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Kim Mathers ordered back to jail after dropping out of drug abuse program

The Eminem Blog

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (AP) ‘ The ex-wife of hip-hop superstar Eminem was back in prison after Macomb County authorities said she dropped out of a court-ordered drug abuse program.

Kimberley Mathers, was released from jail March 1 to attend a drug treatment program after being convicted of using cocaine while on probation.

Macomb County Circuit Judge Edward Servitto on Feb. 12 ordered she serve 30 days in the county jail and then be transferred to an inpatient substance abuse treatment program for an additional 90 days.

On Tuesday, she was back in the Macomb County Jail.

“For whatever reason, she left the program she was attending so the judge ordered her back to jail,” Capt. John Roberts, the jail commander, told The Detroit News for a Thursday story.

“For right now, it’s ordered by the judge that she complete her sentence in jail.”

Mathers, 28, was sentenced on Jan. 21 to two years’ probation after pleading guilty to charges of possessing 25 grams or less of cocaine and failing to give adequate space to an emergency vehicle. The charges stemmed from a June traffic stop in St. Clair Shores

Mathers was also barred from using alcohol or nonprescription drugs and has to undergo random drug testing for the duration of her probation.

Her sentence is up on May 12.

Mathers and Eminem, whose legal name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, have a daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers.

124 thoughts on “Kim Mathers ordered back to jail after dropping out of drug abuse program”

  1. yeah, what HAS Kim ever done……If I had to put up with his shit, I’d have a drug problem too. I love Eminem, just wouldn’t be his wife!

  2. Listen, Kim has had problems people but have you ever listened to a song by eminem called maockingbird…..because it explains the troubles eminem n kim went through so if u think its all kims fault it aint they all had problems they needed to work out n kim culdnt take it man….did u no she even tried to commit suicide….ill tell u all this right now kim and eminem should be an inspiration to everyone….how one couple went through so much but even though they styll hav problems how they both styll remain on the earth for one purpose which is there child…..that is wat you all call tough love or else kim wulda already killed herself if it wasnt for her lil gurl……….

  3. I just wanna say that’s pity. i love eminem but i don’t want to blame (i hope that’s the word i think cuz i’m not american or english. that’s not my first language) her, cuz that’s not my role. i just knox that kim and eminem have problem but they love their little girl hailie, and that’s all.

  4. baby d is right : leave her alone. we can say nothing about her cuz we don’t know her. i love eminem of course, but he’s angry with kim, that’s so normal he says bad things on her. we can’t say anything about her only with one point of view. and don’t forget that perhaps eminem had a bad childhood and a bad life before being famous, but that’s the same for kim. she comes from the same place. she had a bad life too, so leave her alone and don’t tell sth about her without knowing everything about that problem (sorry for the mistakes)

  5. Wow, I never realized that people were this into celebrity relationships that don’t affect them whatsoever.

    Grow up, get a life, and stop posting on internet messege boards trying to defend people who could care less about you.

  6. I agree everyone has skeletons in their closets. Unfortunately for EMINEM & HIS FAMILY people want to put them under a microscope. They are real people and have feelings and emotions. Trashing each other in the press or fans talking crap about them only makes it alot harder for their daughter to function in society. She doesn’t need to hear or be a victim of prejudice because of anything her parents might have done. Have respect and keep your comments to yourself!

  7. that’s why some of us say that all we see is that they two love their daughter and that’s all. the rest is not our concern.
    to you all suck > we speak about everybody’life : our family’s life, our friends’life… why not about both them ? After all, they are like everybody in the world. haven’t you think that we just like to look at the relationship about other people because of our… empathy, for exemple ?
    however, i don’t entierly desagree with you (i hope you understand me). we should live our own life instead of living through the life of others people. but this way of life is sometimes the reason to be for some people in the world -> think about soeur emmanuelle if you know or Mère Thérésa.

  8. Must be tough having millions of dollars while the rest of us have to work our tails off every day to pay our bills, provide for our families, worry about health care costs, job layoffs, and we had hard lives as well. We didn’t turn to drugs and we certainly wouldn’t get numerous chances to clean up our act if we had be busted with drugs. Give me a break! Welcome to the real world.

  9. some people aren’t as strong as the others. and some lives are more difficult than others. we can’t judge.

  10. Mouse you dipshit… when you say “we didn’t turn to drugs”, that means YOU didn’t. Good for you. THere’s millions of people out there who would rather pay for a 5th of Jack or a vial of crack instead of paying their month’s rent. There’s more people who don’t have millions of dollars who are on drugs and are addicted to alcohol than those who are rich.

    Welcome to the REAL world, bitch…. and newsflash.. it isn’t all about you.

  11. ouah… si j’ai bien compris, peu de gens aiment Kim ici, et la plupart n’aiment pas plus Eminem…

    Well, lots people are poor but don’t “fall in drugs”. and on the contrary lots people are rich and are drugs addict. It depends on everyone.

  12. I would just like to say that Em and Kim’s relationship can only be dissected by Em and Kim themselves. I’ve been in a relationship very similiar, and nobody can tell me what happened but me. Eminem is an amazing performer, entertainer, etc. I think that the problems you have when you are young rule your life then, but when you get older you look back and see that you are living by a whole new set of rules. It’s admirable that their number 1 concern is their daughter. Sometimes you just have to leave somebody to make things work.

  13. I have just watched the Mockingbird music video, which prompted me to find out more about the story of Kim. To me, it seems that for a long while the world was dealing them a shit hand. When you try and try and try to do good and right by your family and you keep getting dumped on it can get very hard to keep on going with life….that awful feeling of hopelessness (if you’ve never been there you can’t possibly know just how it feels).
    Drugs are a common way to try and make life better….by selling to get money, or using, to help forget the hopelessness you feel.
    In the song I didn’t hear Em bag Kim out at all, the whole song is really very sad, and I feel Em is very sad about not having his family all together.

  14. Misty and SadBut > i think you both are right. do you know the song called ‘kim’ in the Marshall Mathers LP’ ? I love this song. but i love as well mockinbird too, even though these songs are completly opposite. in ’eminem show’, there’s a song called ‘hailie’s song’. immediatly when i heard it, i loved it, but it’s not as mockingbird.
    concerning the problem between em and kim, i think that’s their problem, not our. once they love, once they hate… they’ve had such a bad life alone and together, particularly together… they probably are sad not to be together now, or maybe they are and we don’t know. anyway, now, there’s something which makes a link between them forever, one thing which could never vanish : Hailie.
    and anyway, we can’t do oy say anything to explain or judge their relationship. we are not them and we don’t really know the problem.

    et toujours désolée pour les fautes ! je l’ai déjàdit, je ne suis pas anglophone ! sorry. j’assure pourtant que j’adore l’anglais.

