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Kim Mathers: Jailed after violating probation.

Officials confirmed that Mathers, the ex-wife of rap superstar Eminem, was arrested and arraigned Friday for violating probation after her very first periodic drug test under her court sentence tested positive for cocaine.
One week.

That is how long Kimberly Mathers took to blow her second chance at a clean criminal record, and to exhaust the goodwill of Macomb County officials who handled her drug case in court.

Officials confirmed that Mathers, the ex-wife of rap superstar Eminem, was arrested and arraigned Friday for violating probation after her very first periodic drug test under her court sentence tested positive for cocaine.

“She was brought over to the court for a probation violation following her visit with the probation department, and the judge there ordered her held at the jail without bond,” said William Harding, chief of operations for Macomb County prosecutors. “She now awaits a court hearing date on that case.”

Harding said Friday he knew only that a test of Mathers’ urine indicated recent use of a controlled substance, but he did not know which kind. However, officials in the Michigan Department of Corrections, which oversees probation agents, confirmed it was cocaine, and all Mathers’ past narcotics cases have also involved that drug.

Russ Marlan, a Corrections spokesman in Lansing, said the judge has the discretion as to whether they want someone kept in custody, or to give them a bond.

“This case today proceeded because she was scheduled to report (Thursday), and didn’t make it in. So she came in (Friday) on a follow-up visit, and admitted to use of the drug,” Marlan said.

Officials explain that Mathers, 29, of Clinton Township, who shares a daughter with ex-husband and musician Marshall Bruce Mathers, also known as Eminem, submitted to a regular drug test of her urine Jan. 29. She is required to submit to the test under a probation sentence imposed Jan. 21 for possession of less than 25 grams of cocaine.

That test proved positive for cocaine, taken apparently within the preceding 12 to 72 hours, and she missed her next appointment with county probation officials Thursday. After some effort to locate her, she came in to the offices Friday and admitted to the cocaine use. Probation agents then took her immediately to court on the matter.

Macomb County Circuit Judge Edward A. Servitto ordered her held without bond until a hearing can be held Feb. 12, a fact administrators at the Macomb County Jail confirmed late Friday.

Michael Sinutko, a defense attorney who has represented Mathers in her criminal cases, did not return phone calls Friday seeking comment about the latest incident.

Mathers entered pleas in December to a charge of possessing 25 grams or less of cocaine and for failing to give adequate space to an emergency vehicle. Those charges stem from a June police traffic stop of Mathers and a friend in St. Clair Shores.

In return for that plea, a third charge was dropped along with a charge from a separate drug-related case in Warren, and Judge Servitto sentenced her Jan. 21 to probation and the so-called “7411 status.” That provision, named after a section of state law, provides that her cases would be sealed and the convictions kept off her record if she abided by the terms of probation and/or other terms of the court.

Prosecutors opposed 7411 status for Mathers, but denied it was preferential treatment for a famous defendant. If she is convicted of the probation violation, Marlan and other officials said, her 7411 status will be revoked and she could face up to four years in prison for the original drug conviction.

If it’s true that Mathers used cocaine again after sentencing, it’s not the first time she did not comply with instructions by the local courts.

Mathers was facing criminal charges for a June incident where St. Clair Shores police stopped her Cadillac Escalade on a moving violation along Interstate 94 and found cocaine inside the vehicle.

While that case was pending, and she was under bond with the instruction not to be involved in other crimes or drug incidents, Warren police also found her on a bust that uncovered drugs at a hotel room party Sept. 29. Mathers had no drugs on her personally in that case, but the room was rented in her name and she allegedly knew drugs were present.

While both of those cases were pending, Mathers then failed to appear in court as scheduled and was ordered to wear an electronic tether; sometime later, she broke or removed that tether and again failed to appear in court, another violation of her bond.

26 thoughts on “Kim Mathers: Jailed after violating probation.”

  1. It’s amazing to think that two beautiful children, money and the support of one of the most influential music entertainers of 2003 isn’t enough to keep this girl from getting into trouble. At what point do those around Kim stop feeling sorry for her and start making her face up to her behavior? One can only hope she realizes that without money and her status she would have received a stiffer sentence.

    It does make you wonder how far Marshall is willing to go to stand by this woman he loves. I understand that there is a tremendous amount of history there but what about the future?

    No matter what problems Kim has been put through with Marshall in the past she needs to let it go. Marshall has matured and changed so much as a person from when he first hit the music industry. It shows in everything he does from his career choices, his appearance, his attitude in interviews and even in his music. There’s no doubt that their 15+ year relationship has been anything but rosy. There comes a point when one of them needs to realize that it may be in their and the girls best interest to just be friends.

    Marshall can’t always be the one to bail Kim out of trouble. Kim needs to be responsible for her own actions. I really want to see this young woman change her life around. Those that are close to her love and support her. She doesn’t need to work or worry about money for her family. The man she has shared so much of her life with still after all this time loves and supports her. What else does this woman want in order to be happy?

  2. I personaly think Kim Mathers is crazy. Eminem deserves better than that, he’s a good, hot boy who can do better than that!I think people should watch her 20-4 7, just in case she tries suicide to solve getting out of jail.

  3.’re right ! I don’t no either why kim can’t just thank to God for what she got : two beautiful children, money that she does’t need to work to get it and a man that loves her.

