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KJ-52's songs about Eminem

A few weeks ago, I have posted an article about KJ 52’s « Dear Slim » songs. In the meantime, I had the curiosity to have a look at the lyrics and to listen to the songs. I know that KJ has driven mad a lot of Eminem fans (mostly kids), but I think it would be interesting to try to be as objective as possible as an adult Eminem fan.

When I knew the Christian rapper had released a second song “dear Slim part II”, I presumed it was a call for conversion. I guessed it right in some way. I think that KJ respects Eminem and wants to help him, but he should be cautious, when he says he wants Eminem to change his heart.
Why should Eminem necessarly have a bad heart and viewed as a bad person?
I wish KJ 52 could read what I want to tell him right now:
KJ, you’re talking about God. I just hope that you are not as brainwashed from pentacostal churches as I was in the early 90’s. Because many of those kind of Christians spend their time trying to save other people’s souls, but never look at themselves. I mean they are not even aware of their own sins and mistakes. They have disgusted me completely and honestly, in my opinion, they are so far away from real love.

Your intentions honor you, though. You have seen that there may remain a lot of pain inside of Marshall. But I strongly disagree with you when you describe Slim as a bad role model. You seem to despise cusswords and the content of his lyrics too. But do you realize that a sugarcoated Eminem would be a real disaster for his fans and for the music industry?
I don’t want Eminem’s music to sound like Black Eye Peas. He’s a gangsta rapper and his lyrics are related to ghetto life. He has the courage to describe his past in its roughness and its uglyness. He has also the courage to always speaking his mind. I don’t want Eminem to change in that way, you cannot make a gospel singer out of him.

But I respect you, KJ 52, for some points you expressed on Eminem.
First, you didn’t describe him as a devilish person, what integrists like those Christians against Eminem (CAE) did. You told them to “get on their knees and pray for him”, what they obviously should do, but first they should pray for themselves, because as Christians they are unable to show mercy.They are sinners too and shouldn’t forget it so easily. In the end, only God can judge.
Second, you respect him for the love he shows towards Hailie. Nobody could deny the man loves his daughter.
Third, you saw his pain from the past and it moved you. You followed his career step by step and the way you talk about him managed to move me too in some way.
KJ, you have no idea of what Eminem has been through. He is lucky to be alive today. Eminem believes in God, he prays with his daughter every day when he’s at home. But if he didn’t, would that automatically make a bad man of him? I have seen so many people in my life who were swearing on the Bible and who have been real bitches to me.
You are wrong on one point: what Eminem is saying helps a lot of people and kids in particular. “Cleaning Out My Closet” is a therapy for mishandled kids and it has helped me so much to overcome a lot of problems. Many kids who buy Eminem’s Cd’s can relate to his songs. I’m personally in touch with teenagers who are fellow fans and who are experiencing children abuse. They find their force in Eminem’s songs. KJ, you’re wrong in that way.
KJ, no Church, no preacher have cured me from the deseases I had inside. Marshall has done this for me.It is precisely his rage, his words and his attitude who deeply changed me. You ought to know that he is real, and believe me, God loves it when people don’t fake themselves. This man you’re calling for conversion has already been blessed by God.

You can watch the “Dear Slim” video here: I

[Verse I]
Dear Slim, I never wrote you or been calling
My name ain’t Stan son nah we’ve never met and
My name’s KJ let me begin by introducing now
Myself to you and these very reasons I’ll be writing
Why I took my time the who what where and why and
The purpose of my verse and the reasons I’m reciting
What I hope your learning from the truth I pray your finding
And every word I’m writing down upon the dotted lines and
See I heard ya first album it was called infinite
I shook my head cause nowadays you sounding different
What drove ya to take your whole persona and be flipping it
Now what makes a man totally change see I ain’t getting it
See was you sick of getting booed when you was ripping it
And sick of never having dough and you wanted to put an end to it
What good’s all kinds of dough, plus all kinds of flow?
To gain a world of fans but suffer the loss of soul

[Chorus – 4X]
La la la la la la
La la la la la la la la (to whom it may concern)