  15. the pope is dead. long live the pope. thank you and happy new life in the God’s world.

  16. Since wqhen is any of this any of YOUR business? Really, these are two people you don’t know. This is a problem that you don’t know shit about. All you know are the bits and peices given to us by the two people involved. If we all spent as much energy on trying to solve world hunger and homelessness as we do worrying about Brad and Jen and Eminem and Kim and whether or not Demi Moore is pregnant, there wouldn’t be a senseless war going on right now…this shit isn’t any of your business, you don’t know anything about it, so leave BOTH of them alone and let them live their lives. The only difference between them and you is they’re famous, so try a little compassion. If you were in their position, you’d want to be treated with a little more respect than you all are giving them and their daughter.

  17. Hey buddies, I think that the fact that both Em n’ Kim(da bItCh) love their little girl Haillie , will make them come together one day.

    et ENCORELOVEMM, t’as pas a t’excuser tout le temps, ton anglais n’est pas si mal que ça

  18. cOoLGuy007 merci, c’est sympa, mais quand je lis l’anglais de tout le monde ici, je me dis que le mien doit paraître très bancal. Mais merci quand même !

    And I’m okay with everyone : let’s leave both them with THEIR problems. Everyone has problems and a lot of people are in Em’s and Kim’s situation.

  19. Hi people, just wanna say that Em’ songs inspire me so much , especially mockingbird, Em’ is so sincere while talking to his girl in this song, he doesn’t hide anything, ca m’a poussé a parler a ma mere sincerement about how much i luv her , it sounds crazy but it’s true

  20. cOoLGuY007 C’est bien au moins que ça t’ait inspiré pour ta mère. Mais tu n’es pas obligé de mêler Français/Anglais lol
    And i agree : Mockingbird is wonderful. There, we know Em sings and not Slim Shady. But others songs are shadier but as beautiful as it (beautiful with another way). I mean Kim, Cleanin out my closet, Hailie’s song… When Em writes (and no Slim Shady) the songs always make me cry at first.
    cOoLGuY007 What you’re sayin doesn’t sound crazy, it sounds ‘upseting’.

  21. I think that anyone who speaks negatively, especially when the commentary refers to Kim Mathers, is extremely shallow, and very narrow minded!

    You know, don’t be so quick to judge unless you have lived through it/that! You people speaking disgustly of Kim, makes me severely angry. By the way, who are you, you people, to be judging, anyway? Isn’t that God’s job? I think that is Her job, and let’s leave it that way!!


  22. This is a continuation, and even though I really like Em’s music, I would NEVER want to be his “woman”! He’s abusive in every situation, and it’s a pattern which can lead to abusiveness to anybody, or everybody, even his own…; however, I am not saying that’s the case. I am a Prelaw Student, and have been studying addiction as a side “job”, and it’s not as simple as you may believe. It is an extremely complexing disease, and a disease is what it is! End of story!!


  23. supersexy => but does God really exist ? You probably think he does, but it depends on ‘each other’ (hope you understand me).
    Anyway, nobody is allowed to judge the others. That’s not our job, I agree (with) you on that point. However, you can’t say how he’s with women : you don’t know him and the real story with Kim. If we can’t judge her, we can’t judge him too.

  24. Guess who’s back, back again, c0oLGuY007’s back..
    back again!!!
    guess who’s back,guess who’s back,guess who’s back, Tshhhhhhhhhhh

    Hi mec & meufs… this forum is really … i would say .. somehow interesting, but the thing is that… all that is happening to Em and Kim is a situation that happen everyday in our societies, it can happen to anyone of us at anytime, what I’m trying to say is that instead of only judging or insulting Kim, we should use their story and try to think for our own daily life, try to ask ourselves: I could I deal with the kind of family problem if I was to meet such a wrong turn in my own life? use their story as an example for ur’self! anyway, forgive me all for having spoken like a parent HAHAHA!!

  25. coolGuY007
    That’s right. Aren’t you a bit crazy lol ??
    But I agree with you. One more time !

  26. Jesus you americans are fucking morons! You can go to a country and bomb the fuck out of their civilians, but you can’t say fuck on national TV.

    Kim is a fucking drug addict, coz no amount of eminem cash can’t flush the white trash out of her.

    Talk about fucked up shit right there!

    Well what can you do, when your president is a fucking ape! Every1 knows who Jay Leno is, but 70% of the people don’t know who Jimmy Carter is.

    I was actually glad when CIA bombed the twin towers (don’t tell me it was the rock throwing arabs, coz they don’t have the brains for it), because americans needed some mayhem and corpses on their soil once. They usually go murder babies to far away countries. CIA trashed the twin towers, so they would have a reason to invade Iraq.

    Iraq was never a safe haven for al-gaida, but had oil that US needs more and more every day. Before that they hunted down terrorists in Afganistan… Again a country with massive oil fields. I don’t think Bin Laden was even in Afganistan. He was probably enjoying his holiday in Bush’s summer house. They are business buddies after all.


  27. Jan Beck no comment, don’t need it
    You’ve given your mind about America and Americans, and Iraq war etc… But your mind about Em and Kim ? Just out of curiosity I’m askink you that question… Don’t be so angry about American and America, just tell for yourself that it’s Bush’s fault.

  28. Well it is bushes fault. he’s so busy trying to impress his daddy, he’s ruining the country doing it.

    as for kim and em, i admire eminem for his honesty and telling it like it is attitude.

    however, ive come to learn he’ a bit of a child when it comes to friends and family. we were exposed to the 97 bonnie and clyde song from his first LP and automatically assumed kim did him wrong by cheating. then bitch please from the next album re-assured as that she must be the bad guy. yet kim says he jumps to conclusions.

    he had a fight with his mum, she sued him to wake him up, and she said he jumps to conclusions.

    royce da 5’9″ – they were good friends, until em had a massive fight accusing him of trying to take over as leader. royce was doing no such thing and felt heartbroken that em could just turn on him like that. em jumped to conclusions.

    lets hope he treats hailie with the respect he sings about in his songs.

    my ultimate point is you’ll NEVER know who the bad guy is. so don’t diss either of them.

  29. Kim always looks like trailor trash, fuck that hoe bitch. Eminem is way out of her league now AND she knows it……. hense the coke. she looks like a freakin scruffy bimbo….

