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The guy who created this website deserves to be mute

Look, this is one of the worst example of intolerance I found on the net:

Somebody wants to shut down Eminem among 14 other artists. In the list, there are also artists I don’t like at all, but I believe in freedom of speech and I don’t mind them saying what they have to say. I just don’t listen to them. This man acts like a dictator. Plus his judgements about Eminem are far from being objective. He doesn’t know very much about Eminem. His statements fully prove it. Franlky, I despise him for being such an ignorant person and showing it publicly. Check his comments out:

Eminem aka The rapper full of shit in everything he says

Here it is, the number asshole that doesn’t deserve to have a voice. I could go on forever about how much I hate this stupid bitchboy but I’ll keep it short because I got other things to do.
– Calls everything “art”
Everyone says he sucks and he’s just doing some gimmicky rap shit but then Eminem jsut says, “I’t my art, my music”. I shouldn’t lose my artistic expression”. Shut the fuck Eminem, we all know you just say dumb shit just to impress little 12 year olds or people that have brains of 12 year olds. Your music is just overrated garbage that doesn’t deserve any attention, except for negative attention from me.
– Says his mother is a bitch
Yeah sure, you little pansy pampered kid. Your mother was intereviewed already. She said you just started doing that “My mom sucks” shit when your positie rhymes didn’t get you anywhere. Your’re mother says she always helped you out when you were young but then now all the fans of Eminem are crying about “poor abused Eminem”
Even his uncle was interviewed, said he saw little bitchboy in the toy store then bitchboy would bitch until he got the toy. Little spolied brat. Now he looks like that heroic rapper that struggled because he’s white and talks like a wannabe black guy.
– Nothing to offer
The crappy rap songs of his has nothing to offer. no innovative songcraft or deep lyrics. Just shitty bitch boy acting cool and talking shit. This is just ridiculous, “Eminem one of the best musicians of today”, give me a fucking break, he’s jsut an attention whroe like all the rest of the bitchboys on this list.
So that concludes out list of people that should be mute becase all they do is say something stupid or make really bad “music”.

Let me tell you that we should call you an asshole, Mr Ignorant Man. I will prove it to you and -by the way- before judging artistic expression, you should learn how to spell correctly!
Sorry to disappoint you: Eminem has a lot to offer and not only to 12 years old kids. I’m 38 and Eminem impresses me a lot. I’m a graduate, I’ve been teaching foreign languages and I can tell you that Eminem perfectly knows how to handle words.I doubt you will ever make words rhyme like him. And yea, his music is art: Marshall Mathers has a message to deliver to the youth and to many other people. He describes his struggles, his personal life, he talks about children abuse and serious political questions. And he’s got something you’re probably totally deprived of: a solid sense of humor. Eminem intelligently parodies tragical situations.
Eminem has offered me so much through his music: his music has been a real gift in my life and I am not the only person to say so.
He has given me the courage to fight in life and not to give myself up. He has shown me a new path of hope, he has shown me to believe in my dreams. I am self confident and balanced thanks to him.
He has offered me the greatest gift somebody could offer me, he taught me to be myself.
If Eminem says his mother is a “bitch”, he has good reasons. He’s been suffering from his mom’s sick behavior, he’s been spat at , trampled on by his own mom. She has made a drug addict of him. She was the first to put him on Ritalin.
Marshall’s mom used to suffer from Munchhausen’s syndrome. It is a proven fact. And if you’re talking about Todd Nelson, Debbie’s brother, he is a big lier anyway. He even stated that he taught him how to rap. Everybody knows this is total bullshit.
Eminem doesn’t talk like a wannabe black boy. He grew up among Blacks and this explains his “black” accent. If you had studied his biography instead of spreading your nonsense on the Internet, you would know about this detail.
Eminem is a much more than a good musician. He is also a contemporary poet. To your info (honestly, I doubt you read ever read about it), Eminem has earned many educated people’s respect. Among them, Giles Foden a respected English writer and Seamus Heaney, a Nobel Price and former Professor of Poetry at Oxford University. But maybe you’re wizer than them to rate Eminem’s lyrics…Oh, I bet you will never get my sarcasm, that’s why I need to conclude by showing you your own stupidity. At least you will be able to look at it into the mirror.
You are a total ignorant and I may call you a total idiot too. I despise people like you whose life is so empty that they want to write anything on the internet, just to sound important. If your ignorance of the other artists you mention besides Eminem is as great as you have proven it for Eminem (I didn’t want to spend my whole time reading your stupid stuff, I got better things to do anyway), then you totally suck. Then you are the one who deserves to be mute: you have proven that you have nothing to offer nor to say, so please shut up!

23 thoughts on “The guy who created this website deserves to be mute”

  1. I beleive with the reader Isabelle Esling about when he said Eminem has alot to offer not only to 12 year olds but with all age groups and ethnic backgrounds and whoever posted up a comment sayin that Em doesn’t deserve a voice and a stupid bitch boy well I have news for u who’s making money right and have his on record and still one of the illist rappers out there has a movie and a clothing line out right now it’s not u and sure ass hell not Benzino so before u diss somebody else u best to know who has bank right know and it’s not u whoever u are.