[Verse II]
Dear Slim I never wrote you or been calling
This is my 2nd letter cause see son I gots a real problem
It’s that to you that I’m always catching these comparisons
And after shows I got these people coming up to me saying
You sound like Slim Shady son you sound like Eminem
And I be like now really man do I gots to go through this again
See I used to get mad and sick of people saying that
Till at this one show this one day I met this one cat
He told me how he used to listen to you but now listens to me
Had your LP but threw it out and bought my CD
I’m like “For real?” he’s like “Yeah,” said my music made a difference
It got him away from all your words and images
Gotta mention this now what about the effects you have on kids?
You ever stop to think about the millions you influence
Or is it just irrelevant is it a true life you telling it
Or just a way for some record companies selling it
The only thing we’s got in common is our melanin
Or a lack of it but anyway now this is what I’m saying
Its for you that I’m on my knees now daily praying
Praying that God opens your eyes now to what I’m relaying
Now I’m praying that it’s your heart that will soon be changing
Praying one day that you’ll be calling upon his name and
But anyway I’m signing off now don’t keep me waiting
This is KJ another cat just trying to make it


[Verse III]
Dear Slim I heard about the stuff you’s going through
See I could relate to you cause son I’m about as old as you
See we both know what it’s like just to be growing up to be in a neighborhood
When you’s the one and only kid that’s white
Or to get booed when you on the mic just because your skin is light
It ain’t right but sometimes you know that’s life
But really tell me what you do?
You just push on with hopes on that someday you’ll put on your crew
I hope you understand that I ain’t even dissing you
And even though it’s a song you’ll probably never listen to
See what I send to you is this
Is that a life without Christ is just a life that is never fixed
I hope you remember this now a few sentences
About a living God who loves you and plus forgives
And I’ll be praying for your ex-wife and plus your kid
It’s hard to live in a world as crazy as this one is
And even though now it really might sound redundant
God’s got mad love for you up in a mad abundance
You’ll sell a couple mill I’ll probably sell a couple hundred
There’s more to life than selling records and just getting blunted
But anyway that’s really all I gots to say
Just another word from an emcee now around the way
Maybe some day we meet each other in some way
Till then one love one God one way


Part II

La la la la la la la yo yo yo yo yo
La la la la la la la la yo yo
Dear Slim Part Two yo yo
Dear Slim I wrote you but you ain’t calling
Its been a couple years now since I wrote that song and
A lot has changed now for you and I
I have no clue now that I’d write a song for you and it would change some lives
Kids with tears in their eyes they now come up to me
Showing love to me and telling me that they look up to me
The effects to me well it’s really kinda strange see I only want to share with you Jesus’s love for me
There’s a whole nother’ side of things now I’ve come to see
It’s a huge influence you’ve got upon this industry
But enough of me because it’s not what I came to say to you
Not a day goes by while I take time to pray for you
I’m sorry now for what your mom and dad they did to you
But I can relate with you because you see dude I’ve been there too
I know there’s a lot of pain and hurt now that you’ve been through
But never forget there’s a real love God gave to you
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
To whom it may concern
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Still to whom it may concern
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
To whom it may concern
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
It’s still to whom it may concern
Dear Slim I wrote you but you still aint calling
Backstage at the VMA’s someone gave you my song and
I’m kinda wondering what you thought man
When that guy walked up to you and talked to you and put it in your hands
Maybe you never listened to it or maybe you lost it or maybe you heard it and
You just got mad and then you tossed it
Did he get you back that’s the question that I’ll always get
And I’m like for God forbid that you might even have liked it
I don’t know congratulations on your movie yo
And I heard your last record well over ten million sold
But there’s one thing that’s really got me thinking bro
Does a Grammy mean anything and if its just gotta cost your soul
In case you didn’t know there’s a love that will never go away
You said your going to hell but it don’t have to be that way
See the bottom line of what I’m trying to say is
God puts back together the broken pieces that’s been thrown away
And even everyone ya know ya stuff that goes away
He’ll still love ya til the very day that your old and gray
Too bad a lot of Christians all they do is hate on you instead of droppin to their knees
And takin’ time to pray for you
And it’s obvious that you really love your daughter dude and for that I gotta tell you well
I really got respect for you
So here it is, Dear Slim Chapter Part Two
Another cat just trying to make it just like you
Dear Slim did you hear the junk that I’m going through
Kids sending me hate mail and telling me how I’m biting you
Telling me how there gonna beat me up and just kill me too
But a lot of people they just seem to get my song confused
See what I say to you I know I might even sound funny but I never came at
You just to paint you as the enemy
It wasn’t about hatin’ you or startin’ some controversy
It wasn’t about blamin’ you or trying to make some money (no)
I don’t claim to know everything that you’ve experienced
Man I don’t know if you even be hearin’ this
But I said it once and I still hold to this
Is that a life without Christ is still a life that is never fixed
I tell you this even if it is a hard pill to swallow
Like it or not Slim you will always be a role model
Do you know these kids, we’re the one’s they always follow
What we say and how we live gives them a better tomorrow
I had my share of sorrow plus man I’ve been rejected
I’ve been chewed up, spit out and cussed, disrespected
But if I die today and I never sell another record
Jesus gave me more than I ever coulda been expected
I know life is hectic it could leave ya blown away
But check it bro because we all just gon’ die some day
And on that note well there’s only just one thing to say
There’s still one love and one God and only one way!

