Eminem vs Esham

Esham is a Detroit acid rap artist. He is also known as « Esham the Unholy ».

The whole beef started when Eminem mentioned acid rap in his « Slim Shady LP ».

In the « Kill You » track from the Marshall Mathers LP, he says : « I don’t acid rap, I rap on acid … »
Esham pretends to have the same content than Eminem in his lyrics :

It’s a fucking major struggle, when the same lyrical content that Eminem has is the same lyrical content that I have. But at the same time, they won’t put me up on MTV saying that shit. It’s just different rules. We’re all playing on different sides of the fence.”
Esham accuses Eminem of stealing his style. Eminem was influenced by Esham, but whatever Esham may say, both artists sound completely different.
In his « Still Don’t Give A Fuck » lyrics, Eminem claims : « I’m a cross between Manson, Esham and Ozzy ».

On the 2001 Warped Tour, a struggle between Esham his NATAs member T.N.T and the D12 members (except for Eminem who wasn’t involved because he didn’t participate to the tour) happened that lead to Esham’s hospitalization. Esham accuses Eminem of programming and anticipating his murder.
Road manager Brian Curran witnessed the scene :

« I was walking toward the area where all of the buses were parked, and saw them [Esham and T.N.T,] walking by the guard rails that surround the buses. Then I see this blue bus which later I was told was D-12’s, drive by them bust a u-turn and then 30 or 40 guys piled out of the bus and started to beat on Esham and T.N.T. »

D12 member Proof has admitted being involved :

“…at the show in Philly. I hoped off [our bus] and D12 followed and we whooped him and TNT ass”

Esham dissed the D12 group on his album. He insisted on how much the D12 were scared of him (why should they ?). In his song « Chemical Imbalance » he disses Hailie badly : “I wont get on MTV cuz I beat up Carson Daily, remind Eminem of D’Angelo Bailey, Hailie’s in a coma, Hailie’s in a coma I smell the aroma of a dead body killa.” Esham also calls « D12 » « Dick 12 ».

Most of Eminem’s enemies don’t seem to have serious arguments against the talented MC and Hailie seems to be their main target. They calculate the effect created by their diss on Hailie in advance in order to get a mad answer from Marshall. Personal attacks are meant to weaken him (anybody who would attack my kids that way would certainly affect me). But even if it may affect Marshall and get on his nerves, they seem to forget that they have to do with the best battle MC !

Eminem’s enemies also lack originality most of the time. Their attacks on the talented rapper appear to be publicity stunts. They more they talk about Eminem, the more they are talked about.

The D12 member Swifty MC Vay expressed on Esham in an interview given to « Live Daily » :

« Esham is doing that to get money.this is my opinion. Esham been out, as far as I know, since 1991.He dropped over 10 albums already and they did nothing for nobody, except for [Esham’s side project] NATAS. I can’t knock him for bringing his boys out. But he does nothing for nobody. Now Eminem took the world by storm and I’m not saying this just to be arrogant. Esham’s in the same city.He’s dissing (Eminem’s) daughter, he’s dissing his ex-wife. He’s dissing Eminem for no reason except to make us talk about him again.…It’s a publicity stunt. …Eminem doesn’t even know him.He doesn’t have any kind of excursion with him. They never hung out. They never exchanged money. He never borrowed any money. It seems to me that he is doing this so we can talk about him back, just so the crowd can see what Esham is gonna say about us. »

Maybe Eminem has found some inspiration in Esham’s style, but Esham has never been his one and only source of inspiration. Eminem’s musical influences are various and numerous, you can find them in Ice T’s music as well as in the Beastie Boys, NWA or LLCool J and many others.
Many artists like Esham or Cage have accused Eminem of copying their style. Matter of fact : those artists are still underground and unknown by many people. If their art was that great, why didn’t they emerge from their « underground status » ?

Eminem has nothing to prove in that way. Even if some artists’ style has been a source of inspiration to Marshall Mathers, he has fully proven to be an original artist with a lot of imagination and a sophisticated rhyming style.

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  1. My opinion is that Esham never went platinum because every person I know that’s listened to Esham overlooks and is blinded by his rhymes. If you really sit-down and listen to what he says then you’ll understand. When he says KILL THE FETUS, people take it the wrong way, if your parents did nothing except shoot up heroin, smoke crack, whatever type of terrible drug, what type of future is that for you. You’re most likely to grow up the same way. Esham is a reality rapper, which people don’t like TO HEAR THE TRUTH about the world today. They like fantasy rap, all bullshit.
    Esham has more styles and beats then china has people. And that’s why he is leading in the most ALBUMS ever released by a solo ARTIST.
    AND Whose the best

  2. Funny. I just wrote an article about Esham vs Eminem. Unlike this guy, I never misquoted anyone or put false information in my article. Eminem never sold anything until he stole the gimmicks and content from local Detroit rappers and used it for his Slim Shady persona. The whole suicide thing is Esham’s (“Hi kids! Do you like violence etc” werely mimmicks the song “13 Ways” among others). Esham made various less-than-postive songs about and to his mother on “Mama was a Junkie” and “One Day”.
    Bottom line: Eminem’s white.

  3. well isabelle isling. you have alot of false information in that “interview”/post you made. since you are an outsider, you dont know what really happened and what led up to the fight at the vans warped tour. you dont know what really went on before the beef and during the beef. you dont know what your talking about. youre only getting a piece of the pie. but since you dont know what truely went on, you only se that small piece, you dont see the whole picture. you only see what you have heard. and thats whats wrong with alot of juornalists these days. they only go by hear say, and not the truth.


