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44 thoughts on “Palm Island, Dubai”

  1. this is bullshit

    the island in a very good shape and everyone is buying like crazy

    there we’re so many people who invested thier time and brains to study this

  2. “Great thinkers have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds” :Albert Einstein

    What a great architectural and technological feat the Palm Project is. Here in the Bahamas, we will soon be underway with the Moon Project. Here to, we have the negative humans that think nothing but no, no, no.

    Even if the Palm were to sink, just think of the accomplishments of the individuals involved. These are the pioneers of today that resemblance our hero’s of the past.

    Congratulations to those that said, we can, we will, it is. We can only hope that the Moon Project is as successful.

    Again my sincere congratulations.

    Perry DeCosta
    President & CEO
    Black Pearl Investment Bahamas, Ltd.

  3. Idiots!

    If you know anything about the feasibility behind the Palm you will know that they ignored the reports and advise of ecologists and marine biologists. The devastation to the marine eco system will take somewhere between 25 and 35 years to repair. That is just for Palm 1; so think of the damage caused by the next 2.

    Yes, there have been amazing architectural feats of engineering over the millenia but the Palm won’t go doen in history as one of those. It is merely an exercise in providing unneccesary accomodation for the rich and famous to massage their egos.

    just because it’s ‘BIG’ doesn’t make it right. You will all have seen the state of the public beaches in Dubai; awash with hollow core concrete and rubbish from the Palm.

    Good luck with the Moon Project. Why conserve our environment; after all, “Fuck It”, I won’t be around to see the damage caused. Lets just keep developing until there is no eco-system left.

    Pioneers of today – what a laugh. Grow up!

  4. Who invited Green Peace to the party. Let me guess John you are the only one privy to the environmental feasability studes done on the Palm. Or are you just buying off on what someone who knows someone said? The information I have seen is that contrary to the popular belief among marine biologists and conservationists helf BEFORE the Palm was built, the new large rocks that were used for the foundation have actually created several areas for fish and other marine life to inhabit. Some say that the new ecosystem created there could rival the great barrier reef one day.

  5. This terrible to hear palm is sinking ,we we have bought on the palm and i feel really sad surprised that nakheel has failed .

  6. Williams posting above is not rubbish.

    The Palm is indeed a mega wonder structure. But is it necessary? Do the rich and useless need another exclusive playground?

    Nature and Structure do not always go hand in hand.
    The Palms will erode in due course. Global warming will see to it. Thank god I will not be around to see this waste.

  7. Being a resident of Dubai , I know for sure that the Palm Island is not sinking. The prices of property in the Palm have more than doubled in the past 2 years, which is fantastic considering the fact that the project will have habitants only in 2006/2007.
    Nakheel have started various new projects in Dubai and had tremendous public response, which would not have happened if the Palm had technical problems and was sinking .

  8. How on earth V.S Menon does being a resident in Dubai warrant you able to determin whether the palm has sunk???I’m a resident but it doesn’t mean i get my tape measure out every day to measure the palm’s height above sea level!!! If you were a resident you would know that the autocratic style of leadership means that we only get to see figures that the government wants us to see. And what reflection are the prices of the property on the ecosystem?? I would love to know how anyone could argue that a lump of concrete can encourage marine life. The truth is that as long as the palm becomes another superlative to add to Dubai’s already extensive list, then the long term consequences are deemed irrelevant.

  9. @ gilbert n. quinones – yeah, sure 😛
    Group of best engineers of the world works on this project and they just don’t predict that the Palm may sink.

    Come on, are you that stupid or that ignorant?

  10. Some thing about the eco system that no one is talking about with the palm, There is a small group of people who are working closely with Nakheel to help, they are creating man made reefs around the palm, in just the last few years they have seen them florish into thriving reefs with abundent sea life, yes, the palm is causing errosin on the shoeline due to its massive size and altering the currents, however the eco system under water is going to thrive and grow thanks in part to the help of this handfull of folks. You might as how the F***k do you know? simple, I was there to dive with them and see it first hand, also something to note, on our way out to the reef, we found fish trap from fisherman who have illegally placed them there, these folks would stop at every one and release the fish and distroy the traps, all by request of Nakheel.
    One last fact, the sea floor is solid bed rock, the palm is not sinking, again how do I know this? simple the first project manager is a great friend of mind and I just asked him.
    Man and nature can live in harmony, but we have to look out for them.

  11. wow, gavin it seems youve created a monster in here. I was just checking this out for my project on the palm and its effect on the environment……..and, DAMN, im really blown away by the responses. Maybe i should start somewhere smaller.

  12. LOL…. palm island sinking. That wrong because they build the third one. Who will do that if he knew the first one is sinking looool.

  13. I want to present a article on palm island so i want some basic concept of making of the island so please mail me details of the island.

  14. i want some information about these three wonderful islands to prepare a project for my university, thank you very much for all.

  15. Wow! Dubai’s Palms seems on the surface like an extroidanary feat of engineering.
    Anyone have any idea about the founding visionaries of Venice Italy? Seems we have a parallel here….