  30. Yes, it’s Bush’s fault. He’s the worst thing we could have in this world : he’s very dangerous. Cause a silly man who’s the more powerful guy of the first world’s country is the most dangerous thing we can have.
    For Em, Kim and Hailie : leave them alone, they’re not the first persons who live this situation, and unfortunatly not the last too.

  31. Leave religion and politics out of it. Jan Beck go leave your messages on the Bush is a moron site. You’re obviously lost.

    I hope Em and Kim can sort out their problems and stay together. Haile Jade your a cutie! You’ll have your own platinum album one day I’m sure…

  32. I just hope they could sort out their problems. I don’t known if they should stay together or not. Nobody can know.
    Hailie Jade is a cutie, i agree with you of course. I hope they could stop ‘fighting’ themselves particularly for her.

  33. dear encoremm, or whatever,

    i am not judging Em, i’m merely analyzing his music, and the songs he has written with Kim in them is, to say the very least, an autrocity! anyway, so, i’ll leave Her/God out of this, but this is still no reason to behave in an immoral, unethical situation. like i already stated, don’t be so quick to judge because all of this stuff just may happen to you one day; believe that!

  34. Continuation: when i become an attorney, i’ll be pursuing criminal-defense because there are too many woman who are very good mothers behind bars. kim is a very good mother, even though she has that disease. anyone with cancer, aids, or any other chronic illness can only do there best at mothering, fathering, or whatever. does that make sense to anyone of you out there? you all seem to be extremely uneducated, and i can’t even believe that i’m even conversating with you type of people. i usually surround myself with well-educated people, like myself, open-minded people, like myself, and nonjudgemental people, again, just like myself! BYE!

  35. supersexy
    Well-educated, open-minded, nonjudgemental… and modest people like you, of course. Then, I don’t understand everything you said (sorry, I’m neither English nor American). So I’ll try to answer as welle as I can.
    First, I don’t understand why you always mention God. God is a personaly mind. Maybe he exists, maybe not. He shouldn’t be here.
    Then, I think we perfectly know that this kind of stuff can happen to us on day. Personaly, I don’t remember I judged anybody here. I just tried to think of different points of view. Explain Kim’s attitude, Em’s attitude, Hailie’s situation… I don’t judge them. Well, I CAN’T judge them. I’m nobody to do that.
    Lastly, you dare to say we’re uneducated etc… Erh… Aren’t you jugding us ? Said as you said, yes, you’re judging us. Funny, isn’t it ? I think you’re not so open-minded that you say, but a little narrow-minded on some kinds of stuffs. You systematically reject people who are uneducated etc… to your mind. I’m not saying you should make them your friends, I just think you should speak with them, just to try to understand them and, why not, to ‘change’ their attitudes. It doesn’t mean you’re like them anyway.
    Well, I like this forum. Kisses for everybody here.

  36. To: Encoremm
    Listen you little ignorant “person”, or whatever you are. You are ignorant, and I’m not judging you, I’m only stating the EXTREMELY OBVIOUS! First, learn the language before you start insulting me because you sound SO STUPID, to say the very least! I don’t reject uneducated people, you moron. Didn’t you understand what I wrote? You obviously didn’t. I SURROUND myself with educated, open-mined, and nonjudgemental people. That doesn’t mean that I can’t tolerate them, those people. If you listen to Em’s music, his vocabulary is very abusive, and Kim had a restraining order against him. So, what does that tell you, that he’s not abusive? Ha Ha! You don’t even know me, and you’re insulting me, so I’m just “giving it back.” Also, I know I already said this, but LEARN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE because you sound, when you write, ignorant! Hope all is well with you, by the way. Ha Ha!

  37. Oh, hey, encoremm, I have a CONTINUATION! Yes, I do bring God/Her into my conversations, at times because, believe it or not, EVERYBODY has a Higher Power. It could be the trees, the air that you breathe, your family, your child or children, or drugs and alcohol. A Higher Power does not necessarily mean to everybody, God, but what I just refered to in my previous sentence. Does that make sense to you? A Higher Power is the reason for being. A Higher Power is YOUR REASON FOR BEING. Get it? I don’t know if you will, but try because it certainly makes sense to, well, most people that I know. Also, in addition to learning the English language, learn how to spell, too. I have an extremely hard time understanding what you are writing about or writing in reference to. Not to brag or anything, but I carry a 4.0 average in my college studies, so you’re not talking to just some idiot from the streets. Do you even know what a 4.0 grade-point average is? Well, it is the highest level of achievement in school. You know, if you are living in America, you should consider yourself very, very blessed to be here. If you don’t like it here, go back to where you came from, from…wherever! You have to be a guy because of your commentary. I’m a very observant person, and I suspect you support Em’s violence, so that tells me a little something about you, and don’t tell me that I’m judging him because I’m not! If you listen to his music, ESPECIALLY his old music, his lyrics are severly violent in nature, and very angry. He has tamed down a bit, a bit, and that’s all I’ll give him. Sorry if I offended you, but you offended me, and I just had to retaliate. I can’t let people just think that are correct in the way they correspond, especially if they sound so, so…one-tracked minded, like you sound! BYE!

  38. TO: encoremm:

    Also, I NEVER said that you JUDGED. You said that I judged Em. That’s all. Just wanted to clear that up, that “judging stuff.”

  39. To supersexy
    Oh, oh, oh, you don”t judge me, really ? Don’t think you offended me. Of course you didn’t. I respect your point of view and I hardly try to understand it. Besides, you speak about my ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Well, I laughed a lot when I read you. That’s right, my english is bad, but it’s just because I’m not english. That’s just a language I learn at school. I’m really sorry if I “hurt” it, but I love this language, that’s why I try to speak it whenever I can. I don’t live in America either, but I consider myself blessed to be in my own country, as you say. America is told the most beautiful country in the world. Well, maybe that’s true. I don’t know and actually I don’t mind. I’m delighted to live in my country.
    You say I must have misunderstood what you said. That’s possible, as that’s possible I’m ignorant… But you seem to have misunderstood what I’ve said too. I don’t feel like repeating it, sorry.
    Concerning God, and all you say about Higher POwer, I’ve got nothing to add. I just laughed a lot.
    4.0 grade-point. You’re right, I didn’t know what that is. And honnestly, I don’t care about it. You could be the more intelligent person in the world or be considered like a ‘angel of cleverness’, I still don’t care about. Because it’s not important. A 4.0 grade-point don’t make you a good person, or an intelligent person… It don’t make you somebody.
    Eminem’s lyrics : I don’t excuse him, I just say it’s a way for him to feel better. If you don’t like him, don’t listen to him. Each other has his own way to support his life. For Em, this way is music. You didn’t understand : I’ve never said he’s right to write such lyrics. I’m not against Kim. I’m not for Em. I’m just a eye which tries to understand them both. That’s all.
    A last thing : I’m not a guy, sorry. I’m a real girl. I don’t support Em violence. ‘Peace and love’, do you know ? I think you do. I’m sure you do. I don’t insult you. Don’t be offend, I don’t talk to you as if you were an idiot either. I’m sorry if you have this impression. I just don’t speak English very well. However, I’ll be so delighted if you tried to correct my mistakes instead of rememvering me my English’s bad. Hope you lots of good things in your life.
    Bye, kisses.

