More debate

Yet more debate on this whole situation. This discussion is very interesting, its much different to the ongoing discussions in the blogosphere. People here seem to be bringing the credentials of Rick Ross into question rather than that other guy.

Another interesting blog that I had not seen before, Overlawyered, has a brief mention of the story. The stories on it are all good reads, very informative.

Slugger has also weighed in with his views on the story.






One response to “More debate”

  1. Earl avatar

    Geezus, it never ceases ta ‘maze me what sort of stuff people find to talk about on the net. Is it just me or is that a whole web site devoted to cheap and quick ways to get letters added to one’s name?

    I am amused by the idea discussed in one of the posts that “alternative” education was a “70s’-80’s thing” and therefore a “reasonable” choice at the time which shouldn’t be used to discredit the degree holder. So “popular” = “respectable”? I recall that cocaine was quite popular at the time as well.