call his daughter a lesbian. ::shakes head:: Does she have ANY impact at all on ICP or Eminem’s lyrical quality? “UMMM I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING TO SAY!!! SO… I’LL DISS HIS DAUGHTER! AHAHAHA!! NOW I AM ALL SMART AND INTELLIGENT, EVEN THOUGH I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SPELL OR PUNCTUATE!”
    I will be the first to state that I LOVED your article. Have you ever noticed that whenever ICP fans want to respond to something, they seem to have problems coming up with relevant information to debate with? “Ohhh HIS DAUGHTER!” That to me, is beautiful. They have to resort to dissing his daughter. ICP fans, if you have any relevant information, like, an intelligent conversation without the use of curse words… respond. In all honesty, it bothers me not at all that you love ICP. Knock yourselves out. I’m not this freak who has to have it her way or no way at all. But, I would like to see an INTELLIGENT debate. I still believe that Eminem has the most talent out there, and I can back it up thorugh evidence. I know what I’m talking about, promise me, I have MTV backing me up. 🙂 So… let’s see.

  5. Fuzzy Mickael Too Shaggy For Violence avatar
    Fuzzy Mickael Too Shaggy For Violence

    “Anyone who can’t see that must be deaf”? That was sheer brilliance.

    So, he bullshitted on a party flyer eight years ago to bring more pussy into his show… it’s not exactly a morality contest we’re posing here, so who cares? He just tried to get himself out there, and self-promote, and he lied and cheated to do it… the fact that, since this began, he’s made more money and won more fans than they have, only serves to say to me that next time ICP is playing at a bar mitvah, they ought to put a little mention that Eminem is playing there, too, or else they’ll never be back in mainstream big money again.

    Then again, they could always just rely on their wrestling careers.

  6. Matt avatar

    ICP is so sad. Their disses are so dumb it makes me think they had support from wierd al or something. Their little songs are just pathetic, no lyrics, no skill, just cheap rip offs where they say dumb shit that COULD have hurt my feelings in the 2nd grade.

  7. theman avatar

    If icp is so fuckin big then why rnt they on mtv vh1 or even BET. Ill tell you why their to busy rappin aboult fuckin dead people and cuttin peoples heads off.So listen up you say eminem has no fuckin talent when ICPs rap dosent even rhyme and they talk aboult dumb shit like the fuckin boogy man.SHaggy you got stop foregettin to fuck voilent jay i know its a bad habbit but you gotta stop.WHY dont you clowns stick youre heads up each others asses see if they fit.you faggots need to stop sprayin make up on eack other because it just looks qeer.HEY you fuckin clowns i have a good idea why dont you put on fuckin rainbow make up instead of you fuckin carnie disguises.HOw muck emmies have you guys won oooooo ya now i remeber the one for the gayest make up first PRIZE. yayyyyy how fuckin cool.

  8. ICP-Blows avatar

    ICP are worthless and weak. They should be honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as Eminem. Eminem was bigger then them 5 years ago and now look at him. He is a powerhouse in the industry and ICP is, well, a couple of dorks with make-up on. The only thing worse than the ICP, are their idiot fans. You cannot even compare Eminem with ICP– he is bigger than they will ever be– by far. By a fucking longshot…

  9. realdeal avatar

    First of all, i can’t believe there’s still any fuckin icp fans out there. You guys crying about something that was forgoten years ago?Nigga pleaze!!! Eminem won the battle straight up. If it makes yall feel better, i don’t care deny it. Talkin bout eminem is a bitch for mentioning icp’s names in the poster, well datz how its done in this industry, nothing is fair. Hey icp did it by making slim anus. What da fuck is that anyways. A song only a little kid would come up with. Plus that song backfired when Em said”slim anus, you damn right, slim anus i don’t get fucked in mine like you two little flaming faggots” DAMN!!!! AHAHAHA…blew up in their face didn’t it. That shit fucked their reputation up and showed them what u get for fuckin with someone outa your league. If they wouldn’t have said shit from the begining, they probably wouldn’t be all shited on like they are now. And yea they might have come up with an original song “nothing but a bitch thang” but too late son, eminem’s got bigger fish to fry. I didn’t even know who da fuck ICp was till today and i’ll probably forget who it is tomorrow and every day after. So who cares what da meaning of the joker is and what they’re all about. They were left behind in the past and you won’t hear of them ever again. so who else is eminem gonna ruin in the future? we’ll see. i kno one that did get stomped on bad…….ICP HAHAHA

  10. Shagy to Gay and Violent Gay avatar
    Shagy to Gay and Violent Gay

    i think icp “suck a big cock” and all they do is talk about the dumbest shit in the world. they act like there the biggest and baddest muther fuckers on the planet coming out of a “who the hell knows this company” record company. i think if ever icp and eminem came together and started some shit Shagy to whatever his name is and violent gay or j (my mistake) would have a pretty hard time dealin with 50 cent, dre, g-unit and all of d12, but the matter of the fact is i verrrry much dislike icp and there queer ass make-up.

  11. Juggalo hype avatar
    Juggalo hype

    who in the fucking world would rather listen to that whinny fagot eminem than ICP.at least in icp songs they tell u not to take any shit from no one. all eminem talks about is how shitty his life was. who fucking cares your rich as hell now so stop bitchen. I do like how he checks his mom though cause any one who gave birth to a bitch like you deserves to be checked. as for fighting Icp zug izland dark lotus esham twiztid and all the rest of the psychopathic records crew would own eminems ass and all his little sex slave bitches

  12. ICP's make-up on my nuts avatar
    ICP’s make-up on my nuts

    “You take some Big and some Paq,
    and mix ’em up in a pot,
    sprinkle a little Big L on top,
    what the hell do you got?
    You got the realest and illest killers
    tied up in a knot,
    the juggernauts of this rap game,
    like it or not.”


  13. Katie avatar

    I like both Eminem and ICP so you guys can diss whoever you want but who really cares who hates who forget about things people geez

  14. ICP HATA avatar

    Yo, What the fuck is up! Those icp bitches can choke on ken kaniff’s, eminems and my dick. Those insane clown pussies cant see g-unit, d-12, obie and dre. SImply put if these mother fuckers were “da shit” then how come my man shady fucks up the charts and and the only people who buy icp records are themselves.I honestly dont see the point in writing this because no one is going to see it, why… coz aint no one heard of icp. Man fuck it keep doin your thing em and and the crew at shady records and i know u got bigger fish to fry than these bitch made ass faggots!!!

  15. Fuck The Feud avatar
    Fuck The Feud

    First of all I am a big fan of ICP. They’re the first rap group I ever bought a CD of (unless you count a Coolio CD I bought when I was 8, only bought it for Gansta’s Paradise, it was the only song I knew by him at the time, anyway….), and I’ll admit that ICP are nothing the charts would wanna have playing every weekend. ICP are the way they are because they wanted to be different. Alotta people who listen to Shady side with him automatically without looking at ICP’s side, and alot of fans of Psychopathic records do the opposite and go with ICP. And why wouldn’t you? But with that comment saying that Eminem says ICP is serious about this feud, well ICP say the exact same thing about Shady, so obviously none of them really let the feud impact themselves much at all, yet both of them continue to diss each other, so who knows?
    All I want is this feud to end. I can understand why Eminem didn’t like Violent J saying “fuck off” to him, seeing as back then Eminem was an ICP listener. I don’t think J handled that situation in the best way, and I don’t think Eminem helped, by putting ICP on his flyer without talking to them first.
    But none of us know the true story. All we can go by is what Shady and ICP say. People call ICP talentless because their lyrics are different to mainstream rap. But that’s because mainstream rap is, I guess the “regular” style. ICP put their own sick style of comedy in their lyrics along with violence and sex themes, they do meaningful songs too.
    People also think that ICP are gone or some shit, but they never left. They’ve always been making music since ’91.
    Eminem got alotta help to get where he was. Dr. Dre, one of the biggest names in Hip Hop was Shady’s main source of help. While ICP got out into the world on their own. Eminem was lucky to get the help he had and congrats to him. ICP went about 4 years before being signed to a major record label, and in that time they released two LPs, about 4 EPs, and had over 200,000 people bumping their shit all over Detroit by 1995. And now they got fans worldwide, their own record label, wrestling promotion and merchandise line, all without any help from the mainstream.
    All I want is the feud to end and for people to stop being so narrow-minded about underground rap, but I can’t see it happening any time soon.
    This feud wasn’t just one person’s fault. They’re both from Detroit so they should be batting on the same team.
    Well if anyone can end the feud, it’ll be Tech N9ne. He’s friends with both sides, good on him. Anyway I’m out. Peace All!

  16. andmanicphaterfo life avatar

    any one who likes icp can suck icps balls i mean serously what kind of faget weres make up for their identity.O ya coolio is gay.lol.UNEDRGROUND SUCKS REMEBER THAT.ANd o ya fo all you fagets that say icp is cool and and their hella big then if so then why arent they fuckin mainstream and dont give me that shit that they could if they wanted to, am i the fuckin only won that relizez they suck!!!!!!damn.

  17. Fuck The Feud avatar
    Fuck The Feud

    I knew somebody would show their true clolour and prove how ignorant they are. To explain the facepaint would require a mental capacity beyond your own understanding, so don’t worry your little brain into a headache about it. And by saying that the underground sucks your dissing: Tech N9ne, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, MC Ren, MC Hush(who has done fuckin countless songs with Shady), the list goes on. Eminem was underground before he hit it big. Everyone except for pop singers start out in the underground before they explode. ICP never wanted to do the chart thing because they believe it’s selling out. That’s why the call mainsream rappers sellouts. If it wasn’t for the underground there would be no mainstream. And you’re gonna diss me for listening to Coolio? God you’re sad, that was when I was 8, back in ’95. I didn’t know real music back then.

    But why do I bother trying to talk sense into people who would lose an argument with a tape recorder?
    I never dissed out your music so don’t diss mine. I’m into something you’re not, get over it. I don’t think Eminem sucks. I’m not into his music but I know he doesn’t suck. If he had no fans then yes he would suck. But people like his music therefore he doesn’t suck. ICP got people who enjoy their music too so they don’t suck either.
    Seriously it’s idiots like ‘andmanicphaterfo life’ who started this stupid feud between the fans. People gotta realise one thing: just because you think something sucks doesnt mean that it does suck. Your opinon isn’t right just because you think it is.
    Just remember I never dissed out Eminem. I only diss out idiots who can’t process an opinon that’s different to their own. Eminem and ICP don’t get along. Fine by me I get along with my life. I got nothing against Eminem fans, I just hate the assholes who talk shit cos they think they’re always right.

  18. Adult Fan avatar
    Adult Fan

    Fuck The Feud,

    nice post. It is intelligent and well thought out. I am a 30 year old Eminem fan. I agree that the feud is foolish, but when people grow up in the same town/city, it is easy to get some friction. I don’t really mind ICP, but you cannot compare them to Em.
    When someone is talented, they get noticed. Em was noticed by one of the– if not THE– leading artists/producers in the industry. Em has accomplished as much in the genre as any single artist– ever. His retail worth is staggering, and his fan base is possibly the largest in the world. And he is only starting. He will undoubtably discover and promote new talent, such as 50 cent, and add to the quality of the genre.
    ICP has barely treaded water in the industry. I’ll admit that they have a fan base, and that they are successful. However, you cannot group them in the same genre as Em. They are as much wrestlers/entertainers as ‘rappers’. Anyone can rhyme words– that is not rap. They are musicians I’ll concede, but not neccesarily rappers. They fact that they were picked up by the WWE is evidence of where their talant was noticed.
    I agree that the feud is stupid. But Eminem is one million times the talent, rapper, musician, celebrity, producer, record seller, money maker, and star… if not the best wrestler. ICP should be happy to be mentioned in the same sentence with Eminem.

    Peas out…

  19. tha devil avatar
    tha devil

    i think icp& juggalos should shut da fuck up about eminem,hailie jade,50cent,g-unit,drdre&obietrice. b-cuz them fagots cant rhyme
    oh yha to all da juggalos&juggalets yall should da fuck up b-for you make us eminem fans mad. b-cuz we will blow out yo muthafuckion brains if we hafto.oh and if you dis us gorillas(true gunit fans) we will hurt ya niggas personally and physically. peace.

  20. Dark Carnivals messenger avatar
    Dark Carnivals messenger

    Im a huge fan of ICP, i use to be a eminem fan until i got too tired of
    1.) No new cd came out soon enough for me
    2.)He sings about his past evernts too much
    3.) and finally hes a wigger and a wankster, even fans should think he tries to act black geez.
    Im a full ICP fan. I even spread the word of the Dark Carnival. So there, i believe wat they say in their songs, im a full 100% fan, so fuck off whoever thinks im not

  21. dark carnival GOERS avatar
    dark carnival GOERS

    jsut a sec hope yo faggots out there get a piece of his ass. cous it wont be around once icp get there hands on them.

  22. JuggaloBiker avatar

    anyone else think that the naive comments of many of these “fans” just prove the pre-teen immaturity and inteligence level that these poor parasites are doomed to endure thier entire existence with?
    The only reason Eminem is SO huge is cause he was force fed to the masses by MTV, and no MTV play is not proof of “making it.” Besides the fact that ICP’s fourth Joker card holds the record for the longest consecutive time any record has been in the billboard top 200, and the fact that at one time ICP did have video’s on MTV and VH1, however they cought themselves, they returned to what was important. The Fans.
    Also, how many times have you seen Iron Maiden on MTV, never, does that mean they aint been around continuously for over 20 years…? Nope. Also doesn’t take away from the fact that they can sell out a 30,000 seat venue.
    Also, when was the last time you heard about Eminem helpin out a fan? At the gathering of the juggalos two years ago, a small handful of juggalo’s lost thier tickets home. Did ICP say, “oh well you spent your money on us, tough rocks,” no, shaggy pulls out cash from his own stash and helps them all get home. Did he care bout the dough. Nope. Do they care bout the number of fans they have? Nope, they care about how true the fans will be five, or even ten years from now. Same thing they cared bout eleven years ago when they started with the first Joker’s Card. Let us see where Eminem is five years from now. His popularity is already waning as his “fans” grow up. If he can still manage to get into the top 40, when he’s over 40 then perhaps he will have earned my respect as a musician.
    But even then I’ll still be a Juggalo, not just for the talent/originality of ICP, but because of the message of the Dark Carnival. At least ICP stand for something. Unlike Eminem who is ruled by dollars signs.
    I have no true close to this, so I shall merely bow out, good day…

  23. Dustin avatar

    K, I support what JuggaloBiker says, he proved many great points. Personally, I get sick of Eminem’s and 50 cent and all them rappers lyrics bout money,hoes,shooting gangsters. I mean come on, Em and them shoot people, fuck everyone and there mothers, and if ya passed them on the street they would probally give you the meanest look on the planet just cause they think they are all that. What worthless human beings.I mean look at Em’s fans they are all fucking wiggers, white boys driving riced out civics listening to Em acting all “gangster”. But really, they are gonna end up pissing a ICP fan off and getting there ass beat. What they gonna do, throw Em’s cds and throw poorly executed gangsigns? I see those kinds of people everywere, in stores acting like they own the “rap” section. I call them the Wal-Mart Moppers. Represent dumbshits, its all your worth.

