Eminem overrated ? Certainly not.

According to a US poll, some people think that Eminem and Britney Spears are the most overrated artists in the show business.

Honestly, I don’t grant Britney Spears any talent, and as far as I am concerned, the best product she can sell is her beauty.
But in Eminem’s case, it is different. I don’t care about the way he is marketted and about the image the media display of him.
-First of all, Eminem has talent. He has proven his lyrical skills and he is definitly gifted for rap. This man was born to be a rapper.
One could hardly contest Eminem’s mastery of the English language. His way to handle words and syllables make him unique in the world of hip hop.
– from his first to his most recent album, Eminem has always offered excellent and original work.
– Most of the artists become worst when their two first albums are successful. Eminem hasn’t disappointed his fans with the « Eminem Show ». The more mature he becomes, the better his work is.
– Eminem’s videos are well made and very original. He exactly knows how to captivate his public.
– Eminem wasn’t born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Unlike many stars in the showbizz, he came from nothing to stardom. He has worked very hard to become what he is now.

Some people may object that Eminem’s image is exploited by the media and that he has become a sex symbol. So what ? Eminem is not responsible of the image the media display of him. He is exploited commercially as well as J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books. That’s just the way the show business and the industry work. None of the artists or celebrities can be held responsible for this.
But one thing cannot be denied : Eminem is a talented artist with a great personality which is the main reason of his massive success.
To the person who told me : « In a few years Eminem will be long forgotten, most overrated rapper ever… », let me tell you that you are totally wrong. A lot of people do appreciate Eminem for other reasons than his pretty face. We are numerous to be conscious that the talented rapper actually is a lyrical genius and a very gifted musician.

8 thoughts on “Eminem overrated ? Certainly not.”

  1. Eminem may have talent and skills, but to he is overrated, and everyone calls him god should be ashamed.
    there are so much white rappers out there
    yet they don’t get some much praise.

  2. “there are so much white rappers out there
    yet they don’t get some much praise.” We’re not talking about ‘white rappers,’ we’re talking about talent. Sure him being white makes him even more famous, but the guy has skill. This type of talent doesn’t matter if your black (Dr. Dre), White (Eminem), Chinese (Jin), or anyother race.

  3. Is this the same magazine that rated ICP number 1 worst band? Does this mean their wrong!?!

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  5. eminem is overated because even biger overated rapers like dr. dre hype evryone up, just like 50 cent. all they are is pop stars without any inovation in there music. to be original people you cant be loved by 13 yr old girls

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