Why I love gangsta rap

Among different styles of rap, gangsta rap is my favorite genre. Although Eminem is my favorite hip hop artist, I do appreciate many old school rappers from the political rap movance, like Ice T , NWA, Public Enemy.

What makes gangsta rap particularly interesting in my eyes is the fact that it is related to ghetto reality. It shows gangsters’ hard life and insecurities. Gangsta rap is revolutionary, it makes society move, it opens people’s mind against injustice and racial discrimination. Gangsta rap comes to hurt people’s closed minded heads, it shocks conservative mentality.

Gangsta rap has less to do with annoying partys, big cars and jewels. It is a huge call for justice. The mirror of the ghetto in its uglyness is here to haunt a rich white man’s head, it is a strong weapon against the Establishment.
Blacks have been enslaved, humiliated and even worst assimilated by Whites. Gangsta rap pictures Black differently : it brings them back to their roots, it shows them they they can be a threat to whites who despise them and belittle them.. They can shoot policemen who discriminate them, they can be a white man’s nightmare if they want to. They are ready –at least symbolically- to assassinate deputies and ministers. They have the power to drop bombs on the government.

We need such shock values to fight racial discrimination.
Saul Williams expressed the injustice of the government against black people in his Dj Spooky remix « Not In Our Names – The Pledge Of Resistance » :

We believe that as people living
in the United States it is our
responsibility to resist the injustices
done by our government, in our names

Not in our name
will you wage endless war
there can be no more deaths
no more transfusions of blood for oil

Not in our name
will you invade countries
bomb civilians, kill more children
letting history take its course
over the graves of the nameless

Not in our name
will you erode the very freedoms
you have claimed to fight for

Not by our hands
will we supply weapons and funding
for the annihilation of families
on foreign soil

Not by our mouths
will we let fear silence us

Not by our hearts
will we allow whole peoples
or countries to be deemed evil

Not by our will
and Not in our name

We pledge resistance
We pledge alliance with those
who have come under attack
for voicing opposition to the war
or for their religion or ethnicity

We pledge to make common cause
with the people of the world
to bring about justice freedom and peace

Another world is possible
and we pledge to make it real

A gangsta rapper is not only « gangsta » in his words, he is also an engaged person. A person who is decided to fight against the government’s lies and injustice.The lyrics of Ice T’s song « Colors » may look as a racist song against white people but it must be viewed much much as a stong call against injustice and racial discrimination :

« But my true mission is just revenge
you ain’t in my sect, you ain’t my friend
wear the wrong color your life could end
homocides my favorite venge… »

A revenge for being born the wrong color(in a white racist’s mind). A revenge for being hated on and killed by the police.
In Ice T’s lyrics ,there is a situation reverse : Ice T changed the situation to his advantage : he is the leader and the white man appears to have the wrong color. He has the powe rof life or death on this man’s head.
Some people may be shocked. Why so much hatred, so much violence ? Because you were the first to show violence and hatred towards black people and you need to realize it.
Some people even seem to ignore what black people have been through. There was a time,,education was denied to Blacks. There was also a time black graduates were forced to take blue collars jobs…
« White America » needed a spokesman. Eminem is engaged in his fight against racial discrimination. His mission is to open suburbans kid’s eyes to the ghetto misery.
Eminem uses the advantage of his color to spread his voice where black M.C’s cannot do it, because they’re(unfortunately) limitated to black channel and radios.
Eminem’s story teaches white men a lesson. He’s been bullied by Blacks and he never retaliated. He has fought to be recognised as a white MC in a mainly black audience. He wanted to be part of the lanscape. Eminem’s story is a lesson of tolerance and it also shows white people that they are not the only ones to be able to hate.

No matter if you’re Black or White, keep it gangsta.
Quoting Fabolous :

« Y’all know who
Keepin’ it Gangsta
We come through
Keepin’ it Gangsta
Y’all know how we do
Keepin’ it Gangsta
My whole crew
Keepin’ it Gangsta »

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  1. Some people even seem to ignore what black people have been through. There was a time,,education was denied to Blacks. There was also a time black graduates were forced to take blue collars jobs…

    All these things have also happened to white people, and it is you that seems to be ignoring this.

  2. the main reason that i love ganstar rap is its bruttle honesty. You know with real mc’s (like cormega) he is talking from personal experience and that makes the music stand for alot more, it has nothing to do with colour.

  3. I’m not ignoring anything. But if you consider Black and White history, things have been far from easy for black people in America. It is easier to find a well paid job when you’re white, it’s a matter of fact. Sad, but a matter of fact. And if you love gangsta rap you cannot ignore black people’s fight against racial discrimnation.

  4. Gangsta rap is better than just Normal rap like (Ja rule who is a bitch and eminem,cam´ron,jay-z,ll cool j,nelly and p.diddy bitch.Gangster know how to keep it a gangsta not some puzzy like Ja rule who is tryin to be somebody else and “gangsta too” i love N.W.A,Tupac,Snoop dogg,Luniz,Tech n9ne,Twista,Daz Dillinger,Celly cell,Spice 1,Kurupt,Biggie,Dj Quik,Mack 10,Nate dogg and tha dogg pound,Obie trice,Rakim,Richie rich,And Yukmouth:) the best rappers ever KEEP IT GANGSTA!!!

  5. The subject matter of Gangsta Rap includes homophobia, misogyny, racism and materialism, but the rappers hold it as a reflection of their Ghetto lifestyle in defence. I think it’s bullshit. No one has a fucking right to talk like that about women, under any circumstances. It doesn’t help progress in women’s rights, for one.

  6. I listen to gangsta rap for the same reason that I listen to Gwar – entertainment value. To put forth the argument that gangsta rap represents a legitimate vocalization of the ennui and frustration faced by america’s trammelled minorities is to miss the point entirely. Though NWA, Ice T, Downset, Public Enemy, KRS-1 and a handful of others may have been voices for the people of similar background, it is no longer so. That style of music is now written, produced and packaged for the audience that gives the record companies the most money – middle class, suburban white boys. Listening to Fuck Da Police doesn’t give you any true sense of what it’s like to live in that environment. One could also argue that the commercial aspects continue america’s long history of marginalizing black people by turning the poorest, most violent neighbourhoods in the country (and a select few who live there) into a commodity to be sold by white people to other white people.

  7. firstly i myself am from poverty and a poor upbringing and i do believe hip hop has done good and wonderful things in the past to uplift the community but its become a downfall of its own success…in doctorinating the youth with mindless lies about money,cars sex drugs of the way of life etc…the ghetto has more than just that..its got hopes and dreams not what you see on tv today and hear on cd’s-the hip hop culture is now about killing each other black and white brothers and sisters just to live that painted dream given to us and the youth of today is beleiving all the lies fed to them and the big guns in their huge offices are racking in the cash flow.cant you see whats happening or has the music blinded your vision of true life…

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