  40. To encoremm, or whatever: You laughed? You laughed at what? Do you think I’m being humerous? This, again, shows me, and DON’T SAY THAT I’M JUDGING YOU, “I calls ’em how I seez ’em…” What are you LAUGHING ABOUT? I’m totally confused, baffled! Also, YES, being intelligent DOES make you somebody special, AND, AND I THANK MY HIGHER POWER FOR THAT! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT? Actually, my God doesn’t want me to brag, insult, or be a bad person to anyone, so I’ll quit with the “arguing thing” that’s been going on, here. I LOVE MY GOD, TOTALLY! My God watches over me like you wouldn’t even understand! Are you athiest, or something? If you are, I feel, very sincerely, sad for you. Again, my God wants me to be a good person, so I have to apologize for being mean to you. I do feel bad about that because I’m not that kind of person. Anyway, we can agree to disagree, right? I can have my opinions, my own opinions, and you can have yours. That’s what make the world and the people in it so fascinating. Anyway, I won’t be checking this again because it stirs up too much emotions in me, emotions that I won’t explain, and emotions that you probably can’t understand, anyway, and I’m not trying to be offensive. I’m a very complex person, a lady, and I have to behave like a lady because, simply because, I WANT TO!
    BYE/Peace and kisses to you…

  41. supersexy
    I must conceed, I have not understood everything you said. So, I’ll try to answer you as I’ve understood you.
    I laughed because what you had said seemed funny to me. And today, I find it funny too, but not as yesterday. I can’t really explain why, or maybe I don’t want to explain why… Anyway it doesn’t really matter.
    You speak about my opinion and my… athiest, is that it ? Well, I think it’s funny. I can be wrong, but you seem very shocked, as if I made/did a very bad sin. Do you really care about me to be athiest or not ? Is there any importance in it ? I think not, but it’s personal (and everybody has his own opinion, as you said). But if it’s really important for you, I don’t mind answering : I think God exists.
    You speak about your emotions. Well, if I can’t understand them, don’t talk to me about them ! Or try to explain me. I’m certainly not the more intelligent in the world, and I’m maybe not a very clever person either, but I’m not the queen of stupidity. I’m not narrow-minded too, so you can try to explain me if you’re really open-minded (don’t be offended, I don’t want to be a Minerva).
    Lastly, I’m think you’re a funny lady (that’s not bad) and I like to chat with you. By the way, you’re a lady (or you behave like one) and I’m a girl, not anything else. I’m nobody in this world.
    Kisses and peace to you too.

  42. Dear encoremm,

    This will be my last and final entry, for the following reason. Yes, I promise this is the last, but if you want to contact me other than here, I will give you my e-mail address, at the end of my commentary. Because I am a fan of Em’s music, my interest in his daughter, and Kim, I “stumbled” upon this web site, simply by accident. However, when I read some of the comments, the negative and extremely gross comments about Kim, it ENRAGED ME! As of now, I am only a legal counselor for people who have been charged with a crime because I am not yet a full-fledged attorney or lawyer, and since I am not an attorney yet, I can only counsel, for now. Anyway, like I basically said, I was very shocked, angry, and disgusted with the comments regarding Kim. So, because I am the person I am, I HAD TO RESPOND! I couldn’t believe that people, human-beings could “trash” Kim, or ANYONE like that! I HAD TO RESPOND, like I said, RESPOND ON BEHALF OF KIM. The saga of Kim and Marshall “hit so close to home”; however, I won’t elaborate on that, or how it relates to me because it’s very personal and private.

    As for your question regarding me wanting to know about your faith, yes, I am very interested. As a strong believer in my God, of course I am sincerely intrigued with peoples’ views on faith/God. When it comes to God, I am very serious, NOT sarcastic, not at all! That’s not my “way” when in comes down to those types of issues. In addition, the reason I speak about my God in a lot of situations is because my God loves me unconditionally, protects and watches over me, and this is done publicly. So, the very least I can do for my God is to acknowledge Him/Her, and return the favor, all the favors my God does for me and my family. My God didn’t “short change” me, at all! He has give me many blessings. You should always think and speak very highly of yourself, and I am a beautiful person, inside and out. Plus, I have a wonderful husband, wonderful children, who are healthy, intelligent, and very well-liked, by many people. My God has given me SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR, but that’s all I’ll say about that, about my blessings.

    Like I said, this is my last entry, and I won’t be checking this web site again because my intent was to only support Kim, and not to communicate with anyone. If you wish to chat with me, my e-mail address is This may be a little dangerous, but I’m not scared because…well…you know why. Plus, I have killer dogs, and we are heavily armed. In some parts of our city, it can be very dangerous, but we live in a nice neighborhood, and a good township, but living in a good neighborhood is where people who commit robbery, commit robbery in the homes of our area.

    I wish you all the peace, joy, and happiness that the world has to offer. Mostly, I hope that you learn all the languages you wish and want to learn! Until we meet again…
    Hugs and Kisses-ME

  43. Dear encoremm: UGH!

    I keep making the same mistake about my e-mail address. For the record, it is, and, again, I hope to hear from you. Let me know, somehow, that it is you, so that when I open my electronic mail, e-mail, I will know that it is you, okay?

    There, I’m finished, FINALLY! Let me do this again, my e-mail address., and that’s the correct address.

    Until I hear from you again, I wish you all the best. I’ll only be looking for your “letters” on my e-mail site, okay. I won’t be looking here because, like I said, I’m done with this site. Don’t forget, let me know it’s you, somehow. I’m sure you’ll think of a sign, a sign to let me know that it is you who is writing.