  24. jetbug avatar

    To all of you ICP fans more power to you and I say the same to all Em fans. I listened to both but I have to admit that I listen to Em a lot more as of lately. Arguments on both sides have plausible information but what most people aren’t comprehending is the fact that these arguments are mostly opinionated. You ICP fans should really try to calm down though because you’re getting so angry that most of you aren’t making any sense. When others post something about you all being ignorant, it’s not because you like ICP but it’s because you aren’t making sense. Like I said I’m more of an Em fan so when I read your comments I began to be more biased. I wanted to argue but I didn’t know what to say because a rebuttal can’t be made for an argument that makes absolutly no sense. Then finally I got to an ICP fan who made some sense and I was able to step back and give this some fair thought. So I say, I respect ICP for keeping it real and while I’m not a die-hard fan I enjoy some of their music. As for Em, I’ve become a die-hard fan and I wish him even more success. Gotta make that paper so hate on him.

  25. dark carnival GOERS avatar
    dark carnival GOERS

    yo.. to all of you eminem fans that still think hes tha shit fucking get a grip. and eminem better watch out before people start to clown on hailie and his ex wife and make him wet his panties. so if any eminem fans wanna fuck with the dark carnival and us just reply to this and we will battle……..

  26. clowns_go_down avatar

    Yo, you ICP bitches are gettin’ clown face paint all over my balls. Em has more $, power in the industry, and fans then they’ll ever have. Go try on some tights and wrestle each other you ass pirates.

  27. dark carnival GOERS avatar
    dark carnival GOERS

    YEAH MABY MONY BUT NOT POWER em aint nutin but a bitch*thang*that ass aint slimm no more its been reamed out so mutc. if theres paint on your balls its becous yo marked for recapulation and decapitation. somutch for your platnim hits, gays dont belong on the top. so take your reamed out ass fan-club and get out. couse we juggalos/juggalets.

  28. clowns_go_down avatar

    Em aint the one wearing tights, is he butt boy?

  29. You_Can_Call_me_Mad_Professor avatar


  30. dark carnival GOERS avatar
    dark carnival GOERS

    clowns will never go down alone.

  31. clowns_go_down avatar

    So you nancy boys go down together? Do you like to smoke sausage in packs? Do you homos ever fight over who gets to go down first, or is the money shot your favorite part? I figured as much…butt pirates.

  32. not even a contest... avatar

    Eminem is awesome. He is so big he has changed the rap/hip hop genre for the better. Not just succeeded and made money, but changed the look and style of rap. He has expanded the market and fanbase more than any rap/hip hop artist ever. Hooray for the ICP, they got more woodchucks that watch WWE to listen to shitty music. Do they call their shit hip hop? I call it garbage, and judging by record sales and popularity, so does the rest of the world. And before all you ‘juggalos’ try to tear this post up, but please do everyone a favor. Turn off your caps lock, use spellcheck, and stop hoofing Dust-Off long enough to proof read your response.

  33. Dustin avatar

    I just think rap like Em’s and dre and shit is so stupid, whats so great about shooting thugs,stealing,acting like dicks,drinking,fucking everyone,having to worry about your life and if someone will shoot you, having to spending lots of money on “bling” just to keep up with the flow, what is the point? Thats why I like ICP, they dont talk about half that shit, nor do they care. Sure em has a big fan base, but most of them are wanna-be gangsters, who act like idiots, listen to crap-rap, smoke pot and get arrested..How fun! Shit, just go get a real job and stop living such a impure life. I will be happy to see all the “thugs” burn in hell, they serve no purpose in life, help no one, and hurt the innocent. So all you supporting this, may god have mercy on your souls..
    Try to respond to this post, with a little intelligence and reason.

  34. Home owning, job holding Eminem fan avatar
    Home owning, job holding Eminem fan

    Dustin, before you call Dre, Eminem, and hip-hop fans in general ‘idiots’, take a look at some of the comments by ICP fans on this thread. I’ll admit there are some stupid Eminem fans, but they’ve got nothing on the level of stupidity that ICP fans have reached. At least you can spell and formulate a coherent sentence. However, I have a ‘real’ job, I don’t wear any bling-bling jewelry, and I’ve never been arrested. I think this feud is stupid, as it’s like trying to compare a 12 year old little league player with a World Series Champion. Eminem is that champion, and ICP is the little boy crying in the parking lot. Not good enough to play in the big league, and unable to get a ticket to watch. You can say whaterver you want on a message board, but when you wake up, rub out the sleepy seeds, and change your underwear, you’ll discover it was only a wet dream. ICP will always be an underground– (read : unsuccessful)– band. They should keep this feud going as long as possible, as it’s their only chance of being mentioned in the same sentence as “superstar”. And please tell any ICP fans you know to move out of their parents houses and get a job. I don’t care if it’s ‘real’ or not, just get a job…

  35. angie avatar


  36. juggalette avatar

    FUCK EMINEM….. ICP brings a message in there albums and fuck the only thing eminem sings about is killing his mother……Shouldn’t he go to jail for singing white America…. and all that other fagotty ass shit…..i mean at least ICP has dedicated fans unlike Eminem who has fucking bithces the only fans of his are his friends…… Probably his own mom doesnt go to his concerts… i mean you gotta be SHIT to go to his concerts.. cuz EMINEM is SHIT!!!!!

  37. Tripple6 avatar

    I listen to just about everything Rap/Metal/Hip hop/Thrash and i can tell you that this feud is really getting old. who gives a shit. they both hate eachother. Ill be honest I love ICP and i really think that people who put so much time and energy into hateting them is just a fucking retard who never had a girl friend, and still live with mommy in her basement.Im not going to dis eminem because it is just stupied that people really take this shit to heart.look..IT IS JUST MUSIC U STUPIED FUCKS!!!! ICP and Eminem are just busting each others ball, thats what rappers do GET A FUCKING LIFE.

  38. JuggaloBiker avatar

    to all those who commented on the inteligence of an ICP fan, first, see my above post, and try to convince myself that I contain a lesser inteligence than you who has nothing better to accomplish than insult someone who has a much more valid point, as well as a more secure foundation for thier argument than you do. Also, be sure to check your grammer as a spellcheck wont always catch those errors.
    The only other thing I have to say at this time is;
    Eminem fan = wanna be uptown thug
    ICP fan = FAMILY

  39. Eminem's tutor avatar
    Eminem’s tutor

    Well JuggaloBiker, any thoughts? Perhaps you are taking your own advice and proof reading your comments before posting them? I welcome your rebuttle, even if I have to struggle through the minefield of grammatical and spelling mistakes it likely contains. Thanks for personally illustrating the lack of education that you and most other ICP fans possess. You are less intelligent than I am, and the band you so love pales in comparison to the Eminem phenomenom.

    Eminem= superstar the world over

    ICP= Perpetually underground– (read: unpopular) shit band with girly make up to cover up the cumshots on their faces

  40. andmanicpblosfo life avatar

    hey FUCK THE FUED go fuck youreself, you blow as much as those fags that you call music.And you say you didnt know music when you were 8 welll guesss what buddy you still dont know shit aboult music.Its funny actually thoe how you said that it was people like me that started the fued if you knew anything aboult the situation then you would know they caused it over themselves you faget!!!!!!haha.O ya you said that icube was under ground well now hes not you flamin faget.Cypress hill still blows so its ok if youre reasearching was terrible its ok now stop thinkin you know shit when you dont!!!! icp blows fo life!!!!!!

  41. andman icphatefolife avatar

    hey FUCK THE FUED go fuck youreself, you blow as much as those fags that you call music.And you say you didnt know music when you were 8 welll guesss what buddy you still dont know shit aboult music.Its funny actually thoe how you said that it was people like me that started the fued if you knew anything aboult the situation then you would know they caused it over themselves you faget!!!!!!haha.O ya you said that icube was under ground well now hes not you flamin faget.Cypress hill still blows so its ok if youre reasearching was terrible its ok now stop thinkin you know shit when you dont!!!! icp blows fo life!!!!!!

  42. andim am so cool avatar

    whats up with all the fags that like ICP that say feminem its just hellaa gay im srry i didnt kno thats the only diss you fags have.Slim fo life.

  43. T1984 avatar

    Well Em is way better than icp , icp needs a reality check, they only had like 1 song that i ever seen , be played on MTV or anything more then once, and i’d like to the so called tuff guys on the icp record label, take on g unit, d 12, slim, dre, snoop and all the west coast, so icp burn in hell, if it wasn’t for em, rap i think woulda been lost for awhile, Em is the shit, whether he’s white or black it do’nt matter, he’s tight and that’s the deal. So forget it ICP fans, they are done, u can’t be popular bein underground forever, and plus, one guy said they don’t wanna come out because they say mainstream is sellin out, they came out, so wouldn’t the be sell outs too, bein on tv and be on the charts is not a sell out. It’s a job and em’s just doin his job and lovin it, and the people love it, evidentally nobody loves ICP , wait maybe 3 people, well thanks 1

  44. indign avatar

    This is the most immature argument I’ve ever read. It seems Em’s side is making more valid points and backing them up, but boths sides are making ridiculous claims that are unsupportable and just plain wrong. Half the ICP people are bitching that Eminem raps about shooting thugs. ICP raps about stabbing anybody they feel like. Eminem disses everybody in his records. ICP has songs doing the same thing. When Em disses ICP, he uses two, three lines in a song. ICP redo entire Em songs to diss him. Everything you say to diss the one, the other does just as much. I enjoy both of their music. Both have enjoyable albums. But to think that ICP is more talented makes no sense. The only reason ICP doesn’t want to be mainstreams is because they know they can’t be. Some ICP thug up there said that Em’s popularity is waning…Which is why each successive album of his sells more than the previous. Someone up there said he stopped being a fan cuz Em didn’t have albums come out soon enough. His albums come out more often than ICP’s do. And if you’re a fan, why would you stop being a fan because or that? Nine Inch Nails takes forever to release another album, but their fans love them for that very reason. Hardly any arguments posted have made valid points. Hardly any of them have had anything other than purposeless bickering. How about everybody grow up.

  45. indign avatar

    A few more things. ICP did have music videos on MTV, but then stopped because they returned to what is important, the fans? Fans want music videos. Fans love to see the latest music video of thier favorite artists. How does stopping making videos show that they care about their fans? People say others need to learn about what the Joker’s cards mean. They’re a gimmick. A gimmick is an attempt to hide the fact someone doesn’t have talent. I personally enjoy all the Joker’s cards Great Milenko on. But they do fail to have much if any talent. There’s a difference between good and enjoyable. And Em putting ICP on that poster…like it or not gave ICP exposure. Why would they decide to hate someone for helping them gain more exposure? Everyone citing that as a reason that Em sucks is irrational. And back to the killing people in songs…ICP has killed a whole lot more people in their songs than Em. Even a school teacher. A song promoting killing a teacher because nobody in school likes them. Stop using arguments that support your band of choice sucking to say the other sucks.

  46. mad man murfy avatar
    mad man murfy

    alright muther fuckers, i been reading this fuckin post like a muther fucker for the last 25 minutes, and every fool aint got a fuckin clue!
    okay first off!
    I hate Eminem WHY?
    Beacuse he bites styles like the bitch that he is
    He stole Acid rap from Esham, he uses the texas chainsaw gimic that fuckin House of Krazees did first! Hes got a RiddleBox tattoo on the inside of his arm that he got changed into a mushroom (and thats a fact!)and he sucked off Dre’ for a chance to be famous!
    Thats my reason why i dont like him, his music is okay, i aint dissin his shit, hes a good rapper, prolly one of the best these days, but fuck him for sellin out the detroit underground scene! he disses people that he know aint gonna do shit: Benzino, Moby, Britney, Ja rule Blah blah blah!
    Fair enough that hes got skill, fair enough that his beats be fresh coz he got the king producing, but fuck him for doing what he did!
    “I dont acid rap, but i rap on acid!”
    FUCKIN LIAR! Check the meanings of his songs, peep that he comes out in a TCM constume that HOK already fuckin did! And all them eminems fucks out there know this is true, coz if u knew anything bout marshmellow, then u’d know that he paid House Of Krazees money to open for them! NOW WHUT! So when u get famous then u forget the foundations and the rappers that showed that fool tha way!
    I do listen to icp, why because they beats are fresh, they lyrics are real fresh, dont believe me listen to this bitch boi Violent J- “some fuckin’ how” and that shit will straight up tell you that icp never get played so they CANT fade away!
    Eminem’s fans are not loyal, they are mainstreem fans, they only thrive on whatever is hip at the time, Em is going to go down, wether it be sooner or later, i jus hope he takes some respect with him! peece out yall MCL JUGZ!

  47. TJ the serial killa aka Bi-P0Lar avatar
    TJ the serial killa aka Bi-P0Lar

    First off for the feminem fans
    Hey if eminems so good how come him and dre has lawsuits on them for, um… what was it again? oh yea STEALING LYRICS FROM OTHER PEOPLE WITH TALENT!! I am and always be a juggalo!
    YOu know it, n any feminem fans wanna step come n get it

    Come n play with me,
    even it it means your death.
    You hated me,
    My tomahawk swings right to left.
    you bitches wait n see,
    Ill be a juggalo till my very last breath.
    And you hate to see,
    these Hatchet Men upon our chest.
    Come And Play With Me

    N to all my Juggalos n Lettes out there MMFCL

  48. - avatar

    wassuppeeps.im a fan of eminem and icp but at the moment thats not wot i wanna get in 2.the boy who dissed Cypress Hill is crazy.now im english not american so blow to me means your dissing Cypress hill,easily the best rap group ever!!!!!! B-real is a white rapper in the group who has just as much talent as eminem but doesn’t get recognized as much coz he’s in a group.and stop fighting over who spells words better you sad people.peace

  49. b-real avatar

    wassup peeps.im a fan of eminem and icp but at the moment thats not wot i wanna get in 2.the boy who dissed Cypress Hill is crazy.now im english not american so blow to me means your dissing Cypress hill,easily the best rap group ever!!!!!! B-real is a white rapper in the group who has just as much talent as eminem but doesn’t get recognized as much coz he’s in a group.and stop fighting over who spells words better you sad people.peace

  50. ICP licks slim shady's anus avatar
    ICP licks slim shady’s anus

    ICP sucks every males body part that anybody could think of!Eminem has made a name for himself,Has changed the face of rap/hiphop.He’s signed great rapper’s such as 50cent,Obie Trice,D12 and other’s!So what if he’s had some help from DR.Dre,Eminem had the talent unlike the men fucking wannabe’s that call themselves ICP!!And guess what ICP fans Eminem still has that talent so don’t expect ICP to over throw Eminem with that shit they call music!Oh?ICP fans fuck you and get the fuck out of here before us Eminem fans kick you the fuck out!!!!!Eminem fans have a good day kicking ICP fans ass’s!!!Have a nice day!

