Local Teen Accused Of Carjacking Eminem's Mom

Police say a local teen accused of heisting a vehicle from a woman likely did not know that his victim was the mother of Eminem.


Police Describe Alleged Attack On Rap Star’s Mom

The incident reportedly took place on the same street made famous by the rap star’s movie “Eight Mile.”

Debbie Nelson (pictured, left) was sitting in her late model Honda Accord while pumping gas at a BP on Eight Mile and Coolidge roads around 11:30 p.m. when she was approached by a teen armed with a silver handgun.

The suspect demanded her car and threatened to kill her if she did not get out of the vehicle, according to Oak Park police.

“He demanded that she get out of the car. He produced a handgun, made threats to her and then forcibly pulled her out of the car,” said Lt. John McNeilance of the Oak Park Public Safety Department.

Oak Park police say the teen then drove away from the gas station onto westbound Eight Mile.

Nelson went into the BP and told an attendant what happened. She then called police from a nearby pay phone, according to Local 4 reports.

A short time later, police spotted her black Honda Accord waiting at a traffic light.

“There came a point when the subject was blocked in by traffic at a red light and knew the officer was behind him and then jumped out of the car and ran. The officer pursued him on foot and was able to apprehend him and put him in custody,” said McNeilance.

Police recovered Nelson’s car and arrested James Antonio Knott, 16, of Detroit.

Knott (pictured, right) has been charged as an adult with carjacking and armed robbery.

Nelson, 49, says she wasn’t able to contact her son, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III. Police say they don’t think the carjacker knew Nelson’s identity.

Nelson’s rocky relationship with Eminem has been no secret since he became a star. He’s disparaged his mother in songs such as “Cleanin Out My Closet.”

A friend of the rap-star mom told Local 4 that Nelson was not injured in the accident but that she suffers from high blood pressure, and was at home resting.






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    Sorry to here about that eminem.
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