  44. Hi’s been a long while since the last time i was on this blog…anyway it seems that there’s been a lot of deviations…u know what i’m sayin’… I think the war of words between some ladie s here is not worth…when Supersexy says;”uneducated people” it is indeed judging peopleon this blog(she claim that she doesn’t like to judge others…so ..)one more thing is that this just a blog .. not a school assignement so people can’t be serious all the time and may write sometimes crazy ideas but that can’t tell u straight away that the person is educated or not….how can u guess that from only 1 paragraph written and for Christ sake just on a BLOG…u know guys u may hurt some people by writing such offensive words like narrow-minded or whatever… u ain’t got no right

    I know it’s none of my business to interfere between personnal wars …’s just a blog why not say my opinion on that?

    hey, Encorelovemm fo pas t’en faire..tu sais..elle a aucun droit d’attaquer les gens directement…j’ai meme l’immpression k’elle sait pas trop bien ce k’elle raconte pcq elle se contredit tout le temps(tu m’excuse de foutre le nez dans vos affaires privées, mille excuses…


  45. CoolGuY007
    Comme tu le dis, c’est un blog, c’est même juste un blog, donc t’as pas àt’excuser. Tu as parfaitement le droit de lire notre conversation, personnellement, ça ne me pose aucun problème, parce que c’est pas privé.
    Well, about the rest… I’ve nothing to add. Just lots of kisses for you and keep your mind open on the world. Life is too beautiful to be lost in such stupid things. And men (and woman) are not so bad. Kisses

  46. CooLGuY007 : au fait… merci de m’écrire en français. Je trouve cette attention particulièrement plaisante. C’est sympa de ta part. Kisses

  47. Hi everyone!

    I’m new to this site, and have read all of the comments. I have some comments, too, but I can’t say them all right now because I have a 101 things to do. Fhew! Anyway, here I sit, on parole for the next year, and I just got out of a state prison, two months ago. It was for a drug charge, and I NEVER thought that jails and prisons could EVER happen to me, no not ME! Well, I’ll write this very quickly because I have to go soon, but I write more later, like I said. I have a Master’s Degree in Sociology, and I worked for a local adoption place, giving up children whose mothers and fathers were in prison. Most of these parents had drug problems. The prisons and jails are filled with alcoholics and addicts. So, I can relate and understand supersexy, I think. Maybe this, what happened to me, happened to someone she, supersexy, knows, or maybe even to herself. Like I said, I am very well educated, I live in one of the richest areas in my city, and I have a beautiful daughter, and an awesome husband. I NEVER EVER thought that I would go to jail or prison. I came from a very good family, and I have four older sisters who took very good care of me because I was the baby of the family. I was their baby doll, so to speak. Well, I became addicted to drugs, narcotics, prescription drugs, and when I wouldn’t have them, I would get very, very depressed. I didn’t understand that what I was going through was withdrawals. So, it became a terrible cycle. I would get depressed, then use my addictive medications to bring me out of my depression. I, soon, became extremely dependent and addicted to them, addicted to the point that I took my “stuff” everywhere with me. I had all kinds of doctors, and very good health insurance, so I could get, basically, whatever I wanted. Eventually, I got arrested for prescription fraud, and…it got worse, everything got worse. More on this later, but maybe when you “put down” or insult Kim Mathers, you’re insulting supersexy, too. Do you understand? I feel somewhat insulted, too because I am a drug addict, but not, yet, the kind that you would see on “skid row.” I probably would have gotten there one day, myself, but the law intercepted. Next: Chapter two! SEE YA’LL

  48. and your mom was saving money for you in a jar
    Trying to start a piggy bank for you so you could go to college
    Almost had a thousand dollars till someone broke in and stole it
    And I know it hurt so bad it broke your momma’s heart

  49. Mockingbird of course ! Such a beautiful song ! How to forget it or to dislike it ?? It’s impossible !

  50. u say keep your comments to yourself but you say yours u retard. By the way eminems old music is better than his new music. You rock Eminem.

  51. That’s just a metaphor, I’m just psycho
    I go a little bit crazy sometimes
    I get a little bit out of control with my rhymes
    Good god, dip, do a little slide
    Bend down, touch your toes and just glide
    Up the center of the dance floor
    Tee pee for my bunghole and it’s cool if you let one go
    Nobody’s gonna know who’d hear it
    Give a little poot poot, it’s ok (Fart Sound)
    Oops my cd just skipped
    And everyone just heard you let one rip

  52. Now i’m gonna make you dance, it’s your chance, eh boy shake that ass, oops I mean girl, girl girl girl, girl you know you’re my world… Alright now lose it aaaa JUST LOSE IT ! […]

  53. Yo this one here goes out to all my playas out there ya kno got to have one good girl whose always been there like ya know….. anyway this just a lost of control..

    hummmm… Encorelovemm…can u guess who’s the real “outtacontrol” peviously on this blog..

  54. The shit with kim!She messed up hailys and lainy’s life.If she never had to go to jail the girls lifes would have been better!Kim fucking screwed up those 2 little innocent girls lifes.Why?Because she was on fucking drugs!Thats why!The song mockingbird explains the familys life!listen to it!

  55. Why did kim have to be a drug addict?Why couldnt she b like normel people?She messed up the whole familys life!What is her fucking problem?Read this article.
    Kimberly Mathers, the ex-wife of rapper Eminem who has built a career on hard rhymes about hard times, will be serving a little hard time herself, since a Macomb County judge informed her she has absconded from probation one too many times.
    Mathers, 29, of Clinton Township, pleaded guilty to a violation of probation Wednesday before Macomb County Circuit Judge Edward A. Servitto for leaving the Dawn Farms in-patient drug patient center where she was supposed to be spending time in lieu of jail.

    Servitto then sentenced her to a year in the Macomb County Jail, with credit for roughly four months of time she will have already served in August when she completes her current term in jail stemming from a previous violation. Mathers is best known as the ex-wife of Marshall Bruce Mathers, aka rapper Eminem, and is the mother of his 7-year-old daughter, Hailie.

    “Now you want me to do it (show leniency) again. Can’t happen,” Servitto told Mathers Wednesday in court. “You have absconded twice from your responsibilities. And that absconding is tantamount to escape. That shows total disregard of your obligations.”

    Mathers broke down and wept briefly as the judge imposed sentence, but Servitto also added a provision where Mathers could leave jail after nine months of time served for more rehabilitative therapy at the Hazelden clinic in Minnesota. If she demonstrates a true desire to rehabilitate and completes the treatment without incident, Servitto said, he would then allow her to retain a special legal status that keeps the conviction sealed or suppressed.

