More on Tom Watson versus Richard Dawkins

A comment left on my entry concerning Tom Watson has sparked my interest:

Says Jerry:

I said that if the extract from Tom Waston’s website is supposed to be ‘sarcastic or ironic’ (and that’s not at all apparent from just reading it)who, exactly, is he satirising or being ironic about? People who actually use this kind of language? Or those who attempt to use it in order to improve their street cred? I’m not at all surprised that Dawkins reacted as he did, or that ‘Tom is irate’: egocentricity is an essential feature of the MP’s job description.

I think I should leave it for Tom to defend himself, but I at least found his young person’s passage very entertaining. 🙂

One thought on “More on Tom Watson versus Richard Dawkins”

  1. Jerry and me have had words. I think he now sees my side of the argument:

    “I don’t know Dawkins but have read most of his books. On reflection it was probably a bit silly of him to quote your site, whether or not he got the joke. It didn’t add anything to his argument.”

    To be fair to Jerry, this was the friendly bit of the email. His remaining words were about our wonderful PM and what he should do. Can’t win ’em all I guess.

    T 😉

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