  5. Look all ive been checkin out Esham for over 10 years now and to see some of these rappers out there repeating a style that Esham has already done to me shows that he is more known than most give him credit and most of the beef between any rappers r for publicity stunts ONLY as for Eminem so he is white and prolly most of you that have wrote the comments above are also to see what Eminem has accomplished has opened the door for other white rappers to emerge without being looked at like a joke *cough* Vanilla Ice *cough* so for that I give Eminem respect he has done something that very little have been able to do but on the defense of Esham Eminem needs to give credit where credit is due Esham is prolly the biggest inspiration of his style we all know this so why get upset at a person that is prolly on the Shady/Aftermath payroll for makin Esham look bad pffftt we all the know that to copy isnt original so allow Esham to flourish into the rapper he has become and let Eminem follow

  6. Esham and eminem need to give it up and tell the truth. Esham started the style eminem and others followed, look at icp and twizted,but they kool with Esham and look there whit

  7. Esham has affected every rapper comin out detriot in one way or another. He also has made detriot famous for rap..and when it comes to “eminem openin the doorway for white rappers”…wut the fuck happend to jamie madrox ,monoxide child, Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Anybody Killa, Blaze Ya DEad Homie, Q-Strange..what im sayin is before people go and say eminem is the shit!..get the facts.their are plenty of rappers out there that are white and are makin mad money..but a group of people still don’t kno about them yet 😛

  8. Esham has affected mostly every rapper comin out of detriot in one way or another..look at eminem..have you all wondered how eminem would be without esham..
    as for the “eminem opening the doorway for other white rappers”…wut the fuck happend Violent J ,Shaggy 2 Dope, Jamie MAdrox ,Monoxide Child , AnyBody Killa ,Blaze Ya Dead homie..their white and they make mad money..but these eminem fans hea they say that shits dumb..it’s just a bunch of white people tryin to rap…WUT THE FUCK IS EMINEM THEN..did he turn purple or some shit!.. IF you want real mainstream rappers listen to tupac or notorious BIG..why is eminem so great?

  9. Esham has affected mostly every rapper comin out of detriot in one way or another..look at eminem..have you all wondered how eminem would be without esham..
    as for the “eminem opening the doorway for other white rappers”…wut the fuck happend Violent J ,Shaggy 2 Dope, Jamie MAdrox ,Monoxide Child , AnyBody Killa ,Blaze Ya Dead homie..their white and they make mad money..but these eminem fans hea they say that shits dumb..it’s just a bunch of white people tryin to rap…WUT THE FUCK IS EMINEM THEN..did he turn purple or some shit!.. IF you want real mainstream rappers listen to tupac or notorious BIG..why is eminem so great?

  10. Look I totally see what all of you are saying and to be frank i don’t think any of us know the truth. Who bit who’s style, “oh he nicked my name, oh he did this oh he did that” Well to be honest who gives a fuck. I mean to be frank what one rapper says another one denies were never gonna know the truth, so with that in mind why don’t we just appreciate who is making good music and if people like someone let them like them its not affecting you in any way or forcing you to liek that artist.

  11. First off, your whole analysis of the situation is one sided. You barely show significance of Esham and you overly stress how ‘talented’ and ‘original’ Eminem is. Eminem is a great emcee non the less, his rhyme structure is definitely different than Esham’s. However, They have quite similar content in their music. There is no denying that. Esham isn’t as successful as Eminem not because he is not talented, but because he originally wanted to do it on his own. He is very successful at that, he is a millionaire. It seems like the media has a grudge against him. After all you can turn on MTV and see Marilyn Manson on a crucifix or hear Eminem rapping about raping his mom. They have shock music, but why don’t they play Esham? Because they won’t play someone from the underground unless they are backed by a successful mainstream artist.

    You can’t say Esham isn’t a good artist, he was named ” Number One Most Slept On Artist” in the Source magazine. To be named number one means he has great music, but too many people pass it up. Most of the best talent in music is in the underground. Take a listen to some underground hip hop, you may be listening to the future of hip hop.

  12. This is Hip Hop you guys. Thw fact is that it doesn’t matter if Em was influenced by Esham because every artist is taking something from the next nigga. LL did it to Kane and Moe Dee. Jay-Z did it to Jaz O. But even when you do take a lil from the guy before you, you always put your own work in. Eminem would still be hot without Esham because Em was also influenced by other dudes who are nicer on the mic then Esham, like LL Cool J and Ra. Yea ICP was doin it before Em, but what seperates them from Em on the mic is that Em has deeprer subject matter. I can remember listenin to the Slim Shady LP and reall feelin his shit because wqhen you sit down, a real hard body muthafucka can feel his shit, like Biggie and Tupac and Grandmaster Flash. Esham has never kicked no real, insightful shit without lacing it with acid rhymes and bullshit beats.

  13. In my opinion, these juggalos should shut the fuck up and realize if Eminem and Esham did an actually rap battle. Eminem > Esham hands down. Shut the fuck up, idiot Juggasheeps.

  14. Dig this here. If anything Em owes Esham. If you think about it, Esham was one of the one who opened the door for ALL of the rappers from Detroit. In this music that has a short attention span, how many muthafuckas do have you heard of that dropped as many joints as Esham? Hell not even Em’s pimp…uh I mean butt buddy…SHIT! uh I mean producer Dr. Dre ain’t even did that.


  16. Esham is a legend, but nowadays he more concerned about dissin eminem than kickin acid rap.but the beef peeked when d12 and entourage jumped esham, and then esham and some mexicans jumped obie trice and proof on sunset blvd. during the taping of “without me”.any one know about the “esham vs. eminem :the mixtape”?they talkin about it at acidrap.com, and the tracklisting is in the thread.this chronicles the beef, which is now long dead.eminem has gotten alot of game from icp and esham, but most ppl won’t admit that.

  17. Esham has been doing acid rap forever now, yeah he is underground, but hes on psychopathic records. the whole fuckin record label is underground. they dont want the mainstream shit like eminem. hes just a bitch and has his crew to fuck up people he don’t like. a lot of eshams lyrics have been inspiration from not liking eminem, and lots of music from em is from esham. their hate is helping eachother. its 2 sided, and u cant just take eminem’s side. u gotta look at both ends. eminem has been starting shit with most people in detroit, motherfucker he dont even know. hes afraid of competition, and is just acting like a bitch

  18. I agree that this article is one-sided; the only quotes you included were from Esham’s opposition. Eminem grew up in Warren, Michigan, not Detroit. Yes, the single Debbie Mathers put out was an obvious publicity stunt, but the same cannot be said for Esham and the other Psychopathic artists. Eminem was the first to diss Esham and Psychopathic, not the other way around. In doing that, Eminem showed that he doesn’t care about quality music, but only about defending his crown as MTV’s poster boy.