49 thoughts on “KJ-52's songs about Eminem”

  1. I respect your opinion on the KJ-52 song, but I must respectfully disagree with some of your opinions. I suggest that you go to KJ-52’s website and learn a little about him before you say that he doesn’t know what Eminem has been through, he had a similarly hard life growing up. As an adult I know that you and I aren’t as affected by what we hear, it’s a lot easier for us to distinguish between lyrics we hear and actions we take. I’m not saying a teeneagers going to hear Eminem talk about killing someone then going out and doing it themselves, that’s going to far. But the emotions that some of his music causes are not necessarily emotionally healthy (I speak now as a psychology grad student). On the other hand a similarly sounding KJ-52 offers more positive lyrics. I don’t feel he ever says Eminem is a bad person, just, from the Christian viewpoint, lost. By the way, I’m not a wacky pentecostal as you call it, I’m Presbyterian. Some of the terminology KJ-52 uses has a different meaning to CHristians than it does to none Christians. I feel this is the problem you may be having. The words mean something different to me. Not necessarily related to the Eminem thing, but importnant none-the-less, I see that you’ve had bad experiences with Christians. I’m not surprised, despite what we should be, there are a lot of rotten apples on our tree. In what little you posted about your past experiences it seems that you have been spiritually abused. This is a serious matter, in fact it’s my whole focus in grad school. I seriously think you should look into getting counseling for this. And yes I speak from experience in the spiritual abuse area. A certain denomination of which many of my friends growing up attended told me I was going to hell all the time and tryied to hold me accountable to ridiculous standards. The guilt and hate that one feels in these kind of situations is hard to deal with, but with counseling it can help. Just think about it.

  2. kj52 is gay now they use to represent 2pac now kj52 are just some loosers old schol rap sucks and christian rap sucks, christian rappers steal all eminem’s beats, tupac’s beats, snoop dogg, and all the old school beats, they aint promotin christianity, kj52 i’ll take on your whole crew i’ve been waitin to beat the shit outta some christians i’m a buildin breaker kj52 is group of fake gangsters that just sit in church 7 days a week and eat you like secular beats without the lyrics how can the devil be attackin your spirts if i’ve killed your invisible ghost your not believers we know you use a label to make me wanna pick a knife up off a table but that ain’t gonna happen i’m just alomost gonna kill you i aint even gonna do that i’m just gonna do nothin so you can say i’m in a depression ya’ll got me chucklin like when i saw the passion of christ i almost died laughin not because i’m a demon or satan i’m jesus with the horns i’m not the only sinner that was born, you wanna fight kj52?,lets set this up quick so i can kick all of your asses,later fags

  3. Dude you got it all wrong Christians are forgiven
    from there sin because they have received the price that was paid for them through Christ
    Jesus said that he came to set the captive free
    and heal the broken hart and he has done that to many who have come to him and received his sacrifice but for those that reject his hand there is only eternal death , you should know this and may I remind you that kj52 is doing only
    what Jesus said we should do , go into all the world and spread the goodnews, no one has a gun to Eminem head concerning this but someone needs to tell him the truth and Kj52 is just the man