  4. I think after all the termoil she has gone through over the years with the marriage of a famous celebrity and being in the spotlite and all the negative press one can receive she should be allowed time to heal with family and left alone
    should’nt losing your daughter be enough.

  5. i think kim mathers has problems and that is why she resorts to drugs. She needs help and apparently noone is around for her enuff (in her eyes)yet her drugs are there for her at all times. the bitch needs a good friend around 24/7 and maybe she’ll be ok. if eminem was around her alot she most likely would be drug free

  6. “if eminem was around her alot she most likely would be drug free”
    Tina May, are you kidding??? Eminem did all he could. He even prevented her from suicide recently. Eminem cannot be around her 24/7, he’s is a very busy man.
    It is so simplistic and so easy to accuse Eminem for Kim’s behavior. Eminem was drug addicted in the past. Since his probation, he has done the effort to stay soberand drug free. For Hailie.
    Nobody can do the work intead of Kim. She has to realize that she’s wrong.She needs to acknowledge she has a real problem.
    And by the way, who gives you the right to call Kim a bitch? Do you know her personaly? Do you even know all the stuff she went through?I don’t approve her behavior, but I don’t allow myself to judge and to insult a woman who happens to be the ex wife of my favorite rapper. I have no right to jugde Kim. Neither have you.
    I would like ppl who come on this website to avoid being disrespectful towards the Mathers! Thanks in advance.

  7. First of all: “Inairbb” thanks for your comment – feels good to have somebody feel for Kim.

    Her case somehow reminds me of Courtney Love. I can understand Kims reaction- first her husband Em played on her and after all Hailie had been taken away from her.
    She beggs for attention from Marshall- but he is somehow too busy to really care for her. Or he just dosen´t know how to cope with this situation. It seems to me that something died inside her.
    Em´s new song “How come” is about their relationship. I just think Kim was and is very important to Em and he can´t easely turn his back on her.

  8. why do all you guys like kim??????all she is is a drug attick!she will never get cured from a anything!as for me…..well,im on EMs side!

  9. Even if you don’t like Kim, at least respect her. Don’t insult her. She is Hailie’s mom. Marshall wouldn’t appreciate you doing that, for sure.

  10. kim is all ways uder pressure if she could organize her head maybe she could get some where she has a drug problem and every one is against her for that and leaving halie well at least she hasnt got halie with her why she is doig drugs at least she nos that marshal is taking care of her which is a good thing, all i no is she should show every one whats shes made off she could be any thing she wants you can do it you have got to want to do it though life is to short kim think the best fuck the rest.

  11. one more thing marshal and kim play alot of games with each other both of them want to grow up i love eminem but marshal is not perfect no man is.

  12. not being funny or nothing ejay but we dont want to know that, is marshal back with kim ? i dont want no lies any one out ther who nos the truth?

  13. what do all of you people have against “drug addicts” any way. The things Kim Mathers got in troble for had nothing to do with anyone else. She was minding her own business, and people butted into HER life. People all over dont come to court when they are suppose to, it just looks bad on her for that everyone knows the name when they hear it. I’m not saying she is the best person in the world, but give her a damn break!

  14. i think that kim is an ok person when she wants to be. she is going through a lot, she lost her kids, she lost her bf, she’s in jail and i don’t blame her for doing drugs. it calms her down, and lets her be think less. it hurts her to think about what happened in the past. eminem is a good man for being with her and understandin wut she has gone through in the past, at least they didn’t sleep around behind eachothers backs. so you guys believe wut u want to.

  15. thats right most people take drugs it your own life just make sure you dont hurt any one why u r doing these things be lucky to those who do.

  16. WHAT THEY HECK R U PPL ON????eminem deserved way better than kim he’s worked hard since quitting drugs he deserves hailie b/c look at his songs EVERY SINGLE 1 OF THEM HAVE HER NAME IN IT!!!! she loves his daughter mor than life and kim seriously needs to stop being so selfish she needs to face the facts that eminem isn’t gonna be there for her anymore and that if she really wants to live she’ll stop doing drugs I LOVE YOU EMEINEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. listen Dane some of those drugs could be illegal so who’s side r u on all u ppl for Em put in your message “I”!!!!11111

  18. hell no emeinem hates kim to death if u were a real em fan u would kno that have u heard the songs from encore andthe eminem show like in mockingbird “i don’t see me and your mom being together ever again like we were when we was teenagers” ya’ll need to listen to eminem more often SHEESH!!!!!

  19. I think Marshall really fixed all the shit in his life and even with two beautiful girls, kim just gets two miss out on all that. It’s her fault no one elses.

  20. I totally agree with amanda, and who cares whether we call him marshall or eminem, it’s still the same person!!!!

  21. What’s up with some of you guys? Addiction is a disease already, not a weakness or morality issue. Get with the times and the program. And its Marshal Bruce Mathers and I think he’s proud of that. ie:the Marshal Mathers album. And for all you gals in love with him, saying him and Kim will never be back together, check the headlines. They remarried this weekend. I can really feel her pain myself, being an addict in remission. And as for all those songs he wrote about Kim. He could’nt get her off his mind. Don’t you know the story about the boy that picks on you in school is because he really likes you? If he could’ nt stand her, he’d just have left her along and never mentioned her name. I love happy endings myself and was tickled to hear that they remarried. Congrats to Em and Kim, may they be happily ever after.!!!

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