    Peace Out!!!!

  51. The REAL message avatar
    The REAL message

    First thing ICP where in mainstream they have many platinum albums there own record company and they sound good for all the years theyve been putting out music. Eminem is good too but he didnt start off producing his own shit Dre did he does now and its tight but ICP is way too fuckin violent for mainstream and they have the record for billboard top 200 for longest rap group on it at one time.

  52. angela avatar

    ok i can go on and on about how icp are just shit piss fuck cuntts cock suckers mother fuckers dick sucken dirty twots! but im going to stop there. for all of you icp fans, did you happen to watch mtv a few nights ago? well icp was on there doing an interview and do you know what they said? that they are all an act. and honestly they said they dont give a shit about their fans and who likes them cuz all they are in it for is money. they said that to all of you juggalo faggots! and you are still going to stand behind them! FUCK THAT!!! you are are fucken dumb. at least eminem dont have to put on a pussy show for people to like him. he is actually talented! eminem in the soul of rap right now. read all the magazines and watch all the music stations on tv. eminem is all over them. do you see icp anywhere? hell no! they went out in like 1997 and anyone with half a brain is going to see that. ICP SUCKS COCK!! icp almost got jumped and shot by eminem but they hid in their truck and wouldnt come out to fight cuz their pussy asses knew they would get their ass kicked. eminem is the shit and all of you all that dont think that can go suck monkey bitch cuz icp straight dissed their fans three nights ago. and eminem loves his fans. ICP I HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS!! EMINEM WILL STRAIGHT FUCK YOU BITCHES UP! KEEP LYING TO YOUR JUGGALOS MAKING THEM THINK YOU ARE FOR REAL YOU PHONY BITCHES BUT WATCH YOUR BACK EMINEM WILL FUCKEN KILL YOU PUSSYS!! slim anus? you damn right slim snus em dont get fuked in his like you two little flaming fagots! faggot-2-dope and silent-gay is what im going to call you pussys. and FUCK all of you icp fans. follow those phony bastards. but no matter what those fuckers do or say about eminem, they know that he can rap better, rhyme better, kick ass better, has better record sales then they have ever had, and is the illest rapper out there! they just cant admit it cuz they have to keep on being fake so they wont lose the LITTLE popularity they have. all of you eminem fans in here, im right behind ya. and we’ll always be right behind eminem, ready to flip the bird to the world. FUCK ICP AND THE JUGGALOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. justin avatar

    yo im with angela. the comment above me. do you got a boyfriend sweetie cuz you really know how to diss those faggot icp freiks. call me babe. 996-8093 {a.c- 319} FUCK ICP eminem is the shit!

  54. RatmChris avatar

    Ok, here it is as i see it I am by no means saying im correct and cannot be wrong its just always been my impression that Icp feeds on teen angst getting kids from my highschool who feel left out that are mad at there parents to feel important like they are a part of something. I know that they would argue to death that its not true but if any of them actually would sit alone wihtout there biased oppinions they would realize that icp doesnt actually care about juggalos except for their money. For god sakes they wear clown make up and are idolized for it.
    Kids wake up theres more to life than fucking icp they arent anyhting special and following them is ridiculous they could give a shit about you, listen to rappers with soem intelligence like amosphere or slug, grow up and stop being mad at your parents.

  55. juggalo avatar

    Okay first of all ICP tried MTV an all that shit they screwed them over they wanted to censor them an ICP said fuck that..Besides the mainstream is gay its just music lame happy go lucky suger coated bull shit let them tell you when to breathe you mindless fucks underground for life…bring eminems pretty boy ass round my way in 7 mile he’ll get his shit fucked up.he aint got no creds either cept for 50 only people that like his shit are 12 year old girls and fuckin wannabe wiggers.anyway i dont want to continue arguing over the damn net like a damn nerd…so if any of yall wanna beef bout this email me im in warren we can set something up…MMFCL!!

  56. phat phuc chow mein avatar
    phat phuc chow mein

    aaaaiiight. so. here’s how it is. where would eminem be without dre? He’d prolly be waiting in line for his fuckin food stamps. What do you suppose would happen if ICP released an album and called it “The sellout LP?” and they did all the shit like TRL and the videos and radio time and shit? Have you seen their videos? That’s some of the most original shit I’ve ever seen. Who the fuck else would flip shit around like that and put a fat sheba dancer or whatever in their shit? And of course its an act. Kind of like Em’s “I’m the tuff white skinny dude with a perm”
    what movie was it that said “And my friend here, Eminem, will have the tofu with heroin sauce.”? I thought that was funny. And as for the face paint. J said himself “You think I’m scary now? Shiiiit.” How the fuck many people do you see dressed like eminem on halloween? I been half J and half Shaggy four years running. have any of you actually sat down and listened to the music ICP puts out? it’s basically fuckin loony toons. nuthin wrong with that. ESPECIALLY when that’s the fucking effect that they go for. When’s the last time Eminem had a week long concert that’s nothing short of a fucking full fledged barter fair? I may have something to say about that guy with the ICP interview comment, but I’ll hold off until I see the transcript of the interview…

  57. indign avatar

    a bit off topic but…i just read that a lot of icp fans and even the record execs who put out their albums were shocked and perplexed by the lyrics to The Unveiling, saying there were out of the blue and totally unexpected…i don’t see how fans or execs could be seeing as how pretty much every album of theirs has had “Special Thanks to God” stating that God is the reason they’re here. shocking? sure wasn’t to me. they’ve never hidden that they follow God. any fan shocked by this revelation was never a fan at all but a follow along dependent.

  58. XHAOS avatar

    Ok, this is gonna be pretty long so put ur readin glasses on. The things said in this do not apply to everyone, just 99% of people. The ONLY reason Eminem is so big is because he is on Mtv. You people claim that he is talented and cool and whatever other praises you give him because he is on Mtv. How many actual talented people do u see on Mtv? Every group/band/person i see on there is a ripoff of somebody else or a talentless boner whose record label paid off Mtv to play their video. 99% of the artists on Mtv are ONLY in it for the money. That’s all they care about. They sell out their music for a record deal and make it marketable to the masses. Mtv pretty much has everybody who watches it’s crappy programming brainwashed to listen to what they say is “cool” for the moment. if Mtv stopped playin eminem’s shit, in 5 years y’all will sell his albums for $2 at a used CD store or throw it away. I bet you could probly list off 20 bands that used to be big ass bands a few years ago on Mtv and u bought their album thinking they were the shit, and now it’s tucked away in the back of ur closet collecting dust. YOU people need to wake the fuck up and learn that u can make ur own decisions and u dont need somebody else to tell you what music to listen to or how to dress. u can walk thru the mall and see a group of these kids, they may as well be wearing a uniform. BE YOUR OWN GOD DAMN PERSON. but u guys want facts about eminem … he steals 95% of his shit from underground detroit artists. like mentioned above, he STOLE the Jason/Texas Chainsaw Massacre from House of Krazees. He’s stolen lyrics from Esham. He’s not doing ANYTHING groundbreaking or original. everything he’s doing has been done. he just toned it down enough so that Mtv wouldnt care too much about what he says. (sounds like a sellout to me). he did NOT pull a gun on ICP, he pulled an unloaded gun on 1 of ICP’s employees. (read the article that you’re commenting on), yeah … all the hardcore gangstas carry unloaded weapons. i agree that he does have talent. im not denying that by no means. but to give him all this credit just cuz he’s on Mtv and he’s on the billboard charts and sells out stadiums. So do every other big name act that Mtv shoves down your throat. Yeah, Britney Spears and Nsync have A LOT of talent (sarcasm). Sure, he has platinum albums, but so do every other 1 hit wonder that Mtv has played since 1981. The guy does nothing but whine about his “hard” upbringing (my mommy didnt pay attention to me, she told me i couldnt go hang out with the big kids on the basketball court). wow, im impressed. i dont care about how he was raised, the guy has millions of dollars now, he aint hurtin anymore. quit fuckin whining. like his upbringing was hard anyways, he grew up in the suburbs of MI. Ive heard less annoying audio from the public broadcasting systems weekly tests. And you claim he’s so hardcore, why is it that he had to sick his little crew of “black guys that im givin a record deal to make me look like a real thug”, D-12, out after Esham. wow, takes 25 “real men” to beat the hell out of 2 guys. but anyways, my main point is, ICP deserves some respect. even if you dont like their music. Name another artist who has platinum albums and has no help from Mtv or Radio. Name another artist that has a fan base as dedicated to them as ICP. They have their own succesful record label, the #2 wrestling federation in the US, shitloads of fans that will be around long after all the little 14-16 yr old white kids from the suburbs of nebraska who listen to him because he’s “controversial”, and many more things that i could go on with. If you truly are a fan of his music and not just on his nuts cuz ur a fan of what mtv shoves down your throat, then fine. go right ahead. But maybe you should find out a little more about who you’re trying to hate on. When ya dont know shit about what you’re talkin about, it shows.

  59. ICP fans r Dark Carnival Jahova Witnesses....hahaha avatar

    Now, I’m going to try to put this in chronological order. It will be really long, so just stick with me. I think I have a lot of really good points to say. There’s also a lot of things from other people’s posts that I take and make points of.

    When did ICP become more original when Eminem tells the truth- NOT about some Dark Carnival god from Shitty to Drugged and Vagina J’s nightmare
    Hmmm…..If I seem to recall, ICP talks about sex, drugs, killing, and shit too, so just cuz they trying to relate to their clown god don’t mean they Jahova Witnesses
    If Eminem is so immoral, stupid, creative less, and horrible for not having a “job” (Guess what? ICP are rappers too!) Then why do ICP fans spell wrong, and we don’t? Is it becuzse ICP and fanbase=gay fags (Who spray Faygo rootbeer and call themselves clowns ’cause they look queer.)
    Eminem fanbase=smart, angry, creative, and helpful
    And yet ICP brings messages from the Dark Carnival where little princesses run around looking Goth and eating tootsie rolls and shoving them up their asses. I thought ICP fans said they rap about sex, and killing people too? At least Eminem teels it true, and he got the balls to do shit. If he’s trying to be black and thug, then what are ICP trying to be? Clowns from INNER CITY DETROIT??? (Mind you, inner ciy is rich kids mostlyl- rich rappers usually shitty ’cause they pussy.)
    And what do black people act like? You ICP fans trying to go back to racism thinkin
    White=good, nice, smart, superior, perfect ,helpful
    Black=lying, bad, cheaters, gangsters, immoral, dirty, worthless, and violent
    And since when does Eminem care so much about money? He gives things away, supports education, youth empowerment, and coats for kids and stuff like that in Detroit. He only has 1 car, and he trys to give Hailie everything he never had, so yeah, I’m sure he really all about money, so why you (ICP) people talk ’bout money so much? Wow, Slim got rich ’cause people love him and he loves those people and helps them- and guess what? He even loves you haters for hating him and helping him get further because of you. So then he helps more people who love him.
    What’s up with this Em’s gives mean looks to people on the streets? Who cares? He can give mean looks, just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean he has to be nice all the time. People who aren’t celebs. usuall aren’t.
    Now about what some other people posted.
    phat phuc chow mein- How old are you if you’re talking about kids going for Halloween dressed up as ICP or Eminem? How far you going to get with ICP fans when their 7 yeares old?
    And XHAOS- Who cares that the gun was unloaded? He’s sort of smart ’cause he would have shot it if it was loaded and he already had a weapons concealed charge from the day before
    MTV-can people like shit because they like it, not because it is on MTV. Because that shit don’t matter, ’cause if I like somebody, I don’t give a fuck how popular they are, I gon be true. So STFU ’bout Eminem being popular because Eminem is on MTV ’cause they liked his shit and lots of other people did too.
    Lyrical Beef Between Eminem and ICP
    ICP can get beat down all the time. Now just how many battles has Em won? And what ’bout ICP? Have they ever kicked Em’s ass or attempted it? No, they ran away if I recall…..
    Y’all know nobody can beat Slim anus ’cause nobody good enough. Ja don’t fire back and goes to priests making up some shit ’bout it gonna end up like the Biggie and Tupac beef thang. Sort of like how it takes ICP a whole song to diss Eminem and Eminem comes back with a few lines to diss them. And then it’s better than ICP’s diss, AND makes ICP look like dumbfucks.
    Industy Beef Between Eminem and ICP
    Just becaue you’re supported by a major industry personel (DRE) don’t mean you ain’t good ’cause you have to be supported- it means you’re good because you were found. And what up with Dre produces all of Em’s stuff?? Well, gee, I wonder how his stuff was produced BEFORE he was with Dre?
    ICP Diss To Fans: Eminem Loves His Fans
    If angela is right with the MTV thing (I didn’t see it.) that ICP disses fans saying it is all an act (The Dark Carnival thing.) guess what Eminem did when he was on TRL? He was all the people out of the window (Just so happened to be the biggest crowd ever at TRL and they blocked streets and almost had to close it.) Shady goes back and you, don’t see it, but you can tell he wiped a tear away. At least he loves his fans. That some small reason why his fans love him.
    ICP fans- what does MMFCL mean? I can think of My Mother Fuckin’ Clown Life.
    I’m sure that there is at least 1 song of Eminem’s that you can relate too, you just have to find the right one. So y’all know you love him!

  60. ya indign avatar

    hey i would just like to comment on indigns comment .number1 qiute frankly i definetly do not like ICPs stuff, it sounds the same,but im with u on the shit you said that they deserve respect.All you fags that say shit like eminems is so cool just cause hes on mtv is bullshit.Eminem is cool because his message is fuck you and fuck the world ,not because he talks aboult killing som1.And its sad acctually because sum of you fags take his and icps shit to seroiusly,and thats fuckin gay.o ya and indigin you say 99 percent of us likes eminem jus because hes on mtv well youre wrong about that.ill always like eminem even if hes on mtv or not.peace.

  61. KINGOFDAHOOD avatar

    Yall take that fude to serousily dogs, u all need to stop hating eachother like dat, Both Need respect, ICP and Eminem, both are out there Rapping. so they dont like eachtoher so fucking what, live and let live dog, and to the kid that said that Cypress Hill sucks your gonna eat pavement fo dat son, best check yo self and reconize before the hood comes 4 you fool. I like ICP and Eminem so ya can fuck off wit dat shit. both have skill and both kick ass dog, so u haters& fucking bigots out there can fuck off. YOU CANT FAZE ME WIT THAT HATE SHIT!

