Invasion part III

Invasion part III: final battle, countdown to Armaggedon. The final chapter of a spiritual battle has begun. Dj Green Latern and Eminem are ready to shoot.
Eminem fires back at the Source who didn’t stop targetting the best rapper as a racist. In this track, you can feel Eminem’s anger against the Source’s owner who didn’t stop running their mouth against him.

The white owned magazine has clearly shown its lack of honesty. Anybody who knows Eminem well also knows that the statements made on his former tape ( a tape that was made out of anger in a particular context ) don’t reflect Marshall’s mentallity.
Benzino’s hypocrisy is reflected through his statements, though:

‘Black women are bad, white women are good’, I don’t care if he’s redeemed himself now, that’s not the message.If that’s who he is, then he has to be held accountable for that.”

If we consider the fact that Eminem’s former freestyle was meant to suck -by definition- as a “suckering rhyme”, we will take into account following elements:

-Eminem never released this freestyle, there is no written text for it. It was never meant to be professional work, it was just a way to get rid of the rejection white MCs experienced from the black side.
-Eminem was angry with his former black girlfriend and expressed it on a tape. He made the mistake to talk about black women in general.
-it is known that Eminem has dated black women and even at a time racial tension was a high in Detroit.

Jennifer from Madison has left an insightful comment on a MTV website:

“To penalize him for something he said a long time ago is just stupid. Who hasn’t done something in their past that they regret? The Source is acting like he was a member of the KKK or something. He just broke up with a girl and insulted her. If he were a racist, would he have dated an African-American woman in the first place? How many racist comments have Benzino and Dave Mays made in their lives? Because they weren’t on tape, does that make them less accountable? “

Jennifer, 29
Madison, WI

So have Angela and Ebony:

“Where does Benzino come off saying that we should treat this Eminem incident the way we treated Tyson, Bryant, Kelly and Simpson’s incidents? A rape conviction, a rape allegation, pending charges of sex with a minor and murder accusations are completely different than a racial comment.

As an African-American woman, I am not offended by what Eminem said on that tape. He was young and dumb and had just broken up with his girlfriend. Many black artists use racial slurs about white women and white people in general. And that is now, not ten years ago. I don’t remember Benzino getting upset over that. Where’s his double standard now? I am glad Eminem was man enough to own up to the tapes and to put them in perspective. ”

Ebony, 22
Newark, NJ

“I am a black woman married to a black man and this story on Eminem has not hindered my plan to continue to enjoy his music and buy his albums. Perhaps The Source should focus on black hip-hop artists who continue to degrade sistas daily. Benzino, are you saying it is OK to call a woman a bitch, a ho or a money-hungry chickenhead, but only if you are a black artist? My bad! ”

Angela, 36
Romeoville, IL

Moreover what do you call a half black man who encouraged the white MC he had signed on his label to use the “N” word and then who calls Eminem a racist for a tape that has never been released and that is taken out of context? An hypocrite.
And how should we describe a white man who admits that “hip hop made him respect Black people?” A racist.
How should we call a journalist who is ready to misrepresent the truth for her magazine’s highest interest? A traitor.

Who are the persons who want to judge Eminem? An hypocrite, a racist and a traitor. Persons who would walk on the dead for their own interest and in order to increase their sales.

Benzino and Dave Mays and their dishonest employee Kim Osorio who gets intentionally called a ho’ by Eminem are trying to work against Eminem’s career. They talk big like Eminem states it in his song, they are ready to do anything to trash him which makes them look even more ridiculous:

“I got a riddle, what’s little and talks big with midget arms
and has creamy white filling in the middle
that’ll do any thing to throw dirt on my name
if it means walking the whole Mediterranean.
Is it an albanian? Armenian? Iranian? Tasmanian? No. “

But Eminem is well weaponed against them. His weapons are his honesty. Eminem doesn’t need to fake his feelings. He has nothing to hide. He has made a mistake. He feels sorry and he apologized for. He wants to go forward.