  19. Wtf?! Who the fuck is esham??? Im an ignorant,arrogant bastrad and no i have’nt heard this esham’s music and i dont give a fuck that i have’nt ill judge him despite not knowning what hes all about.But im glad to hear that proof,bizzare and REAl talent rappers whipped that pussys ass.Its nothing to be proud of to go around dissing someone thats rapping talent exceeds yours,then when they dont diss you back you attack their daughter.Eminem does’nt need to fight his own fights,he has friends,back-ups and acquaintances’ thats because people respect his talent and will do whatever they feel necessary to show their loyalty to him.Where-as groups such as icp and this pull-through esham talk about fighting and challenge eminem to fights,but when ths push comes to shove (as in the case relating to esham thinking he has enough talent to face eminem to a feud) they back out and take beatings like the bitches they are,it does’nt matter how many people helped d-12 bash esham,that little mouthing off scum should be prepared to take a beating anytime (or can that bitch only talk the talk not walk the walk???) if your going to verbally assualt eminem and the most talented rappers in the music industry be prepared to be embarrassed by the best not only verbally but also in a violent way.And if old icp are so tough with all their wrestling franchises etc then why dotn they just go fight???!!!…..hmmmmm scared???

    If this esham was the founder of this so-called “acid” rap then he should’ve realeased all that shit world wide…or could’nt poor old under-funded psychopathic records afford to???? lol hahaha.Bitches understand messing with eminem and the aftermath crew is a mistake,so dont undertake it.

  20. steups!!! Who the hell is esham?? I did NOT get that memo but he must be an asshole t go up against Eminem

  21. Wow, you’ve done enough dissing on Eminem for the both of us. Aren’t you trying do defend him? Even so, you’re an idiot. Let me show you just how much of an idiot:

    shady: “Wtf?! Who the fuck is esham??? Im an ignorant,arrogant bastrad and no i have’nt heard this esham’s music and i dont give a fuck that i have’nt ill judge him despite not knowning what hes all about.”

    Yes, you are an ignorant bastard. Yes, you are prejudicial. But, so are most Feminem fans. You’ve proven my point knowingly or unknowingly by dissing Feminem and/or Femi-Fans. That’s diss number one.

    shady: “But im glad to hear that proof,bizzare and REAl talent rappers whipped that pussys ass.”

    So you’re implying that Esham has no talent. Talent is a subjective matter – very opinionated. If he was truely talentless, however, then where did his platinum albums come from? Also, if you think that 30 on 2 is cool, then you are a low-life, too, just like your heros.

    shady: “Its nothing to be proud of to go around dissing someone thats rapping talent exceeds yours,then when they dont diss you back you attack their daughter.”

    Esham was dissed first. Fem’s daughter wasn’t “attacked.” Esham’s style is pretty brutal, and if your pussy is going to hurt, maybe you should go back to your mom’s house and hide.

    shady: “Eminem does’nt need to fight his own fights,he has friends,back-ups and acquaintances’ thats because people respect his talent and will do whatever they feel necessary to show their loyalty to him.”

    Diss 2. Thank you. You have stated Feminem’s bitch tactics, and that he’s nothing more than a bitch. He ain’t no thug. You’ve been decieved, and you are to be pitied more than you will ever realize.

    shady: “Where-as groups such as icp and this pull-through esham talk about fighting and challenge eminem to fights,but when ths push comes to shove (as in the case relating to esham thinking he has enough talent to face eminem to a feud) they back out and take beatings like the bitches they are,”

    So, Esham disses Eminem, and so Fem’s cronies jump him 30 on 2? Yeah, that’s fucking tough. :rolls eyes:

    shady: “it does’nt matter how many people helped d-12 bash esham,that little mouthing off scum should be prepared to take a beating anytime”

    Diss 3. Again, Eminem can’t fight his own battles. Also, your facts aren’t straight. Eminem started the dissing, Esham retaliated. If Fem can’t take the heat, he needs to stay the fuck away from the wicked shit and stay with the mainstream white suburbian wanksta fucks like yourself.

    shady: “(or can that bitch only talk the talk not walk the walk???)”

    This is kind of shady (no pun intended), but I will count this as diss 4. It’s hypocritical in its very nature, as Feminem is the one that this sentence can be referring to. I recall one of the members of ICP challenging Feminem to a boxing match. Feminem backed down. After Ja Rule threatened to kill his bitch ass, what did Feminem do? Hired six burly ex-CIA agent bodyguards.

    shady: “if your going to verbally assualt eminem and the most talented rappers in the music industry be prepared to be embarrassed by the best not only verbally but also in a violent way.”

    Yeah. Be prepared to get sued.

    shady: “And if old icp are so tough with all their wrestling franchises etc then why dotn they just go fight???!!!…..hmmmmm scared???”

    Again, ICP challenged Eminem to a fight, and he backed down.

    shady: “If this esham was the founder of this so-called “acid” rap then he should’ve realeased all that shit world wide…or could’nt poor old under-funded psychopathic records afford to????”

    Get your facts straight. Esham has only recently joined Psychopathic Records. He and his brother, James, formed their own record lable when Esham was only 13 years old. Esham did, in fact, bring it worldwide, but the reason you never heard of it is because you are trapped within the confines of MTV and what they consider cool. Esham promoted without MTV and little radio play. He doesn’t make any money for the mainstream, so he doesn’t get played on their stations. It’s a simple concept, really.

    shady: “lol hahaha.”

    Is this supposed to give you more credibility, or something?

    shady: “Bitches understand messing with eminem and the aftermath crew is a mistake,so dont undertake it.”

    I’ve been doing it for years, and nothing has happened to me. And nothing will.

    mafiapricess: “steups!!!”