    State sentencing guidelines generally call for a jail sentence of six months or less in such cases, but Servitto decided to depart from the guidelines because Mathers’ behavior was a particularly glaring example of misconduct under his interpretation of the law.

    “We discussed a (sentencing) recommendation with the other side as much as we would with anyone prior to a hearing, but we decided it was ultimately up to the judge to review the facts and decide on incarceration,” said Jennifer Adlhoch, a Macomb County assistant prosecutor handling the case.

    Mathers has logged at least three alleged violations of her initial 2-year probation sentence, stemming from a traffic stop in St. Clair Shores last June where police found cocaine in the vehicle she was driving. She also failed to appear in court more than once while that case was pending, before ultimately taking a plea deal for probation.

    In the latest instance, Mrs. Mathers was taken to a doctor’s appointment in early April from the Dawn Farms drug program facility where Servitto had referred her. She was supposed to attend a nearby Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meeting and then return to the program, but she never returned and members of her family said they couldn’t locate her until police apprehended her in Ann Arbor two weeks ago.

    Previously, Mathers had also disappeared from the program in February, and she once tested positive for recent use of cocaine just days after her sentencing in the original case.

    Mathers’ mother, Kathy Sluck, left court without comment about the case Wednesday. Defense attorney Michael J. Smith also refused to answer questions by reporters after the court hearing.

    Why did she have to break the rules and have to go in jail for 2 more years! she screwed up her life and her family so much!

  56. Chapter II:
    Yes, I can definately relate to Mockingbird because it basically is the song of my husband, daughter, and me. Oh, to Iloveeminem, Kim Mathers didn’t not, most likely CHOOSE to become a drug addict. I mean, who says “I want to be a drug addict when I grow up?” Like I said in my “Chapter I”, I used to escape depression, and it was the only drug that worked IMMEDIATELY to relieve my depression, compared to the “real antideppressants.” I NEEDED immediate relief because I’m a very busy woman, and I couldn’t stay in bed for days at a time. I just couldn’t. Anyway, supersexy was probably trying to convey that addiction can happen to ANYBODY, smart, rich, poor, famous, geeky, etc. Do you understand what I’m referring to? Well, gotta run…Chapter III, next time…BYE!

  57. Oh, by the way, the song “Mockingbird” is a song that, I believe, Em wrote out of love for his daughters, and Kim. The video also has the visual aids to convey the story, and, like I said, I think that was a wonderful, wonderful way of showing love for his family: his daughters, and Kim. Believe it or not, Kim is a part of that family because she is their mother, Laini, and Haili, and Whitney. I thought that the song/video showed great character in Em. I also believe that, in addition, he wanted his daughters to know that she was/is a good mother, and just because someone is a drug addict, doesn’t mean that they are a bad parent, and Em knew that, knows that. He showed the world, their girls, and Kim that “stuff happens”, and you have to “get past it.” I hope all that made sense….’til next time…be happy, forgiving, and loving…

  58. Oh, hi guys! I’m back, again, and I have a few things to add. First, to ILoveEminem, Addiction and Depression are very, very serious illnesses. They are not just some phony bologna (bolony)illesses. They are VERY REAL, and I’m not speaking condescendingly, just speaking from experience. Before I was 27 years old, I thought depression was not a real disease. I thought it was a made-up illness, and that it didn’t really exist; however, I was very wrong. When I got Depression, I was…it was like looking outside, and even though there was sun in the sky, the world looked gray, and that’s a severe understatement. Also, about the disease of Addiction, I didn’t know that existed either. I didn’t know that Alcoholism and Addiction were, basically, the same thing, but Addiction is Addiction. It is an extremely…horrible disease, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. So, people, alot of people, with mental illness, any kind of mental illness, such as Depression, Bipolor, etc., use drugs to stop what’s going on inside of their heads. Does that make sense? Yes, I was very niave (sp?), and very uneducated about those diseases/illnesses, but I’ve come a long way, baby! ha ha! More later…Kim McGraw

  59. Dear encorlovemm,

    What is waouh? Does that stand for something, or is that a word that you possibly misspelled? I’m just assuming that you are French because some of your comments. Maybe you are Canadian, and speak French? Anyway, I just wanted to understand what that meant, what “waouh” meant.

  60. Dear Kim II >> You’re right, I’m French. Don’t think I’m Canadian or another, because I’m a ‘real’ French who lives in France (and I’m sorry for the so bad relationships between America and France today) I said ‘waouh’ just because I haven’t got enough time to really think of what you’ve said (I’m not saying it’s boring, don’t worry : I admire what you’ve said) and to answer it. I’ve just wanted to say that I agree with you and I’m really ‘touched’ (I don’t know the real world in English, I’m really sorry !!!) by what you’ve said. That’s all ! Bisous àtous.

  61. Ah, merci. I took French in highschool; however, I did not learn much because I was far too young, and the teacher, Mr. Lemoyne, was very hard to understand. It is a very nice language, but I’m Ukranian/Russian descent and I am bilingual, speaking English and Hungarian. I do have some Hungarian in me. Anyway, I know this site isn’t about this stuff, but I do have to agree with you about our relationship with the French, and that’s the fault of our “genious” president, Bush. He’s an…, well you can finish that sentence. I did not vote for him. Oh, yeah, I did take French Culture/Language about two semesters ago in college. I’m trying to get my doctorate in Writing. Our teacher was very funny, and she was definitely, definitely against the American Government, for many, many reasons. The terms Freedom Fries, instead of French Fries, was gross, according to her. I had fun in her class, and I did learn alot about the French. I do know that in France the “state” and church are “divided”, if that makes sense. In our country, we are “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”. Ha Ha! Yeah, right, that’s why so many of us, us Americans, are being killed in Iraq. That’s a great sadness, to me. Maybe that’s why you spoke to supersexy regarding God and a Higher Power? In a recovery program, a recovery program that is for Alcoholics/Addicts, a Higher Power and God are very much apart of the recovery process. That’s why I believe that supersexy has been in a recovery program, or that one of her loved ones has been in one. All for now, girlfriend-smiley face!