  4. Hey guy hows it goin i want u to write back to me and tell me your thoughts of kj-52 and any other rappers. Well to get into it im only 13 and he has changed so much its not even funny, i dont go to school listining to 50 cent or ja rule sayin i wanna fuck you in the ucon if i get it wrong (truck). Well i dont come to school acting like a pumk and bein a dick i wonder and try to put my self in his shoes of whne he was 13 and up. Well i g2g but

    One God
    One Love
    One Way

  5. i just wanna say you guys insultin the kj like this offends me like heck. you guys think that kj is a beat stealer and crud, well he aint. i happen to own all of kjs CDs and i enjoy all of it, cause i used to like eminem then i discovered a much cleaner kj who sounded almost just like him. KJ isn’t saying Eminem is a bad person hes just tryin to get him to come to the faith and discover the true meaning of life. so yah, that’s my opinion

  6. i just wanna say you guys insultin the kj like this offends me like heck. you guys think that kj is a beat stealer and crud, well he aint. i happen to own all of kjs CDs and i enjoy all of it, cause i used to like eminem then i discovered a much cleaner kj who sounded almost just like him. KJ isn’t saying Eminem is a bad person hes just tryin to get him to come to the faith and discover the true meaning of life. so yah, that’s my opinion

  7. i just wanna say you guys insultin the kj like this offends me like heck. you guys think that kj is a beat stealer and crud, well he aint. i happen to own all of kjs CDs and i enjoy all of it, cause i used to like eminem then i discovered a much cleaner kj who sounded almost just like him. KJ isn’t saying Eminem is a bad person hes just tryin to get him to come to the faith and discover the true meaning of life. so yah, that’s my opinion

  8. I just wanted to tellya guys that im currently working on my first rap album (just called
    $limmTimm :: The Album) and it just happens to be Christian. I hope the community of christian rap lovers accepts me and enjoys my music, cause it has a lot of beats similar to those of secular songs (such as J-Kwon’s Tipsy and Ludacris’ Southern Fried Intro) and it’s cool. It’s gonna be around a 65 minute long album, so i hope you buy it when it comes out (if it ever does…) So now you have something to look forward to

  9. i love kj-52. i have his 2 newest cd’s and they rock heaven and earth. they present a positive message to non-beleivers, and thats one of the reasons i got the cd, because hes christian!
    God bless

  10. Hey guys! Yeah, I think that KJ is so cool. He means what he sings and he sings what he means. I’m a christian and I believe God is using KJ to spread the word and the love! I think we should do the same. One question though, you know the people who were cusing him out earlier on this site? Well, if they hate him so much what are they doing even looking here anyway? g2g!

    Just another cat just trying to make it!

  11. What’s fucking up, mutha fuckers!? You bitches and bastards better stop fucking wit Eminem or i’ll shit on you. If you’re a bitch i’ll fuck ya pussy so hard it’ll get sore bitch. then i’ll fuckin force ya to suck my mutha fuckin dick, then i’ll lick ya all over and give ya an STD and make ya pregnant and shit. So stop fucking insulting EMinem!!!

  12. Yo wat up dogz? This is the $limmster again, wit an update on my debut album. Many things have changed in the past few months, such as this :: the new title is West Coast 101 (ima west coast rappa) :: the album has been completely rewritten with new songs and beatz :: i might get sum other rappaz to collaborate wit me, some you may know and others you won’t so get ready for it. it might come out this year or next i dunno but be ready for it. email me if ya want a copy of it. Word up!

  13. Oh ya, and one more thing. there are only 12 tracks and the album altogether is about 40 minutes long so its a good length if ya wanna listen to it on the bus to school in the morning or sumthin.

  14. Dammit you mutha fucker $limmTimm u are a fucka and ya album will neva get published and if it fucking was i’d find u and kill u. so u betta not release that piece of shit cuz itz probably christian and you’ll just fucking steal sum beatz frum the real mutha fuckaz. So im warning ya!!!



  16. gosh howdy. KJ is aweful. he is ripping off eminem, i doubt he would debate this. he is a no talent clown who enjoys a small, sad audience of fanatic “i like my rapz klean yo” crowd.

    my guess is once his fans hit 16 and have some actual life experience, he will be tossed away like the condom his dad should have used.