    English? Do you speak it?

    mafiapricess: “Who the hell is esham??”

    You would know if your head wasn’t stuck in your ass.

    mafiapricess: “I did NOT get that memo but he must be an asshole t go up against Eminem”

    So anyone that hates Eminem is an asshole? Figures you would generalize like that. You don’t even know me, and never will. But Fems like you are so ignorant, you would make your baseless assumptions regardless.

  22. Esham is the shit, no doubt, he spits real shit in a twisted kinda way, whit so many different styles, sometimes I think the dude has like 10 personalitys. As far as ryhmes go, Em is good no question, but Esham is madd crazy with his word play, Em’s vocabulary does not even compare to Eshams, nor does Em’s creativeness. I found out about Esham from listening to Em. I used to love Em, but since I heard Esham, man Em totally bit his writing style, and can’t doit as well as Esham. That’s my 2 cents

  23. Hold up now

    There are alot of people claming that Eminem bites in his rhymes. Cage, Chino XL, Pacewon (Outsiders) and Esham claims that eminem took their styles. So which one is it? Every rapper in the game today doesn’t have their own style and bit off of some rapper. Y’all act like his the only one doing this sort of thing. I think Eminem should thank Chino XL for his style. All these rappers are not tough neither. There are just really punks that run their mouths. Y’all act like all rapper are suppose to be a thug. Most rapper in the game pretend to be Gangsta anyway. Its become a talent to act tough for these rappers instead of actually back it up. So stop taking these weak and wack ass rapper serious on their words.

    Eminem just blends all these other rappers in the game to make his own style just like any other black or white rappers do today. Nobody in this rap game out now are not really creating anything new and after Krs-one Bigge and tupac no should even be considered a number one rapper. So get off Eminem’s dick. He may not be the best but I can say that he is better than half the rappers out here. The Source even gave him an award.

  24. The Source gave Esham an award too? But so what? Magazine’s opinions refelct solely the opinions of the writers, which are proded by the companies, which are led by the industry. Although I agree that Esham’s title as “Most slept on rapper” is true, I don’t care about a magazine’s opinion.

  25. Hmm.. Well ive read all this posting.. em fans and esham fans. and more em non fans.

    to me eminem is by far one of the best out there. excellent wordplay etc..

    esham ive only heard a few songs from him and heard about him through out the years. never knew till this posting that he was from detroit and had “beef” with em. ive actually got a few cd’s on order of esham just to see what the hype is about this guy.. Ive like what i heard.

    Im a huge underground fan but ive been out of music for some time and am slowly catchin up.

    I don’t know all the artist like you people do but im picky.

    I like binary star, k-otix, F.R.eeze, Loop Troop (yes to me i think of them as underground), eydea, latin kings, hmm been so long i don’t know the rest.. I guess outsidaz??

    Any way i believe what most you said that esham is original but lets face it ems on TV and esham is not (but known better in the underground as em wasn’t). They both making money, both have huge quanities of fans. i can honestly say that i liked when em was underground, royce, the infinity cd, songs with madd rapper, the old shit.

    only people i don’t like that em went against is Canibus.. the most pitiful raper ever.. like em says CAN-I-BITCH ohh can’t forget CAGE, JD- eh hes doin his thing (gay but..), benzino? fuck him, ja rule— WANNABE ..

    e-mail – shawnhpi@aol.com
    site- http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/rs43ssnitrocar/other.html

  26. this topic has less debate than icp vs. eminem.
    oh well. hatchetman up there is right. i’m a huge icp fan,but igots luv 4 all psycopathic artists. icp started the juggalo family.but igot more luv 4 esham than any other psycopathic artist ( actually just as much as icp )becuase,like hatchetman said,esham affected and influenced every detroit rapper.this DEFINATELY
    includes icp. lotsa clown luv.

  27. From isabel “Eminem was influenced by Esham, but whatever Esham may say, both artists sound completely different.”

    Well, thats because you idolize Eminem, so whoever says something bad about him, is automatically wrong.

    From isabel, “If their art was that great, why didn’t they emerge from their « underground status » ?”
    Because they didnt want to go on mainstream, then fade off 4 years later. And they didnt suck some penises….

    Quote from J “Our shit paid off, and we never get laid off, we never get played, so we never fade off”

    From isabel “Most of Eminem’s enemies don’t seem to have serious arguments against the talented MC”

    As with Eminem Vs ICP, notice how much of retarded arguements are there on the eminem fans part.

    “and Hailie seems to be their main target”

    Thats one song. And what about eminem with his obsesion on ICP, and anyone associating with ICP, is automatically gay.

    From isabel “They calculate the effect created by their diss on Hailie in advance in order to get a mad answer from Marshall”

    I beleive i read an artical on eminem, and he even said “i get more mad when they diss my family than me”

    I dont know alot about Esham tho.

  28. Listen to the song Gloczup from Esham, now you know why em aint said shit else on the matter.

  29. Em iz a bitch. He’s a nasty growth on Dre’s dick. Thats all he’ll ever be. He’s fucked himself over by fucking with the wicket shit of the underground. He’ll regret fucking with esham, Icp, all of Psychopathic and their Juggalo army. No, not all of us are full fledged thugs, I won’t front. But scrubs with nothing to lose are a force to be reckoned with.

  30. Quote from an Esham song:

    “There was no Hip Hop Shops or freestyle battles
    Just a city full of snakes that rattle”

    “I know its hard to believe
    That you’ve all been deceived
    It’s like a girl sayin’ her hair real but it’s a weave
    Feminem is her style, She-12 is her age
    She live across Eight Mile but still can get guaged”

    “We was bumpin’ Awesome Dre
    Representin’ Detroit way before you met Dr. Gay”

    And of course, from the aforementioned “Gloczup”:
    “This white boy named Eminem say he live like me
    Talk about he from Detroit, the east side like me
    Talk about he don’t spit acid rap but spit acid like me
    Bitch I’m a NIGGA and yous a HONKEY!”