Eminem has done more for hip hop and interracial relations with his music than Benzino and Dave Mays will ever do. His love for the culture he was brought up in can hardly be denied. That’s why the talented MC is so angry with them and expresses it in the following lines:

“I told ya I love this culture.
Don’t let them insult ya.
I’m a tell you one again
this is the environment I was brought up in…”

Eminem knows what growing up in the neighborhood means. Dave Mays is a graduate talking about hip hop. It isn’t really hard to guess who’s the most credible about hip hop culture.
Benzino’s jealousy and attitude are the successful description of a loser in Eminem’s song:

“…. Which is why I understand
you can’t be mad at a 44 year old man with a chimp on his shoulder
Who only owns half a magazine
and the only way to have it seen
it to put me on the front of it again.
Only thing that makes him grin
is to see me frowning.
Papa can’t stand me. Papa needs to take his medication
and then sit the fuck down.
in his new chair that goes round and round
that he bought with the money in his bank account.
That I get him every issue when the thing comes out.
Sit back and let his puffy clown hair come out.
And let his black side arm wrestle his white side.
Yellow part tied, loud enough that he might so he might side.
He might find, some one dumb enough to ride.”

Even if Eminem sounds really pissed off on his recent song, he manages to beat his haters from The Source with intelligence and a lot of humor.
His use of “asses” instead of “butts” creates a comical effect that goes along with his anger.

“Keep licking these nuts. You industry mutts
keep walking around sniffing each other’s butts.
Or should I say asses?
What would be more politically correct term to use for the masses?”

Give it up, Dave Mays and fellows. You have already been knocked out by Eminem. Instead of spending your whole energy and money on hating him, it would certainly be high time for you to get a life and work on constructive projects that would help hip hop to go forward.Lyrics:
Artist: Eminem
Song: Invasion Part 3

Yeah! Oh shit!

[DJ Green Lantern]
Evil genius!

Green Lantern!

[DJ Green Lantern]
Ayo, Eminem, what do we call this shit right here?

The invasion!

[DJ Green Lantern]
You had part 1. We got part 2. Now it’s part 3! The final chapter, motherfucker.

Armageddon… let’s go!

I got a riddle, what’s little and talks big with midget arms
and has creamy white filling in the middle
that’ll do any thing to throw dirt on my name
if it means walking the whole Mediterranean.
Is it an albanian? Armenian? Iranian? Tasmanian? No.
His names Raymond, and oh so sorry oh, so sorry whoa.
But that was a long time ago. When I was just Joe Schmoe
Rappin in Joe Blow’s basement. I apologize for it befo’ so
either except it or you don’t, so let’s move on
and find show that I’ve grown and get the bone.
Keep licking these nuts. You industry mutts
keep walking around sniffing each other’s butts.
Or should I say asses?
What would be more politically correct term to use for the masses?

[Llyod Banks]
hold up..hold up..hold up..
New York City Man, This the kid Llyod banks
and if you hearing what im hearing right now
you know this aint no regular shit homie
This somethin special, we gotta bring this back
Green come on on on on

[Green Lantern]
Count down to Armegeddon
got a riddle, what’s little and talks big
with midget arms and creamy white fillin in the middle
that’ll do anything to throw dirt on my name
if it means walking the whole Mediterranean
is it an Albanian, Armanian, Iranian, Tazmanian?
No, it’s Dave, Ray and O! Osario
So sorry, whoa! But that was a long time ago
When I was just joe shmo, rapping in joe blow’s basement
I apologized fo it before, so
Either accept it or you don’t
And let’s move on, if I aint shown that I’ve grown
Then get the bone, keep lickin these nuts,
You industry mutts, keep walking around sniffin each other’s butts
Or should I say asses?
what would be the more politically correct term to use for the masses?
The question I ask is:
How can I explain this?
How can I swing this, in English language?
If I switch to slang and turn mayn to maynnn
Do I do it in vein, or simply to entertaaain?
Am I being real or am I being fake
Am I just a fraud or am I truly genu-aine
Or am I caught up in this hot wa-tah
Woady on my daughter I told ya I love this cultcha
don’t let em insult ya, I’ma tell you one more ‘gaiiin
this is the environment that I was brought up ‘innn
but every now and theiiin, I use my ‘pen
to get rid of some frustrashiiin, or should I say “tion”
this is just another one of my subliminal ways of racism
you’re face is numb, you’re stunned, you look as cold
like that of a man who’s 70 some years old
and it only gets colder, which is why I understand
it can’t be mad at a forty four year old fan
with a chip on his shoulder
who only owns a half of a magazine, and the only way to have it seen is to put me on the front of it agaiiiin
only think that makes him grin, is to see me frowwwn
papa can’t stand me, papa needs to take his medication and sit the fuck dowwwn!
in his new chair that goes round and round
that he bought from new money in his bank account
that I get him every ISSUE when the thang comes out
sit back and let his puffy clown hair come out
and let his black side arm wrestle his white siiide
yell apartheid loud enough that he might slide
he might find someone dumb enough who might ride
but aint nobody over here buying two white guys
disguised as pro-black there is no slack for a Harvard college grad In a fitted hat and a hunch bag, standing by the clearance coat rack in some ol slacks and some RSO throwbacks, yeah