  17. I think there is nothing wrong with you
    or your music.Why do you think he is gay,
    a looser and I think he does not take
    eminem’s beats.

  18. hey yall!
    i just wanna say that i just came to know christ as my savior and it rocks!! i just saw kj at creation fest and he is awsome! well e-mail me any time at
    peace out my brothers and sisters!

  19. Mutha, I don’t see why you feel the need to bash any Christian rappers. I got a lot of respect for KJ, so forgive me if I sound like I like him. If you would just sit down and listen to KJ, you would hear that he is NOT stealing any beats or patterns from other bands. I have listened to KJ, Eminem, Ludacris, and a bunch of other rappers both Christian and not, so I do have some idea of what I’m talking about here. I have yet to see one person bash Eminem, but I see plenty of KJ bashing, which leads me to think that you obiously don’t read what you are flaming.

    As for the main text here, I am sorry that you have had bad experiences with Christians, but there is nothing that anyone can do to change that now. As much as it pains me to say it, Christians are generally more hypocritical than others. I’m not saying that it is right, because it definitely isn’t. I do disagree with your point about Eminem not being a bad role model, though. I don’t really see how someone could be seen as a good role model when, in the same song, he says how he loves his daughter and tells his wife that he’s going to kill her. That is just as hypocritical as the Christians that you talk about are. How can he say that he loves his daughter and at the same time hate the woman that gave birth to her? Didn’t he marry his daughter’s mother because he loved her?

    I’m not saying that I know everything about his past, because I most definitely don’t. Just because he has a troubled past doesn’t make him any different from anyone else, it’s just that he is constantly rapping about it and using it to make money that does. Yes, I am bashing Eminem, but I am not really bashing him. Instead, I’m trying to say what I see. KJ has a lot of guts to make two songs like that. I just hope that Eminem does hear them and changes himself. Sure all the hate, anger, and violence are what make his songs sell, but if that’s what it took to sell music, why does Christian music have such a large audience? And why do “secular” music fans get drawn to Christian music? I’ll just leave that as an open question and prepare myself for the flames that I know are going to come.

  20. Hey ya’ll. My name’s Angela. Looks like I’ve just stumbled upon this site by accident, and chances are I’ll never find it again so I won’t be able to see your updates but I’d like to give my opinion to. I think what KJ-52 has done with this song, to Eminem, is amazing! He’s doing what so many Christians are afraid to do. He’s reaching out to someone who really needs to know what love is like from a heavenly father. I’ve read some of the posts here and it almost brings me to tears to see some of the hate and anger that comes from the depths of your hearts. I’ve also heard some of my Christian brothers and sisters tell these people that “you got us all wrong–we ain’t like that”. That’s true but it’s not what people need to hear; it’s what they need to see, and KJ has just brought us one step closer to that. I just got back from a CIY conference, I’m 15 years old. Phil Chaumers spoke (he’s awesome…look him up!). He noted how you have the dumpy old, ancient pick-up truck and then you have the Lambirdinie (pardon to all you car lovers if I spell it wrong). The “L” hardly ever advertises because it doesn’t need to; it’s a fab car and one of the nicest in the world. EVERYONE knows about it! Now the dumpy old pick-up truck…it has to advertise in order to be sold. It has to advertise a lot! And this is all MTV is made of…advertisement. making it look better than it is. Now KJ here isn’t trying to point fingers and say “That’s bad dude”, he’s reaching out; he isn’t advertising he’s simply saying “This is what my God can offer…are you going to get in and ride with me? Do you want to experience love?” So I may get bashed for this and maybe some of ya’ll may actually know what I’m talkin’ about. But I love Jesus and I love God and it is the same God that KJ worships and I am proud to say he is my brother in Christ. I’d love to talk to ya’ll about this so if anyone has any input, I don’t care what kind…please e-mail me.

  21. I think KJ is awesome. I am so glad my friend got me hooked on his songs. KJ is not dissing Eminem at all and I don*t know why a lot people get mad.

