It isn't that easy to be a good rapper

Detractors of hip hop culture and rap music prompt to say that « anybody can rap », that « rap ain’t music, it’s crap ». All those people are totally wrong in their judgements, because they totally ignore what rap music is all about. It’s is so easy to be demeaning towards something they don’t even understand.
Rap music cannot be viewed the way you would look at classical music, but it is a very complicated and sophisticated art.

A good rapper needs to have a lot of qualities :

– First, to be credible, he needs to come from a hip hop cultural background.
Although rap music was born and has been developped by the black community, it has a universal vocation.

– he must be able to write good quality lyrics. Instead of being shocked by the many cusswords you can find inside of a rap text, people should try to look at the poetry and the meaning of the words. Many rap lyrics are street poetry.

– He needs to have a good sense of rythm and the rythm he puts in his music must marry with the text.

– A good MC needs to captivate his audience, he needs to have charisma

– A good must be balanced in his body and be a good breakdancer

– And many more…

Hip hop is a very complete artistic expression which uses painting (graffitis), music (rap), dance (breakdance), poetry. Hip hop culture should be respected as a cultural enrichment to society.
It is so untrue that « anybody can rap ». Rapping is a real job that requires a lot of work. There are so many rappers on this planet, but not all of them can claim to be good rappers.

2 thoughts on “It isn't that easy to be a good rapper”

  1. Those are all excellent points, and though I am not “for” rap, I can appreciate everything you said. It’s true, not everybody can rap, and it is a very hard position to acheive, but it’s highly comparable to slam poetry, which most would agree is nothing more than pointless banter and complaining. Rap is a for of artistic expression, but classifying it as a style of music is just wrong. rap has no musical talent in it, and for this reason, cannot be considered music. I also believe that you do not have to be a local to the environment to rap, especially taking into factor that most rap on tv consists of nothing but the bigshots rapping about nothing important. Smalltown rap and people who rap for the fun of it are more talented because they can write about topics that concern more to all people listening. I live in a town with less than 2,000 people in it, and I have a friend who is exceptionally talented at rapping (more specifically, free-styling), and he doesn’t need to put anybody down in doing so. I guess the main arguement against wrap is the “musical” aspect of it, but when it comes down to it, it’s just the ignorant people who can’t accept anything other than themselves, and who don’t take the time to realize that every form of music….or artistic expression is talent in it’s own way. That’s no way to be self-actualized.

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