Fisk versus Cooney

Whoah that was pretty heated stuff on Agenda on TV3 tonight, I thought Fisk was either going to hit Cooney or walk off the set. The shouting was loud, the accusations were all over the place – some pretty libelous stuff seems to have been said.

2 thoughts on “Fisk versus Cooney”

  1. I missed the agenda program on sunday but i would love to see the Fisk interview. Do you know if its possible to view it on any web sites?

  2. I saw this on TV3, I’m going to slightly paraphrase what Fisk said, he said “that’s scurillous, that’s liberous and that’s actionable”

    I would like to know what happens next. Thus my search on Google and thus my visit to your site. Anyone any idea if Fisk will follow up over this?

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