Shady in the place to be see and It takes what I got to roc the mic, RIGHT?! Still knockin’ a K to these punks, fuckin’ cocksuckin’ pussy lips hatin’ mixed cunts!







27 responses to “Invasion part III”

  1. Chris avatar

    Ok first things first, how old was he? it sounds like hes 16 on that mixtape. Anyway i agree with the fact that he was getting rid of some frustation and it was just his ‘former mate’ Chaos Kid trying to make some green coz hes jealous, soon as benzino (and the source) find out one little thing bad about eminem it blows up like muhf**ka. It’s been blown out of proportion the article may as well be a book, My opnion is find something relavent to write or dont put out ya magazine!

  2. Pong avatar

    This is one of the best raps ive ever heard from him, its fast, it has kick ass beat, its origonall, and everything flows. I dont even know when he breaths, that takes tallent, and hes full of it. Eminem is the king of rap, he has brought himself to the top and hes not going anyware.

    And fuck the source.

  3. Shady08 avatar

    Shadys on top of the world! Hes the most poweful aritst in the game right now. Zinos jeleous as fuck cuz he aint made it in the game, and his Magazines a flop. Fuck Zino, Fuck Murder Inc. Man this Invasion III joint is ill, keep up the good work Em. Peace

  4. Shepa avatar

    yeah Eminem finally representin all his albanian fans

  5. The Ripper avatar
    The Ripper

    Benzino has a video up for vote on the the 106&Park site that never even been aired once.

    That tells you something…

  6. mike avatar

    hey im mike and im a big fan of eminem and im wondering if everyone thinks eminem is racist then why is he best friends with 50 cent and look at D12 they are black and G unit and Obie Trice i mean that tape is old his voice is really different in it soo just think about that

  7. dirse avatar

    Ok i first heard this song and I thought it was totally written…but it’s a freestyle !?!? wow i’d hate to battle him—

  8. k eas avatar
    k eas

    First off i agree, em’s not a racist. The tape benzino’s bitchin’ about was written so long ago based on one incident eminem got into with a woman. It’s funny because he’s still talkin about it, em’s 100% right, the only way benzino gets any coverage is if he’s making bullshit claims up about eminem, cause otherwise no one gives a fuck about him. Not to mention em kills benzino over and over again on mixtapes and shit. The source was bitchin when em said some race shit in The Eminem Show too, when the thing is em’s just spittin the truth. Dr. Dre fucking produced the shit. Dre’s names in the shit. You think Dre’s gonna stay pushin a racist rapper? Thats a fucking load of bullshit, all em did was tell the truth. Benzino’s a washed up worthless peice of shit, keep killin him em.

  9. bleach avatar


  10. jdubbz knowledge avatar
    jdubbz knowledge

    eminem aint teh best in the game what the fuck yall smokin??!! King of rap?? best of all time??? man hes wicked i admit it i aint hating but yall also blowin shit out of proportion…em keep killin benzino u doin yo shit but u other faggots makin him a God over Nas and Jigga, u dont know what yall talkin bout!! too much swallowin i suppose..peace!