  22. Kj52’s songs are Inspiration’s too my life. Im a christian and proud and Im glad that Kj52 is a rapper=].

  23. Hey just got kj’s record and its amazing. I really pray that eminem will understand what God is trying to do in his life and that he doesnt have to fall for the ways of the world to be a successful musician just look at kj! If eminem ever had a chance to meet kj i know God would use KJ as a witness to testify of his son Jesus Christ and to show Em how Love should really be. KJ is setting an example for alot of Christians and non Christians alike and i praiser God that KJ has a unique way of speaking with his audience, as alot of non Christians can relate to what he is saying and its a great starting point for what God can really do for a person once they realize that they dont have to be surrounded by the four walls of secularism and that there is a way to be free from oour sins and the temptations that come from the devil. Anyways thanks KJ for your awesome message of peace and your courage to stand up for what you believe in ! God bless

  24. I think most people with negative comments have missed the point of artists like KJ52. They are simply providing a musical outlet to those of us who choose not to listen to mainstream secular (non-christian) music. They are not competing with the mainstream secular artists, so there should be no reason to hate them or want to cause them bodily harm.
    I have to admit, that made me laugh when I read all the posts from obvious teens or pre-teens who wanted to injure and violate KJ52 & everyone else that doesn’t seem to agree with them… chatroom tough-guys are funny.

    Christianity is not about judgement or hatred, it’s about love. God’s love for us and our love for Him and each other. That’s it… nothing more, nothing less. If you can pull off your part, the rest just falls into place.
    God’s love turned me inside out. I’d love for everyone else to get what God gave me, some will, some won’t. The choice is theirs. If you don’t want God’s love, you don’t. He’ll still love you. However, you won’t feel His love like I do until you choose to love Him and others.

  25. I personally love KJ’s music. It is in my cd player right now. I’m having a really hard time with Eminem fans who say that it is ok for him to sing about other people in a bad way but it isn’t ok for KJ to sing TO someone in a nice way. I totally agree with KJ when he says that it is too bad that a lot of Christians just complain about Eminem instead of praying for him. I pray for Eminem. I just ask that God would open his eyes, that he would listen to KJ’s songs and think about them. Don’t just write him off. He isn’t dissing Eminem at all. He’s telling him the truth and everyone else for that matter. KJ has a song on his new album about when he was young. It starts with his parents fighting and saying shut up and I hate you, then his mom leaves. He was 6. He goes on to talk about the tension he can feel between his parents and them getting divorced. He starts fighting at school and things just aren’t right. Then at 15, he meets Jesus. It is a great song and reminds me a little of my experience.

    I totally disagree with whoever said that as soon as KJ’s fans turn 16 and get a reality check, they will throw out his cd. I am 18 years old and love KJ. I got to meet him a few years ago and he is so sweet and down to earth.

    Before you say bad things about KJ, listen to his music. His music makes me laugh sometimes and sometimes it makes me cry, but it always makes me think.

    No one has any right to judge anyone else spiritual. Just remember, there is a difference between believing IN God and believing ON God.
    Satan believes IN God and to trust everything to Him and trust Him and live your life for Him, is to belive ON Him.

    I was recently in a car accident. I got rear-ended. I was stopped and he was going 65 mph. The state patrol man said he was amazed that I walked away. The auto body shop said they couldn’t believe I walk away. Everyone that I’ve shown picture to, can’t belive I walke away. I walked away with a bruise on my elbow where my arm hit the center console in my car. There is no back end left on my car. The accident happened at around 6:30 p.m. and the police left in time for me to get to the 9:00 movie. I give all the glory to God for saving me from that accident. When we went to the junk yard the next day the doors were jammed shut. the driver’s door couldn’t close. It is by the grace of God that I got out of that car. PRAISE GOD THAT HE HAD A BIGGER PLAN FOR MY LIFE. GOD HAS MORE WORK FOR ME TO DO TO FURTHER HIS KINGDOM.
    I learned to live for today. Not tomorrow, not next week, NOW. And live it for God!! There is no better way.