  31. I am a huge eminem fan he is the shit and has millions of fanz around the world no matter what ne one says u can’t touch him, d12 is cool but over hyped, I reccently picked up esham the reptance, damn dude is raw as fuck!!! The cd also did respectalbe numbers on the billboard, he went on tour with bone and westside connection, and picked up a shit load of new fans, and is going back on tour with bone, and ol’ dirty bastard, bottom line I have a new favorite rapper, sorry easy-e, sorry jay, sorry dre, sorry shady, esham is the shit u all gotta pick up his shit if u don’t know him, http://www.eshamtheboggieman.com has 2 bad ass jams to listen to of his. ANd with the new icp cd coming out in a few weeks, and a new esham cd on the way, bet your ass that psychopathic records are going to make some noise this year, yeah i was never a big icp fan, but when they do rap(and not about killa toys or some shit) they r pretty descent. Esham has been a underground legend and made a lot of money and toured all over the place, but he is still young, about the same age as em or a year or two younger, and his time is just about here remember the name esham he is about to blow up

  32. he can deny it all he want to but the fact is…ESHAM IS eminem’s DADDY. he already treats his mom like shit so what do you expect?

  33. If Shadys on your wear Homey you should park it. Because your out there like that department store…TARGET

  34. Esham is the Wickettest Lyricist to have graced(cursed) rap. Styles and curses are all over his rhymes. For instance:

    “It’s the…inventa, the Wicket ICe Cold As the winter…”

    The man is shearly insightful and there are many secrets in his rhymes that have not been discovered yet. Esham is an entity, a being that is embodied in his words. The duality of his aura is anything but simplistic. He is the Lord of the Underground. The Black Devil. The Boogie Man. Bessed Be.

    M&M’s are sweet, bite-sized, pieces of candy… usually consumed by women and faggots.

  35. all the shit between eminem and icp started over a concert flier for eminem’s show at st. andrews hall in detroit before em got his dick dea.. i mean record deal because it said that esham and icp might be there, because at this time icp and esham where really the kings of detroit. although he had never met icp or esham he thought he could get people to come to his show if he said the biggest local acts would be there. he messed up though because he happened to give one of those fliers to violent j ( the first time they met)and psychopathics new man myzery i dont know if thats where things started with esham or not but the detroit music tree goes like this awesome dre influenced esham, awesome dre and esham influenced icp, esham and icp influenced eminem and eminem isnt influencing anyone because he is the bottom rung of the influential step ladder. and if eminem would have been black, even with his skills he would be a bum picking up faygo bottles and cans outside of state theatre every halloween night while icp is doing a show to a packed house of the most dedicated and hardcore fans in the world. could you wear an icp shirt to an eminem concert, sure why not? could you wear an eminem shirt to an icp concert hell no unless you have a death wish!

  36. To proof:

    If you mean Esham, why did you say ICP, then?

    You Femi-fucks are some dumb motherfuckers, let me tell you!

    It’s the wicked shit, it’s E and J, it’s hotter ‘en Hell
    And every Devil’s Night we hunt ’em down and slaughter D-12!

    I bet 90% of you people don’t even know what a Mile Road is. I get that 90% figure from the fact that about that many didn’t even know that there was a 7 Mile Road. It’s because you ignorant Shady Fucks don’t know shit. Open your damn eyes for once, because you purport to know so much, yet you don’t even know simple facts that 8 Mile Road isn’t the only Mile Road in Detroit.

    Fuck Proof, every Halloween I dress up like a Bag Lady
    Then I ride around with my 380 looking for Shady
    If I catch him at the Shelter I’m pulling his file
    Chop his head off and bury his body across 8 Mile

    Bottom line, y’all wouldn’t know the Hatchet if it swung upside your collective heads. SO FUCK OFF!!


  37. yo this juggalo lee, i’ve been quiet 4 2 long, dam, i ain’t been her since 4ever, newayz, fuck eminem, esham has influenced evry rapper outta detroit, and yes that includes evrybody at psycopathic!! i still say eminem is bull shit. mmfcl

  38. dead bodys dead bodys all over tha street 55,65 bodys at least,i hang wit th stiffs tll the break of dawn,im always fnding bodys when im mowing the lawn. drag’m in the house throw em in th oven,wicked clown lov’n that dead body grub’n.taste like chicken finger lick’n deap fried, i ate a dead body ,but dont tell i lied. i had my first dead body just lat week….

  39. to brad: you know theres always smart asses out there like u

    who needs to get there ass beat’n ghetto style

  40. fuck off femiclone, brad has been here way before i was ever here, and he’s been here wile i was gone, that’s been a long time. he’s still backin’ what he sais. any ways eminem is gay. here’s evidence he did a song with ..ELTON JHON!!!!!!!!! and all you femi clones said icp was gay, well there ya go.

  41. YO!
    FUCK SLIM ANUS!!!!!!!!!!


  43. i ain’t been here for about a month, o well esham’s music is awsome, especially morty’s theme, and esham is so legendary you’ve never heard of him, he’s way underappreciated, he seems to have fallen off the map, but juggalo’s and his hardcore die-hard fans know better. femi-clones die with hatchets in their backs, juggalo’s die with hatchets in hand, wups my bad, we don’t die mutha fucka!!!

  44. everyone is yapping about eminem stealing this eshams style n ryhmes, if eshams style is so good and so similar to eminems why int he doing well? i take a intrest in rap and i know about rappers with smallers reps, but most of the people in the u.k dont and they havnt herd of esham at all so how can eminem be so similar if eminem is one of the most well known rappers in the world and esham is one of the least well known, the fact is eminem does it better, hes a better rapper, so wot if he stole a few lines n jokes, u tellin me no1 in the rap industry copies each other? no1 uses other styles? yeh i thort so, n the people who keep say “yeh but hes white” please shut up its pathetic, peace out

  45. Wow, first of all eminem recieved shit when he posted a poster saying that his concert may have guest appearances by members from psychopathic records (ICP, Blaze, Esham) thats how he earned his beef with ICP. Plus the fact that Violent J never had another mc to get him in the rap business, eminem did and so did kid rock. If you read “Behind the Paint” by Violent J, its a very well detailed book talking about why ICP and psychopathic records are not in the mainstream media, simply because they are too hardcore, eminem crafts his songs just right so he can get publicity. With psychopathic records and I quote Jamie Madrox “freekshit, it ain’t about being rich, its about juggalos and running with lunatics.” If you like eminem your just a fan, if you like a band from psychopathic records your a juggalo, to be a juggalo or juggalette is like being in a family. NO matter what, if I ask someone if they’re a juggalo or juggalette we can instantly get along with eachother!