  62. SuburbanCracker avatar

    Wow. Two hours later I start my post. All that bullshit for what..? Very few of the posts were coherent, and I feel less intelligent for reading a good deal of them. If I was able to actually read your post you should know I actually read them.

    Who gives a flying fuck about how they are posted though. To all you tough-ass thugs that think I’m some little punk-ass, ass-eating, suburban cracker faggot bitch: FUCK YOU and step back. It was Tupac that said don’t judge me if you don’t know me. I’ve been forced into some freaky shit that was stale as fuck. So here’s my disclaimer: don’t read the rest unless you are ready to get your eyeballs skull-fucked by your computer screen.

    Juggalo I am. I am a Juggalo because of the magic of the Dark Carnival. When the meat cleaver swings you better check your neck. The Wicked Shit is the only shit that has ever been able to give me a feeling of contentment and completion. THIS IS THE SOUL OF PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDS! Bottom line is that Aftermath or Psychopathic or whatever label of whatever genre you follow is MUSIC. Music is to make this shitty life better. Not to wage wars against each other over petty shit. If ICP really did sell out the Juggalos on MTV like that, it’s a bitch. Guess what? Shit happens. I don’t give a fuck because there is still Twiztid, Esham, ABK, Colton Grundy a.k.a. Blaze, Jumpsteady, Zug Island, Dark Lotus, and all the other affiliated artists and sects. All possess the Wicked Shit and will continue to make checks as long as Juggalos breathe. There I said it. WE pay them. OUR money goes to them. Same for all the people representin’ Aftermath. My pay check is mine and I support Psychopathic Records because I want to keep hearing the Wicked Shit. Produce that freshness and I’m going to let them know. Not some shrink-wrapped bullshit. As musicians and rappers both Psy and Aft have immense talent, but they choose to market differently. Aft goes big, way big. Psy would rather keep it in the family, but if you notice our family is growing. Where’s the cheddar, muthafacko!?

    This hatchetman that swings around my neck means I’m a Ryda. Fuck you if you don’t know. To me, the Wicked Shit means more than a CD or a hoodie. It is a way of life. Music is so important to me and to many others. That’s why the industry is so big. I’m possessed by the Wicked Shit. Nothing can stop us ninjas but death. So what if that makes us stale in your eyes. YOUR EYES. NOT OURS.

    I personally think the feud is stupid. But then again we are human, and were always going to not like people because of set prejudices. Money, Power, and Fame dictates the way we live. If you take the time to notice that it doesn’t matter, I guarantee you will see how stupid all this hate really is. But you probably won’t because you are most likely too apathetic and complacent to figure this out. Prove me wrong. As I close I’d like to say: Marshall, come to my home and I’ll show you love. I don’t give a fuck what you or anyone has ever done. You’re just another soul waiting for neden up in Shangri-La. MMFCL to every soul, even
    if you are stale and crusty as Micheal Jackson’s bedsheets!

  63. Exykoe avatar

    Hey eminem fans……I.C.P. did it alone, they didnt wanna sit on someones lap begging for a chance.They made their selves famous, they didnt need any help because they are the shit. Lord knows what eminem had to do to convince Dre to give HIM a chance,and I dont want to know!!
    Its so obvious Feminem is an actor(studio Wanksta)
    Just like his sugar daddy (Dr.Dre).
    And no matter how hard feminem trys…he just dont add up to the Juggalos!!! So Eminem you lost
    Deal wit it like a woman….I mean a bitch!!!!

  64. ICP fans r Dark Carnival Jahova Witnesses....hahaha avatar

    ok, i got 2 more things, and gonna write this shit quick.
    here’s how eminem got his record deal with dre- he wuz in los angeles at a radio station battlin some dude or something just spittin shit. and dre wuz listening, and sent out his ppl to find that “ill ass white boy”
    ICP just suxs ass cuz nobody liked those faggot ass white boys. and one more thing….about all u ppl who are obsessed with eminem’s money
    he gave away his first car he got from rappin ( a 1997 purple Ford Mustang)on ebay and gave all tha money to charity!!! so shove that shit up ur ass ICP and fans!!!

  65. Noks avatar

    icp sucks cocks and they juss hate eminem cuz they jelous of him. i heard sum icp songs n there lyrics r sumtimes funy but it aint got no skill. no like meanin like shallow. eminems lyrics rule i neva herd any1 else rap like that

  66. wickedjoker avatar

    listen to me all you sons of bitches that complain
    way to fukin much .. you need to get your dick out if your fukin hands and get a peiece of reality…it dont matter if you listen to icp or the mainstream bullshit that feminem puts out to the clueless masses like a whore in amsterdam…your just jelious that you dont belong to a family that is non-judgemental we dont go around hatin on people for the hell of it,we have to have a reason to kick your soft corect spelling asses and ohh yeah guns are for pussies im out this bitch

  67. XHAOS avatar

    OK, i would like for u to show me 1 bit of proof that ICP has EVER hated on juggalos. I wanna see this. You claim ICP has no fans, ICP has a shitload more fans than ANY other groups that dont get Mtv or radio play, find another group that hasnt been on Mtv in 7 years and see how many fans they have. See how many fans Eminem has 7 years after Mtv drops his ass. We’ll just wait and see. Also, 1 of u tried to say eminem was better cuz he donates to charities and whatever. ALL the proceeds from 2 of ICP’s albums went to charities, they handed turkeys out to people for thanksgivin personally, they gave out CDs to fans who brought 5 cans of food in to concerts and gave those to the homeless (they also wouldnt just take crap that people dont eat like beets and shit, it had to be shit people eat like spaghettios and chili and shit). those r just a couple of examples of what ICP has done for charity, so dont bring up that dumb ass argument again. like i said in my post before, dont bring up shit that u have no fuckin clue about. Also, about eminem fans at TRL that somebody posted about, ICP had thousands of juggalos show up at TRL, but the cops were called to move all the juggalos across the street out of the view of the cameras and rush in all the little pop fans. and ICP wasnt even there, they just asked people to show up to get em played on there. They also had more votes that any other group has ever had, but Mtv would NOT play their video on TRL (yeah, they dont force u to listen to what they want u too). But u keep on listenin to pop rap, i dont give 2 shits about what u do. just tryin to straighten y’alls facts out. oh yeah, all the shit ive talked about can be proven. give me 1 piece of evidence that eminem chased ICP down with a paintball gun and they ran. then maybe i will believe some of ur dumb shit. or u can just come back lookin like morons and keep sayin shit like “IcP Iz GaYzOrZ 4 ReAlZ!!!1 LoLz”. and once again, i have not once said that eminem dont have talent, i just dont like whiney MTV controlled pop stars.

  68. ICP fans r Dark Carnival Jahova Witnesses....hahaha avatar

    ya but ICP is just punk ass bitches. they talk bout killin and shit yet they run away like goddamn cowards. and then they give to homeless, call the juggalos “family” then go on mtv and diss them cuz it all one big hoax? wtf does ICP want y’all motherfuckers to know anyways about the Dark Carnival and its message?

  69. Hatchetman avatar

    the only reason why i think that yall think icp are just a bunch of bitches is cuz you consider eminem real talent and the radio tells you what to listen to. which in fact my opinion icp has been rappin since 1991 and that’s enough years of rappin to be called an icon eminem threw out a couple of songs and they were hits but those were only a few..in my opinion eminem is just a little bitch who just wants attention..if icp were a bunch of bitches then they would be on mainstream…and of course icp wouldn’t kill noone but they will kick the shit outta someone..eminem wouldn’t kill nobody muthafacko has no balls why you think he only disses icp over the radio or on a song or somethin neva says it to a juggalo’s face or anyone in psychopathic records..and the juggalo family has better events than any rap artist or any fan of music artists..do osme research on the juggalo gatherin..180 dollars and you get concerts free food and rides and shit..to icp it’s not all about the money..eminem just joins 50 cent and g-unit to get money and makes money dissin other rappers.

  70. XHAOS avatar

    Once again, ICP has NEVER dissed juggalos. that shit that somebody was talkin about they said is the biggest bunch of bullshit i ever heard. and once again, i told u to give me 1 piece of evidence that ICP ran away when eminem pulled a paintball gun on em. show me evidence of that and maybe ill listen to ya, but the entire basis of ur argument cant be proven, so why dont u take eminem’s tiny cock off ur lips and speak some real shit. or just continue lookin like a dumbfuck. i figure u’ll probly go with the 2nd. and the whole message of the Dark Carnival has a good message. listen to the 17th track of The Wraith: Shangri-La. that will show all u dumbfucks what ICPs about. All their music has a good message to it. if u listen to the killin and shit in their music, u would see that it’s all killin people who deserve to die. Bigots, people who beat their kids and wives, corrupt politicians, etc. So like ive ended all my posts, Don’t talk shit about shit u don’t know about.

  71. Twiztidmind avatar

    YO this comment is to the guy who calls himself “the Devil” you are very sad, your a wigger and need to go back to school cause you can’t spell anything right you fucking moron. ICP kicks ass and u best get that through your skull.

    ICP 4 Life

  72. lana avatar

    I am an honest eminem fan, and I know my shit!! I know how it all started, and if you ICP fans are aware, eminem put might show up…: On the flyers, under a category of “MIGHT Make An Appearance” was about 30 of Detroit’s biggest local acts from Esham to House of Krazees to, yes, ICP. see that word there, MIGHT?? MIGHT? Anyway, I don’t hate ICP, i just have an overall general fear of clowns, and knowing my favourite rapper has a feud with them just makes it worse. But don’t be a sheep and hate eminem just cos the juggahoes do…..One more thing, have u noticed how eminem takes good decent shots at the clowns themselves, but on icp’s track “aint nothing but a bitch thang” or whatever it’s called, they take shots at his wife and his little girl halie jade? cant they think up anything more for eminem? it takes ICP one whole song to get across one message, where as eminem’s music can talk to you and people relate to it with no problems at all. I’ve heard ICP’S songs b4, i heard homies homies….to be honest, it sounded like a piece of clap trap where they weren’t making any sense….sorry icp fans but, ICP are dead and gone, no-one speaks of them anymore, just like eminem says “Must be a circus in town lets shut the shit down on these clowns, can I get a witness…” much white rapper love 😉 xxx

  73. Milenko avatar

    eminem is nothin but a little bitch, icp would go straight fuck ninja on that bitch, a shank to the neck and an axe to the forehead, what would eminem do, tell dr.dre to distract them by getting the shit beat out of him while he get behind them and tries to ass rape them, he would get killed like someone trying to steal food from a fat kid, then while he getting torchered in echoside down would come the soopa villans to beat that juggahoes ass some more, maybe any of you who think that eminem has a chance against violent j and shaggy 2 dope should read up on the “joker cards”….bitches

  74. XHAOS avatar

    to lana: yes, i know there was a whole list of people on that flyer. ive seen it, but’s still stupid as hell that somebody is gunna put a bunch of people on a flyer. That’s like if i was gunna throw a party, and imma put, oh yeah, fuckin everybody’s gunna be there, fuckin arnold schwarzeneggar and everybody, when i know the only people that would be there r gunna be me and the fuckin old ass lunch lady that works at the homeless shelter. That’s fuckin wack as hell and retarded. But i never even brought that shit up, cuz the whole fuckin flyer shit was fuckin retarded. how the hell r u gunna say ICP r dead and gone? just cuz Mtv dont play em? that’s retarded and shows just how god damn brainwashed ur trend followin dumb ass is.

  75. shady records father fuckaz avatar
    shady records father fuckaz

    It cracks me up that most of the messages that r on this site r icp fans it just goes 2 show that icp fans r a bunch of cocks wastin ur time on bullshit like this. U wuld waste ur time searchin this shit cos thts all u got 2 do in ur lil carnival lives and listnin 2 a buncha clowns in make up……shit heads grow up. only chics r meant 2 wear make up but i guess thats y icp hav so many male fans cos ur all lil girls.Eminem is the best and u all know it, face it!!!! icp culdnt walk round in the centre of 8 mile detroit without gettin they asses kiked cos guys wit make up on rnt welcome ther eminem can walk his white as whereva he likes in 8 mile. How many records hav icp sold ummmm less than 10 mill if they lucky……Ems sold how many um 22 mill and he writes half his shit 4 others anyway. Eminem and shady records 4 life peeps!!!!!!!!

  76. jimmi avatar

    i was reading one of the first 10 or so entries..why arent ICP on vh1, mtv, etc? Because Icp doesnt sell out. Those television channels do nothing but show sell out bands. Ever hear of evanescence? They’re big album fallen? didnt ya love it, yeah they’re first album came out in 94, they were a very good band, but a lot of their fans completely dissed them when they sold out to mtv like they did. another thing, icp actually does have a lot behind them, they say a lot of things that make a lot of since, just thought i’d throw my opinion in there.

  77. KJ avatar


  78. ICP fans r Dark Carnival jahova witnesses....hahaha avatar

    ok XHAOS…eminems cock never wuz on me…and i dont understand y eminem cant have some true die-hard fans like me who aren’t influenced by tha media and mainstream attention. y do u ppl have such a hard time believing since eminem is mainstream he can have TRUE fans? yall seem to think since one goes mainstream cuz other ppl like it, even though they might not like everything, that tha one who go mainstream now sucks and has no true fans? cant a fan b a fan even though eminem getting mainstream attention? would u icp juggalos still be real fans if they went mainstream? cuz i know i would stick with slim if he went old tomorrow and still produced records (if their hits or not) i would still buy his cd’s and have my earphones constantly glued to my ear. cuz shady’s just a pure genious. tha way he can put together words and flow. sorry but icp has no tallent. they get by off of being gay fags and having other gay fag fans who never had a girlfriend so those juggalos immitate icp and dress up like them crossdressers for halloween and shit and like icp da shit who cant even rhyme

  79. get_twiztid_420 avatar

    yeah ICP takes battles with eminem real seriously WHEN EMINEM IS A LITTLE BITCH WHO RAPS TO KIDS CUZ THEY THINK DOING DRUGS IS COOL which drugs are cool i do em all the time and i even used to listen to eminem and still do some come on he never even hit puberty till what last year?? ICP couldnt give a fuck about emeinem they know hes a bitch for jackin their names like a bitchand theyre still mad paid shit they probly have more money than eminem now with him signing bullshit rappers and i bet most of u havent even heard icp but just diss em cuz they look like clowns but i couldnt give a fuck if u like icp or not cuz i do theyre entertainers and they are real if u actualy listened to LYRICS ud know whats real u need to wake up and slip into reality bitch eminem is for mainly for little kids fromt he suburbs and girls who think hes hot but oh well if u make millions for being a good lyricist and sounding like a little kid good for u but he is a bitch for stealing ICPs shit come on hes a kid from 8 mile what credibility does he get i hope esham kills him and d12 too

  80. Lana avatar

    to Milenko: Well, being honest, eminem put people on his flyer to attract attention from other people, and to be honest, ICP did the worst thing they ever could by responding the way they did. I HATE clowns, so to hear someone else talking about them and dissing them is just wonderful, so, to anyone who really truely hates Vanilla Ice, Britney Spears, Christina Slaguilera, or ICP themselves, buys eminems albums as they totally agree with him, then they like his other songs and stuff etc….so being honest, by dissing eminem, icp may not know it, but they made eminem his first million. White rapper love 😉 xxx

  81. shady avatar

    Clowns belong in the circus!!! The circus is 4 children!!! All icp fans r fags dressed in drag!!!
    All eminem fans stop replyin 2 thes fuk faces let them believe wat they wana and let them b free 2 go wank off ova ther clowns.All Eminem fans need 2 stop wastin ther time on shit like this.I mean y do we all care wat icp fans hav 2 say bout eminem at least we support talent not shit! let them cry and complain bout wateva the fuk they want! they can all come 2 this site and talk shit bout how they wuld just luv 2 suck off ther gay clown friends.SO 2 all eminem fans 4get thes gay fuks icp and all their even more faggot ass fans and move on go listen 2 sum eminem.All eminem fans hav sumthin 2 b proud of an artist tht came form nothin 2 win oscars grammys everthin…..but look at icps fukin empty trophy cabinet hahahaha!!!!!!!2 all icp fans go fuk urselves u fuks u dont deserve 2 b called homos cos i wuld show more respect 2 faggs than u but in tht case if i showed respect 2 faggs then id b showin respect 2 u!!! LONG LIVE EMINEM!!!!!!!!!