  26. i want send a shout out to #1 fan.more like a question really. you know the song about the girl who emailed kj52 and asked for help? and than he answerd twice and the second time she didnt answer? than at a sighning she told him who she was and they caught up and everything. so my bro wants to know if your the 1# fan person in the cd.

    and holla back to all the christians out there!! we love ya!!!

    now for some of the nasty comments on KJ-52. dude hes just telling Eminem about Jesus. i mean i dont understand some of the stuff in slim shady 1, but yall gotta stop cussing christians out. if you dont like our music, than dont come to the sites. if yall got a problem with christians, than ignore them and cuss em out in your diary! KJ-52s songs make me laugh and feel. i felt the 1# fan song. cuz sometimes i feel like her. and i love Eminem, hes funny, but yall gotta stop defending him like that. if he dont make a big deal out of that than his fans shouldnt either. i went through rough times and music brings me back mostly christian, but non- christian too. my last words for tonight: I LOVE GOD!!!! Eminems cool, KJ-52 rocks!! and write your crap in ya diary.

  27. Kj is not dissing anybody so if ya’ll want to say something say it and i’ll pray for ya’ll and dud i’m ganna pray that you stop cusing peace out.

  28. yeah i feel ya dude. some christians are mean. but most try to help you. and i am personnaly a christian so i hate when people cuss us out and make fun of us. do you hear us going around and making fun of yall? i dont think so. KJ got cussed out and disrespected by kids from 10 to like 20. and that really dont make you feel to hot. so you dont like us,fine, dont like us and dont listen to us. but, dont go up to us and start hating, cause it aint cool, and we dont like it, trust me, i would know. we defend ourselves sometimes, but what we should do, is let it slide and pray for that person. and we DO recodnize our own mistakes fool. dont think that were so up in ourselves. why would we tell others to repent and confess your sins to him if we dont do it ourselves huh? its not like were going to go in the middle of times square and shout IM SORRY JESUS!!!!!! so how would you know? and we do show mercy, telling people about god is mercy. it means we care enough. and maybe you grew up in a bad church family but that doesnt mean that all christians are like that. seesh, yall need to pay more attention to what happens in the world. how miserable people get and they dont know why, and man that phyciratrist just dont help. im not dissing, im just saying that god is real and helps you.

  29. What some of you guys say about Christian Artists copying mainstream artists doesn’t hold much weight, just listen 2 rappers like John Reuben and Pigeon John and tell me they copy mainstream rappers. You obvoiusly don’t listen 2 much Christian rap anyway if your dissing it, and so you don’t know what your talking about. And by the way, how about listening 2 some of KJ’s songs like Nursery Rhymes & Revenge of the Nerds and tell me he copys mainstream artists. Or if you think he doesn’t have skills listen 2 47 Emcees or ABC’s and 1,2,3’s.

  30. Many people have turn themselves from God for the reason that people in the own church dont look at there defects and they are out there preaching, but I want to tell you that when Kj-52 tells Eminem, A life without Christ is life thats never fixed, his not telling him that his not a good person, to tell you the truth NO ONE is everyone in this life has been condemned to eternal death, but because of God’s grace and love we are able to have eternal life. KJ tries to help Eminem a lot through this song. But is not Kj who talks to Eminem is God! But to be with God is not thorough prayer nor through preaching but to living a life absolutely dedicated to him. Before I ever heard the song of KJ i always had love for Eminem, I prayed that i would meet him and talk to him, because he needs love, a real love. And only through the one that died for us will this happen. Through Christ. May God bless you. And remember that God loves us and because of that we are forgiven, but not because we are good people or bad. One love, One God, One way!!

  31. If you listen to the song he’s not neccessarily saying he has a badd heart but saying that a heart without god is lost

  32. Sup everyone.
    lol i started writing so much and i pretty much know someone isnt really gonna take the time and read all of it. So long story short, Im a fan of both Eminem and KJ52. Both have touched my life b4 i was Christian and while now being a Christian. I have a lot on my mind. First people threatening christians over the internet come on get a life. People Dissing KJ52 why dont u ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THE SONG AND LYRICS. they are not bad at all. now some of you guys think all christians are big headed, news flash we are not all like that. Im a chill guy that yeah sins but i ask god to fogive my sins cuz nobodys perfect and thats why jesus died on the cross. Dang well here i go writing a lot again. Well i still have a lot to say and who ever wants to hurt us christians you can start with me cuz im willing to take a beating for my beliefs which ive done plenty of times already by getting jumped and still having the decency to tell them jesus loves them and i forgive them.

    my email is
    send me a email if u want to discuss this, need prayer or anything.

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