Eminem's bum rap

U.S. rapper Eminem made an appearance on German television on Tuesday and gave millions of viewers the chance to see a whole new side of him as he laid himself bare. He even attempted some rud(e)imentary German.


It was asking for trouble: Take one American rapper with a penchant for scandal and offensive language and add one German television show which actively encourages such behavior as a form of entertainment. The result? German viewers being treated to the sight of U.S. star Eminem dropping his trousers and cursing, much to the delight of TV Total presenter Stefan Raab.

It all started so innocently, well, as innocently as it could possibly be when it comes to an appearance from the controversial rapper as his crew D12. After performing their latest single on the ProSieben entertainment show, Eminem turned his back to the cameras and nonchalantly dropped his baggy jeans, exposing his behind to an audience of millions. Sensing the chance to grab a slice of scandal for itself, TV Total producers lingered on the rapper’s backside for a good few seconds before it was safely encased once more in denim.

Not content with one example of Mr. Mathers’ mooning skills, presenter Raab then asked young Marshall back to repeat the feat. Happy to oblige, Eminem returned once more and repeated the airing of his nether regions for the German public. This time however, obviously aware that a bit of a flash is nowhere near his usual standard of shocking behavior, the rapper accompanied his second performance with a tirade of abuse in the German tongue.

Reveling in the freedom that German television had afforded him in comparison to the restraint of TV in his home country, the American star later commented, “We love your country!”

12 thoughts on “Eminem's bum rap”

  1. Hi! First of all I want to say I love your storys about Eminem! He´s just great! I´m from Austria and I saw Tv Total, where Em showed his really nice ass! 😉 He´s the best rapper ever!
    Peaz out, Nathalie

  2. Thanks:)I also saw the show with Stefan Raab. It was simply great. I loved when Marshall spoke German:)

  3. I just love marshall. when i listen to his music, i am honestly brought to tears it just means so much to me. :’) i love EMIN3M

  4. Shady meanz the world 2 me his rap iz so deep n meaningful its AMAZING he rulez my world im his no.1 fan and always will be!!! 😀

  5. My man slim is truely the best.. i bin listenin 2 his s**t since the beggining nd wont stop ’till the end and on!!!!

  6. DUH!Eminem is an inspiration to me, he really means the world to me, and always will, Ilove his music, and have been listenung to it since he first came out, I have all of his cd’s, including his two D12 cd’s, and all Ihave to say is that Eminem is the best of the best and always will bw! My last words: Eminem’s finnnnneeeee!!!!!:)

  7. All i have 2 say is that SeTeM is soooo not eminem’s #1 fan, becuz i am! I would do anything 4 him! I would even die 4 him, becuz i luv him that much!!!!!!!!! even….well, let’s just say anything! ”

  8. em is the best rapper ever if any one wants to diss him i would watch out because im his hitman so snizzil than shit

  9. em is the best rapper ever if any one wants to diss him i would watch out because im his hitman so snizzil than shit

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