  82. ICP fans r Dark Carnival jahova witnesses....hahaha avatar

    get twizted 420: if ur sayin eminem fans r little kids, then how old r u still listenin to ICP? and get this:eminem fans come from all over the country, all different kids of homes(although every eminem fan can relate in some way)and try listening to eminem lyrics. all i can hear with ICP is shit that don’t even make no sense it so fucked up. and shady:ur right, ima give up on this shit right now. u made me realize there should b no battle. eminem fans beat ICP fans. and eminem beat ICP

  83. Fuck All Who Opose Me Bitches avatar
    Fuck All Who Opose Me Bitches

    “all i can hear with ICP is shit that ”don’t even make no sense” it so fucked up.”
    learn to talk dumb ass.. if u r going to diss people try not to get dissed yourself. Eminem always talks about his life and shit. about how his life sucked and his mom and all that shit… look at him now rich and on his on…what more does he have to rap about now? his grandma or some stupid shit. ICP raps about the real shit that matters in life. not their own lives. and no one beat no ones fans. all of us just sit here and talk shit. no one can win.

    P.S. Eminem did not win,,,,he said their names in a little part of his songs,,,,ICP Makes songs of him. who is better now bitch boy

  84. jugalo suporter avatar
    jugalo suporter

    shady is a bitch icp will bust that pussies ass anyday. he has 2 have his faggot blonde hair and all his up- the- butt -buddies at his concerts supportin him .im glad one of his bitch boys got choked cuz icp dont play and will do what they say not like the like ass fag shady!

  85. shady avatar

    I said 2 all eminem fans not 2 come 2 this site and waste our time.But i culdnt help myself 2 see wat these pussy ass icp fans had 2 say bout me.And wat do u no sum shit head icp fan (jugalo suporter) couldnt help his sorry ass self 2 get all mad and start bitchin.Dont u get it u father fukin icp fans!!!! icp r fulla shit!!!How many grammys they won??? How many oscars they won??? UM NONE!!!!! The only reason eminem said icp was comin 2 his party was cos ther wer 2 many guys already invited so he thought he needed 2 invite sum pussy and cross dressers…tht pussy bein the 2 drop kik “wanabes” from icp, that way ther wuld b enuf pussy 4 evry guy 2 get sum action.So now we got that sorted i wana see how many more of u loser icp fans i can wind up and get 2 call me gay.Cos “gay” and “faggot” is all u pathetic pieces a shit can think up 2 try and hurt me.I can think of a million ways 2 stir u cunts up….cos i listen 2 eminem and he is creative he thnks bout his music.Doesnt just jot down the first thng tht comes 2 mind like icp do.So i can think of more creative digs at u “clowns” than callin u gay. ICP fans giv up on those pathetis fuks tht call themselves musicians cos all they realy r cross dressers.Support sum real talent…EMINEM!!!!!! SO bring it!!! thnk of sumthin 2 say back 2 me rather than gay or faggot cos if u cant use ur shit head brains dont waste ur time levin a message here i dnt wana read ur shit.”SLIM ANUS U DAMN RIGHT SLIM ANUS I DNT GET FUKD IN MINE LIKE U LITTLE FLAMIN FAGGOTS”.SHADY RECORDS 2004 2 INFINITY THIS IS OUR RAP GAME WE OWN THE PLAY!!!!!!!!! U CANT TOUCH US!!!!!!

  86. d12..4life avatar

    eminem is tight heres a rap for icp dawg’s i shine like ” LIP-GLOSS ” // don’t be ” PISS-OFF ” // because ya ” DYCK-SMALL “// and when u put a ” CONDOM-IT-SLIP’S-OFF ” // ICP SNUFF-YA-MAYNE ” // this kid icp look like ” THREE-STRETCH-LEZIBAN ” touchin in the ” RAIN ” //ima ” SHOT-YA-TIRE ” // icp gonna be lookin like ” KAYNE-WEST ” singing the ” REMIX-OF-THROUGHT-THE-WIRE ” // when EMINEM done wit them icp are stright bitchs d12 ya tight to and i no foe a fact 50cent can take on all 3 of them fagets icp

  87. Sarah avatar

    Fuck Eminem…hes just a sorry ass wannabe rappin about his oh so terrible life. Oh and Shady stop bein a bitch, who cares if they haven’t won an award for shit. Eminem is just tryin to be all hard around his homies, he can’t do nothin, bustin out paintball guns, what the hell is that? If you call that hard then ur a dumbass.

  88. Christ Eckenrode avatar
    Christ Eckenrode

    I remember when I was in high school, icp was out side of my school handing out promotional CD’s. I told myself then and there that I would never buy or download any thing icp ever made. A bunch of fucking low lifes with nothing better to do than diss one of the greatest rap gods ever. Anyone dissing Eminem is like a midget picking a fight with Shaq.

  89. Juggalette avatar

    Eminem is just lame.. he says he did shit to ICP, when ICP didn’t even know him at the time. So think about it.. Em is just all talk. True wigger who can’t rap for shit. He talks about killing him mom, oh wow! Without his fucking mother he wouldn’t be here right now, so why don’t he just fuckin kill himself. Face reality. He should just choak on his words. Now come on, if it wasn’t for eminem, ICP wouldn’t be dissin him. If eminem didn’t have to FUCKING LIE then ICP would be cool w/ him. It’s sad how eminem-lovers hate ICP when they don’t even listen to them. Ah FUCK YOU GUYS! Eminem is for the posers who just want to be fucking popular, even girls just like him because he’s hott when damn it he’s ugly as shit. At least ICP shows that they are outcasts, and they really don’t give a shit.. Yeah and it’s sad how mindless you people really are.. Your like manipulated into eminem.. OH YEAH YOUR COOL NOW THAT YOU CAN SING A WHOLE SONG ABOUT KILLING YOUR MOM! ICP raps about killing everyone besides there family.. You don’t see J or Shaggz talking about killin there own juggalo’s/juggalette’s.. THERE OWN MOTHERS! Eminem sickens me. It just seems like Eminem raps for money.. stupid ass wansta.. You know, fuck this shit! mmfcl..

  90. shady avatar

    Im waitin 4 a decent comment bak @ me so far u all suck

  91. Juggla avatar

    We will never die alone, juggalos will carry on, swing our hatchets if we must, each and every one of us.

    Fuck Feminem

  92. shady avatar

    Fuk u Juggla ur all shit!!!! Go and die alone cos icp well neva b ther 2 bak u up or try and meet u they r 2 poor 2 afford a fukin bus fare 2 the centre of detroit.Swing ur fukin hacthet all u want cos ill swing my fukin fists like a man not like u pussy use ur weapons!!!!

    U call eminem (feminem) big man.That fuk (da fool) ja rule gav him that name id trust u 2 use it fuk face.GO choke on sum more cocks.

    To all icp fans go bak 2 fukin ur mothers and makin those ugly children!!!!!!!


  93. Damn, You're Stupid avatar

    Alright, in defense of the posts regarding the Insane Clown Posse vs. Eminem “fued,” …

    Yeah, most Juggalos aren’t exactly computer literate… that is, they aren’t when they’re pissed off because a bunch of no-life “blog” readers just insulted their idols.

    Eminem is flavor-of-the-suburban-white-minute for kids who “kind of like rap.” I work in the hip-hop industry, and not one gangsta I know takes Eminem as anything other than another Snow or Color Me Fagg. Sure, he raps well. So did Vanilla Ice.
    Eminem also relies on the fact that he’s white. He mentions it, plays of off it, etc. ICP might BE white, but they are trying to hide it to some extent with the paint. Not ’cause they’re wiggers, but because they represent a modern day anti-racism in a new form; saying race doesn’t matter. They are also saying that they’re clowns. Listen closely to ICP and you’ll see some real talent available (Amy’s in the Attic, Boom w/ Esham, etc..), but they’d rather entertain. Although the song is a little weak (and a bad cover), check out the ICP “Let’s Go All The Way” video to understand their message.

    I know that some ICP fans post up the “FUCK ALLYOUU EEMMIMEN FAGGGS111 CLOWN LUVVVV” messages, but others, like myself, hold Bachelor’s Degrees and contribute to society. Further, I would defend ANY group of people that can represent some sort of unity-driven DIY punk rock attitude in an era of Good Charolette and Marilyn Manson. Eminem, like anything else white kids afraid of Black culture can listen to, is flavor of the minute. A long minute, perhaps, but a minute nonetheless. ICP, on the other hand, is rap. White or not, those boys are in with some real Detroit cats.

    So, after a long-winded mumble, here’s the skinny:

    ICP has a dedicated fan base.
    Eminem disses ICP.
    Every kid that owned the Great Milenko bought the Marshall Mathers LP., and vice-versa.
    Many Juggalos, angry, young, and poor, defend their idols with what little technical resources they have.
    Many Eminem fans, being BLOG-writing hermits and internet-gossip-hounds wanted more beef to cream their panties with, start Juggalo hate sites, a modern form of Hate Speech for kids with too much money and time.
    Juggalos get pissed, the fued continues, etc.

    By the way (excuse me, … ), I mean.. “BTW,” I’m a Juggalo. Have been, will be, whatever. But if it means anything to you arrogant pricks, I like a lot of “good” music as well (RevCo, TechN9ne, ChristianDeath, ..), and I’m capable of enjoying something without taking it personally. If you want to hear “beef” in rap, listen to some Tech/DonJuan/VelBicardi tracks, or check out KRS-1 freestyles.

    Or you can spend your time passionately fighting about white rap on the internet.

    Thanks for letting me get class credit by posting something on your lame site.

    I’m out like John Ritter’s nut.

  94. Freak avatar

    U guys no wat i don’t care wat the hell happened between icp and feminem all i no is feminem is a fuckin faggot and all u feminem fans should go 2 hell right along with his ass cuz i’m sick and tired of u and ur smartass comments toward us! We like ICP and if u don’t like it FUCK THE HELL OFF! Have any comments email me:)

  95. TwIzTiDmOtHeRfUkEr avatar



  96. TwIzTiDmOtHeRfUkEr avatar


  97. Lord ZZed avatar
    Lord ZZed

    Seriously, does it matter? Is it absolutely important that everyone like the same artists that you do? No, personally I like both of them. They are in my top five, but I’m not going to dislike another artist just because some other singer tells me too. They both said stupid things and both had some pretty funny disses, but as far as the fans are concerned, it doesn’t even affect you. Also, I must say that your cases are made even stronger when you can’t even use the english language.

  98. Lord ZZed avatar
    Lord ZZed

    Seriously, does it matter? Is it absolutely important that everyone like the same artists that you do? No, personally I like both of them. They are in my top five, but I’m not going to dislike another artist just because some other singer tells me too. They both said stupid things and both had some pretty funny disses, but as far as the fans are concerned, it doesn’t even affect you. Also, I must say that your cases are made even stronger when you can’t even use the english language.

  99. Drugie avatar

    I don’t care what happened between Feminem and I.C.P I jus know its stupidand all you faggot Feminem wanna-bes need to leave us Juggalettes/Juggalos alone! I’m sick and tired of all your smartass comments toward us! Go rape a dildo!

  100. girl and boy bands make me sick avatar

    listen up im sick of hearin people tellin me that ICP and eminem are fighting.Its fuckin sickening i mean who gives a flying rats ass if they have a fued thats their fuckin problem.I mean each one of those artists have their own talents and its kinda bull shit that you guys are atacking the artists when youre not cpable of even performing at a shcool talent show so stfu!!!!But if theirs one thing that i am goin to piont out to you is that they both have talents like eminem is good vocally and icp is good lyrically….they both have talents so if you dont mind get a life and stop righting comments insulting the artists when youre the one that should be insulted for even fighting aboult this bull shit arguement in the first place!!!

  101. grow up all of you avatar
    grow up all of you

    fuck eminem thats all!!!!!!!!! he sucks if hes so talented why is it taking him so long for another album to drop? because he cant come up with anythinng unless its dissing another rapper or rap group plan and simple he is a no talented waste of trash who can go back to the trailer park he came from. icp and psychopathic for life bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Anna avatar

    Well i like both of the groups! I never even knew they hated each other tell my cousing told me ! BUt im not gonna change who i listen to just cuz they dont like each other Thats there problem ! I never even figured out that they were dissing each other in their songs till i came to this site LOL

  103. Anna avatar

    Well i like both of the groups! I never even knew they hated each other tell my cousin told me ! BUt im not gonna change who i listen to just cuz they dont like each other Thats there problem ! I never even figured out that they were dissing each other in their songs till i came to this site LOL

  104. rap_boy avatar

    yo ryan shut da fuck up u fuckin fagot ass gay moby cock sucka em could whip both faggots asses silent gay and faggot 2 choke n ur faggot ass at least em dont dress up in some clown ass pussy oufit i dont see icp big screen movie icp could be down 2 hell also i dont see icp pullin shit out n no fuck da world fuck icp up der faggot lil asses they could go be pussy whiped bitches wit twizted

  105. rap_boy avatar

    icp could go suck ken kiniffs dick silent gay and faggy 2 choke could go fuck dem up der clown asses wut faggot asses dress up in fuckin clown oufits dey could go worship da fuckin dark lotus and go fuckin play wit der faggot ass friends da great milenko jack jeckel n bitchy ass jake jeckal and have der lil pussy ass carnival of pussy whiped carnage em dont dress up lil clown ass make up hes da real thing he dont name his albums carnival of carnage n pussy clown ass names i hate icp so much dey could go die der hair blue n grow some tittys fuck fat ass silent gay n bag of bonez faggy 2 choke i hope faggy rapes silent gay n some one rapes faggy n den some one rapes ryan n dey all die n den ill rape all der grand mothers so shut da fuck up ryan n fuck off icp

  106. rap_boy avatar

    icp should pull thur heads out of there asses

  107. shady avatar

    OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK!