  62. Kim II >> I’m very pleased to read what you’ve said and to hear an American speak about French like that ! I must thank you for that ! As you can see, I love English language, that’s why I come on this blog, and I’m so pleased that some American ou English people like my language, which is very complicated compared to yours. You’re sad to have Bush as a president, but you know, we can’t be proud of us either, because our President, Chirac, is really not an angel… Now, France isn’t ‘fine’, everybody suffers because of our governement… And when I say everybody, I mean poor and modest people. Rich people feel really good… However, as you say, we’re a ‘laic’ country. God and State are ‘separated’, and personaly, even if I’ve my own ‘faith’, I think it’s better for all. But that’s just my mind… I have to leave. bye

  63. Yes, I do think it is better to have the “state” and the church separated. Not everyone believes, or has the same faith. Our country was built on “religious asylum”, and we have many, many different religions. I am Jewish; however, I do not practice that faith, but it is still in my blood. We, our family, carrier some of the Jewish “diseases”, such as Tay Sach’s, Pernicious Anemia, etc. Responde Sil Vous Ple, (sp?)

  64. Man yall say Eminem is yalls idol but i dont really think it is because at least he has a hart and cares about HALILE JADE MATHERS and also if ya’ll talk about eminem shut the fuck up because ya’ll dont even now what hes been thourg. THE THING ABOUT KIMBERLY ANN SCOOT IS BECAUSE SEE IF JST A FUCKEN LIL GURL AND THAT IF SHE HAS A PROBLEM WITH EMINEM OR MARSHALL WHY DID SHE EVEN GET THE FUCK MARRIED WITH EMINEM HUH…??? AND ALSO IM A TRUE FAN OF EMINEM IF YA’LL ARIENT YALL JST SUCK IS DICK IM NOT LIEN!!!



  65. Hello all ! I’m really sorry I’ve been far away so long, but I was in the south of my land (somewhere called Cap d’Agde) because here, we’re on hollyday !
    So Kim II, I entierly agree with you, but of course my opinion can’t count a lot, because I do live in a country where state and religious are separated, so… On my mind, each of us could (or should) have his own believes without disturbing the others with it, because that’s just a belief and it should live in our heart, not anywhere else. A belief is a belief : religious can’t be ‘put’ in somebody by obligation. We can’t ‘oblige’ somebody to have our faith, because even if this person ‘take’ our religious (since we have him/her do it), religious will never live in his/her heart. Religious is a state of mind, I think we forget this too many times…
    (NB : please = s’il vous plaît = svp )
    But you can try to talk to me in french : even with mistakes, I’ll be very delighted !
    (Still sorry for my own mistakes. Bye !)

  66. Hi!

    How does everyone feel now that Em is in rehab? Apparently, he is addicted to sleeping medication, so does that make him a drug addict? I would put him in that catagory, but, then again, that, he being a drug addict, does not matter because he is a decent person.

    ME/Peace out

  67. Personaly, I feel a bit sad, because he ‘cancelled’ all his ‘performs’ (I don’t know the english world for ‘concerts’, so sorry) in Europ. But I prefers him not to come here and to ‘feel better’, to ‘rest himself’… So Em we still love you and we’re with you !

  68. If I well remember (??), Lainie is Kim’s daughter or the daughter of Kim’s twin… But I’m not really sure.

  69. Lainie is Kim’s twin’s daughter, apparently the child of Ronnie. She was mistreated, and sent to live with Marshall & Kim, and Marshall [Eminem], later officially adopted her.

  70. yo hablo castellano pero se hablar en encanta…well i think eminem is a very good person because he had a very bad life and he is doing his best to give hailie and lainnie a great life,and he could do it.i think lainnie is kim’s twin daughter,apparently the child of ronnie.
    espero q eminem siga cantando because i read that he was going to retire y estoy muy triste por eso…

  71. Hi guys!

    Laini, or Alaina is Kim’s twin sister’s daughter. Kim’s sister, the twin, is named Dawn, and she had twins: Alaina and Adam. I don’t know who the father is, but I do know that allegedly Dawn did drugs while she was pregnant with her twins, and Adam is both physically and mentally challenged because of this. I heard that Adam lives with his father, whom has sole custody of him. If Ronnie is deceased or passed, he can’t be the father, if Ronnie is Em’s uncle. Em’s Uncle Ronnie committed suicide several years ago, so I don’t think that it is the same Ronnie that is the biological father of these twins because, like I said, Adam resides with his father. Em adopted Laini, and you can see by the video Mockingbird that Laini has lived with Kim and Em, probably most of her life, so Kim and Em are like her natural parents. I’m assuming that Kim cannot legally adopt her at this point because of being in the Legal System, but by all other means, she is Laini’s mommy. That is extremely obvious. Later, guys! Peace out! Ha Ha Also, I hope all of this made sense because I’m in a hurry to get to class.
    Kim McGraw

  72. Oh, yeah, I haveone more thing. Kim’s other biological child, a daughter named Whitney, is not by Em. I have heard through the media that Em’s reason, well, one of his reasons for not getting back together with this beautiful young lady, Kim, is because she had a child with another man. I think, though, that Em has matured a great deal, and that they will eventually get back together, and all three little girls will have a nice family life, and that Em will accept Whitney as his own. I have heard, also, through the media, that Whitney’s biological father is in prison, so you never know what will happen with Kim and Em.

    Signing off for now, Kim McGraw

  73. Hey….Kim deserves what she gets….She was never there for Em and he was always there for her…….Em deserves better then Kim and I don’t think she sees how much Em truly loves her. I’m not saying Kim is a bad person,but Em put up with alot from her and she just keeps dishing out bad stuff.

    ~Amanda A~ EMINEM 4 EVA!!!!!!!

  74. Hey guys,

    I’m not “putting down” Em because I just love his “way”, but I also have great/awesome respect for Kim, as well. Kim is a physically beautiful woman, a beautiful person, which is prevalent in the way she takes care of her kids, all of them, even the one that’s not biologically hers, Alaina or Laini. Concurrently, she is a wonderful mother, and, yes, she did do jail time, but NOT for being a bad mother! She has the disease of addiction, which is, at most times, secondary to depression, another illness, a mental illness. People with mental illnesses, a lot of times, use drugs, and alcohol, to stop the “noise”, so to speak, or to “numb” themselves from what’s “going on” in their minds/heads. Yeah, I’m sure Kim’s done a lot of “bad stuff”, but so has Em, right? I mean, who hasn’t? Let me know who is a “complete angel”, here, on this earth. Remember, “it takes two to tango.” Em has openly admitted about being a wife beater, and noone deserves that, but I do believe that he is sorry for all that he’s done, and, also, I do believe that he’s matured, or “grown up”, a lot, over the past few years. His latest video reveals much of how he feels, or thinks about his family,in my opinion, and I did hear, in reliable news articles, that Kim and Em are “getting back together.” Also, there was talk about them remarrying, which I think is truly wonderful! Their kids, all of them, deserve a great mommy, and daddy, which, again, in my opinion, they are wonderful parents. I hope this entry makes or made sense! (I’m) always in a hurry!