  2. That website is hilarious. Anyone that gets offended bvy it needs to find a sense of humor, fast or else the whoel world is going to be offensive. I agree on the Eminem arguments there too. Em’s lyrics are so contrived, his gimmick is to be the rapper that’s respectable yet he’ll try to be “in your face” then cry about how he’s being misjudged cause he’s really an artist. Eminem wouldn’t even be where he is if his face wasn’t marketable. I’m a journalist, I’ve studied Eminem’s presence in the media. In a few years Eminem will be long forgotten, most overrated rapper ever.

    Gangstarr > Eminem.

  3. “I despise people like you whose life is so empty that they want to write anything on the internet, just to sound important.”

    That description could apply to you too dude.

  4. To your info “Mr Pomposo or whatever”, I’m a woman, not a “dude”.
    Second, I don’t need to sound important. Eminem’s music is my passion and it’s a pleasure for me to write about the talented artist who is certainly NOT overrated. He doesn’t need his pretty face to impress people, he’s got something better: TALENT.

  5. “I’m 38 and Eminem impresses me a lot”

    Wow, some people must be easily impressed.

  6. And Btw, Mr Pomposo, I got a sense of humor. I never took this website seriously. The person who created it is just a plain idiot who cannot even spell and who has nothing to say than negative things about all the 15 artists in the list. So I really think this person should get a life unless she has something valuable to say. Get it?

    And to the person who says “Some ppl are easy to impress”. I am not easy to impress. Eminem’s talent and personality do impress me a lot, because his texts are really great. They are poetry, whatever you may say.
    And I also do appreciate and respect Eminem for always speaking his mind. So many people (and not only in the showbizz) are so fake.

  7. “And to the person who says “Some ppl are easy to impress””

    If you’re going to quote me, at least get my spelling right.

    “And I also do appreciate and respect Eminem for always speaking his mind”

    Yet you hate the person of that site just for doing the same thing, hmmm…

  8. Hahaha!!! I got owned? LMAO Come on, you must be kidding…their comments make them look more ridiculous.
    I am not an “old man”, but appearently you and them don’t get it. I am a 38 years young and good looking woman. Fuck you bunch of idiots.
    If you believe in their freedom of speech despite the fact they are totally ignorant of an artist whose lyrics and life i have been studying for years, then at least respect my point of view BECAUSE I PERFECTLY KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

  9. And by the way, while we’re at it: I am not the one who is intolerant in the whole story. I allow any of the 15 artists of the list who were mentioned their freedom of speech. I’m not very fond of Justin timberlake, for instance, but i don’t get mad when I happen to see one of his videos or when he speaks out on TV…and i don’t call him an “idiot”, because for his fans, Mr Timberlake is appreciated. And i do respect that.
    Those ppl are not only mad, they are only able to spread negative stuff about all those artists and it’s a matter of fact they’re totally ignorant of Eminem. If i was them, i wouldn’t allow myself to talk about subjects i totally ignore…
    My point was: if their ignorance of the 14 other artists is as huge as the ignorance of Eminem they have -obviously- shown (and it is probably the case), then they actually deserve to be mute. But whatever, feel free to support them, I don’t give a fuck!
    Neither their words nor yours will bring me down.

  10. Ok, if you believe in freedom of speech so much then why do you care if someone hates Eminem? Just because you love him doesn’t mean everyone else should. He fuckin sucks. His music has no depth, and i don’t see how “Raping lesbians and killing pedestrians” or whatever (quote that shit song My Name is) has any meaning to it. He’s a wigger out to make money and has no talent. He can’t sing, he thinks hes all tough, he hates gay people and hes a moron. He’s anothing little bitch leeching off of the industry. He’s only in it for the money. I suggest you get into REAL music like Ildjarn, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Amon Amarth. Bands that actually have talent and aren’t corperate drones.

  11. I also find it funny that anyone who remotely disagrees with you whatsoever about that little pansy bitch is automaticly ignorant. Funny that, instead of looking deeper into the subject as of why they hate him, you label him ignorant faster than a black man running from the cops. Excuse us if not everyone likes your favorite “artist” (i use this term extremely loose here). I guess that makes us ignorant, eh?

  12. LOL, I saw that eminem feedback article. You got owned. By the way, not all of Eminem’s lyrics were written by himself. Is it not freedome of speech if someone says someone should be mute. Don’t take the mute thing literally, it’s obvious that they’re saying they should stop making bad music when they say MUTE. Boy, did that go over your head.

    Congrats to mtvhell, that was hilarious and in depth. Eminem is even more overrated when I think about it. All Eminem does is rap about himself, what a egomaniac.

