Co-producer of Dr-Dre, Scott Storch told MTV that Dre’s new album is someway from being released but will be worth waiting for. Dr Dre’s new album has been titled The Detox.


Storch said “I’d describe it as the most advanced rap album musically and lyrically we’ll probably ever have a chance to listen to.”

Storch said the album has been in development for long over a year but a final cut is yet to be made with over 100 tracks to choose from.

Storch said Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Knoc-Turn’al would all feature, as well as newer names like Lloyd Banks, Guvner and Game.

“The whole family is gonna be on there,” Storch said. “If not the last Dre album, this is gonna be one of the last Dre albums we’re gonna get. So he’s putting a lot into it.”

35 thoughts on “DR DRE ALBUM DETOX TO HIT 2005”

  1. frankly i think dre is the best rapper when he is on a track sometimes
    he just puts the track into a new level like Say What You Say this sees dre
    disses durpi making him look like a bitch. same goes for shit hits the
    fan on OBIES album dre just has those lyrics and beats that set the
    speakers throbbing. one last time must be realesed if you have not heard this track hear Eminem And Dre just …. thers no words to describe that tune it just makes want to go in your car and roll with it
    with eminem and dre theirs no height to where rap
    can go. Dre if reading this please bring out detox soon i been waiting
    a long time for you to hit my speakers with your beats.

  2. I’ve been a DRE fan since N.W.A ,kwows that DETOX will be the bomb.I hope that it won’t be the last album.One last thing ,what ’bout the G’s in SOUTH AFRICA.

  3. yes i cant wait to buy th new album i hope it is as good as the last one hopefully even better i cant wait. Il ove the way when he produces someones music he makes that rapper who he is through his beats and him and em are like liter to petrol explosive.
    cant wait dre
    R.I.P EAZY-E

  4. This is Dre in the producing world. +=+={}+=+= this is everyone else


  5. Dre’s the producer of producers, intelligent, talented, what more could anyone in the hip hop industry ask for? Hit me up at kujorhymes15@go4.it (18/m/ny). just sending the biggest shout out to my mad Doc Dre, keep that shit coming, and don’t leave us!!!

  6. do your thing dre and let the whole world know how the west do
    cuz we all know u da best producer who stays true
    and rides for the west coast and its troops

  7. i got patience for this album.. just to think the long he takes the better wit will be… so do you thing….

  8. We’ve been patiently waiting for detox to come out
    and show the world what Dr. Dre is all about
    F**k August, I want that CD now!

  9. detox will be the shit but they should release detox than in like 06 release the tracks that didnt make thee cut
    dre, snoop, xzibit, mc ren, game, ice cube, and knoc turnal should do a cd together called kings of LA

  10. detox is going to be tight i cant wait and that kid who said fuck dre no nigga fuck you dre is the shit i like that idea of kings of la cd to that would be dope WEST SIDE!!!!

  11. Dre iz the fucking shit. serously, no other producer does it like he does. When detox hits it will be “the most advanced rap album musically and lyrically we’ll probably ever have a chance to listen to”-Dr. Dre
    Beats along with dre rap along with all aftermath has to offer as far as tallent (DO I NEED TO NAME THEM ALL?) Most likely ill hear the first track and just shit my pants…clean up…then hear track 02…shit them again. This will probably go on till the album is over 🙂

    Pz. Niggaz

  12. all the real gangstas know that Dre, Cube and the rest of the westside is the best because we are the truest muthafuckas on the planet. WE DONT FUCKIN PLAY!!! WESTSIDE BLOOD FOR LIFE HOMIES!
    Best rappers ever… Dre, Ice Cube, Too Short, The Game, 2Pac, Eazy-E

  13. mannnnnnn fuck what them niggers say
    aftermath is the shit and i love DRE.
    left rest of the niggers wack and gay
    Be ready kids and Pull up yall SOX
    so everybody watch out its the shit “the detoX”.

  14. i think dre kinda koo i love daz and karupt and soopafly even more i would marry them and life jennings if cut that beard

  15. dre is a genius when it comes to makin rap music and getting rappers into contracts. he knows who to sign and who not to sign. he is makin alot of money

  16. ok i dont know if these are the real song names from the album or whatever but they said they were…so if they are i got like most of the cd

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