  16. Cant believe the islands could possibly sink given the world class engineers that acted on the construction. However the errosion that i understand is taking place on the adjacent mainland doesnt surprise me because it seems that as soon as man interferes with nature its only a matter of time before somthing adverse takes place. it;s happened inmy town in West Australia.

  17. hi,

    I am closely related to the works in Palm deira; palm jumeriah is excelent its not sinking but palm deira we have experianced some problems,,,its sinking but we cannot judge b’oz its just the begning stage thts why the works there have been slowed down……g.luck

  18. everyone dont go there there is word from our latest studies that dubai is in danger of sinking . if this infromation leakes further my job may be in danger

  19. Actually, the latest news is that the islands are not sinking, but sky is actually RISING. It’s really weird stuff.

    (land reclamation is fairly common – the islands wont sink. Nor will the oceans be destroyed – nature is much more resiliant than you’re giving her credit for.)

  20. Of course, nature is resilient, but nature didn’t make those islands. I am a geoscientist and used to live on in a coastal zone with hurricanes. I know the damaging effects of wind, water, and subsidence. If no new sand is being added to a delta or island, it will eventually wear away, just like mountains eroding down to plains though mountains take a much, much longer time. Unconsolidated sediment doesn’t stand a chance to water and air currents. We have natural islands for a reason: they were made to be where they are. It is true that eventually the marine life will acclimate to the rocks that destroyed the life below it, but what else is being added to that environment by the construction process? There is always waste associated with construction. Plus, when all the rich people move in, there will be trash and waste associated with them. Where exactly would sewers or septic tanks go? It isn’t like you could build them so deep. And need I remind anyone that stupid engineers aren’t contracted to build bridges and buildings. Smart ones are and those structures collapse because of errors in judgment. Don’t believe for one second that a “good” engineer guarantees success.

  21. Oh yeah, and the bigger the buildings built, the more weight on the sand, so faster the subsidence. There are already cracked walls in villas built in 2003 that have been abandoned since. That’s what happens when foundations shift in unsteady subsurface.

    how I know? I live in Singapore. YES we reclaim because we are small and really need the land.
    Also dredging and land reclamation causes siltation. Which in layman’s term mud buildup at the bottom of the sea. Yes we have taken measures, but it didn’t work.

  23. There is so much talk about how “Great” the engineers are, but they
    are only human. As someone else commmented about the water currents and the winds, the earth’s climate changes constantly, how can the engineers plan for that? So maybe the islands aren’t sinking, but instead the water is rising, due to global warming.

  24. I’ve watched a few documentaries on these projects, and I can’t help but wonder how many people could be helped throughout the world with the billions that have been spent on this strange “island”. It looks really weird to me to see those huge highrises out in the middle of the beautiful sea. The whole thing is unbelievably ostentacious, and if I were a member of the idle rich, it’s the last place I’d go for a relaxing vacation. And my main concern would be the stability of these things-it looked like the beaches in front of the homes were all eroded already, and isn’t it truly just a matter of time before the buildings start to shift, maybe not completely sink, but make it uninhabitable? I have to ask, where does all the sewage and waste go? They never really addressed that in the docs. It’s amazing what oil money can do, just ask the current admin. in the US!

  25. “Truth is elusive to those who refuse to see with both eyes.”

    The rich and the investors will have moved on to bigger and better things by the time the ecological and social damage takes place, leaving nothing but a dilapidated ghost town of what was once an “innovative” idea.

    Sure, everything looks all fine and dandy right now, but what about a hundred years in the future? I fully expect to see, in the not-so-far-away-future, wealthy philanthropists raising funds to alleviate the suffering of the people affected by the waste and ecological damage produced by this monstrocity. Who will defend this project then? Who will praise the “brilliant engineers” for their “marvelous contribution to the modern age”?

    Now, take a look at Venice: it’s sinking. Sure, it has taken almost a millenium for it to do so perceptively, but we must keep in mind that it was a group of already present islands that were linked together. Sediment, by definition, settles. The foundation of these islands have not been given enough time to fully settle; therefore, we can expect to see shifting and cracking in the buildings themselves before very long.

    I am fully aware that I just wasted my time by posting this, but maybe one of you will see how ludicrous it is to put such faith in engineers–they are just out to make a buck, and by the time things go severely downhill, it will be too late for anyone to blame them. Open your eyes, folks, and stop giving mere humans more credit than they deserve…13th century cream-of-the-crop scientist believed Earth was flat. Brilliant minds, they were!

  26. The Palm will surely sink thanks to Global Warming.
    I have seen the Palm and looking at it from the Ocean it is so flat that just 1 tidal wave would completely destroy the island in seconds.
    I hope it doesnt happen – but when it does I will be glad that I did not purchase property there.

    Good luck to those who have and will.


  27. PALM ISLAND a manmade wonder………????

    As a Engineer, I appreciate this innovative idea and the creators who worked day and night giving everything to make this thing happen.