  11. AsOfRightNow//EmsGotTheWhiteCrown// avatar

    Yo Em’ aint a racist//zino should just face this// hes just jealous// that hes supposed to be making albums but he cant even sell it//so he takes shit out// on a white rapper that can take him out// on any planet any day// that will destroy him and so many ways// zino sits back and rolls his three units// gets high and sulks cuz he aint screaming GUNIT//dont fuck with Em,50,Yayo,Buck and Lloyd Banks// i bet they get real girls benzinos stuck buying Jenna Jameson toy skanks//its funny cuz if zino disses white people thats like half of him// then Em will fuck him up so bad he wont know whats happenin// playboys getting pissed off cuz zino mailed in too often// just give up benzino Shady put the nail in the coffin//……………Yo that was just my view of this shit and how badly Eminem HAS and Will fuck benzino up no matter what benzino says or does…. Like Eminem said in, i think, The Invasion part 2, or nail in the coffin …..THE SOURCE HAS A WHITE OWNER. Holla 1

  12. Steve avatar

    Yo em spitz dirty ryhmes, hes bomb.zino is a punk and he knows it em’s shit is tough still


  13. steve avatar

    Yo me again, em aint no racist he was just sayin shit out of anger cuz zino is a jealous faggot that will do anything to get attention while tryin to get em in trouble cuz he cant get no attention when he makes his albums cuz hes shit.


  14. Florian avatar

    This song is da bomb fo reel. I meen he even mentions albanians, the realest gangstaz. He actually speeks of shit no one ever thought of b4. Benzino steals his rhymes out of kindegarden books.

    My Rap name ALBOBOY FO EVA

  15. Slim Souna avatar
    Slim Souna

    ay yo Zino Punk aSs he cant get no attention cuz he Sucks Eminem is da best eva..
    hope he came to lebnon we love him Fuck everyone who hate Shady family: Eminem, obie, 50cent, G-Unit, D12, yeahhh Nucca

  16. MR LIMPY avatar

    fuck u bitch fuck eminem fuck u fuck lebonan fuck g unit armenian for life dick sucik my muda fuckin dick bitch no one fuck with me if they do the gon be sleepin in a casket mista limpie bitch thats me fuck all of yaa

  17. MR LIMPY avatar

    this is 4 shady08 u fuckin dick he dissed u not reppin u fuckin asshole sucker fuck u dickhead

  18. DETI G avatar
    DETI G

    Eminem’s been threw more than any of you guys … he can relate to Albanians because growing up in Detroit they’re the only people who would have his back.If you are going to think he’s racist then go ahead…he has had threats from African Americans, he has been jumped .. he is only letting some anger out .. give him so credit.

    new word out on the streets Albanian rapper named REBEL .. check um out when you can

  19. StAtIcEy avatar

    werd REBEL an Cannibus are da shyt .. check um out g’s 1

  20. Jason Albanian avatar
    Jason Albanian

    Albanians helped da shit outa eminem in detoit!

    relax peoples.. em aint no racists

  21. DETI G avatar
    DETI G

    I herd they where the Albanian Crips … a small part of Detroit workin with Crips .. either them or ABI…

  22. Xyshi avatar

    yaw blud Eminem shit his ballz from albanian gangstaz muahahahahahah biq wite azz

  23. one avatar

    limpy, shut up, just shut the fuck up.. and sit down.

  24. DETI G avatar
    DETI G

    “here comes da rebel like a dare devil cookin hiz meanz in a metal made cetal, cuz im young albanian n hot headed .. niggaz try to understand me but they jus dont get it… iz it cuz ma nine or ma sick mind? or is it cuz ill shot for a dime if itz mine? or iz it cuz im hungry and i force them to pay me.. trust me if u understand me u wouldent blame me”

    ‘over 30 yrz ov liven all i seen wuz blood spillin’

    “so i aint no vilian i aint nevah done a killin .. or maybe i did it but jus wont admit it .. figure out metaphores when i spit it dont u get it?”

  25. DETI G avatar
    DETI G

    instead **understand** its “knew”

  26. s-z avatar

    wat iev herd is albanians helped eminem with the shit he was into in detroit an he was kool with them there aint no shit goin on between him and albanians


  27. joeylik avatar

    Is there a song called “my albanian brother” by eminem out there i keep hearing people talk about it all the time.