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How Benzino's worthless "war" against Eminem started

What should we think of a man who once praised Eminem as the best rapper and who changed his mind just to launch his career as an untalented MC with no skills ?

This is how Benzino expressed about Eminem a few years ago. Being asked if he thought Marshall Mathers was the best white MC ever, he answered :

« I would have to say yeah, no doubt. But cats like Jo Jo Pellegrino are kinda nice too. I like his lyrics, I’m not gonna front. »

And those are the words he stated when he changed his mind :

“We come from the same neighborhood and he ain’t got no street credibility. He ain’t no gangsta or soldier. He was in the basement practicing his skills while the real world was going on outside. He’s catching these bullshit cases. Smacking up John Guerra, the one who was kissing his wife, with an unloaded gun. In the song, Eminem’s saying that he’s 6’2″ and that ain’t the case. John Guerra is 5’4″ or 5’2″. What kind of tough guy are you?”

Eminem no street credibility ? That’s so funny coming from a fake gangsta wannabe such as Benzino. Eminem has been beaten up as a kid and shoot at when he was a teenager :

“I was walking home from my boy’s house, through the Bel-Air Shopping Center. All these black dudes rode by in a car, flippin’ me off. I flipped them off back, they drove away, and I didn’t think nothin’ of it. Evidently they parked the car. One dude came up, hit me in the face and knocked me down. Then he pulled out a gun. I ran right out my shoes, dog. I thought that’s what they wanted.”
In fact Eminem was wrong. Those guys didn’t want his shoes. Next day, the shoes had been left at the same place.

“That’s how I knew it was racial.”

Eminem was saved by a white guy who threatened those guys with a gun and drove him home.

Debbie recalls :

He came in wearing just his socks and underwear. They had taken his jogging suit off him, taken his boombox. They would have taken him out, too.”

He seems to forget that he used to live across 8 Mile and that life in the black neighborhood was much more than risky for a white man and his family.

Benzino ignited the war between him and Eminem by calling the talented rapper «Vanilla Ice 2003».
In a track called « Pull Your Skirt Up », he started dissing Eminem :

“Five shades darker, you’d be Canibus/ And no one would care about your complicated rhyme style/ … What you know about pumpin’ on the block ’til you freeze?/ What you know about cutting up rocks, duckin’ [detectives]?/ What you know about facing a grand jury indictment?/ As far as I’m concerned, you’re just industry excitement.”

Has Benzino suddenly become jealous of the best MC or did he need some publicity from the music industry ? Probably both. In his diss track he admits Eminem ‘s complicated rhyme style and he seems to be enraged, because -deep inside- he perfectly knows he will never be at Eminem’s level. It is laughable, Benzino has no skills, plus there are millions of annoying party rappers like him with the same style. The man lacks originality and has proven to be a perfect dumbass. But this wasn’t enough for Benzino who is so full of himself that he isn’t afraid at all of looking ridiculous in front of the world.

Benzino had no real arguments against Eminem, so he choose to attack him on his skin color and to says stupid things about Hailie. He said he intented to kill Marshall and to rape and kill Hailie( whose name he is unable to spell).
Eminem’s response to Benzino’s diss tracks were « I don’t wanna » and « Nail In The Coffin ». Both lyrics have been reunited in the well known « Nail In The Coffin song » where Eminem verbally kills Benzino. « The Sauce » is also another diss against the Source magazine.
Benzino aka Raymond Scott aka Raydog has also proven he’s phoney. When he met Obie Trice in PuertoRico, he shook his hands and congratulated him on « Rap Name ». Eminem is making fun of it in « Nail In The Coffin ».
Obie Trice talks about his encounter with Benzino :

« The thing with Benzino, I seen him in Puerto Rico and he gave it up to me because I made “Fat Tape” in The Source that month. It was a big thing for me, and I was excited, I grew up on that. So to see “Rap Name” on “Fat Tape” I thought it was dope, so I seen him in the lobby of the hotel and he shook my hand like, “Yeah, I got you! Dawg, you tight, nigga!” Ya know, he’s shaking my hand, looking me in the eyes telling me that stuff, but if I was a busta, he should have played me like one right then, face to face. So I only think there’s a few real cats out here man, that’s why I don’t be trying to meet these cats, I keep to myself, my family and my crew. These cats ain’t real. »

As 50 Cent said it so well, Benzino is trying to get some attention. He’s a bad rapper with no talent.