  46. FIRST off the hole fuckin thing that eminem does is a publicity stunt ever since he began rappin hes come outta no were dissin ppl everyone just so he can get some media spotlight no doubt em is a talanted rapper but esham is 10x better the hell ever be eminem will fade of in a few years and wont be around half the time esham has thats all i got to say

  47. Obviously, this feud between Esham and Eminem is not a publicity stunt, neither of them have the need to attract larger crowds. Eminem is already famous, thanks to him stealing Esham’s rhymes also thanks to the industry that signed him after getting 2nd place in a freestyle contest even though it should’ve been the 1st place winner. The industy needed a white rapper to attract white fans. There are numerous songs of Eminem’s that are very similar to Esham’s previous albums. Also, I must state that when Eminem first started rapping he tried to act like other rappers from Detroit such as the Insane Clown Posse and Esham. Eminem tried to rap Horrorcore and tried to claim skitsofrenia and multiple personalities. In my personal opinion I believe that Esham is the Godfather of The Wicked Shit starting at the age of 14 and been rocking the mic ever since. If you have ever listened to his rhymes you’ll know that he is a true genious always speaking the truth through his lyrics. Unlike Eminem going from acting Horrorcore to Acid Rap to Gangster what’s next for our white rapper, Gothic? Is he gonna steal Green Day’s lyrics. Botton Line, Esham real Eminem fake.

  48. Who ever made this website obviously doesn’t know what the fuck he “or she” is talking about. They are probably a big fan of “Feminem” as we, in the not gay crowd, like to call them a femi-fan. Also homosexuals cannot legally get married in America…So hahaha in your fucking faces you homosexual eminem queers. I remind you all Eminem has shown much prejiduce against homosexuals as well. This has raised numerous questions considering Eminem is a homosexual himself, or “herself”. Either way, guy or girl, he still likes men all the same. If anyone of you reading this hasn’t noticed yet, I am not even talking about the topic of discussion, but that still doesn’t change the fact that Esham is indeed the “The shit”…not a shit…not a peice of shit(like Eminem)…not the shitty shit piece fuck shit a shit piece shit shitty while listening to an Eminem song but “The Shit”. So I and many others have come to the conclusion that eminem being as gay as he is started all the disagreement between the two “artists”(if anyone really considers slim faggot’s music art) and any of you faggot ass homosexual Eminem fans who disagree with me, I humbley challenge you to bring it on. Portsmouth, Ohio ,2920 North Hill Road. I’ll be waiting

  49. You know wut PROOF you think you are all hard and shit. how about u come fuck wit the juggalos and see wut the fuck will happen. sayin fuck icp. FUCK U you are just a lil bitch that needs be slaped. ESHAM is the shit. SO IS ICP AND TWIZTID ABK BLAZE ALL THEM. PROOF U JUST NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP. ESHAM WILL always be better them “em”. JUGGALOS FOR LIFE!!!!!

  50. feminem fans are just fans. ICP fans aren’t just fans we are family. they are called juggalos and if “em” wants to diss us he suck a dick. i hope he dies. for the people who say that ICP isn’t famous and never herd of them is becuase they are to hardcore for u lil pussy ass bitches. Its underground records. label that runs benthe the streets. all yall feminem fans are just lil pussys and can’t handle the FREEKSHIT psyshopathic brings! Juggalos fo lyfe! fuck em and all his “fans”

  51. Axe Murderers, we don’t die
    Serial Killas, we don’t die
    Freeks of the Night, we don’t die
    We get high, we don’t die

    Uh huh, we unreal
    Just like a seven dollar bill
    Voice my opinion regardless on how you feel
    Freek shit
    It ain’t about being rich
    It’s about juggalos and runnin’ with lunatics
    As long as y’all rock this we won’t quit
    We do it all for y’all, I mean that shit
    Everyone of y’all means everything to me
    We breathe for y’all, that’s why we call it the family
    -Jamie Madrox

  52. yo motha fuckas this is the rap king from detroit motha fuckas i knew em and esham and i know what happened when it happened and why it happened all you fuckas read it on the internet or saw it on tv bitches but i’m the playa pimp that was on da streets chillin in da hood i’m still underground but atleast i got respect in da crib i know what goes down and when it goes down so get fucked all you bitches

  53. Underground life is hard too hard for you bitches and i’m especially talkin to hachet who thinks he’s hot shit!!!

  54. First of all, Esham has been around for YEARS. Infinite (old Eminem) sounds exactly like it.

    Second, you mis-quoted some lyrics. Adding whackness to rhymes to prove your case is stupid.

    Third of all, it’s “She 12,” not “Dick 12”. Where do you get this shit?

    You’re a moron. The only thing worse than a diss artist is his fanboys.

  55. dude thats that biggest bullshit ever. d12 is eminems side project. d12 kicked the fuck out of esham and almosted ended his life and his career in music. So im sure eminem had something to do with it. And of course esham and tnt got their asses kicked i mean come on 30-40 people. Proof and d12 shouldnt be proud of that anyone would get there ass kicked.And esham shouldnt come up out of the underground scene because thats his style and is not in it for the money or fame just because thats what he loves doing.

