Somebody please help her! Hailie's mom has gone crazy.

Don’t misinterpret my intentions : despite the fact I am no Kim Mathers fan, I’m not trying to demean her. I’m just questioning myself about her whereabouts.

A little 8 years old girl in Oakland county, Michigan, is missing her mom. She probably has no idea of what is going on. Hailie hasn’t been able to see her mom for months since Kim has been jailed in February 2004.

There’s a harsh problem lying on Marshall’s shoulders.
Kim has gone AWOL. Again :,1,13866,00.html?tnews

His baby’s mom is in danger and finds no way out of drug addiction. She doesn’t manage to get rid of drugs. Or maybe she doesn’t want to.
But Kim shouldn’t consider her interest first. She should think about her daughters Hailie and Whitney.
It is scary to see that Eminem’s ex wife acts in such a selfish and irresponsible way. She doesn’t seem to learn from her former mistakes.
Last time Kim had disappeared, she wanted to commit suicide. Marshall has rescued her from making such a mistake, because life is always worth living to the end.

While Marshall was busy appearing on German TV and making a concert in London with his D12 crew, Kim suddenly disappered, adding to Marshall’s numerous problems. Like he sings it in Hailie’s song:

« Now look, I love my daughter more than life in itself,
But I got a wife that’s determined to make my life livin’hell
But I handle it well, given the circumstances I’m dealt… »

Marshall has invested so much in his relationship with Kim. He has also made some mistakes. He has admitted them. He has kept forgiving his ex wife and always expressed his unconditional love for her.
It seems like he’s got very little in return from Kim.
Even if Kim doesn’t want to take into account how much her ex husband has sacrificed (even financially) for her, she should at least face her responsibilities as a mom of two kids. If I was drug addicted, and the jugje would tell me : « If you don’t quit drugs, you won’t see your kids again », I wouldn’t hesitate one second making the right choice.

Kim has had a harsh childhood. She’s been kicked out an alcoholic home. She grew up at Marshall’s home since she was 12. She had to deal with Marshall’s fame, which is not that easy. She had to face her ex husband with the rest of the world. Her private life has been exposed in the media.

Kim’s recent whereabout are a strong SOS call. She needs some medical care. Don’t be so fast in judging her. Remember that anybody is facing dark periods in one’s life.

7 thoughts on “Somebody please help her! Hailie's mom has gone crazy.”

  1. I think Kim has had a ruf life so far, in away i feel sorry for in another i think she is completly selfish,not only to herself but her two daughters hailie and whitney,and Marshall. She must understand that there are two little girls out there who need there mother, no matter what problems she has or are goin through she must fight her drug adiction to win the chance of watching her daughters grow. I am NO! fan of Kim or what she is doin, but every ne go’s through a bad patch and sum people turn too drugs, unfortuntly she is 1 of um.xxxx

  2. I wander how you would react if suddenly everybody in the whole world knew who you were. kim has probably done the right thing by staying away from her daughters maybe she does not want to subject them to her problems and her addictions its not like she has left her kids with people that don’t love them.

  3. ey yo
    i think that hailie is in good hands with eminem
    kim is not a good mother!! if she realy loves hailie then she dont have to take drugs cuz then she destroyes her life and hailie’s life.
    and she dissepoints her beautyfull husband who wonts to be with her.

  4. crazy ore not crazy
    its never good to leave your husband and kid
    and take drugs.ok kim haves a hard life.bit eminem to!!
    he’s fans follow him everywere.and he’s still a good dad.
    so kim is selfish.and got no brain.
    these are the words of eminem!!!

  5. give the lady a break???????
    is that what you wont?????
    well eminem haves never a break!!!!!
    he disserves it more then kim!!!!
    (this message is to: give the lady a break)

  6. give the lady a break?
    c’mon dude!!!!!!!
    em diserves a break not kim
    (this message is to:give the lady a break)

  7. Hey pplz Em and Kim got remarried so ya’ll can just quit talkin bout her and her drug addiction cuz he lives around were i do and they got married like a couple weeks ago! And she luvs Hailei and Whitney more than anything in the whole wide world and maybe yea she did have an addiction but maybe Em can make her clean so ya’ll need to stop dissen her.

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