    Peace out/Kim McGraw

  75. Dear CoolGuY007, (Please, don’t take offense…)

    I noticed that you stated some negativity, toward supersexy, only AFTER she left this “chat board.” Why is that? Did it ever occur to you that she wasn’t “judging” ANYONE, just merely stating the truth, and/or the OBVIOUS? I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I understand “where she was coming from”, and I don’t have any “yucky” thoughts or opinions of her. I hope that makes sense, and, also, I REALLY and TRULY hope that I didn’t hurt your feelings. I just that it was interesting that you only commented on supersexy, AFTER she left. C’est la vive! sp? (spelled correctly?) At any rate, “peace out”, “dude!”

    Kim McGraw

    P.S. I don’t want to “argue”, with anyone. That is my last intent, or wish, especially around the Christmas season!

  76. Dear Kim,

    I have to admit that ur post kinda surprised me, cuz it’s been very long since the last time i was on this forum..and just when i decide to come back n see what has been going on since then..”bam” a post about me/or what I once wrote…I find it nice believe it or not..

    anyway, i’ve got to tell u that I never knew that supersexy had already left the chat board at that time..n i remember that i was just commenting about the small arguement between her and encorelovemm…. i was just trying to make the both see the things in another angle…and also..i think I said ( i guess in french) that i knew it wasn’t my right to interfere anyhow in their discussion….

    all i’m trying to say is that i didn’t mean to make any of them feel bad…and if i did..I really apologize….

    Hey Kim, could u please tell me if u know another forum about Eminem coming out of rehab’ and about the new song a bit related to it ” when i’m gone”…plus i heard that he wants back Kim as his it true?

    hope to read from you soon

    thank you.

  77. Merry Christmas erverybody at first !
    And Happy new year of course then.

    I heard Kim and Eminem would get married as coolguy do and I wonder if it’s right or not ?

    Coolguy, il y a plein de sites sur Eminem. Tape dans google et sélectionne, j’ai fait comme ça et j’en ai vu des tas.

    Kiss & peace !

  78. Hi everyone,

    Thanks E ncorelovemm for ur wishes, anyway it’s good to read form u again, hey it’s been a long time… bah tu sais pour ma question sur Em’ en fait c’etait pas vraiment like ” une vrai question” it’s just that I felt like it’s weird nobody talked about it on this page..u know..just wanted to introduce the subject somehow…

    by the way what do u think of that move?

    well’ , a la prochaine et bonne fete de nouvel an.

  79. Coolguy >> merci pour le mélange anglais-français, c’est particulièrement plaisant àlire et àcomprendre…

    Best wishes to everyone (I feel some mistakes here… Sorry ! I’m too tired, I can’t reflect too much or else my head will swell !)


  80. Coolguy >> Le prends pas mal surtout, c’est juste une petite plaisanterie. lol + + see you soon / read you soon

  81. hey i think em had problems when he was a child so maybe thats why he acts like that and he understand kim and kim welll she is a b**** i dont judge her but she is just not right for him his is so nice he doesn’t diserve that well any way i think all of yall have your opinion and thats it. eminem is a hottie i have all of his cd and posters. he is sooooooooooooooocute . also if they get remarry they only did it for their little girl heaile that both of them love so much especially em. chao.

  82. sexybitch >> Don’t you think they can also get remarry because they love each other ? I think so. I don’t know after all, but I think Em have never stopped loving Kim, even if he always says he hates her… That’s just a complicated relation, but that’s love, isn’t that ? She loves him so much (perhaps too much), he lolves her too… And they love their daughter. I wish they will be very happy cuz everybody deserve it. And I wish everybody here will be happy too.
    ‘Bye all, Love
    + +

  83. Kim u r crazy u have a beautiful daughter at home poor halie gets left out and not mentioned like a little gurl needs her mum i think it is terrible.

  84. Hi everyone,

    I think it’s wonderful that Em and Kim remarried! Oh, and I have to agree with CoolGuY007, I do believe, wholeheartedly, that their love for eachother is very strong. If they were just getting married for the sake of their daughters, all of them, even the girls that aren’t biologically Em’s, and Alaina, Kim neice, (sp?) Em could’ve just built Kim a “guest house”, near his home, so that they, the kids, could have both of their parents, right there. That sounds like a reasonable solution, to me. Anyway, I wish them both, well, actually, all of them, all five of them, the best luck in the world…

    Peace out/(he he)
    Kim II

  85. … And a lot of happyness for all of them, because after all the things, and especially bad things, they lived, they do deserve it !

    Peace y’all & happyness for everyone

  86. dude did u know they all had problems and kim waz ems first true lov u cant break that kinda thing apart they lov each other and always have give them a chance not fuckin judge them how they live hailey is a beautiful lil gurl and em and kim were ment to be together see all the songs he wrote cuz of them no ones judgeing yr life so dont judge theres
    peace out side

  87. dude sexy bitch u are a bitch u slut let me gwess yr trin to lick yr pussy and or lickin somone eles so go fuck yr sis or bro or even mom or dad cuz thats shitty what u said about them u sluit u should burn in hell they lov each other so fuck off and kim may have problems but damn dont judge her peace out side ya kunt

  88. shortie >> ok for your first comm but not really for the second… for several reasons I can’t explain now cuz it’ll last for ages to translate them from French to English language… Just ignore what sexy said if you don’t agree

    Peace and congratulation(s) to Em and Kim for their marriage !

  89. dear marshall,
    I know that one of your daughters name is hailey, but what is your other daughters name. I think your really cool. And before you think I’m one of those stalkers, I’M NOT.
    your fan,

  90. yea if i was kim i would do drugs to look eminem tells her she a bitch writes song sayin he goin to kill her fuck that he needs to learn how to treat her right i mean kim shouldnt be doing drugs becuz of him she should be thing about her daughter but eminem needs to think how does haliey think about how he talks about kim!!! eminem and kim needs to stop and think about there kids

  91. eminem is so fucking hot mathersso fuck u kim for being a fucking drug addict u fucking beatch.i would never leave em jus because he became a famous fucking rapper shit bitch u have serious fucking probs.

  92. Hey, all, it’s been a long time since I’ve written. I’ve been busy with school, but anyhow, I am very sad to hear that Kim and Em got divorced, and even more sad to think about what effects this may have on their children.





  93. kim deserved everything she got, especially having kids and not giving a fuck . Eminem is the best father in the world and she was just sitting somewhere snorting coke . Eminem forever !<3

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