    HEY what about pussy ass eminem pulling a gun on icp and their crew and saying they arre the pussies and ran away. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT. FUCK EMINEM. I RUN WITH THE MOTHER FUCING HATCHET

  56. i swear man eminem a lil’ pussy ass nigga frum warren that hoe ass nigga aint from “THE D” but my nigga esham is though skittle i mean eminem weak ass frum da sububs (warren)i went 2 one of she 12’s shows and i think i was the only black mutha fucka there cuz it didnt look like a rap concert it looked like a ma’ fuckin Ku Klux Klan Get Together (f)eminem aint shit but a nigger love-a anyway ol pussy ass nigga couldnt come down to chi town and talk shit 2 no juggaloz round here well kill white ol white boy d12 could never fuck with the wicked shit cus d12 iz the village people a rap n e way
    a right yall mcl nigga

  57. p.s. i waz gettin heated readin some of this shit makes me wanna get all my juggalo homiez and blast up tha next eminem concert……….man i hate that white boy and them uncle tom niggas d12….g unit iz the shit though cus they never had a dispute with The Pshchopathic Family(My Family)

  58. I think Esham is like TUPAC exsept that E’s MIDWEST GANGSTA and PAC was west coast.And we all know how the west coast be.Esham is the pac of the midwest.AND NATAS is the The N.W.A of the MIdwest.I herd his shit when I was 10 and I’m 24 now and it just keeps gettin better and better.I herd MASTAMINDS street value and it made me MISS NATAS.MASTAMIND IS MY FAVORITE but ESHAM AND TNT will always be superiour to all other rappers.They keep it locked down and still have it locked and for anyone to Even think that EMMILIE got TRUE STREET RECEDNITION IS A LIER.TUPAC WAS GOING TO SINGH WITH R.L.P. BUT MONEY MAKES THAT WATER BUBBLE.So DEATH ROW GOT 2 PAC.It dont matter because they are all leggons in the game.Even EMMILE,BUT she got it by saleing out with the OG WICKETSHIT styls because he knew it was HOT LIKE HELL and her pussie ass rap wasnt going to cut it so he swalloed dick and spit someone eslses ASID.I hope to hear A knew NATAS ALBUM OUT soon and I cant wait to hear A1 YOLA.AND To TNT I hope to see a SOLO out one day.OH YEA KILLAS DONT TALK BITCH.And thats all SHE 12 AND EMMILE ARE IS TALK.YEA It took All them WIGGAS to take E and T for that moment but I promise yall that they wont walk around the streets because they know its a slug from a 45 is whats waiting for them.I remember meeting ESHAM,he was telling some cat to keep that wicket shit alive and I told him”na E you keep that wicket shit alive and will for ever stroll to that shit.”And E said”for sure.”And shook my hand.I knew that what I said will stick with him forever and that hand shake will stay with me.And To all the DAY ONERS “the wicket shits is ours!”PHYCOPATIC stayed true to the creators and for that they are G-LIKE.So hurrie up and get NATAS BACK OUT THEIR BECAUSE WE MISS THAT SHIT!And fuck all the beef because we all know the slim chatty show is for hoes.NATAS 4 EVER.AND I’M OUT. Mr.HATEDON AKA 4PLAY/WICKED ROYALTY is WHO I BE.AND WHAT?

  59. Esham is a fuckin fag its not eminems fult that Esham cant rap and Eminem could so shut the fuck up u hatas.

    ps.u fag stop hatan on eminem cous hes a playa all u fags r playa hatas fag ass mother fuckers cuz if i see anether comment about eminem ill kick your mothin fuckin ass bitchs and dont worry eminem thes people r fags its ight eminem.

    ps.dont fuck wit eminem or ill fuckin get my click on your faget ass mother fuckers and eminem is my favorite rapper so dont fuck wit him ight.

  60. ay dis is vic i got a rap here it ight.EMINEM G be off the chain like a rottweiler
    Spit flame I cock lava, became the bass baller
    Sip ‘pagne in the drop troller
    Give game to shot callers
    Who bring the spot prouder
    Campaigne, off course they gonna holler
    bandana’ed up and tatted out
    Bling blingin, neck, wrist and mouth platted out
    Lavish out drop tunes, livin but sav it up
    Send a package out till they strike a batter out
    If you aint got 2 or 3 TV’s and DVD’s dont even ride your b****
    If you aint sittin on 20’s, go and buy some s***
    When we ride and make you handcuff and hide your stuf
    When your under arrest cause all over
    And under her dress she run to her ex
    Puttin hickeys all over her neck
    She bought me a Lex
    Playboy, its all on a b****.

  61. all i have to say is they need a fucking spell checker in here becouse these dumb 12 year old Feminem fans are trying way to hard to be “Thugged out”… I run with the mother fucking hatchet…….Esham beats Fem on everything hands down…………MMFWCL……..As my name says i come for all Feminem fans

  62. all you fem fans are stupid. Esham wil beat fem at any rap anything and all you stupid fuckin Feminem fans you all are fuckinstupid for listening to some wanabe rapper that sucks and cant rap for shit.and to the person that said “o i got your back em”ya your ignorant man you think you actually matter to that fuckin faget hahahahahahahahahahaha your funny.stupid ass well fuck this site and all you feminem fans that think your hard asses .mfcl hos

  63. fucking hell why are all eminems fans like in primary school. She-12 sucks and slim anus is gay. Esham is wicked! so all you fans of talentless rappers listen to your kindergarden music (eminem), eminem, eminem the world has had enough sounding like a 12 year old girl on helium!


