e-Voting in Ireland

So the Minister is absolutely happy with the new system, which, it is believed will be completely fail safe, 100% perfect software and hardware, and nothing possibly can go wrong and there is no way the system can be hacked or accidentally lose votes or give wrong votes to the wrong candidate, and that it would be too hard to put in a print mechanism for a voter verified paper trail, that absolutely nothing positively certainly can in any way go wrong, that all computer companies and programmers are 100% perfect people who cannot possibly make mistakes or that machines can work 100% of the time.


Where is the Irish media on this one? Diebold. Diebold. Diebold.

One thought on “e-Voting in Ireland”

  1. The accuracy of e-voting is a real problem but, of course, paper ballots, analog machines were also very open to tampering (see mayor Daley of Chicago)! So what’s new is that we now really care and want to put in place ballot security! Good for us! I think VVAT will be required in e-voting and we will keep up the pressure to make it so!

    Steffen Schmidt

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