“The situation with Eminem and Benzino, and that’s not beef. That’s a person just trying to get attention, you know what I mean, ’cause they never had any altercations or any run-ins or anything. So I’m, like, ‘That’s corny.'”
“If he had a beef, I’d probably be in the middle of it–a real situation, you know what I mean–but that ain’t nothing.It’s obvious he’s taking the shot to try and get on, you know what I mean?”

You may not like Eminem and you have the right to. But you should be clever enough to see Benzino is trying to manipulate people’s minds against Eminem. His mic rating is also far from being honest. Check this article out :

Frankly, I wish more people could open their eyes about Raymond Scott and Dave Mays’ hypocrisy. I’m disappointed when people are telling me that Eminem is a racist and that he’s making money on black people’s back.
Unfortunately, Eminem has made a mistake in his past and dissed black women on a tape. It is not so much important to know if this tape is from 1988 or 1993. Matter of fact , it is older than a decade. When Eminem released it, he was even encouraged by Blacks to do it. He did it out of anger because he had dumped his black girlfriend. Believe me, if he was such a racist, he wouldn’t have dated a black woman at a time of high racial tensions in Detroit. Eminem regrets it and apologized. Now we seriously need to turn the page. The mistake is regrettable, but it doesn’t correspond to the way Marshall considers black people.
Eminem has helped people from different conditions and origins to access hip hop and his audience is universal. But we shouldn’t forget that his main audience was black when he began emceeing in Detroit. Anybody who focuses a real interest on Eminem will be brought back to his roots and -by extension- to black people.
I’m also getting tired of people telling me all the time : « just because Eminem hang out with a few Blacks doesn’t mean he’s not a racist ». No, people ! You are wrong ! Eminem grew up on the black side of Detroit. He used to live among Blacks and has shared so much with them. He’s been signed by a black producer. Now that he’s wealthy and famous, his best friends are still the same black men he used to rap with when he was underground. He never forgot his fellows from the D12 crew. And people signed to Shady/Aftermath are black. I have said it many times, but I consider that things need to be put perfectly clear : Eminem shows love and concern towards black people, he feels next to them and even wished he was born black. He has proven his love and concern in his interviews and songs.
Don’t believe what both big racists Dave Mays( who needs hip hop music to respect black people) and Benzino( who encouraged another white MC to use the N word) to destroy the career a talented MC struggled so hard for.

16 thoughts on “How Benzino's worthless "war" against Eminem started”

  1. yo this shit against em has got to stop if u don’t like him ur juss jealous cuz he is and always will be the illest rapper around

    fuck murder inc those fuckin pussies
    and fuck all u anti em ppl u suck

  2. I know. They do it out of jealousy, but Benzino also wants some publicity. He is such a bad rapper that he thinks his only way to go to the top is to attack Eminem. But the more noise he makes, the more ridiculous he looks.

    Eminem is and will always be the best rapper.

  3. Some strange feeling seized me when I read your comment, Isabelle.
    Does Isabelle’s post look strange here?
    No. So Isabelle, what is the point in your comment?
    There always has to be some point.
    Nothing personal tho.

  4. yo man ja and ben want some fame
    fack gangsta rappers with no name
    they juste pussies dont know how to play the game
    ja got beef with fifty and eminem
    ja got punched by 50 in his face
    got beaten by his own race
    ja u just want to be pac
    if i had the money i would get u shot
    then fuck yo mother crying in yo murder spot
    fuck murder inc motha fuckas hahahahah

  5. Yo,

    Leave my nigga em alone he said sum shit when he was a kid but its over!!! Benzino aint shit but a bitch!!!