  65. ok im here too finally tell why eminem is doin well tahts becasue eminem signed to dre and what u did think esham had a chance to be mainstreamm the truth is as i was watching a icp dvd called halls of illusion tehy had bakgrounds bout thier artsit and when tehy got to esham he bascially stated he never wanted to be big and famous becasue it would kill his style as bein reincarnated and he sticks to his fans and he dosnet wanna kill his style off by goin mainstream so he always stayed underground but if u think meinem is ne richer then esham check ur self esham could buy half the label out rite now qith 10 cds and one comin out in the summer tahst more buks rite there oo and pne more thing obie trice and esham are best firends tahst why in a song where he disses emnem he states and i quote “i got a blonde fag trying to take my style/ he claims hes form 8 mile/he aint shit but a bitch ass wigga/ no matter hwat happens dog obie ure always be my nigga so tehre u go folkjs now u no why obie got signed by em too get him against esham but it didnt work because in a new song with game called from the hood he spits no matter what em is my boy cuz we all from detroit and even tho he my boss and he fitin with my dog/esham i got u b/so cheers/and second rounds on me/ so tehres many sides to dis story but u no how battles go and so far to me esham has won the battle and the war

  66. Esham spits the wickedest sickest and best shit out there. I hate eminem because hes a sell out bitch whos out for the money, thats not what everythings about its all about influence and what the fans want. im a juggalo till the day i die and even though esham aint on psychopathic no more he is still the dopest rapper out there he raps the truth and it scares those people that dont know what to do when they hear it. thats why there brains are stuck on ems fake ass hollywood, sesame street muppet lovin ass who would dog on his homies for a second of fame. He tries to act tough on stage when in reality he was just another white trash hillbilly havin dreams to make it big and when he finally did he forgot about his true home which is supposibley 8 mile but if you seen his ass on 7 mile it would be draggin from the back of a regal ridin on 24’s. U see monoxide representin the white trash with tattoos and not giving a fuck but em will suck a dick for a quarter anything to add to his bank so fuck this you like who u like but every devils night we hunt em down and slaughter d12


  67. it aint all about that now its about who reppin the D like on detroit stand up Esham And Proof straight ripped that track for Detroit stand up it would have better if eminem would have spit a verse on that track.
    i heard Esham and Eminem might do a somng together for Detroit

  68. Hey now, i like eminem, i think he is dope (some of his shit) but im a juggalo and a suicidalist..one thing that strikes me funny about this, which tnt said in an interview “give D:12, eminem, any of these radio wonder boys 5 years, and they wont be shit” That was in 2001, now look at it, they aint shit. Esham has calmed down alot…but closed casket, kkkill the fetus, and one im going to poing out, his ep ozone layer. Eminem says it flat out, “im not a player just an ill ryhme sayer that’ll spray an aerosol can up in the ozone layer” I dont know about you, but it seems he got that directly from that EP from esham. His persona is definately derived from esham. “supporting abortion” eminem says, thats another one that you know he copied off of. Eminem has terrific skill, but only has 3 good albums and even so half of the songs on those three are whack. He is a sold out, never paid his dues, he does it for the money, the money, and more money. Esham is an artist, eminem is an artist but he uses it for money purposes. Esham is an influence because no one gives him credit for his foundations in rap, maybe if eminem and d 12 didnt come out like hey we the first rap peoples from detroit it would of been different. The only ones that give him his due are ICP, twiztid, most of psychopathic. I dont ever see anyone else give him any dues…look at proof, they called him kurt kobain. The first artist to ever compare themselves to kurt kobain was esham..slim shady is a generic copy cat rip off of old school esham, icp, and house of krazees. You think they dont have all that other influence in them too? you think icp dont know nwa and too short? How is it that the label who used to run tupac’s shit…death row…is so fucked up that icp, esham, and twiztid all talked shit but not a thing happened..thats because these three prove their gangster..people like dre and feminem, they just talk about it..simple as that..i like eminem but seriously, i listen to a lot of esham, he copied. Even listen to the terror wheel from icp, eminem copies the whole chicken hawk foghorn leghorn idea from then “when i get out”. know your facts before you listen to the governments 4th branch, the media

  69. Esham has been wack for a minute now. He had some hott shit, but now is wack as fuck. ICP ain’t shit. FUCKAJUGAHOASSBITCHEZ!!!!! Jugabitchboyz have been wack since day one.

  70. Fuck feminem and she 12. Proof’s all good (RIP) cause he’s Underground, but feminem is a pop star and a wack mc who can eat a dick. I’ve noticed everyone feminem has beefed with (Benzino, ICP, Ja Rule, Esham, Everlast, Limp Bizkit) makes way better music than him. Esham is way more lyrically sick than feminem.

  71. mainstream music is a dieyin industry the ignorant fucks that listen 2 that shit havnt realised it yet bitches like eminem an 50 an all thos other fuckin dickheads will die with it thats bcaus the underground doesnt need big shiny diomonds an celebrity magazines 2 survive the underground is reality an the wicked clownz an ther juggalo family ar the leaders ov it so i sit bk an laugh at all thos fools listenin 2 ther top 40 chart bullshit, im juggalo an this is uk juggalo sayin eminem u ar a bitch peace ot

  72. fuck those niggers who try to be black. rap is a black mAN’s music feminem is a white boy trying to be black its as simple as that. He dont even write his own music either. he uses computer to make his lyrics sound good and SO DOES THAT FAKE ASSBITCH TWISTER, LIL WAYNE , NEW BOYS ALL THEM SORRY NIGGER WITH NO TALENT USE THERE COMPUTERS TO MAKE MUSIC. IVE NEVER SEEN NONE OF THEM FAKE ASS BITCHES RAP WITH A BAND WHO ACTUALLY HAVE TALENT. THEY ALL HIDE BEHIND THEIR MPC4000XL AND THINK THIR DOING SOMETHING NEW. ITS HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE LIKE BACK IN THE 80’S WHEN PRINCE USED TO BANG ON HIS MPC60

  73. And D-Lyrical, you think Limp Bizkit, Ja Rule, Benzino, Everlast, and ICP make good music. You’re a faggot.
    Out of the ones you mentioned, Esham is the only good one. But he still sounded like a jealous bitch when he talked about Eminem.
    ICP is for piece of shit trailor trash faggots that get raped by there dad.
    Limp Bizkit sucks because Fred Durst is a little bitch and his lyrics sucks. He even admits Eminem is a much better rapper than him.
    Ja Rule made gay love songs with Ashanti and J-Lo
    Benzino is just wack
    And Everlast was only good when he was with Rhyme Syndicate

  74. eminem will kick eshams whack ass because esham is a psycho his genre is no different than horrorcore except for the beats esham should not be dissin hailey she is just an innocent girl and did nothin wrong we need to do a petition to show what esham did is way past the line

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