  13. Just came by again then read this:

    “Those ppl are not only mad, they are only able to spread negative stuff about all those artists and it’s a matter of fact they’re totally ignorant of Eminem.”

    So it’s only “ignorant” if it’s not your same opinion…right. Get over it, Eminem is the media’s rap darling. Everyone with a rational mind knows this.

    You obviously aren’t much of a big rap fan, I suggest you look more into the hip hop world before you make outrageous claims about Eminem being God-like.

    I just read some of Eminem’s new songs lyrics and he said something about his penis getting pleasure from a woman’s mouth and being in a “band” (he raps about how cool he is too much, EGOMANIAC). So much for creativity.

  14. Pomposo, nobody gives you the right to speak in my place. When I say “ignorant of Eminem” i don’t mean who has a different opinion. I mean ignorant of Eminem’s context and lyrics.
    Appearently, you totally misunderstood “My Band” which is a parody of the boys bands…Eminem is making fun of the bands and of ppl who don’t get that D12 is a group. There are also so many girls who don’t know the name of the D12 members and who are focused on Eminem only as a person, not as an artist.
    Next time, give me your opinion if you want to. I don’t care if you disagree. But don’t put words into my mouth that I haven’t said at all. Don’t prejudge my intentions.

  15. “Pomposo, nobody gives you the right to speak in my place.”

    Isn’t the point of your blog about how people should have the right to freedom of speech? Where’s my right? I did give my opinion in a civil manner. Remain objective to what’s in question. And that’s whether Eminem is overrated. Don’t try to spin this argument around.

    I get the theme of that song. Since everyone is cynnical about boy bands already, he gets the “cool” image for knocking the sissy boy bands. Making fun of boy bands is like beating a dead horse. Everyone with an average IQ knows how bad they are.

    “There are also so many girls who don’t know the name of the D12 members and who are focused on Eminem only as a person, not as an artist.”

    See, he still has to talk about how “artists” like himself (yep, it still reflects back at him even though he’s rapping about boy bands) are looked at only as sex objects. He’s still referring to himself, everything revolves around him. He uses excess sexual references to the girl. It’s as if he’s just making up his fantasy. Totally unnecessary but that’s just Eminem’s “art.”

    He could have made a rap directly against boy bands. But no, he wants to be the center attention and makes references to himself.

    He raps about his image all the time. An image that is very marketable because it’s “cool”. I could picture the little kids saying, “Eminem is so badass cuz he be dissin’ dem bands like N*Sync n’ shit”

    Again, I suggest you explore hip hop more. You will find that Eminem is only praised because there isn’t any other alternatives the general public know about yet.

    Here’s some you should check out:

    King Geedorah
    MF Doom
    Prefuse 73
    Monsta Island Czars

    If you could honestly say you’ve heard those rappers and still prefer Eminem, then your lvoe for Eminem is valid. But I find Eminem is just some sort of monopoly on rap. If people found out about the other indie rappers out there, Eminem would lose a lot of fans.

    Same thing is happening with Slipknot. So many people are discovering real Death metal bands, throwing Slipknot out of their CD collection as a result.

  16. I am very busy to give you a full detail response, Mr Pomposo.
    But still putting your props or thoughts in my mouth has nothing to do with freedom of speech. Freedom of speech has to do with expressing a point of view, but you seem to be very fast in judging me. But whatever…
    There is one thing, however, I don’t allow you to judge: I am a genuine Eminem fan and no other rapper is gonna change this. Eminem is not the only rapper I have been listening to. I have been listening to many other different rappers, and even some rappers Eminem despises such as MC Hammer and Eric Sermon. I have been listening to other underground rappers from the Detroit scene such as Uncle Ill, Backstab the Kingpin, Mc Hush etc…There are many other rappers such as Saul Williams and Chuck D that I do respect a lot.
    But the person who has actually changed my life in a tremendous and positive way is Eminem. I can relate to his songs. I have written a biography on him and i have been working on his lyrics for three years now. To me, Eminem is a lyrical genius. I do admire his work. I may check out the rappers you mentionned. But I will stay a true and genuine Eminem fan, simply because I know why I support Marshall Mathers.

  17. ok, some of his songs have a meaning and some are just for shock value. he does this to push the free speach to the limit, to bring awareness to certain issues, and to get people to react negatively to his music. he feeds on it, like popey with spinach. if you were to insult him in a magasine or on tv he’ll probably put it in one of his songs. he doesnt care if you hate him or like him, so why dont you guys just agree to disagree. You cant honestly say that some of his songs dont have a good message for people of different ages.

  18. I have issues with young kids listening to eminem. Other than that, i think he’s reasonably talented and he lives in a coutry that has no choice but to put up with him. To each his own. I hate to hear people talk about censoring him…freedom of speech and all that jazz.

  19. eminem is a fucking genius, isabelle is right. if you don’t like him something is wrong with you-youre ignorant, you judge people too easily, you’re close minded, you’re prejudiced, SOMETHING is wrong with you.

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