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Kim's criminal records

Kim Mathers is no friend of Court. Between 2000 and 2004, she’s been charged several times under different circumstances.

In April 2000, Kim drove with a revoked driving licence and she received a second drunken conviction.

Then in June 2000, Kim got in trouble again at Hot Rocks Cafe. As a consequence of the incident with John Guerra, she was charged for disturbing the peace.

Marshall filed for divorce on June the 22nd 2000 and Kim attempted suicide on July the 7th. But she soon got into trouble again : on the 4th of August 2000, Kim had a severe argument with her twin sister Dawn.. She hit her and was accused of assaulting her.

In October 2000, she pleaded guilty in Court to her disorderly conduct charge. It is known that Marshall accepted to pay $15,000 for her legal fees. Kim had to go to an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting every week. Apparently, it didn’t help a lot.

In July 2001, Kim was caught travelling with an unauthorized substance (less than 25 g cocain) in her car in Harrisson Township. She was walking down with a friend when the police controlled her vehicle and found the white powedered substance in her car. Kim was charged with possession of cocaine. Kim risked up to four years jail sentence if she was convicted, but the lawsuit was dismissed five months later, according to the Michigan Court legal documents.

On June the 17th 2002, Judith and Douglas Schlabach filed a lawsuit against Kim. She had her truck stolen in June 2001 and the person who was driving it, Adam Erik Jenkins caused damages greater than $25 000. Jenkins had taken Kim’s truck without permission and caused an accident on 32 Mile Road.

As long as we don’t learn our lesson, we are condemned to repeat the same mistakes again and again.

In June 2003, during Eminem’s European Anger Management Tour, Kim was arrested in Saint Clair Shores by the police who found some cocaine again in her car. This event caused a lot of disagrement to Marshall who took a private jet during his tour to file a request for Hailie’s full custody. He was worried about the fact Kim could face some possible jail charges.

In September 2003, Kim appeared before a judge, but she missed two Court dates and was under electronic house arrest. But Kim really worried her whole entourage when she suddenly disappeared in November 2003 without anybody knowing where she was. She was found by the police about three weeks later. Kim was judged recently and faces two years of probation. She will have to stay drug and alcohol free during this time.

6 thoughts on “Kim's criminal records”

  1. Makes you wonder what could possibly be going on with this woman for her to continually risk everything. I did enjoy reading Isabelle’s reporting of the facts and her unbiased approach, two thumbs up.

    Keep your fingers crossed that Shady’s Lady will stay out of trouble once released from the in-patient treatment center where she’s serving 90 days after finishing her 30 days in the Macomb County Jail.

  2. Well, I think kim is doin’ all of dis shit coz she’s tired of people gossipping on her and reporters makin up lies about her so it ain’t my business but everyone should piss off and let her deal wit it……..Peace

  3. I agree with AGW, how can she risk her child?! Becasue I can’t see how she remain in custody after repeatedly being charged with drug convictions.

  4. Kim needs to get clear her record and maybe with time people will stop attacking her. I’m sure her attorney is working on that. For those of us with more limited funds, I suggest I hear those guys do wonders.

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