    Its time i tear any icp fan that comes 2 this site into shit!….It all ends here!……..

    I really enjoy visiting this site…I mean i get to hear u shit head moaning bitches complain about how eminem went main stream and icp stayed true to their fans and remain underground.When you all know the truth icp dont have the talent to make it into the mainstream music scene.I was in the music shop the other day, when i came across icp cds i burst out laughing in front of everyone in the store.Due to what i read on the back of the case…it read…Over 120 minutes of none stop bloodshed killing music…WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOUR BELOVED FUCK FACE GROUP ON!!!!! WHO THE FUCK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE????? Carrying on with that bullshit who the hell do they think they are trying to scare…Or even worse impress!! Because if thats the way they impress you then you are all seriously the biggest low life scum on the face of the planet!!! GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!

    If half you sad asses stoped hiding behind your computer screens and stepped up and took some action to back half the shit you preach and went man to man with me in a fight…..YOU KNOW I WOULD BREAK YOU!!! If i could find your balls to kick you in (which would be rather hard considering half of you dont have any) you would worry about crying and your make up running………:( ……..cry me a river you worthless pieces of notihng.

    I cant believe just how dumb you cunts are,face it…icp is not on the same level as eminem!!!…They never have been!!…They never will be!!!!!!!

    Lets end this feud here…If you all stop preaching the shit headed words of the dark carnival!!!…..I in return will stop making you look like the pathetic pieces of crap that you are….:)



  108. the dark side..lol avatar
    the dark side..lol

    icp sucks, they do suck cock, cause when i was at this show with my buddy kenny jago, they got on thier knees and started to blow eack other here in detroit, i couldnt believe it, it grossened me, these sick freaks…

  109. fuckyouICpfags avatar

    ahhaha….ICP? The fuck is that? Em all the way

  110. Carlos avatar

    First off I hate white and black people so I have something 2 say 2 u All, ALL OF U ARE SO FUCKING GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially “SHADY”oh!!! your ScArY!!!! “you know I would break u”your fucking cool! What the fucks wrong with u people?!! there just music groups!you are all NERDS, who fuck there grandmothers.none of u have lives…and none of u have balls to back up anything u dumb fucks say,YOU ALL CAN FUCK OFF AND DIE FOR ALL THE WORLD CARES! you people are so Pathetic its sickning. Eminem and Icp Eminem and Icp, both can fuck off and die!!!! and i dont want Rap Boy to start shit eather,ur full of shit 2. All of you.but if there would be an winner out of these Dim wited idiot groups it would most likely be ICP. they mean what they say. I admire that about them.But they both suck. I hope u all grow up at some point. But i doubt it. And since all of u Primates most likely cant even read above the 4th grade level. I would really take lessons in spelling, that goes out to u SHADY. The Revolution is comeing! LATINO HEAT 4 LIFE

  111. ICP Sucks avatar
    ICP Sucks

    okay, ICP sucks everybody. That is a fact. They are a bunch of clowns who’s fan base is a bunch of 11-15 year old nicotine addict wannabes. They fucking suck almost as much as their inbred white trash fans.

    Eminem has a tremendous amount of talent and if you were to take Eminem and every member of ICP in a freestyle battle he’ll make them all look like the little cocks they are. Eminem’s a genius.

  112. old shool avatar
    old shool

    icp cant sing em is way betta

  113. shady avatar


    Ok for once im not goin to take shots at icp or their fans ok guys a truce just this once…..

    Because we now officially have the biggest faggot to have visited this site…drum roll please…and the winner is……CARLOS!!! Congratulations….You latino wanker I bet YOU look more like a FUKN UGLY ASS ALBINO!!!

    Who the fuck do you think you are to come this site when you dont support either of the bands we argue about loving.You bitch at me for saying im going to fight any icp fan then you call us NERDS that fuck our grandmothers! O your cool!!!!!

    Then worst of all you embaress yourself even more with this…”I would really take lessons in spelling, that goes out to u SHADY. The Revolution is comeing!” COMEING??????? Dont tell us we cant spell next time proof read your statement!!!!!!

    Dont show your ugly ass latino(albino) face round here again!!!!

    ……The truce is now over.

  114. jordan avatar

    icp is awesome they are relly better then m nad m . one reson they are not on mtv or vh1 cause they are not fagets how sell out.they sing there music cause they know that they will not be put in tose gay tv shows.they have greet disses nad m and m need to shut the fuck up he loves listing to the song were icp sucks that fagets ass cause he wants to be the one there sucking on.fuck off they are bad kiss my ass.

  115. jordan avatar

    icp is awesome they are relly better then m nad m . one reson they are not on mtv or vh1 cause they are not fagets how sell out.they sing there music cause they know that they will not be put in tose gay tv shows.they have greet disses nad m and m need to shut the fuck up he loves listing to the song were icp sucks that fagets ass cause he wants to be the one there sucking on.fuck off they are bad kiss my ass.

  116. big boy avatar
    big boy

    o my god em is so ugly i think he’s str8 but icp is gay i want 2 suck there dicks til the end vilent jay looks so hot i want 2 stick my cock between his thys em is str8 i dont have sex wit str8 ppl n shaggy 2 dope i want 2 swing on his cock

  117. Jake Jeckel avatar
    Jake Jeckel

    Dark carnival will never die you wish we die you hope we die but we aint ever ever gonna die muthafuckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

  118. Toll 2 Dope avatar
    Toll 2 Dope

    eminem’s a tit he sucks his dadas cock! his music is sad n he sux! he is too overrated and all his shit is annoyin hes only big cosa dr dre n we respect dre but not eminem. he only cares about the money not the fans, Icp care about the fans and they mite not be famous as eminem but they dont want to be, they just want to play ther shit please fans n go home n chill out, eminem life is all tourin n he gives no shit bout his fans! ICP dont die , stated in Twiztid’s song “we don’t die” ICP rule!!! peace out juggalos?juggalets to eminem fans just do sumin simple for the world please go DIE

  119. J-Sin avatar

    Alot of you anti-ICP members need to get your facts straight before shit on ICP…

    Fact 1..No physical altercation ever happend back in 95 when EMINEM falsly advertise ICP for his party

    Fact 2..No real proof was ever made of EMINEM chasing ICP out of a night club

    Fact 3..One thing that was true is that EMINEM pulled out a unloaded gun to an employee of Psychopathic Records not ICP themselves…

    Fact 4..EMINEM started this whole fued when he came on Howard Stern and bashed them on air

    Fact 5..To sum it all up EMINEM is a true punk ass bitch that he claims that he’s the shit that bad why then would he bother to acknowledge underground rappers like ICP who also could give a flying fuck about mainstream bullshit programs like MTV VH1 TRL and any other networks or radio station that VIACOM owns..One thing I’ll give to Sharon Osbourne even though I don’t like her very much, she still had enough balls to confront ICP with her situation involving ICP COAL CHAMBER dillema a few years back on the Howard Stern show. It’s funny when you think about it a 40 y.o lady being more brave than a wanna be black rapper that looks more like a white dyke bitch who wishes he was gansta all the way…yea OK bitch and whine about your girl and your MAMA ok EMINEM FANS you can keep that mainstream garbage and that spook 50 cents. I’ll stay true to the underground scene. OH by the way…EMINEM you still owe TWIZTID $300 for opening for their show remember who brought you to the dance in the first place BITCH

  120. J-Sin avatar

    Hey to all you EMINEM fans out there answer me this and be honest about it hell take some time to really think about it.. If Dr. Dre was never involved in bringing EMINEM to the mainstream would you think he still can carry himself the same way like he does now….? Dr. Dre is highly respected by many in the rap industry and yes I used to like his NWA days w/ ICE CUBE and all that good solid old school rap that was worth listening to back then..not all this BLING BLING/ITALIAN MAFIA/SCARFACE fantasy life style bullshit rap that NIGGERS like 50 cent JD JAY Z or PUFFY wish they can be like but will never succeed..But anyway back to my point Dre is respected by many so if he felt that EMINEM is good enoungh then other artists will agree then fans will too. IT’S ALL BRAINWASHING THROUGH MAINSTREAM if Dre never took him in then who would???? Think about it

  121. Dizzykilla avatar

    Thats why eminem came to vegas an we all went to his up in smoke bullshit an we chucked faygo all over his faggot ass. Fuck eminem and fuck D12 an you dont like it fuuuuuck yoouuu. 702 motha fucka, represent the hatchet until i die. One message to all u m groupies, i’ve been to jail twice for kickin your asses. Fuck dre fuck 50 cent or whatever his fuckin name is. An i’ll use my fuckin fist (shady) you illiterate fag, but after im done i’ll use a hatchet to cut u up and send you to ur bitch of a motha.

  122. feminem hater avatar
    feminem hater

    Eminem is a faggot and he needs to get his story straight. He changes it every week and if ICP are such a bad group why did he try to use them. ICP and the whole psychopathic family are the sickest artists EVER and always will be. If anyone has or can get a picture or more info on the flyer that started it all let me know i’d like to see more. By the way “Gavin” if your going to have your own website do more research on the subjects and learn how to spell and how to type.

  123. HAHHA avatar

    ICP has rhythem and flo but they aint maintstream cause their music is horror core rap which i can barely see how its rap at all if your a twista physco fucker then ull like them but if say that dre eminem and all those guys have no talent then ur a stupid mother fucker to even try to dis them they are fuckin hella tight ….and eminem is not a wigger just because he got skillz u dont got to be jealous bitches

  124. 2pac fan avatar

    anyone who likes ICP should do the world a favor and kill them selfs. im not done yet icp sucks fuck u ICP fans are the worse fucking fans i ever seen if u love them so much why dont u go suck there dicks u faggots fuck u motherfuckers ur a bunch of clown loving assholes i bet ICP before they became famous (which i can never understand) proberbly did clown acts at your 6 yr old birthday partys. u guys suck

    R.I.P tupac shakur
    makaveli the don

  125. 2pac fan avatar

    anyone who likes ICP should do the world a favor and kill them selfs. im not done yet icp sucks fuck u ICP fans are the worse fucking fans i ever seen if u love them so much why dont u go suck there dicks u faggots fuck u motherfuckers ur a bunch of clown loving assholes i bet ICP before they became famous (which i can never understand) proberbly did clown acts at your 6 yr old birthday partys. u guys suck

    R.I.P tupac shakur
    makaveli the don

  126. Diehard ICP fan avatar
    Diehard ICP fan

    ya ICP diehard ICP rules ya their the best i love them…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………I just kidding, hahahaha ICP is gay. Those fukin drag queens aren’t even in the same league as eminem. One of eminem’s verses did more damage all of the songs dissing eminem icp made.

    Does anyone that doesn’t live in their moms basement even like ICP anymore. All ICP fans are fat dudes with no life that have never had a girlfriend or a boyfriend that are mad at the world. Just remember “THEY’RE NOT IN THE SAME LEAGUE”

  127. ICP fans are gay stupid and gay avatar
    ICP fans are gay stupid and gay

    The reason their are so many people who like ICP on this site is because ICP fans dont have lives and are going to spend their whole lives starring at a screen

  128. Crystal avatar

    First of all, for some of you claiming to be DIE-HARD ICP fans it’s “Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope” not jay, not to dope, not two dope, etc. *rolling eyes*

    Secondly, I love Eminem and ICP, but for different reasons. If you listen to some of their songs they may have a different sound, but they are pushing the SAME FUCKING MESSAGE!

    What does it mean to be a Juggalo/Juggalette? It’s all about taking all the shit in your life and using that to fuel the drive to do what you want in life, and when you do it, you throw all that shit right back in the faces of everyone who said you wouldn’t do it.

    Now, if you listen to Eminem, he talks about the shit that goes on in his life and in society in general, and about how “I shoveled shit all my life, and now I’m jumping in it”(White America). Sound similar to being a Jugga’?

    Also, as much as I love ICP, their whole “Slim Anus” thing was pretty lame, as well as most of their Eminem disses. When Eminem disses, he fucking rips them a new one in like 30 seconds or less, but considering he has done the whole rap battle stuff, it only makes sense that he can do that kinda thing.

    Also, ICP talks about love and stuff for other people, but really, look at it this way. Eminem’s mainstream fans, most them don’t even realize who he’s actually talking about when he says “Slim anus, you’re damn right slim anus, I don’t get fucked in mine like you two little flaming faggots” and barely anyone catches the lines in Business “must be a circus in town, we’ll shut the shit down on these clowns”. Eminem’s fans, for the most part, are just people who go buy his albums and vibe to his shit, there isn’t a whole lifestyle that comes with it and most don’t really know about or get involved with the feud.

    ICP on the other hand, has the whole Juggalo Family and Dark Carnival things going on. In my opinion, once you get the family vibe going, you get the “your enemies are my enemies” attitude as well. Even though ICP says that just because they hate Eminem doesn’t mean their Juggalos need to, it still fosters a lot of hate from a lot of people.

    I like Eminem and ICP because I can vibe to their music and really feel what they are saying. Eminem says shit just to make people think, and ICP is so out there sometimes their stuff makes me laugh. (And please, don’t try to explain to me how some of my favorite songs like “Cotton Candy” and “Cotton Candy and Popsicles” have a deep Dark Carnival message!)

    Besides, have you ever stopped to think about this one: Now, years after this thing started we’re still all here talking about it… what better promo can someone in entertainment get? If it were me, I’d say, “let them scream, let them cry, let them write about it everywhere, all it does is keep me in the headlines.” A great story with great characters, and we’re eating it ALL up.

    So, all you Eminem fans spreading the clown hate everywhere you can, you can thank yourself for helping to keep ICP in the news, and the same goes for the ‘los and ‘lettes dissing Eminem.

  129. EminemDropsTheSoap avatar

    Eminem sucks ass. ICP may not be as big as him, but that’s cause Eminem’s a little prissy sell-out bitch! Him and his bleach blonde hair never going anywhere without Dre or D-12 got rich and famour by crying about how much of a bitch his mother is and how he never knew his father, he sounds like a fucking emo kid from the hood, he needs to shut the fuck up before that big ass sperm consuming mouth of his gets him into trouble he won’t be able to get his wigger ass out of!

  130. Hahaha avatar

    Man, it’s funny to see all of the ICP fans comments. None of them can spell.

