A treason that cuts like a knife

« What are friends?
Friends are people that you think are your friends
But they really your enemies, with secret indentities
and disguises, to hide they true colors
So just when you think you close enough to be brothers
they wanna come back and cut your throat when you ain’t lookin… »
(Eminem,“If I had”)

Loyalty. A precious word. A word that is very meaningful for Eminem and that matters to me too.
He used to be his friend. He betrayed him to get his own fame. Byron Williams was Eminem’s bodyguard. He’s been closer to Eminem than most of the people who have crossed his road. He was supposed to protect his privacy. He has betrayed him.
No wonder Eminem doesn’t trust people easily. It hurts when people who are supposed to be your friends suddenly turn against you:

“I thought he was my friend. I came to find out that he was keeping a fucking journal! That was his plan ever since he met me. I was his shot at fame. After that happened, I didn’t trust anybody.”

I have experienced treasons from people I would never have expected to be traitors to me. But it just happened and all I can tell is that it is difficult to forget and to forgive.
Marc Hicks, a friend of Byron Williams, also knew Paul Rosenberg. When Paul asked if he knew someone who could take care of Eminem’s security, Marc Hicks recommended him.
Byron Williams exposes a lot of intimate details about Eminem during his tour. Some of them are exposed here:


It is particularly that kind of exposure I despise, he acts like the director of a cheap scandal magazine. It’s a matter of fact Eminem has used a lot ecstasy, mushrooms and weed during his former tours. So what? It is not a hidden fact, Eminem talks about in his former albums. We also know that he used to drink a lot of alcohol. Byron Williams isn’t teaching anything new to Eminem’s fans.
Since his probation time, Marshall realized that he needed to slow down. He also realized that his behavior was unhealthy at the same time.
Byron exposed Eminem’s affairs with some groupies which gives a rather bad impression of the author of “Shady’s Bizzness”. Whatever may have happened between Eminem and some “groupies” during his tour, it is really Shady’s business and none of ours.
Still according to Byron Williams, Paul Rosenberg is arrogant and manipulating Eminem as his puppet. He describes Eminem’s world as a dangerous world of gangsters.
According to Eminem’s friends Proof and Dee Tee, facts have ben exaggerated by Byron williams for a large part:


His stories are filled with very exaggerated details. I’ve known Em for twelve years, he doesn’t wake up and eat Ecstasy with his eggs-that just makes a good, interesting story, but it’s not true. Big only knew us for ten months and now he’s just out to hurt Em and make money. He wanted to be a rapper and he’s upset. Big doesn’t mention any of the stuff he did out on the road-like videotaping girls…He wasn’t a mentor to Em; they weren’t boys. Em doesn’t feel betrayed ’cause that sh!t is not true. Big’s just a down man trying to make some money. He used to ask for raises every month and Em gave him anything he wanted and then Big quit on him.
Dee Tee:
At the core, Nasty’s a good-hearted guy, but now he’s just out to pay some bills. He was always about money. The first time I met him, he was asking for more money from Paul. That story about Em testing him by jumping into crowds is bullsh!t. Nasty wasn’t Em’s big brother figure. Nasty was like a “glorified groupie” who wasn’t even good at being a bodyguard. Now he’s just sh!tting on people and betraying Em.
About groupies:
That “underage” girl in Sweden was missing and we got checked for her, but she wasn’t with us. Kessia was a friend. We’ve met a lot of people on tour; they follow us to different shows and we get to know them, but they’re just cool with us.
Dee Tee:
Em did not sleep around like that. He would pass out after shows, or have a pizza, he wasn’t interested in all that other sh!t. Girls were in every city and he can get women. That story about me and Em in Pittsburgh–Nasty has no idea what went on. There were girls there, but it wasn’t an orgy. And I stayed behind, Em left.

I have found out details about his book by reading some exerpts, but I would never spend my money on it. Because buying this book is trashing Eminem for me.

He justifies writing his book this way:

“To teach Em a lesson about taking advantage of people. I thought of Slim as my little brother. He has to learn how to respect people and show loyalty.”

Byron Williams talking about loyalty after betraying Eminem sounds like a big joke to me. The question is not to know if the facts Byron Williams is talking about are true or not, but rather if it is useful to expose them to the public. Money is a recurrent topic in his book. Money must also have been his main motivation along with retaliation against Eminem.






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  1. s avatar

    oh come on everybody stop acting like eminem is a wittle angel, he’s a jerk who makes a living by making fun of others in a grotesque violent manner. He needs to be taken down a notch or two.

  2. chris avatar

    fuckoff and learn that this guy is full of lies just to make money, the guy’s a fat fuck of a fraud. i hope he gets what’s coming to him because whats goes around comes back around, and trust me he will have a big wake up call soon or in the future.

  3.  avatar

    The book sucked, trust me. It was so boring, I had to fight to keep focus. Take my advice, skip dat wack shit and read something actually worth ur time.