    Benzino can not compare 2 the following

    – Eminem
    – Nas
    – DMX
    – Snoop Dogg
    – Canibus

  6. just remember one thing..if u worthy .. you worthy…

    its always boys vs men….its always masses vs the classes…its always a poster of ray and his dad vs the band…its always…

    the end..


  7. just remember one thing..if u worthy .. you worthy…

    its always boys vs men….its always masses vs the classes…its always a poster of ray and his dad vs the band…its always…

    the end..


  8. just remember one thing..if u worthy .. you worthy…

    its always boys vs men….its always masses vs the classes…its always a poster of ray and his dad vs the band…its always…

    the end..


  9. benzino aint nothin but a publicist trying to sell tha source through hood beef and what not he said i got that thing under the bed if you fuck with red ‘ so now hes blood ? he aint from calli and aint no g hes a fucking reporter who holds rappers nuts for a livin tryin to say he tried to murder paul pierce of tha celtics in that club oh so now hes a rapper/publicist/mafia/blood from cali no hes another wack buster fron beantown that dude aint mafia cz pierce would have got smoked and hiz name would never been brougt up thats gangsta!!!!! he aint scarface hes prince 5ft4 pussy reporter fraudulent and no mc emenem praises due.muder inc pussy simp duets with ashanti irv gotti italian wannabe ja rule kissin farrakans nuts lil bitch tryin to sound like loui armstrong. shot outs nas dmx killer priest still underated a true lyracist one frostyslim

  10. Benzino u just pist me of, u weak, and truly gets beaten when shit pulls of, i coff, he is screamin out for attention, turns against the white boy, but he turns back straight revengin, but mr ben, his magazine and his damn pen, wants to pretend, dat he has gangsta friends, but then, when em, em the white boy puts a end, to it, shit drops quick, cuz mr ben, isnt as fit, in hip hop, as he thinks he is, bitch you better stop, maybe try out a career doin pop, but for now, hide yo ass befor u get popped, out in a open street, u say u talk street only, ask me u are just phony, or probly just so lonley, in a freestyle, i can beat you me only, and im 15year old, fuck it, even i can see your skils, wich is nothin, only jealousy mixed with pills, u run away from your daily life with pills, ohh, must feel good thinkn your high up in some yellow hills, with flying elephant and shit, read it, ive marked it, put a spark to it, what u goin to do to me, send one of your newspaper crews on me, man im laughin, broadcastin, shit in your direction, while u sit in yo office, “special” section, gettin a erection, u wanna fuck but cant with yo infection, id stick my middle finger up, and point it at yo dirrection, whos da best bitch, put on a west bitch, befor u get shot in yo chest BITCH. Remy told you, aight, Remy the toysoldier. I got you lirucly, im spittin on u G, fuck u, get yo old ass to another place, nobody likes you, fuck it, i dont like u,

  11. em is a great rapper it is petty for benzino to attempt to get fame, he needs to get talent first before he stabs at someone, no one can fuck wit em right now, it was probably the dumbest move, 50, em, or jay-z are the people you cant lyrically touch at the moment so why try?

  12. My comment goes out to Benzino fans and afg soldier first off i would like to say to afg soldier ur just acting just like benzino when u said that u think ja rule was dead and that u would fuck his mom at his murder spot while she’s crying ur a sicko. Secondly if u don’t like nobody that doesn’t mean that u wish death on that person I don’t like Benzino i think he suck as and artist who’s trying to beef with other artist to get fame that is not the way to go that doesn’t mean i wish he died in a car cfrash now does it.

    P.S To all the Benzino fans out there u guys are getting fooled in to wasting ur money on garbage u should be spending ur money on good rap artist like
    Ja Rule
    Nate Dogg
    Master P.
    RUN DMC(R.I.P Jam Master J)
    50 Cent & G-Unit Team
    Left Eye (R.I.P)
    Warren G.
    Snoop Dogg &
    Bow Wow(and anybody I forget im sorry) cause frankly as u can see i didn’t put anybody like Benzino in my list so who ever likes him can go suck his dick

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