    But still i’m a human, rendering the marine ecosystem definitely doesn’t sound better. However from the scratch of 19th century concrete forests, our modern age human, started their way devastating the ecosystem which resulted in Global warming about which we are writing our thoughts/opinions here. Stating this i’m not supporting Engineering, I feel like asking u friends(who wrote your opinion on this), what initiative in your daily routine did u take to inspire others to get aware of Global warming.

    Sorry, i’m running out of the topic. Palm Island in my view, when it is concerned about the technology and innovative thinking of man its really fantastic, appreciable, great…. simultaneously when we consider about the environment, its a real demon, taking marine ecosystem, the drainage system for the island into account.

    One thing to share with you mates, any how we are not going to see earth perishing… but its our minimal responsibility of every human to give our further generation a better life… so please everyone try to take a precautional which can minimise global warming…

    Safe Guard Earth…..

  28. Dubai is one thing. Hype.

    Everyone is flocking there now…. everyone in search of “riches” yet they don’t see how they earn riches there or why.. they just want to be part of the riches. This just goes to show how Dubai is just that.. hype and hope.

    They’re spending all this money they made from oil (a lot of this Dubai money come from the USA and other EU superiors when buying oil these past 8 years…)

    So now that they’re running out of oil, they’re SPENDING mega bucks trying to hype up there economy to the rest of the world. Many are seeing these crazy things built and are spreading the word of Dubai like wild fire.

    I am not hating, I think its an awesome accomplishment, and they are mostly doing wonderful things.

    This island on the other hand… it is not a NECESSITY. It is something for the rich people to boast about…. THAT IS ALL! So for you insanely rich people of Dubai.. who cares if you live on an Island? Is that worth messing up the ONLY planet we have?

    Come on Dubai… I hope you people put more defensive thought into what this island is negatively doing to our ecosystem as a single being.

    Please, I wish and hope this “man-made wonder” does not harm us than we think it is capable of.

    There also needs to be more thought into the sinking of this island… I’ve read multiple stories so far of negative effects this sinking is doing. I don’t believe it’s just made up for nothing…

  29. I don’t know if it’s sinking or not but my sister rents an apartment on the palm and the quality of the workmanship is appalling – cracks in walls etc. also got bitten to bits last time there because water is stagnant, so lots of mozzies – the beach feels like being on a weird filmset – everything so unreal, no current just still water.

  30. well guys , because of the big cedit crise( thanks for american morons) , the prices in the palm SINKS thats right , but the palm it self i dont think its sinking and i dont think it ll sink in near future. I was working in the palm jumeriah as a project manager for frond p villas.
    May be but maybe in 50 years we can see a loose at the beach aroud 40 cm.

  31. I consider Dubai and these follies to be a joke … a monument to stupidity.
    Furthermore, it is a bit scary when others cannot see that.

    First major earthquake will cause a lot of damage.

    Why didnt they go inland, easier, cheaper, safer.

    But, hey, those arabs are not stupid!

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  33. A. To everyone who has said that this is all oil money, get your facts right people. It’s a common misconception that Dubai runs on oil, in fact the oil in Dubai ran out in the late 80s. And they have gradually moulded the economy in such a way that it did not depend on oil, and we all can see the results, Dubai was one of the fastest growing citites in the world in the past decade.

    B. The Palm Jumeirah is built on solid bed rock, it is NOT sinking. C’mon is everyone here naive enough to think that they know more than the hundreds of expert minds that were behind designing this project.

    C. As TV Arts said, they are helping create new marine life there… And they have been quite successful so far.

    D. The sewage issue has been properly addressed, it’s brought back to the mainland and disposed off along with the rest of the waste from the city. They are not simply dumping it in the sea like most people here are implying.

    E. Of course the Palm Islands are not a necessity. Its weird how people are cursing it by saying that it’s not necessary and that they should not have been made. Your line of thought is awkward. Do you do everything in life just because it is NECESSARY >?!!!! It’s a luxury. And everyone who has said that they would not buy property there, it’s because you don’t have the money to…. The Palm is a great place to live, or even just to invest in Real Estate for the long run.

  34. someone here said that the palm is so flat, that one big wave can sink it… Ever heard of a breakwater, you idiot?

    Ignorance is oozing out of most comments made on this blog.

  35. Oh, and Steve, The Palm Jumeirah can survive an earth quake of 8.5 on the Richter Scale without the slightest of damage. And Dubai has not had a major earthquake in decades !

  36. Can anyone out here tell me which consultants did the pre feasibilty study for the palms, any idea what the actual findings were!!!!

  37. The planet is warming – though it might not be man made. We could just be at the tail end of the current ice age. It takes a very brave or foolish man to invest millions in a property built just slightly above the current sea level!

  38. Like expected not only the Island is sinking but the whole economie and country has sunk.

    Although I admire the courage and initiative, they should have know that you cannot just build and buy your way out of everything.

    More sustainable investments and less bubble blowing in the future

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