    Bahaha. You can always spot an ICP fan by his dirty ass goatee and sweatshirt. Like he just climbed out of a dumpster, and the last time he saw pussy was when he was popping out of his mom’s.

    ICP is a joke. Are they still on a Disney label? I remember seeing a show where they were making fun of themselves for being so lame, and being on a Disney label.

    They’re just like KISS, only fatter, and stupider. At least KISS fans could spell.

  131. Dizzykilla avatar

    So let me get this right, all juggalos are fat worthlesses pieces of shit that cant get a girl friend, dont have a job, live in there parents basements, an they live to out suck the band they live to imitate? Is that it? Thats all you faggots can say? If you lived in vegas i would bitch slap all of you faggots for being so stupid. If your “boys” want to step up, we’ll put you bitches to rest too. Get something straight motha fucka, there are over a million juggalos, thats like sayin all mexicans clean up your lawn or go no where without a leaf blower. Mainstream aint nothin but a bunch of bitch ass sell outs. They live on radio play, without it they be workin at Pizza Hut takin out the trash and livin of old crusty pizza. Your all just mad because someone you don’t like is makin money, and your still borrowing your fathers busted ass chevy to get you to your shit hole of a job. JUGGALOS WILL NEVER DIE.

  132. 2pac fan avatar

    shut the fuck up dizzykilla juggalos are gay u faggot just like u clown fucker….clowns come on thats just not kool u people suck ICP is gay fuck u ICP FANS. your just pissed cause Eminem is better then ICP there not even in the same league. JUGGALOS WILL ALLWAYS SUCK DICK FAGGOT

    R.I.P Tupac shakur
    Makaveli the don

  133. 2pac fan avatar

    shut the fuck up dizzykilla juggalos are gay u faggot just like u clown fucker….clowns come on thats just not kool u people suck ICP is gay fuck u ICP FANS. your just pissed cause Eminem is better then ICP there not even in the same league. JUGGALOS WILL ALLWAYS SUCK DICK FAGGOT

    R.I.P Tupac shakur
    Makaveli the don

  134. ICP GAY LOVER avatar


  135. rap_boy avatar

    icp is a joke they som pussy ass clowns singin rap im sorry did i say rap i ment pop they a poppy sensation i mean thurs silent gay n faggy 2 choke do dey evA take that holloween make up off fuck off insain colwn pussy

  136. IcPFaN550 avatar



  137. 2pac fan avatar

    i got one thing to say to the guy who posted above me….your gay man u really must suck dick u faggot why don’t u go fuck ur mum u pice of shit im going kill all u clown loving motherfuckers


  138. shady avatar

    This one goes out to DIZZYKILLA!

    Look, I haven’t visited this site in a while as I realized just how stupid this shit is. And how dumb the people that visit this site really are….how can I put it….we are all a bunch of fuck wits (incl myself).

    Recently I awarded the prize of biggest faggot to visit this site to Carlos. I didn’t think it was possible that their was actually someone more stupid than him, but what do you know we have a new winner….CONGRATULATIONS…DIZZYKILLA!!! Now I’m after you!!!!

    WOW!!! You have been to jail twice now??? You are so cool!!! I wish I was as cool as u then everyone would want to be my friend! Would you be my friend??? Well would you??? Huh? Huh? I wish I was as cool as you …If I went to jail would you be my friend???…Your such a fuck head you think your sooooooo cool…Hahahahaha your all shit!!!

    Well if you have been to prison twice you would know what they do to little boys in there. They ass rape them!!! However you would know all about that now wouldn’t you??? In fact prison is probably where you lost your virginity to big old faggots in there for life!! What did u do take it like a man?…Or give it to them with your two inch cock??? Taking it like the bitch your are sounds more like you does’nt it??.SUCKS TO BE YOU!!!!

    I’m never going to go to Las Vegas I’m to scared to go there now that I know your going to bash me. Faggot id just bust out my dick right there on the spot and you would get so excited you would suck me off…yea that’s right id love it to because I’m a “FAGGOT’ that’s all you can think of to try and get at me huh? I laugh at your stupidity.About my mother she would hit you to the ground like the woman you are.

    And what’s this shit with borrowing our old mans cars?? Just because your father probably ran off when you where born!! He would have seen your ugly face pop out of your mothers old used whorey pussy then he would have witnessed you eat your own mother out and I bet he ran like icp ran from paint ball guns hahaha and he never looked back. You know I feel sorry for your father to have a son like you, you are probably the biggest disgrace in his life he must be ashamed to have you as his son.

    Oh and this goes out to everybody. Fuck all this shit about spelling who gives a fuck!!! That goes out to eminem fans as well. It’s not about how you spell it; it’s what you say!!!

    Dizzykilla you will never be a man. Your sex partners might be but you never hahahaha 🙂

    The mainstream is for talented musicians that’s why icp arent mainstream they arent talented they never will be!!!

    FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!! Eminem and Dre runs this shit!!!!!!

  139. Grant avatar

    Eminem is a little pussy who could get his ass kicked by the clowns. So is everyone in D12 all they do is talk smack but can’t back it up. I mean we all kno the clown kicked his ass!!

  140. Cameron avatar

    look every thinks icp is ko0- no wut FUck icp they all can suck muh dick fuck wicked clowns fuck psycopathic records if yall was so good yall would be more then underground am i right……haha……fuck icp……and only reason y they try to beef with slim shady is becus they need to be noticed……and for all u juggahoes SUCK EMINEMS DICK……..If Yall Is As HArd As Yall ACt In music YAll woulndt of ran out the back u pussys….and only reaosn y he did that is to get noticed for all u juggahoes to come to his thing u got to look at the facts bitches………Da FAmily FO Life……Fuck ICP….

  141. Dizzykilla avatar

    1.jail an prison are 2 seperate things. 2.I got a 2004 grandprix 3. “shady” got too exictied when i called him a “faggot” 4.i only came back to this site because a friend told me some people wrote some hilarous shit. Tell me this, if someone has about 2000 people show up to a show in every town an they leave happy feelin like that was worth every penny to them,they get the title of suck. Em in my eyes sucks an hes a bitch ass sell out, but to other people he doesn’t an they defend that with every ounce of stability they got. Icp in my eyes is the shit, in others, they are fake ass bitches. see what i dont get is how can someone have a riddlebox tattoo, have owned icp cds, turn around an make fun of icp because they dissed him because they wouldnt play at his show? to me that is a defenition of a little bitch who is mad cuz they cant get there way. but you know what em is makin alot of money, has his own label, hes makin alot of people happy with his music, so for that i will give him credit. but when you start talking shit about people you dont know, it gives them a right to say something back. eminem disses icp, and the fans. icp dissed him and his well whatever it is(kim). not his daughter. Shaggy”i fell sorry for his daughter, got a whore for a motha an a bitch ass dad.” so you know what i feel sorry cuz when em,dre,and g unit fall of the mainstream, wonder where yall goin be. icp, even if they stop makin music, i will still be a juggalo, i will live my life with my wife an daughter, still be livin in a condo, still be workin at my 15.50 an hour job, still be drivin my car, shit i might jus buy a 78 pinto, that might not exist but who gives a fuck, take that bitch to a car show ,lawn chairs for car seats, a nub for a steering wheel , 4 patched up spare tires that look like oversized mountian bike tubes,pop tart crumbs all over an it smells like urin. i will still be what i always have been question is, what the hell will you be? this is my last time i will be at this site, an I know a bunch of you ,ehem, people will read this an say a lot of well negative comments but thats ok, its your right, but know this, if you see someone wheren a hatchet man shirt or an icp shirt, are you really goin to say icp sucks? no. if i saw a kid were an eminem shirt, will i say eminem sucks,no. cuz it just doesnt matter. an this goes out to shady, i really dont hate you, i really could care less about you, if i met you in person, i’d knock you straight the fuq out. Oh,this may disapoint you, but im not gay. well i said what i needed to say, oh i almost forgot about the 2pac guy, He died here in vegas, an you come lookin for me, so will you.

  142. 4get it... avatar
    4get it…

    Alrite i use 2 b both an eminem and icp fan but now im kinda ova them both.most of the ppl that leave comments on this site r kinda fukd up….only 1 person made an impression and came up with some genuine fuuny shit and disses against some othas tht he hated…Shady u crak me up dude where do u come up with tht shit? u made tht cunt dizzykilla look like tht all talkin faggot tht he is.I mean dude u fukd him up so bad he aint comin bak 2 this site! top efort man.wots he doin on this site anyway i mean he talked bout havin a daughter and a wife wtf is up with tht shit.anyway guys the feud is in the past now if eminem killed icp or they killed him that wud make things intaresting lol.bt most of u on this site r al shit and full ov talk xcept 4 shady man u own this site with tht shit u think of. peace out a town lol usher is gay dnt u think?

  143. JT avatar

    ICP – Talent ha ha you just got to be kidding the only decent thing they did was that track were they pretended to fuck Eminems mom and come on if you were really famous or half-way decent you might be able to do better than middle aged crack whore pussy but not only are ICP not getting it those mother fuckers are dreaming about it!

    No lets look at this realisticly Eminem rivels Tupac as the greatest rapper ever as both had an ability to bring everyone to both their world and there fantazies Dear Momma and Stan or 2 of Amerikaz most wanted and Guilety Conscience neither vocally (and it pains me to say this) are as good as Jigga and way of the master the big poppa R.I.P. B.I.G.

    Compare this with ICP weak weak ass vocals fuckin WWF wannabe costumes and as for beats shit even Ja would leave them in the dirt so there fans come out and say have you heard this and have you heard that and of course the answer is no! As one other reply so corectly pointed out whos going to give air play to this waste of space group?

    Now you want to say Em was using them to promote himself maybe maybe but this was back before even Infinite and i don’t care what some people thing those were Eminems dark days

    Anyway to end on the most obvious of notes listen to the disses between Em and the world he always comes out on top for a very simple reason right now he can look at the whole rap game and he is on top – Jiggas gone,Nas is too inconsistant 50 is good but comparisions with BIG just make me laugh who’s left who even holds a dying ember of talent with which to fight back against the man – Eminem

  144. Robert avatar

    If eminem is such a big fucking man and all this shit about him what the fuck happend to his little boxing match against shaggy 2 dope shaggy went on MTV and challenged him to a boxing match and the little bitch declined that shit because he dident wanna get embaressed infront of his butt buddy DR Dre

  145. rap_boy avatar

    icp’s a bitch no matter what faggy 2 choke wanted a fuckin fake wrestilin match n em didn’t show cause he probobly wanted a gun fight icp neva held a gat benzieno could kick there clown asses BITCH!!

  146. Robert avatar

    i was such a bitch bitchen about how icp could kick ems ass man im a little cock sucker em is soo cool fuck all you icp fans

  147. rap_boy avatar

    ok i have not been makin very big differences on this site shady… man you kick ass i respect you fuck carlos (the bitch) ok first off icp rap about fuckin carnavils the dark lotus whateva that shit means hell no i am not down wit da clown and shit that makes no fuckin sense… ok now em raps about his life drugs shit that goes wrong his baby girl his crack cocain addict bitch mom he raps about shit thats real he aint fake have you ever herd these songs that em wrote sing for the moment,lose yourself,rock bottom or the way i am that shit is all real he dont rap about fake child play shit… my god do you fuckin really believe all the shit that comes out insain clown pussy’s mouth!! dizzy killer i hate you what do u do dress up in holloween make up like icp!damn hallie has a slut ass mother but her dad treats her like a princess dizzy killer em dre n g unit r not droppin out of tha mainstream icp r already out of it u fuckin clown cracka ass icp fans go off bitchin about icp is the shit icp is shit with your holloween make up on but your right icp is shit… shit ass wannabee weak wanksta ass bitches yo now 4 me 2 talk sense into u robert if em and faggy 2 choke did have a wrestilin match faggy 2 choke would still be in tha hospital and if faggy was in tha hospital silent gay wouldn’t survive in the solo rapping world shit he aint surviveing now fuck clowns fuck carnivals fuck carlos fuck icp fans and fuck icp!!

  148. rap_boy avatar

    o yea fuck robert and dizzy killa

  149. 2pac fan avatar

    ICP is dead come on u know it there fucked.websites like this is the only thing that keeps them alive u ICP fans should shut ur big fat cock sucking mouths….its over

    Dizzykilla u anit shit u aint goin kill no one u little faggot. i don’t care what ya’ll say 2pac was and still is the greatest rapper of all time.
    this Eminem rivels Tupac shit,Eminem is nothing compared to tupac ya’ll need to learn this

    R.I.P tupac shakur
    God bless the dead

  150. FUCK THA CARNIVAL avatar

    OK, How can you Jugga-Fags even consider ICP
    a band. They rap about stupid shit such as
    representin THA HATCHET and THE DARK CARNIVAL.
    Everybody knows that theres know such thing
    as The Dark Carnival or the butterfly or 17.
    Some D12 fans might not know what that means
    but you fags know.Even you homos know that
    Violent J or Shaggy 2-dope was never visited by
    2 spirits from the dark carnival. Im’ glad that
    Esham got his ass beat I wish he would of fuckin
    died when he got the fuck knocked out of him.
    Fuck Icp and you,you Juggalotus Faggots…..
    Oh yeah why the fuck is Colten Grundy trying to say that he died in a drug deal and revived 11 years later……..Wicked Clowns DIE

  151. COLT 45 avatar
    COLT 45

    fuck colton grundy,twiztid,icp,dark lotus,
    psychopathic rydaz,esham,abk,jumpsteady,and
    all the rest of you poser psychopathic bastards.
    I have something else to say. I do wish that
    esham died when he got his cranium cracked
    by d12 in the vans tour parking lott.
    Why dont you listen to real music…….fuck u

  152. Javonka avatar

    Eminem sux. He just dissin people cuz, he ain’t got nothin else to do. Eminems’s raps suck dick. Who cares if ICP’s raps are about cutting peoples heads off and mess like that. Their music is a hell of alot than eminems would ever be. Eminem is a wigger and he know it. He don’t really know what the ghetto is even about.

  153. BAD AZZ avatar

    first of all javonka you dont even know squat
    ICP is just a bunch of dumbshits that diss people.
    the only reason that there so big is because that
    they tell everybody that theres a messege in the
    joker cards so people will go to the store and
    buy their peice of crap cds. besides fool,just because they grew up in detroit they think they
    represent the ghetto, shit i bet if they really
    did walk into the ghetto they woul probably get
    their ass shot. thier a bunch motards that think
    their cool because they drink faygo pop and have
    their own followers,……..FUCK YOU……
    maybe eminem is a wigger but at least he gets the
    respect he deserves, icp are wiggers too you see
    them running around wearin fubu and polo and shit
    fuck the dark carnival,fuck 17,fuck the butterfly,
    and fuck the echoside………..

