Response digest

I will be assembling the opinions of everyone I can find here, and grouping duplicate opinions into categories. I will take it from emails I received, comments left on my blog, comments left on other blogs, and views expressed on other weblogs. This will take a while…






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  1. baba durag avatar
    baba durag

    Did John Gray, PhDoh, ever apply for, or get a refund from Columbia Pacific? They were ordered to offer them to every student since 1977. If he did, wouldn’t he be admitting knowledge of the opinion rendered by the California courts? It wasn’t a good one, and may have included the word fraud in it (I haven’t read it.)

  2. Charles avatar

    I noticed one interesting question nobody has asked. How can your PhD be considered “valid” if you don’t have an accredited BA or MA? Neither of Gray’s degrees prior to his alleged PhD are from an accredited university.

  3. Bernie Goldbach avatar

    One of the most valuable by-products from this DayPoppable discussion is the focus it placed on earning your academic credentials from traditionally accredited institutions. That’s an age-old debate, one underscoring the reason academic pedigrees are often earned at closed shops.