  154. 2 dizzykilla avatar
    2 dizzykilla

    dizzy killa your a gay bitch, fuck you,you are a
    bitch.i bet your mother is a fuckin whore for
    havin your bitch ass. your just like icp your not
    a psychopath your a goddamn poser you fuckin fruit
    cake sum bitch… if your so such a big fan of icp
    why not kill yourself so you can go to the carnival….ha..ha..ha..down with the hatchets

  155. SHROOMHEAD avatar

    Man am i high……………
    ………………ICP SUX…

  156. Mouthy Sims avatar
    Mouthy Sims

    ICP fuckin sucks, they are the shittiest rap group ever, they dont even have the balls to admit that eminem punkd the shit out of them, eminem kicks ass, icp aint shit

  157. max avatar

    why do you people have to bring em’s daughter is that how pathetic icp fans are they have to dis a 10 year old girl……
    any way icp suck and if they were so hard they would of beefed it out with eminem ages ago!

  158. JOE T B avatar
    JOE T B

    Wow thats a whole lot of comments. i wonder if anyone actually reads all this shit. Probally. The fish people shall arrive and rule all.

  159. Carlos Fuck U avatar
    Carlos Fuck U

    Carlos first of all go fuck yourself you godamn beaner, you fuckin mexican bastard its not about rivalary anymore its trying to prove hoe much of a dumbshit that those 2 flamin fags are…….
    By the way Carlos get your border hoppin ass back
    2 mexico if you dont like us blacks……..

  160. Carlos Fuck U avatar
    Carlos Fuck U

    Carlos first of all go fuck yourself you godamn beaner, you fuckin mexican bastard its not about rivalary anymore its trying to prove how much of a dumbshit that those 2 flamin fags are…….
    By the way Carlos get your border hoppin ass back
    2 mexico if you dont like us blacks……..

  161. THREE6MAFIA FAN avatar

    man why the fuck does icp still rap their gay their a bunch of godamn bitches fuck em……
    give me a fickin hatchet and ill go get the motha fackos or what ever you dipshits say…………
    your a bunch of gay fudge packers that suck dick.
    oh yeah can i ask you fuckers sumthin, ok after
    the 6 joker cards have fallen the dark carnival is sopposed to consume time and all of us how come it hasnt happened, bitch…
    the psychopathic rydaz is so damn much of a bunch of gangster wannabes…they suck why dont you realize it that they steal everyones beats……

  162. Aaron Bendel avatar
    Aaron Bendel

    A few things I have to say, I am an ICP fan… so some of this stuff pisses me off…
    1. If ICP is so small and gay, why does eminem spend time dissing them?
    2. Someone wrote “eminem spends a few lines on dissing icp, while icp spends a whole song”… well yeah of course, eminem cant come up with anything good to diss ICP about, unlike ICP, who can diss him in like 5 different songs.
    3.People who say ICP cant sing or write lyrics, How many songs have you heard? “Boogie Man”, “Neden game”, “Chicken Hunting”…? Have you ever heard any other songs? Probly one or two, but not alot.Thats the same as you people saying ICP only sings about raping dead bodies…You probly heard like one song, and presume that they only talk about raping dead bodies….
    4.Most Eminem fans cant spell, learn to fucking write.
    5.About ICP’s vidoes not on MTV, Their not sell outs like feminem.
    6. ICP can sell platinum records,without the help of radio or MTV, UNLIKE Feminem…
    7. I know a few feminem fans, and whenever i ask them why they like feminem, their like “I dont like eminem, i like icp!” That just shows you how gay your fans are, they say they dont like him, yet idolize him… You never see someone asking a juggalo why they like icp, then cowering and saying they dont like them…
    8.Feminem fans are just stating the same shit again and again, “ICP sucks cock”.. OK we got the fucking message, you think they suck cock because they wear make up…Hmmm thats a gimick? well what about eminem with his mom, and how hes gunna kill his mom or girlfriend or something…Thats not a gimick?

    Now for some of everyone…
    I’m not dissing ICP fans, but all your doing is taking the stuff ICP said in “nothing buta bitch thang” and typing it, and you think your being fresh, But then again, thats what feminem fans are doing to, so i guess its ok…It just gets so annoying…

    I hate how you faggots come here and argue with the juggalos, if their so gay and stupid and cant spell, why are you argueing with them? Doesnt that make you just as stupid? Get your dick out of your ass feminem, wow you sold more records, and maybe alot more black friends, but your dissing someone you used to look up to you dumb ass…If their so gay, and stupid, why did you invite them to your party? Seems to me that you want some “gay” people at your party (When i use gay, i ment in eminems veiws…ICP is far from gay)

    and this is something i found stupid…


    Posted by KJ at March 5, 2004 09:37 PM

    Sorry kid, but your one sad fuck…. Who the hell are you dissing? I may be a little slow, but who the hell are you talking about?

    10.Wow, eminem can say, “ICP is gay” at least ICP can come up with something that actually isnt about you being gay, they can actually take stuff you ACTUALLY did, unlike your lieing ass bitch boy face did

    Well, I hope you enjoyed my little dissing of eminem, If you didnt, then fuck off you little feminem monkey. And you can criticize the things i said here but you just read something and wasted your time reading something that made fun of your butt buddy and made some solid points… so fuck off feminem, I’m 14 and i can kick your fucking ass. Good bye feminem monkeys…I’ll be back!

  163. holly avatar

    i love u aaron ur great;) <3 holly!!

  164. Desky avatar

    OOOOOOHHH shit… Aaron nice one… thats where the arguement should end its all over… im a neutral but the ICP fans are tilting me their way easily…

    oh and to someones reply way up there ^^^

    if eminem hadnt got taken up by dre and gone mainstream… he’d probably still be opening Twiztid shows 😉

  165. twiztid juggalo 4 life avatar
    twiztid juggalo 4 life

    Eminem is so fucking stupid, he can go suck a dick and die. ICP kicks ass, especially feminems. He talks about how bad his mom was. I wouldn’t blame her if she drown that little bitch. Oh yeah and the “pills” she’s been taking were probably birth control so she wouldn’t have another faggot ass son like slim anus.

  166. Aaron Bendel avatar
    Aaron Bendel

    This is eminems first verse to “Marshall Mathers”

    Yo, you might see me joggin, you might see me walkin
    You might see me walkin a dead rottweiler dog

    Now heres mine…
    You might see me jogging…
    you might see me walkin fast…
    You might see me bent over with dr.dres dick in my ass…
    You might see me yellin, screaming for dres name…
    Praising him cause he gave me my one shot at fame…

    Cause, Im… just a little bitch boy… If you got a problem maybe we can sit down for some tea…

    Hope you liked it!!

  167. 2pac fan avatar

    this is so gay ICP sucks so does Aaron bendel. after reading his post we are all now dumber for reading it. Aaron the ponit that pissed me off the most was the one where u talked about “eminem spends a few lines on dissing icp, while icp spends a whole song” the ICP song dissin eminem was so stupid it just made them look more like fools. so by saying that it means eminem did more in a few lines then ICP did in one song. and all ur other ponits where so shit.i suggest to everyone who hates ICP not to post on this site let the little icp loving cunts have their fun. Post like this are the only things keep ICP alive. ICP fans can’t handle the truth i suggest u deal with it

  168. Aaron bendel avatar
    Aaron bendel

    Hey twopac fan, Get your dick out of your ass,

    “the ICP song dissin eminem was so stupid it just made them look more like fools”

    Your re-fucking-tarded, its in your opinion that it wasnt that good of a diss, but, to someone else it might of been the greatest diss in the whole world, And tupac, if my points were shit, why dont you write why eminem is so better than ICP, and then ill critisize your work, and im sure everyone else will, And yeah, you wasted time reading my post which made fun of your butt buddy.

    “i suggest to everyone who hates ICP not to post on this site let the little icp loving cunts have their fun”
    Well tupac, i suggest, you get your dick out of your ass and stop playing with eminems penis… But thats just my opinion

    “ICP fans can’t handle the truth i suggest u deal with it”
    Well tupac, eminem fans cant handle the fact that feminem is a little bitch, So its all even

  169. Aaron Bendel avatar
    Aaron Bendel


  170. Aaron Bendel avatar
    Aaron Bendel

    Tupac, insted of saying im gay and my points “WHERE SHIT” (yes, you typed “all ur other ponits where so shit” where shit) prove them 100% wrong. Hows about that?

  171. hater avatar

    fuck icp fuck feminem fuck all u wrappurz peace out haturz !!!!!!!!!!! bwa ha ha ha not. icp and em rules.

  172. hater avatar

    fuck all u haterz. just kiddin they both rule so shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u all should get married because argue 2 much.

  173. Strychnine avatar

    *Sigh*Isabelle, Isabelle, Isabelle…sadly, this is not the first time I have had to read through your mixture of ignorance, fabrications, and outright stupidity. I experienced your utter idiocy when I read through your article about the Esham vs. Eminem fued. It was full of lies, fabrications and stupidity, much like this one…only this article had much more of all of those. I also notice that Brad’s post has disappeared,(which he suspected would happen), which proves again that you Eminem fans are afraid of the truth and can’t handle it. I suspect that in a day or so, this post will be gone too. If so, it will only prove again that you are afraid of the truth and simply cannot handle it when it is shoved in your face. I will now prceed to tear apart your article, piece by piece, and reveal the truth in the process.

    “Violent G”

    Don’t you mean Violent J, you dumb bitch?

    “Eminem retaliated in a funny way. He told everybody that ICP didn’t attend to his party, because he chased them with paintball guns. Appearently that actually happened when Eminem and his fellows from the D12 group saw ICP coming out of a club one nignt. He and his D12 members chased them and shot at their van with a paintball gun.”

    Yes, I agree, quite a funny way to retaliate;lie about something to make yourself look bigger. And who told you about this paintball incident, Isabelle? Eminem? Ah yes, I thought so. Reliable source of information. (Rolls eyes.)

    “Of course, ICP denied those facts, because it made them look like real cowards in front of the whole world.”

    Denying that total fabrications contain any truth makes you look like a coward? Since when?

    “He made ICP look ridiculous by answering : «Who ? Them, oh yeah, we used to beat their asses all the time back in the day. »”

    Yes, something I’d expect Eminem to do: Run his mouth when he can’t back himself up. But how did he make ICP look ridiculous? By saying that he beat them up? I fail to see your logic.

    “Violent J, who was offended by Eminem’s statements (you bet !)”

    Offended? More like angered by outright lies, I would say. You seem to regard Eminem as some sort of God, Isabelle. I’m going to let you and all you other Eminem fans in on a little secret: Time will pass. As it passes, Eminem will become smaller and smaller. It’s quite like ly that in five years, he won’t be shit. He will have fallen off the map. Just thought I’d say that to all of you before we continue.

    “ICP released two diss tracks against Eminem « Slim Anus » and « Nothing but a bitch thing. ».”

    Three diss tracks. You forgot the track “Shittalkaz”, where ICP teams up with Blaze and Twiztid, and the five of them diss the shit out of Eminem…although he never responded to that. Punk ass.

    “Slim Shady wasn’t late in responding. In the « Marshall Mathers Lp », he says about his rival group : « “Slim Anus,” you damn right, Slim Anus
    I don’t get fucked in mine like you two little flaming faggots! ».”

    Yes, and he also stated very angrily that he would “Knock you fucking faggots the fuck out”. So, Isabelle and every other Eminem fan who thinks that Eminem is so hardcore, answer me this: If he is such a thug or whatever, why didn’t he rise to the challenge when Shaggy 2 Dope challenged him to a kickboxing match on MTV? Is it because:1. He doesn’t have the courage of his convictions? 2. He can only talk shit on records, but can’t back it up? 3. Is he scared? I think all three of those are true.

    “he answer to the « Slim Anus » diss makes ICP look more ridiculous than ever.”

    How did it make them look ridiculous? His statement on that song contained no truth. At least “Nuttin’ but a bitch thang” contained truths about Eminem to a certain degree.

    “A battle thant ICP seems to take very seriously but that amuses Eminem who doesn’t take them seriously as real artists.”

    There is no question that ICP was angered by his disses towards them. But do you really think that he wasn’t bothered by it also? I’ll address that issue in a moment, but for now, let’s continue.

    “He enjoys making fun of them (who wouldn’t ?).”

    Sadly, many artists don’t take ICP seriously, even thought hey have a lot of talent. People hate them for superficial hollow reasons like their appearances(i.e. their facepaint.) That’s because the industry is ALL about appearances.

    “« There’s a difference between realness and an act, and they’re an act, and they know they’re an act, and they even say they’re an act, they even say they’re cornballs, they admit it.”—Eminem

    Ha ha, nice try, Eminem. Even if ICP WAS an act, there’s no way in Hell that they would admit it. And oh, ha ha ha ha, who are you to talk about them being an act anyway, Eminem? Isn’t that exactly what you are, an act? You’ve got all these teeny bopper idiots thinking you’re from Detroit and ever-so-hardcore, when you grew up in Warren, and it has been proven time and time again that you’re FAR from being hardcore. Hypocrisy and ignorance at it’s finest.

    “I don’t think I take the beef as seriously as they do, because I don’t consider them artists. They look at me as an artist. I think they get more uptight about it. I can look at them and laugh. They can’t do anything to me. What can they do to me? They have no credibility, no respect, no talent, they have nothing. All they can do is diss me vocally, they can’t diss me lyrically. There’s nothing they can do to me as far as the music goes. I don’t take it as seriously as they do and I think that frustrates them. I think it’s funny. »

    Please, you took the beef even more seriously than they did. Admit it, it hurt you very much, because you’re hypersensitive to disses towards you. If it didn’t hurt you, then why did you respond with several disses in various songs, throw around face-painted blow-up dolls on stage at a concert, and pull an unloaded gun on their tour manager? Because it hurt you. Which brings me to my next point…

    “Eminem was using an ICP puppet to make fun of the group, just after the incident with Douglas Dail ICP member.”

    You mean the one where he pulled an unloaded pistol on ICP’s tour manager outside of a concert—and then dropped it like a pussy?

    ““Nothin’ but clowns down here
    but we ain’t fuckin around round here, yo Dre. . .
    What up? Can I get a Hell? Hell Yeah!/ Now… »”—Eminem

    Ah yes, talking shit again when he can’t back it up. That is so Eminem-like.

    “Besides the fact ICP don’t like Eminem, we may doubt that thay can be taken seriously as artists, their disguises make them look ridiculous and their lyrics appear to be rather weak. They cannot even pretend to be in competition with the talented rapper.”

    You have just strengthened my statement which I made earlier—that the industry is, for the most part, depthless and superficial, seeing as how they judge ICP by their facepaint, like you just did. And I highly doubt you have heard more than 3 ICP songs in your life, Isabelle, so who are you to judge their talent anyway? Their talent FAR outmatches Eminem’s. And if they are no match in terms of competition, why was he(Eminem) so affected by their disses towards him?